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Fandom: Akashi is a tactical mastermind… a genius, if you will… a master politician… all fall to his grace and razor-sharp strategies

Akashi: *gets caught eavesdropping by Nijimura*

Akashi: *immediately gives away that he’s been watching Kuroko upon meeting him, even after going through the ruse of not knowing who he is*

Akashi: *accidentally insults Kuroko when recruiting him*

Akashi: *leaves the fight settling in Teiko to Kuroko because he can’t deal with it*

Akashi: *makes a minimum point count for everyone on the team when it makes no sense tactically and the team’s doing fine anyways, just because he feels anxious*

Akashi: *tries to hold onto friends by bullying them*

Akashi: *says “fuck it” and sticks to his terrible plan^ even after snapping out of it because he’s afraid his friends don’t like him anymore*

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HC or drabbles for awkward first kisses with the chocobros? :D

Oh anon, it’s almost like you KNEW I was planning a first kiss fic series! Hope you don’t mind just Noctis for now, but keep checking back for the other bros, and maybe some other characters too!

If you like my fic, please give it a reblog! I’d love for other people to be able to read it, too. Thank you~!

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Part II

You never really thought Noctis had a penchant for the dangerous. He’d grown up with every royal treatment in the book; you knew that much. Maybe that was part of why he was so reticent all the time, why he slept in (or, at least, as long as Ignis would allow him to) and practically prided himself on being a night owl. Even then, those night hours never consisted of much: quiet, and impromptu tents within tents, and the highlight of phone screens as he near-effortlessly managed to top your and Prompto’s scores at King’s Knight. Every. Damn. Time.

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Hello, my lovelies! 

First, I need to thank you all for 2,828 followers!!! That is absolutely incredible!!! And second, starting tomorrow morning, I will be on hiatus until at least December 1st. On here and my side blog. 

When I come back, there will be more fics and some fic recs! And please feel free to tag me in anything you want me to see and I’ll look at it when I come back! The next time I talk to ya’ll, I’ll be a married woman!!

See you in December! Lots of love!

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The only exception- part 2

Paring: Dean Ambrose X reader

Warnings: swearing.

Requested: nope!

A/N: it’s the second part! This has more Dean in it this time and I hope you enjoy it. Also thanks for all the feedback on the last part!! ❤️ again I think this is shit but if you all like it then its fine. feed back is appreciated!

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Little did anyone know that when Seth and you went out to your match Dean was watching it, making comments to himself every now and again when you did something impressive.

Thinking about it, Dean and you had gone way back, all the way to his Mox days. The pair of you wrestled together, went to the same promotions together, but you didn’t get the call to NXT together. That’s where you could pin point the day your friendship started to crumble. Dean liked to remember those days, or at least the ones before WWE had anything to do with it. While you on the other had flat out denied knowing this man, acting like you hadn’t known him for 12 odd years.

The bell rang brining Dean back from his trace, Sasha’s music playing as you stood next to Seth fuming that he hadn’t stopped Cesaro from distracting you, causing Sasha to get the pin on you. Seth was trying to reason with you saying that it wasn’t the end of the world while you now stormed up the ramp backstage. “Good job out there” Seth complimented as you got out of eye sight of the crowd, dropping your act. “Well what can I say, I am the best” you said in mock cockiness with a hair flip.

  Sasha ran up behind you, jumping on your back with excitement. “So I was talking to Alexa earlier on and she said that you have a date tonight!” The purple haired girl babbled. “A date?” Seth teased, Dean popping up behind the shorter man. A short eye roll signalled that you didn’t want to be around anymore, Sasha getting that and quickly excusing you from the group. As you walked down the hall you heard the off comment of the lunatic “What’s her problem?” to which the architect just laughed.

“So tell me more about this date” Sasha said wiggling her eyebrows, you shrugged, “to be honest I didn’t even know the date was tonight.” Sasha stopped and looked you dead in the eye. “How did you not know?” She hissed, you shrugging once more, Alexa and Maryse making their way towards you. “Hey!” You smiled, the two girls giving you a devilish grin each, “so I’m guessing Sasha told you about the date being tonight then?” Alexa asked to which you nodded. Maryse spoke up now, “well I’ve kicked Mike out the house for the night so we can all help you get ready at mine.” A small smile formed on your face, at least if the date went horribly you still could have fun getting ready.

Without an argument you went with them the nerves starting to build up inside you.

Dean stood with Seth talking about the usual stuff grown men talked about. “So what’s this whole date thing then” the scruffy man blurted out, Seth looked up from his phone and raised an eyebrow, “why’d ya wanna know? Are you jealous Ambrose?” The look of disgust on Dean’s face was enough to convince Rollins that he wasn’t. This lead Seth to put his hands up in surrender, “okay damn sorry” Seth laughed, Dean rolling his eyes.

“But yeah I know nothing try asking one of the girls they might know? And while you catch up on the gossip you can all get your nails done too.”  “Fuck you” Dean laughed and jokingly glared at Seth

 “well I’ve got to go so see ya stalker” Seth teased and walked off leaving Dean to ponder what he’d do tonight, probably just go to the bar.

You looked at yourself up and down in the mirror; you had to admit you look damn good. The casual yet sexy makeup went with the sleek black dress you had on, accompanied with black heels. Maryse, Alexa and Nikki all let out a girly squeal as you rolled your eyes, “okay wish me luck” you laughed and walked out the door with a chorus of good wishes.

The drive to the restaurant you’d been told to go to was short and uneventful. You’d been told that the man was called Justin and you’d had no clue about anything else so, once you actually pulled up the real nerves kicked in. What the hell would you do if this man wasn’t as he seemed to be? What if you actually liked him? What if he was a jerk? All the ‘what ifs’ jumped around your head, but you pushed them aside and walked into the restaurant.

As soon as you stepped in a rather handsome guy caught your eye and walked over. “You must be the gorgeous Y/N I was told about.” A blush crept its way on to your face as you smiled and look to the floor then back to him, “and you must be Justin?” you smiled and he nodded walking you over to the table and pulling your chair out for you. “My you are a gentleman” you commented, a shy smile never leaving your face, your date just smiling fondly at you. Maybe this wasn’t going to be a disaster. The night carried on and you and Justin got on along well, actually more than well. And maybe it wouldn’t kill you to see him again.

“So there’s a bar next door, how about we go there for drinks?” Justin suggested as you finish off the last of your food. You nodded your head and smiled for what felt like the hundredth time that night. Walking into the bar you scanned the place out of habit, the colour from your face fading ever so slightly as you spotted Dean throwing back shots.

 Justin’s hand was on the small of your back as you walked up to bar, two or three people stood between you and the last person you wanted to see tonight, you prayed Dean was too drunk to notice you, but of course the world was always going to be against you and as you took the first sip of your drink you made eye contact with him. You watched in horror as the tall man walked over to you and your date, Justin’s hand now placed comfortably on you thigh as you sat on the chairs. “Hey” Dean slurred drunkenly making your man look at him with a bit of a disapproving look, “see you’re getting pretty close with Y/” Dean carried on, the look of horror on your face more prominent.

“You know this guy?” Justin asked, you nodded, “you’re drunk Dean go home.” You said softly, but the man didn’t move, he carried on standing their babbling on about random bullshit. “I think I’ll take him home…” You trailed on, yes you hated Dean’s guts but you didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

 “Come on, babe stay, forget him” Justin tried to persuade you but it was no use, “I’ll see you soon” you smiled politely and wrote your number down on a napkin for him, “call me.”Frog marching Dean out the bar you got him into the car and looked at the intoxicated man, this was the longest you’d spent with him in years and it had probably only been 7 minutes. “We can pick your car up in the morning” you said and started to drive.

“Y/N” Dean spoke up after some time; you looked from the road to him, “yes?”

“Why are you doing this if you hate me?” You sighed, the memories of yours and Deans past making you question yourself what even happened. “Because I don’t hate you, that much, and I’d feel bad if something happened to you” you confessed. The car fell silent again for a few minutes

“What the hell did I do for you to be like this towards me?” Dean’s tone becoming aggressive, this time a frustrated sigh fell from you lips and you ignored him, not wanted to deal with this right now. “Answer me” he demanded.

“ I don’t know Dean take your pick-“ you snapped, “Maybe it’s the way you act like such a cocky asshole sometimes, maybe it’s the way that nobody talks about ‘Y/N and Jon Moxley’ its only Jon if anybody talks about your past, Maybe it’s the way you confuse the shit out of me. I could go on but honestly I can’t believe we’re having this conversation” you practically screamed, letting out most of your feelings to Dean, he didn’t even flinch.

You pulled up to the Hotel he was staying at, nobody said anything you just kept staring ahead, yes all the things you said where true but to hell that you ever admit that maybe very, very, very deep down you may have other feelings for this man.


This Week in Literary Inspired Webseries…

Dot made a decision in Middlemarch the SeriesThe Seymours got prepped to head to Alex’s home town in Twincidents, Maggie moved to a new city and met a new face in Maggie Hale’s Corner, Anne needs fashion advice in Project Green Gables something mysterious happened to Em in Fairly Emily and Rosie finally made a successful tag video in Any other Rosie

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mate i think you should tag you OCs by their names as well. the ones already having names, at least. i love 'em

I always forget about it and it’s all such a mess now, I’m aware of that. I’ll try to remember to tag them tho :) And thanks!! :D


Hello everyone! I realized I hadn’t done anything to thank you yet after surpassing 1900 followers and I know I’m slowly running out of things and all I need to do is write those damn prompts, buuut I thought maybe maaaaybe…





I could for once share a little bit what I look like. I’ve been asked for pictures when I started this blog, several times, but I didn’t, I was a chicken and I still am a little, so I will only post it here now under the readmore tag and remove it in the morning which means it will stick here for at least 10 hours which is enough for me hahahaha. I’m just one paranoid person.

But I’d also really like you guys to know at leaaaast a little what I look like. So behold. My anonymous eyeless pictures. : (I really wonder if it’s a little what you expected of me. also yes I cosplay. sometimes.)

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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) once you get this award, you're supposed to paste it in the ask box of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out ❤ ( ◜◒◝ )♡

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AAAAA! This means so much coming from you♥♥♥♥

Also I am very very inebriated right now so I’m just gonna…tag some peeps who make me a happy lich because copy pasta is def to difficult at the moment:

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All of you has at least on one occasion made my life better. What the hell am I saying. All of you. Every damn day. Make my life better. Thank you for being. You are so much to me. English does not have the words to articulate what it has meant to even just be aware of your existence, never mind being able to interact with a lot of you on a regular basis. You make the world a better place and ease the suffering of my existence and I just…love you all so damn much. Please take care of yourselves for me because you are all v.i.p.s in this little life of mine and I cannot force you all to be geographically close enough to make sure I can take care of you all.


@heartofappalachia tagged me a few days ago for this screen, song, and selfie gig. I finally washed my hair and felt like a regular human again so, here ya go!

I taaaag @queenofthegivethnofuckeths, @ironxteachergirl, @thedreadpiratematt, and @erindoesntknow because you’re all beautiful humans and I love your faces. 😘

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18. “I’ll be here as long as it takes.” - silverflint

This turned into about 1650 words of something that starts off angsty and ends…hopeful? Happy? Something in between. Nothing explicit here, just some weird pining-y stuff and eventually a kiss. Set several years past the end of season 4. Mentions of Flintham but I’m not going to tag it that way because we all know what would happen then. ;)

I hope you like it, Elle! Thank you! ❤️

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What is so great about being Anti.? Or putting hate in tags..?

I try for at least 12 hours being Anti-heiman and Anti-kyman and I’m already started to regret every single moment of it and i’ll do my best try not to do it again. I became easily displeased with myself. I even feel like shit tbh. I never understand why there’s people in this fandom really loves to incite hates to provoke each other…

Why not discard all your hatred and ignores all the hates directed towards you and just focused on enjoying what you loves and what you loves only.

All these hate drama also makes me forget that I’m actually a Multishipper myself. And I should really more focused on my rare pair surveillance though I’m really annoyed with all the hate they put in Heidi Turner Tag everytime I tried to find potential rare pair for Heidi, which also proves the point that this hate drama was Bad for business..luckily theres no hate putted in Scott Malkinson, Kevin Stoley, Jimmy, Timmy and some others character tags cause if they do, I’m really pissed..

But seriously, no matter what and who you hate, known that hatred won’t brings you nowhere. Its only bring you and people around you pain and suffering.

“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3

geoff pouting and singing his crave solo in a sad tone because the show was cancelled > everything else


Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.


Draco was tired of waiting.

He came to the conclusion that waiting was the biggest waste one could do with their life.

And he had wasted a lot of his life already.

He had waited for his father to acknowledge him, to show him he was proud of his son.

He had waited for his mother to stand up to his father, whenever he had talked her down, whenever he had treated her like less than his wife.

He had waited for his friends to come to his rescue when he had needed them most, to save him from himself.

And he had waited for the stupid prat to notice him. Really notice him. To look beyond the petty insults and his sneering.

For years Draco had been waiting.

He had waited in vain. But not anymore.

Draco was sick of waiting.

What had he even waited for? For him to come to the right conclusion, when Draco hid his true intentions so well? For him to realise what was really going on?

He probably would have to wait forever.

No. He would have to take matters into his own hands. And whyever should he not?

Yes, it was time to act.

Draco focused on the mop of black hair across the Great Hall.

He was sick of waiting.

He got up, marched over to the Gryffindor table and grabbed Potter by his robes. Without waiting for his reaction, Draco started dragging him out of his seat.

There was a yelp and shouts of protest, but Draco didn’t care.

He was so sick of waiting.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” Potter shouted, shoving at Draco’s hands.

Draco ignored him and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

He could hear Weasley and Granger shout something at him. He heard footsteps behind him, indicating that several people were following him. Potter was still trying to get out of his grip.

Draco had wanted to find a more secluded place to do what he wanted to do next, but when the shouts behind him only got louder, he turned around and glared at them.

“You want to watch? FINE! I don’t even care anymore!”

He tightened his grip on Potter’s robes as he pulled him towards him forcefully.

Because he was so tired of waiting.

His mouth crashed with Potter’s and suddenly everything went silent.

Draco had thought it would be rougher, that Potter would try to fight him more. Apparently he was just shocked. He stiffened as Draco moved his lips against the other boy’s. He buried his hands in his hair like he had dreamed of so many times.

He had waited for this so long. This was it.

Or was it?

Draco suddenly noticed Potter moving and braced himself to be pushed away at any second. Instead, tentative fingers curled around his hips to pull him closer.

Draco was sure there were gasps and murmuring, but he didn’t hear any of it.

His whole mind, his whole body was so consumed by Potter. Potter, who was kissing him back.

Yes. This was what he had been waiting for all this time.

If only he had stopped waiting sooner.