or at least a piano

College Things

- The guy in front of you in class is shopping for a charcoal grill on ebay. why. sir. we have a test next week. 

- Squirrels just….have no fear. None. Only on college campuses though. Are they okay? 

- Finding condoms, packaged and not, in various places. 9 times out of 10, if there’s something inside, it’s not what the condom is supposed to have inside of it. 

- Water balloon condoms. See above. 

- That one guy who wears the same hat every day and you see him every day and you don’t understand why he’s so attached to this hat what is he hiding 

- *single flake of snow appears* “Maybe campus will shut down tomorrow.”

- Campus doesn’t shut down. There’s three feet of snow and the wind chill is below zero. 

- That one corner of the library basement that no one goes to. It smells old and there’s probably a ghost there. 

- When you’re a pedestrian, you hate the cyclists. When you’re on a bicycle, you want nothing more than to run every single person over. 

- You see someone violently acting out a music video with their headphones in. You leave them alone because you were doing the same thing thirty minutes ago.  You hope it goes well for them. 

- Theater majors. Just…theater majors. 

- do the science kids???? ever leave the science buildings???? where do they sleep? 

- There’s a dog. It’s surrounded in seconds by over-caffeinated, under-hydrated students who haven’t slept in three days. 

- you find articles of clothing in really weird places and just. stop caring. glove in a tree? Cool man. Sock on the street? Hope no one needed that. Pants on the stairs of the dorm? Use a condom bro. 

- The dorm lobby television only ever plays sports, news, or The Food Network. No one is ever actually watching what’s on. 

- how are the art students even alive 

- that one professor that EVERYONE on campus knows, even if they have a completely different major than what they teach. 

- there’s a class. you know you had it. you know you have a grade for it. you can’t remember a single second of your time in it. 

- Where did that cat come from? No one knows. It’s always been there. You can’t pet it. Only stare from afar. 

- what is tipping? how does it work? idk tip the pizza guy five bucks for the ten dollar pizza. he looks tired. he’s dying on the inside. he saw a guy naked tonight. 

- Inevitable “pinned condom on the bulletin board goes missing” gag

- Your whiteboard markers are missing again. You put them out yesterday. 

- someone stole an entire skeleton from the science buildings. it got returned a week later without the skull. 

- Vocalist majors. Almost as bad as the theater majors. At least the theater kids don’t sing during breakfast. 

- there’s a piano in the student lounge. no one can play anything but Chopsticks and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

- your garbage is four feet tall and has been there for two weeks. you add more to the top. you took the recycling out yesterday.

wanted: skating lessons

based on this post that @actualyuuri sent me that of course spiraled into a fic idea (you know, the usual. we’ve been over this) 

disclaimer: not to be taken seriously at all, the skating progress is not accurate, etc etc 

length: 2k 2 many // rating: gen 

Wanted: Skating Lessons

Hi. I am Victor and I need to learn how to skate before Saturday. My parents have been paying for me to get skating lessons every week for the last fifteen years but I never actually attended any of the lessons and I spent the money on marble busts instead. Now they want me to perform to ‘Stammi Vicino’ at their wedding anniversary on Saturday.

If you can teach me, be here at Ice Castle tomorrow at 7:27am with an extra pair of skates. I am a fast learner (well, at least my dog Makkachin is–it took me only two weeks to teach him how to roll over) so I am pretty sure I will pick it up quickly. In return, I can teach you how to say some pick-up lines in Russian or tell you some facts about my love life. Whichever you prefer. Not both, though.

Yours sincerely,

PS. I’m a size 8

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Everything Politically Correct About Beauty and the Beast

Hollywood has been dry of creativity in recent years, so they figure instead of just doing remakes of classic films, they can “modernize” them. From black Annie to the all-female Ghostbusters, it was only a matter of time until Disney got in on the PC action. 

Here is everything that is politically correct about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast.

(Warning: Politically-Correct Spoilers)

1. The “poor provincial town” is very diverse. 

Despite the film taking place in 1700s France, the cross-section of the people there could have been borrowed from contemporary New York City. And yes, slavery was a thing in 1700s France. Sure, this is a fairytale, but this film namedrops real-life things like Shakespeare, so there is an element of realism in this universe. While it’s nice to be inclusive, seeing people of color singing and dancing in a time period when they were slaves eliminates believably. Either fully commit to it like Hamilton or don’t. And the town earns extra PC points for having a black guy run the bookshop. 

2. Belle is a feminist. 

What made Belle so brilliant in the original animated film was that she was intelligent, independent, and kind. Even when she turned down Gaston, she was still charming. In the new film, Belle (played by Emma Watson) was actually pretty mean to Gaston! She definitely had a “I’m a woman, hear me roar” attitude that sorta tainted Belle’s gentle nature. And to drive the feminism message even further, they added a scene of her teaching a little girl how to read and showing a couple of townspeople scowling at her for it. 

3. LeFou is gay. 

The new Beauty and the Beast film got lots of free press when it was announced that they made LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick, gay (a first for any Disney film). Upon seeing the film, the controversy was waaaaaay overblown. In a nutshell, he’s flamboyant, drops a couple of verbal hints, and shares a brief romantic embrace with Gaston (which was solely meant for comedic effect). Honestly, unless you’re a bible thumper, this isn’t a big deal. That said, while the filmmakers can be seen as brave for making LeFou gay, they’re definitely cowardly for making him a good guy in the end. According to Political Correctness 101, you can’t make a gay guy a villain. Throughout the film, LeFou expresses sympathy for others and after being left for dead by Gaston in the third act, he decides to help the inanimate objects fight the mob that crashed the castle. So in short, making LeFou gay? Whatever. Making him good? Weak. 

4. Interracial relationships are totally common. 

Remember how controversial it was when a Cheerios commercial featured an interracial family? Well Disney wanted to top it by having not one but two interracial relationships in the Beauty and the Beast remake. One relationship was between Lumière (Ewan McGregor) and Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), aka the feather duster, and the other was Madame Garderobe (Audra McDonald), aka the wardrobe, and a brand new character Maestro Cadenza (Stanley Tucci), aka a grand piano. Granted, at least 90% of their screen time is in CGI-mode, but that 10% of the time that they aren’t, they flaunt it. 

5. Women can be angry villagers too!

In the original film, Gaston led a mob full of angry men from the village to “kill the beast” and you see a woman and her child waving to the men from the window as they go marching into battle. Obviously, it’s sexist to force women to stay at home to protect the children. So in the new film, women get to fight too! 

6. Gaston shows us that guns are EVIL. 

In the climax of the animated film, Gaston’s weapons of choice were a bow and arrow and a knife on The Beast. So naturally in the 2017 remake, he uses a scary gun instead. The subliminal messaging ain’t so subliminal Disney!

In Conclusion

Look, the new Beauty and the Beast is still entertaining and fun for the whole family.  Is there a chance that I’m simply overanalyzing this movie? Perhaps. But there’s something that I want to make very clear. It’s okay to have a diverse village. It’s okay to have interracial relationships. It’s okay to make someone gay. Just because I point these things out, it doesn’t mean they’re bad. However, what’s bad is Hollywood’s lack of creativity. They think by changing the race or sexual orientation of famous characters of the past is “fresh and original.” If being fresh and original is their ultimate goal, maybe they shouldn’t remake a tale as old as time. 


Two strangers meet for the first time performing an awesome improvised duet.

For your OTP~


     { spencer reid x reader // wc: 1,063 }
Much to your disappointment, Spencer Reid doesn’t play the piano as often as you’d like. But when he does, it sure is something.

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Spencer Reid doesn’t play the piano often.

You spot the keyboard in the corner of his living room the first time he brings you over, about two weeks into dating. He’s in the kitchen making coffee when you make your way over to it, hesitantly tapping on Middle C.

“Do you play?” he asks from the doorway, hid head titling slightly with a smile.

“No, but I think it’s beautiful.” You turn away from him to look back at the instrument, venturing a hand to play a few more light notes. “I didn’t know you played though.”

He shrugs. “I don’t really. But music stimulates the brain into producing more dopamine and serotonin, which helps regulate movement in the extrapyramidal system,” he informs you. “And learning an instrument strengthens the corpus callosum.”

He sets down a steaming mug of coffee for you, smiling when you mumble a quiet thank you.

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It’s not fair 

When you’re not there

I’m so emotionally needy, baby

I’m hoping no one can see me

Mmm, you got me so pathetic

“Pathetic” - Erik Hassle

Haru being the undisputed king of karaoke lol This song, thou. I actually heard it first at work of all places over the speakers. At first I was pretty meh about it. But then it grew on me. I grew attached to it the minute I pictured this guy singing it lol Pretty convinced Haru will become an entertainer after highschool; he promised his parents he’s finish school before even thinking of getting involved in the industry. He loves to sing honestly, it’s fun and he enjoys people’s reactions when they find out he’s actually good at it.

disney patting itself on the back for LGBTQ representation by confirming Lefou gay in canon (when he was already blatantly coded that way as a “butt of the joke”) is the grossest thing and it irritates me so much. And this isn’t gonna be a disney hate post cause as yall know I love disney so much and specifically beauty and the beast means the world to me which gives me 10x more reason to be angry about it. its just so disgustingly disrespectful that theyre acting high and mighty about making a queer-coded comic relief villian character literally named “the fool”“ gay, when keeping in mind that beauty and the beast was so heavily influenced by howard ashman and his experiences and would be not be the gorgeous classic we love if it wasnt for him. howard ashman was the amazing lyricist for the movie (as well as the little mermaid, aladdin…) and was also a gay man who died of AIDS. so it just makes me disgusted to see headlines referencing ashman about disneys ~first openly gay (side character~ like "The Touching Tribute Behind Disneys First Openly Gay Character!” and “Beauty and the Beast has First Openly Gay Character as Director Calls Story ‘a Metaphor for AIDS’. like its so annoying to see disney and others acting like they give a shit about AIDS and gay people like if you really cared why didnt you make the central story gay or at the very least non-villain characters like a gay lady piano or some crap I dont fucking know? my end point is that disney doesnt care about LGBTQ people other than them giving them money and to me its annoying at best and disrespectful to howard ashmans legacy to act like theyre being progressive with this story.

James+Lily Wedding
  • So James might’ve proposed on the last day of seventh year might not have
  • That was the fastest Lily had ever replied to anything and it was a breathless “Yes”
  • They have to wait a little, for more money to be scrounged up and the worst of the battles to die down, but that’s completely fine with them
  • James was tearing up a little and when Sirius pointed this out he pulled Lily in for a bear hug to hide his face in her hair
  • This all occurred at the front of the Great Hall with the teachers totally in on it and they had paused the meal just for James to propose
  • McGonagall was the first to congratulate them, she was beaming in such a bright fashion that so contrasted with her usual strict ways
  • Remus and Sirius and Peter were all hopping around and slapping James’ on the shoulder and whooping and arguing over who would be best man
  • Molly and Alice were absolutely ecstatic and gushing over the ring, which was a simple twisted band of silver that was beautiful in a quiet way
  • The war is raging and people are dying everywhere and these children are so, so, scared but at the same time they have never been more ready
  • And they know that a wedding would be a proper way to bring a little bit of light into all the darkness
  • The planning happens in an enlarged compartment on the Hogwarts Express, lined paper is sketched on, crude lists are made and tossed aside and redone
  • Unfortunately so much happens Order-wise that the wedding keeps on getting pushed back and back and back until it’s a two years later and James and Lily are both nineteen now
  • Alice has always had a fondness for sewing and Molly insists on helping her, they make it very clear that Lily may design it but cannot lift a single hand because she is the bride after all
  • James is a mixture of pure nerves and delight and pleasant anticipation and Sirius’ innuendos do not really help as they try to look for cheap tuxedos
  • In the end Remus ends up gathering some white button-ups and assorted bow ties with suspenders that needed a bit of patching
  • The wedding is to take place at a quaint little cottage in the countryside that would eventually become the Burrow, but for now it was just a stone building
  • McGonagall invites James to her home one night and he is mildly confused but quickly grows embarrassed when she gives him the firm talking to about what his new responsibilities would be
  • He assures her that he’s very aware and thanks her for the concern because he, too, would like to be the best husband possible
  • Lily invites Petunia and her parents, but Petunia’s invitation returns unopened, whereas her parents nervously RSVP
  • Snape’s invitation is the same, and although she cries a little, she remembers that they both chose their own paths long ago
  • On the big day the air is alive with excitement and happiness and love
  • Molly created an arch composed of wildflowers and twisting vines to stand over the place where James and Lily would exchange their vows
  • Peter has painstakingly lined up a random assortment of different kinds of stools and chairs that he spent days painting every single one the same shade of pale blue
  • Arthur, amusingly, is running around like a headless chicken, trying to organize everything although Molly’s doing most of the real work and eventually he ends up in the corner sipping tea
  • Lily’s dress is gorgeous, a lovely patchwork of ivory lace and satin that floats around her legs like mist and drips off of her arms
  • Stark against her crimson hair is a crown of white flowers, and in her hands is a bouquet of some more
  • It’s her choice to be barefoot
  • James won’t stop fiddling with his bow tie and Sirius threatens to make him walk out naked if he won’t stop
  • Music is provided by Professor Flitwick, who somehow has found a perfectly sized piano and is playing with such heartbreaking care and sincerity
  • The sun is out and it’s not too cold or too hot and the sky is completely blue, not a cloud in sight
  • Lily walks down the aisle with Molly and Alice behind her in matching dresses of robin egg’s blue
  • James is facing Dumbledore, who will officiate, and his foot keeps on tapping because he wants to turn around so badly but he cannot
  • When she steps up beside him, he finally gets to see her, and he lets out the most awe-fueled swear word that Lily begins laughing
  • That moment passes as important words and read and promises are said and then James produces two more rings that he so carefully looked for and retrieved from the dusty trunks in his family’s attic
  • Nothing too fancy, but certainly not plain, the thin gold bands have the most delicate filigree set in them that Lily wonders as to how they do not break
  • “They’re goblin made” James says proudly, and she rolls her eyes but is still grinning
  • Then they kiss, and there is cheers and applaud, and Sirius waves his wand and stars shower down on them
  • Dinner is served next and the cake is a five-layer monstrosity of icing that actually tastes very good
  • James allows Lily to smash some of it in his face, but she wipes most of it off laughing and kisses the rest away
  • Now it’s rather dark, so the chairs are cleared off to the side and fairy lights are magicked around the dance area and it’s all very fun
  • Sirius gets extremely drunk and Remus has to act as his human crutch, following him everywhere and ensuring he sips water every now and then
  • Lily’s parents were apprehensive but after meeting James and seeing the way he gazes down at their daughter every single worry disappears
  • James’ parents are completely taken with Lily and repeatedly remark over how James is quite lucky and he should be grateful
  • James assures them he is
  • It seems that they dance forever and ever to the merry piano and Arthur’s occasional whistling
  • Lily dances with at least every single person in attendance, James tries to do the same
  • He even convinces McGonagall to allow him a bit of a waltz and she’s slightly embarrassed about the whole thing but Lily is absolutely delighted and claps when they are done
  • Molly and Alice pull Lily over for just a bit of gal dancing and James is resting on a chair off the side, eyes incapable of leaving his wife
  • When the last of the guests leave and Sirius is being herded away by Remus and Peter, James and Lily remain laying on the grass, staring up at the star-speckled sky, hands entwined
  • They talk about their futures, about their pasts, about the wonderful day they just had
  • Just as the sun is starting to rise they get up and go to bed, falling asleep simultaneously in each others arms
  • It was the most vivid memory the two would ever replay in their last moments

Not So Berry Challenge - Sims 3 Version

Hey guys! So I wrote up a Not So Berry Challenge version for the Sims 3 :) This is for all those sim lovers out there who don’t have the Sims 4 like me <3 If you would like to do the original challenge by @lilsimsie and @alwaysimming the information is below.  I am not taking credit for the original challenge, but I wanted to offer a Sims 3 version for people who would still like to have fun with the challenge.  If you do the challenge use #notsoberry and #notsoberrysims3 so we can see all your amazing stories! Have fun! <3 :D

Original Credit for creating this challenge goes to @alwaysimming and @lilsimsie. Find the original Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge here!

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mlledefer  asked:

So, for a happy HC After his death, Ardyn is finally able to reconcile with his family and get a big hug from his daughter:"We miss you, dada" This is probably never gonna happen, but it's nice to dream something happy once in a while

Oh dear you’ve gone and opened up a fucking crate of head canon feels here I go… Because I had a similar thought before.

A few quick disclaimers before I continue… First, I’m writing and drawing this within the context of my own head canon (because what else would I do?) so it’s up to your to swap things out for your own or…. you know… disregard all of it and tell me to go fuck myself. Heheheh…
Second, a little background music always helps, and I came up with all of this while listening to the ending theme of FFVIII. It’s so perfect…. ah god I love this song.
THIRD.. This post will give a little more insight to what I have here.


Ardyn woke up gasping as if he’d not felt breath in ages. He had died, he knew. He had done it. But he was awake. He was… strangely conscious. Not again, he thought. I beat this… I can’t be…

His vision focused and he suddenly realized his surroundings. He knew this place, though it was a sore sight for the glory it once held. Around him were the scorched remains of his bedroom in his marital home. Izunia had burned it along with everything else tied to his legacy. He was on his old bed, a place he’d known numerous pleasures. Not just where he made love to his wife and others, but where his two children were born. Where countless mornings were spent wrapped in another’s embrace, wasting the day away. Where he slept, warm and safe. The silk sheets were now damp and moldy, or at least what little remained of them. Once brightened by vibrant color, the walls and decor were gray and decayed. Ardyn looked towards the windows but could only see a thick fog. It was as if there was nothing out there.

Slowly, he sat up from the bed and placed his feet on the ground. He spent a moment trying to understand whatever could be happening, but there was no answer. Looking upon this place was too much. He felt like destroying all of it, but at the same time, could never bring himself to actually do it. Before he could think too much about it, however, he heard something. A child? Laughing? He jolted to face the door and through it he swore he saw a young blonde girl rush by. Standing, he called “Who’s there?” No response. Cautiously, he crept into the hallway, seeking the figure he’d just seen but finding nothing but more ruined remnants of his once peaceful life. The staircase just a ways off, and he could hear more giggling below. He made his way.

The first thing he saw was his old piano. He’d play for his family and guests, whatever song they enjoyed most. He taught his son, Aiolus, to play and had just begun teaching his small daughter, Galena, to play as well. At least before everything had gone terribly wrong. Just behind the piano were the doors to the back yard, where he and his wife, Florentia, hosted numerous parties. How many times had he gotten so drunk and sang gibberish at the top of his lungs? Gods, there was no telling. Ardyn swore he could hear a joyous crowd out there at this moment. And yet, the area was shrouded and lifeless. 

He continued to make his way, now coming to the dining room. There used to be many more chairs around the table, but only two were left, and sitting on them would prove hazardous. Against the wall was an old chest of drawers where they kept pretty much nothing useful. Ardyn slid his hand against the wood. It was rough and dusty. But as he touched it, he could hear voices echoing through his mind. Playful children, laughing, and jovial conversation with wine. A grimace grew upon his face. What kind of sick joke was this?

The last thing he’d expected was any sort of afterlife, but Bahamut saw fit to torment him further with an eternity alone in the shattered remains of his home? “So…” he whispered to himself, “You cannot get enough of my anguish? Well played…” He did have to hand it to the astrals. This was far worse than living in darkness in a mortal plane for so many centuries.

But there it was again. The innocent giggling of a child. Ardyn turned sharply in its direction, towards the foyer, and this time caught a decent glimpse of his guest. A young girl, with long blonde hair and straight bangs, wearing a white dress. She was smiling so warmly at him, and suddenly rushed off towards the front doors. He took off at once, calling out “Wait!”

He’d reached the wide double doors leading to the outside, but did not find the girl. She meant for him to go out there, he knew, but he was extremely hesitant. At least in here he had the comfort of knowing what was his. All that could be out there was possibly even more agony. And yet…. something about that child… Something so sweet and familiar. Something warm and trustworthy. His breath shook and his hand trembled over the handle of the doors. There wasn’t much more his mind could take… It had been so long…. It had been so horrible. And he’d done awful things just to be allowed to rest, and he didn’t care about any of that. He was glad he had done it. So there couldn’t be anything worth seeing beyond these walls…

When the prophecy is fulfilled, those in thrall to darkness shall know peace.

The words came to him from nowhere, as if the very walls spoke to him. But he knew that voice, and he remembered their keeper… Lunafreya. Was that who he saw?

Whatever was out there… he knew he’d eventually go through. Now was better than ever. Just get it over with… Ardyn sucked in a deep breath and swung the doors open in one fluid motion with his eyes shut tight, bracing himself for the worst.

Through his eyelids, he saw… light.
Vibrant, bright light.
And then… the sounds… of cheering.

Slowly he opened his eyes, his vision gradually adjusting to the sudden glow. And there they were… everyone. The streets were filled with familiar faces. People he knew. People he lived amongst. People he loved and cared for. People he protected from Izunia’s wrath and the starscourge. So many of them.. all before him once again. All of them in an uproar of ovation, laughing, yelling, crying… He knew all these faces, even in passing. This was his home. Everything was new and vivid, full of the life he remembered. Ardyn stood there motionless, lost for breath. The shock had rendered him dumbfounded. What was happening? What was this?!

Before any of this could take him away, he heard it….


The crowd dispersed to reveal the figures he’d mourned for centuries… There they were. Right before him. Florentia, Aiolus, and Galena. Ardyn fell immediately to his knees as his two young children rushed into him, holding him and crying as hard as they could. Especially Aiolus, who was always a sensitive boy. He felt their desperate clinging and pressed them against him, smiling and crying.

Florentia stood a short ways away, allowing her husband to adore his children once again. She had, after all, witnessed everything. There would be much to talk about, and she would love him all the same.

“Dad…” Ailous sobbed happily, burying his face into his chest, clinging to his coat as if for dear life. “I missed you… I missed you so much… Dad… I…”

“Papaaa!” Galena practically sang the word. She reached her tiny hands to grab upon him and laughed enthusiastically as she always had.

Ardyn held them so tightly… “My…. my… It’s really you….” There was no holding it back. He was crying so hard. But the feeling of his children in his arms again… it was too much. Though smiling, he sobbed into them. All of a sudden, everything… everything that had passed in his over two thousand year life came rushing through him. And now…. none of it mattered. He no longer cared. This… this was everything. Just like it had been. “I’m here… I’m home. I’ve….” He gasped between words, unable to compose himself. These were emotions he’d long forgotten. Feeling them now, in such abundance, was more than overwhelming. “I’ve missed you… so much. I love you… My sweet children… by the gods… I have missed you…”

In the middle of the moment, Ardyn suddenly became aware of a presence amid the crowd… He looked up and saw the figure beckoning his attention.

And there she was…

Lady Lunafreya…

She looked upon him softly, and he could see her lips moving to speak. Though the distance between them was distinguishable, he could hear her as if she were standing right beside him…

messin with photoshop again with new brushes n reflections n line weights n such

this guy’s name is Forte he’s a piano and at least three people have tried to kiss him from the discord chat

also i’ve already made a sizable amount of billy joel - piano man jokes so don’t worry about makin those

It’s Okay || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by 5secons

Requests are currently [ CLOSED ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 800+

Summary: In which Jack tries to teach you how to DJ.

A/N: okay so I’ve been on a little hiatus for a little while due to the fact that i had to be admitted to the hospital but i’m okay and now that I’m home i can write a whole load of imagines today to target my boredom!!(hopefully xo)

Dedicated to: The anon who requested this, I hope you enjoy it lovely!!xo

“I have no idea how to do this.”

“Just, listen to the way the music flows and let your hands do most of the work.” Jack says, guiding your hands over the spinning disks as she furrow your brows and chew on your bottom lip nervously.

You inhale softly and narrow your eyes as you concentrate on the sounds, making sure that everything looked okay before leaning in and changing something, only to create a high pitched screech which made you gasp and jump away in shock.

Jack quickly lifts the disks and stops the noise, placing his hands around yours and squeezing your clenched fists with a gentle smile. You stare back at him with a pout, glancing over at the equipment sheepishly before pressing your lips together and chewing on the inside of your cheek. “I can’t do it.”

Jack shakes his head and rolls his eyes. “Yes, you can.”

You stare at him and raise your eyebrows. “No, I can’t.”

“Princess, I don’t think you understand how this works. It doesn’t just come naturally; it took me years to even understand each aspect of this equipment.” He rubs his thumb across your knuckle and you hum softly, glancing back at the disks with a nervous frown. “When you tried to teach me how to play piano and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing; you understood why, right?”

You nod quickly and look up into his eyes with a reminiscent smile. “Of course I remember, we sat at my mums piano for like, five hours before you finally realised that you only needed to put one finger on each key.” She smirks and pokes his chest with her index finger playfully. “You’d think with Conor Maynard as a brother, you’d at least know how to operate a piano.”

“You’d think with Jack Maynard as a boyfriend, you’d atleast know a few of the buttons on his DJ tables.”

You wince a little, even though you knew for a fact that he hadn’t said the words in spite and was only making a joke. “Right.”

He stares at your for a moment, evaluating your facial expressions, before sighing softly and raising his hands up to cup your cheeks. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.”

You nod and press your lips together, glancing back at the tables and exhaling softly. “Yeah, I’m sorry, I guess I just really don’t like not being able to do things straight away. Usually, everything comes so naturally to me, but this, it’s so complicated!” You look back up into his eyes and pout softly. “How do you do it so well?”

“You wanna know a secret that nobody but me knows?” He whispers, leaning in closer to your face as you grin and nod. “I just wing it.”

“Really?” You ask in surprise, scrunching up your nose in confusion as you mentally recall all of the times you’d heard him play his tracks in clubs and at venues. “But your live mixes always sound so amazing: like you’ve rehearsed them for hours beforehand.”

His cheeks flush slightly and you can’t help the smile that adorns your face at the mere sight of it. “What would i do without you, eh?”

“You wouldn’t know how to play ‘twinkle twinkle little stars’ so well on the piano.” She smirks, and he rolls his eyes, resting his hands on her waist and tugging her closer to him. “Or maybe you’d starve, or be hungover for the rest of your life.” You tease, and he smirks down at you amusedly.

“Or maybe I’d simply know a lot less about instruments that we do not own and wouldn’t have to listen to my brothers music so often.” He retorts, and you shrug, unphased.

“Just because I enjoy listening to Conor’s music, doesn’t mean you have to listen to it too; although a supportive brother who loves and appreciates his older siblings’ creations can come across as quite attractive.” You hint, and he shakes his head with an amused chuckle.

“Come on, just try one more time?” He pleads, and you sigh nervously, biting your lip and taking a deep breath before nodding. He smiles widely. “Good girl, and don’t worry about getting it wrong, okay? You’re still new to this.”

You smile and mentally build up your confidence before focusing back on the buttons in-front of you and humming, tilting the head to the left and simply standing there in silence. Jack chuckles and walks up behind you, resting his hands over yours and guiding them toward the table, resting his chin on your shoulder and explaining what each button did and how to use it.

You could tell you’d never be as good at dj'ing as Jack was, but the fact that he was so willing to be patient with you and teach you about the thing he’d adored since he was young; that meant so much more.


Tadashi traced the tiny notes as they slowly appeared on his forearm. The raised red ridges of the musical notes meant nothing to him; he genuinely had no idea what they meant. At 8 years old, learning the complicated symbols of sound had never interested him.
Until recently.
As of late, the small notes had been appearing on and off every few days. Which meant his soulmate had finally started writing.
Tadashi had been drawing to them for as long as he could remember. Flowers, dogs, pictures of people he knew… Anything he could think of to let them know, he was here!
An only child who lived with his grandparents, Tadashi had been waiting to meet his soul mate for so long he thought he would burst if it went on any longer. the notes receded slowly as he watched. Rolling over in his bed, and wrapping his blankets closer around him, he wondered what it sounded like. The music of his soul mate. Whether the person was happy or sad; what instrument they played and how old they were; whether they thought about him sometimes too, and enjoyed his pictures.
Kei’s long fingers, stretched and limber already from 4 years of piano, danced along his ivory keys. The old upright was his most prized possession and the closest to a friend he felt he had. It allowed him to vent and scream and pound into its keys without complaint, and didnt try to comfort or advise him if it wasnt enough to play till his fingers blistered.
Kei was a ‘difficult’ child. An antagonist at his worst.
Truthfully, Kei was an anxious child. So anxious his fear radiated into angry energy and vitriol. This, he knew, was not the way to make friends…
But, everytime he opened his mouth to a stranger, irregardless of age; out spat bile.
He was too young to hate himself the way he did.
His comfort came from his skin. The tiny artwork that tattooed him silently and painlessly everyday for most of his life. Beautiful, intricate linework. The fading broke his heart, he wished it would stay forever.
He’d never felt talented enough to reply. Even his stick men were wonky. Until he’d realised his talent was under his nose all along. He’d begun to write short melodies on his forearms. His favourites songs, things he’s written. Things to show his soul mate who he was.
Being 8 years old however, not realising not everyone knew music, it never occured to him that his soul mate didn’t understand any of it, no matter how sweet the intent.

“Tsukki! Tsukki, wait up!” Tadashi ran after Kei as fast as his tiny legs could carry him, although he was certain his overly tall bestfriend couldn’t hear him through his large white headphones.
Tadashi reached Kei and gently wrapped his tiny hands around his larger friends wrist. The way Kei flinched at this silent greeting destroyed Tadashi’s gentle heart.
Kei turned towards Tadashi slowly and removed his headphones with a sigh, as if resigned to whatever was to come next.
They locked eyes.
“Oh, it’s just you, Yamaguchi. Why didn’t you shout me?” Kei sneered.
“Sorry, Tsukki!” Tadashi beamed, dragging his friend towards the park.
“I’m not pushing you on the swings this time…” Kei huffed.
“Sure you’re not, Tsukki!” Tadashi giggled gently, still manhandling his larger friend through the park gates.
Kei smiled softly to himself as Tadashi ran, full pelt, at the slide. 'OK, so maybe I will….’ he thought.
Tadashi pushed through the door of the Tsukishima household, his arms laden with his belongings and snacks for the night, spirits high for the sleepover that night, announcing his presence and removing his shoes with his toes, he traipsed in without being welcomed. He was always welcome here, it was his haven, his safe space. His favourite place in the world. He breathed in the scent. Vanilla and sweet fruit. It smelled like Tsukki here. Or Tsukki smelt like the house… Either way it was wonderful.
He heard distant piano from the dining room; which meant Tsukki was definitely here. Whatever it was he was playing, it was wonderful, soft and bittersweet, flowing like water over him as he took his time making his way down the hall. He’d hate to disturn Tsukki while he was playing. He always looked so calm and content while his fingers danced over keys reading notes Tadashi still couldn’t read. He’d thought many times about asking Tsukki to teach him piano, or at least to read the sheet music, but the idea of being even more of a burden was too much for him to cope with.
As he approached the slightly ajar door, the velvety music came to a close. Then his left arm tingled the way it does when your soulmate sends you a message. There they were again. The beautifully drawn and prepared notes. He’d die to hear them. He peeked through the door jamb. Tsukki was writing in blue ink on his forearm.
He was writing music notes.
On his left forearm.
Tadashi’s chest constricted. He was certain he was going to suffocate right there in the hallway, surrounded by video games and chocolate bars aged 13 years old.
This was awful. He couldn’t tell him. Never. They’re friendship was everything to him. Maybe they were platonic soulmates? That could be a thing right?
HE’D never met platonic soulmates before, or heard of them but they MUST be a thing….?
Oh god no.
“Yamaguchi? Why are you skulking around in my hallway?” Kei had heard the clatter of Tadashi’s things hitting the floor.
Tadashi’s head whipped around so fast he felt his neck crack.
“Sorry, Tsukki! I dropped some things…” Tadashi could feel his face burning, how humiliating.
Kei clicked his tongue and bent down to retrieve the items that littered his floor. Tadashi could only stare. Tsukki was actually really attractive, in a tall, lanky, snarkier-than-thou, kind of way. Tadashi had always admired Kei’s personality. that was no secret. Kei golden orbs suddenly invaded his private reverie. Since his recent growth spurt, Tadashi no longer stood quite so far below Kei’s shoulder. His forehead could comfortably brush Kei’s chin. But when Kei tilted his head forward, and all but glared into his freckled visage, Tadashi suddenly felt very, very small all over again. His breathe caught in his throat and his heart hammered a racy rhythm against his chest.
“Are you ok, Dashi?” Kei asked, barely a whisper.
'DASHI. Oh god.’ Tadashi all but shivered at the childhood nickname. it was his weakness. Tsukki only used it when they were alone; and even then it was sparing.
“I’m fine, Tsukki.” His voice sounded disconnected from his body. He was honestly just glad of how secure it sounded compared to the internal mess he was caging.
“Well… Ok then. If you’re fine you won’t mind me handing you your ass in mario kart then, will you?” A rare smiled ghosted across Kei’s surprisingly plump lips and he pushed off the wall behind Tadashi’s head, grabbing bits and pieces from the floor as he passed them, headed to his room.
Tadashi gathered the rest of his things together in a daze before following.

In the bathroom, later that night, Tadashi took his favourite marker in with him and, under the guise of a shower, he drew more than ever before. Every inch he could reach was covered in the things he loved. French fries from his favourite fast food place, a couple tiny dogs chasing after a ball, flowers and beautifully decorated cakes like the ones in his grandparents bakery that Tsukki loved so much, he even drew a few books upon a shelf; their tiny titles too small to read.
He drew till his hand ached, his way of thanking Kei for the music. Knowing who write the miniscule notations suddenly made them so much more important. Tadashi knew what music really meant to Kei. It was his life the way art was Tadashi’s home. He suddenly understood the time and effort Kei would have spent making sure that every note was perfect, every song choice immaculate.
His taste had always been impeccable.
And that was the shame of it. Kei had always had such high standards. Tadashi may pass the friendship test, but with his freckled mess of chubby cheeks and unruly hair, he was far from a catch. His one redeeming feature were his olive eyes. Even he liked them, but that didnt mean Kei would.
He knew that as soul mates they were destined to fall in love. Or were already in love, or something. He didn’t really understand the whole thing. Tadashi stripped the last of his clothes and stepped under the shower head, scrubbing at the remnants of his love, removing any trace that might let Kei in on his secret.
A secret he intended to keep. He could love him from where he was, and that was fine.

Kei stared in awe at his arms, legs, stomach and chest. His body tingled everywhere, the miniature art gallery that was his skin alive with his soul mates creations. Kei didn’t know who they were, but their skin sketches had kept him alive some nights.
When he’d been lonely as a child, they’d been there so send him some joy. A smile, an unexpected laugh, it didn’t matter where they really where to Kei, they’d been there to HIM.
He couldn’t care less who they were either, as long as they drew for him everyday, anything. He lived only for the day he could see more than sketches that faded in minutes. He wanted something permanent, something he could hold on to.
God he hoped they felt the same.
Tadashi woke up alone to the sound of music. Typical.
Even on a Sunday Kei couldn’t sleep past 7. Tadashi hauled ass out of bed and slipped on a jumper. Kei house was always so cold in the morning. He glared, bleary eyed, at the bedside clock. 7:18am. Of course it was.
He stole some socks from Kei’s drawer and dragged them onto his frozen feet, then made his way down the stairs to the diningroom.
Things had been oddly awkward between them last night. Tadashi couldnt keep calm and Kei had been even more quiet than usual.
Tadashi still couldnt resist spying on Kei playing piano though. It was a guilty pleasure of his. Watching Kei lithe fingers glide over every key in a way Tadashi knew was NOT effortless style. Memorizing the lines of Kei’s face as he near grimaced into his sheet music like it owed him a favour. Tadashi had been watching for longer than he could really remember. How could he not have known before yesterday how he felt?
“Tsukki?” Tadashi spoke before he really realised it was happening.
“Hmmm…” Kei continued to play as he answered, his concentration clearly somewhere else.
Tadashi crept across the room and slide into the space beside Kei on the stool. “Will you teach me piano?” He asked, hesitant.
Kei’s hand still and the room dropped into silence for the smallest of moments before he laughed.
“Finally. Honestly, Yamaguchi, how anyone can go so long without learning an instrument is beyond me.” Kei almost smiled as he shuffled his music.
“Is now ok?” Tadashi beamed.
“Sure. Not like there’s anything better to do on a Sunday?”
Tadashi rans his eyes down his sheet music. The notes ringing in his mind as the bus jostled down the bumpy street. His pen tapped a steady rhythm against his knee and he counted pace. He was sure something was off about the beat but he couldn’t pinpoint it.
“Its in 4/8; not 4/4.” Kei whispered into Tadashi’s ear.
Tadashi glanced back at the sheet and read it in the new rhythm. Kei was right. He sighed and shoved it back in his bag, he could work on it later, if he let Kei anywhere near it he’d 'fix’ it. He pulled out his sketch pad and very deliberately turned so that Tsukki wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing.
Tadashi had very recently become addicted to watercolour pencils; he liked the way he could work on something and then adjust the colours together later. He’d also become obsessed with painting other peoples portraits, not that he’d ever tell anyone he was doing so. He just loved the people faces could convey so much emotion with a mere quirk of a brow, or the tiniest smile. It was through painting he’d finally begun to understand Kei’s tiny shows of emotion. They were admittedly miniscule, but they were there. They were Tadashi’s favourite things to draw. His sketchbook was a closed gallery of one Tsukishima Kei’s internal reportoire.
He’d been aware of his and Kei’s soulmate status for almost 3 years now, and as far as he knew, Kei was still entirely oblivious.
And that was how he wanted to keep it. At least for now.
The bus pulled up to Fukurodani and Tadashi packed away his things. Time for training camp.
“Coming, Yamaguchi?” Kei held out his hand to help Tadashi out of his window seat. Tadashi grasped it as gently as he could, he already had an unhealthy attachment to those hands… He couldn’t afford to be creepy.
Kei grabbed his own bag from the overhead stoarage and led the way off the bus; they were, as usual, the last off.
Tadashi didn’t dwell on the fact that Kei hadn’t let go of his hand yet.
Tadashi’s entire body ached. It hurt in places he didn’t know he even had until today. Coach Ukai was a monster, a monster encouraged by the rampaging lunatics he’d called team mates. Training camp had never been like this in Amemaru.
It was barely 10pm, but everyone in Karasuno was asleep already, exhausted from their hectic day. He could literally FEEL Tanaka and Asahi snoring, their soft palettes flapping in their throats.
Good god they should see a doctor… That couldn’t be healthy.
Kei turned to face Tadashi in his bedroll and scooted, ever so subtly closer to his best friend.
“What’s up, Tsukki?” Tadashi whispered, even his throat protesting at the usage.
“Can’t sleep. It’s so uncomfortable here.” Kei croaked. He’d never been particularly good at the whole whispering thing.
“Wanna get in with me?” Tadashi asked, without really having noticed what he said until it was too late. “I-I mean, we could share and put one bedroll on top of the other… to make it comfier… not, like, ya know.”
“No. I dont know. Explain it to me, Yamaguchi.” Kei replied, the mirth lacing his voice sending a shiver straight to Tadashi’s already sore heart.
“Just, that, we’re friends… So, it isn’t weird. We shared a bed all the time as kids.” Tadashi finished, lamely. He fought the urge to pull his blankets up over his face in shame.
“No offence here, Dashi, but I think we’re a little too tall to share nowadays, we’d have to really squish up against eachother.” Kei leant over Tadashi’s face to whisper into his ear.
And there it was. That crazy thumping rhythm his heart beat against his ribs whenever Kei called him Dashi. The room was suddenly far too hot, small and awkward for his liking.
“Yeah-yeah, you’re-uh-you’re right…” Tadashi mumbled into his hands, he had lost his battle against hiding his face, and was melting into his own embarrassment, face ablaze.
Damage done, Kei lay back against his own bed roll and yawned.
“Night, Yamaguchi.” He breathed, and rolled away.
Tadashi didn’t reply. He thought it best that way.
Stupid Kuroo.
Stupid, Ugly, Horrible, Asshole Kuroo.
Capital letters for emphasis. How dare he touch Kei. How dare Kei let him! UCK!
So maybe he was overreacting. Soulmate or not, he did not in any way OWN Kei; but that did not stop him being upset. It was only a hug, he reasoned with himself as he served the ball straight into the net.
His palm was on fire. He’d long since stopped caring that the skin was cracking and bleeding in some places. It must have been at least 6 hours he’d been here. He knew he’d missed dinner and that everyone was probably already back at the lodge by now. He simply didn’t care. They obviously hadn’t noticed his lack of presence. Kei clearly hadn’t either.
Well, forget them. He had volleyball serves to do.
“Yamaguchi!” Hinata threw open the gym door like a hurricane. “We’ve all been looking for you for hours! We thought Tsukishima was gunna cry! You should have seen it! Kiyoko-san and Yacchan took him back to the lodge to calm him down. He thought you’d run away.” Hinata half-yelled as he dragged Tadashi back towards the 1st gym.
“DASHI, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!? WHAT THE HELL WERE THINKING ITS ALMOST 11 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT!? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!?!” Kei practically screamed in Tadashi’s face the moment he entered the lodge kitchen.
Tadashi almost toppled over and suffocated when Kei lunged at him and forced him into what was admittedly a rather comforting hug.
“I… I just… lost track of time I guess.” Tadashi lied, poorly, trying to hide his swollen, bloody palm behind his back without making it obvious.
He failed. “What happened to your hand?” Kei asked, still infuriated as he gripped Tadashi’s wrist and pulled him to the sink.
“Too many serves…” Tadashi hissed as the cold water hit his hand. He could feel the other team member staring at them. It had to stop, he hated being stared at.
“You need to be more careful, you always overwork yourself. It’s not healthy, you stress yourself out and you’re always getting sick or you end up like -”
“Shut up, Tsukki.” Tadashi near whispered.
Kei stopped dead, then looked Tadashi straight in the eyes and smiled.
“Sorry, Yamaguchi.” he said, deadpan as he handed Tadashi a tea towel to dry his hand while he went to get bandages.
Tadashi turned towards his team mates, their mouths agape and still as statues.
“I’m sorry for worrying you all. It won’t happen again.” He smiled at them as Kei took his hand back and began to wrap it for him.
Kei stared at his left arm. The floral vines wrapping from his wrist to his elbow becoming more and more detailed as time went on. Whoever his soul mates was, they desperately intrigued him. They’d been drawing more recently.
He was becoming more and more vehement that he needed to find them lately as well.
He knew he could just ask them who they were.  He could just write the question on his arm and have done with it, but that ruined it somehow.
They deliberately never exchanged words, he didnt want to change anything. But he also really, really did.
Maybe he could make it a game. Like 20 questions. Then use the information to find them.
He rummaged through his dresser, in search of a pen, then waited for the vine on his arm to recede back into his skin.
'How old are you?’ he wrote, his breath caught in his chest. What if they didnt reply?
He waited almost 20 minutes before a single strawberry appeared, followed by 14 more, then, almost as an after thought, a half strawberry at the end of the row. He literally laughed. 15 and a half, well that was one way to reply.
“Do you live in Japan?” He knew it was sometimes possible for soulmates to be across the world from one another.
He waited again, 10 minutes this time. A squiggled shape appeared on his arm, when it was done he realised it was a small map of japan, with what looked like miyagi prefecture circled.
“In Miyagi?” He replied, hopeful. That meant they were close by.
He was still in the process of wiping the ink off his arm when the smiling face appeared on his inner wrist.
“I wonder if we’ve met.” He writes back.
He waited 4 hours. They didn’t reply again.
He couldnt write back.
Kei knew his handwriting as well as he knew Kei’s. Tadashi put his head in his hands and sighed.
Why would he start writing now?
Kei had been weird since they’d returned from camp. He’d been weird AT camp too, ever since Tadashi had gone 'missing’ for those few hours.
Kei had always been… Affectionate. Physically speaking. Not with anyone else, or in public, which honestly Tadashi appreciated, but he’d always liked to climb into Tadashi bed during sleepovers, or drag Tadashi into his. It was easier to watch movies that way, he’d always reasoned, when Tadashi questioned it. He’d also liked to hold Tadashi hand sometimes when they were sitting on the couch together, or cuddle up to Tadashi from behind when he cooked for them, which was often as Kei’s cooking usually ended with the emergency services.
But lately it’d been more frequent. He’d figured out when they were children that this was how Kei made up his brash personality and was not an indication of anything else, but nowadays Tadashi had been doing everything he could to avoid being alone with Kei. He had to make sure he didn’t slip up; like suddenly shoving his tongue down Kei’s throat the next time he smiled at him and called him Dashi while they were supposed to be watching Death Note.
“SHIT.” Tadashi said out loud, to no one in particular.
He awoke to the sound of screaming and yelling.
“Not again.” Tadashi grumbled to himself as something large smashed against the livingroom wall.
His grandparents sounded like they were killing eachother. He got up as quietly as he could and made his way down the hall.
“YOU! This is all your fault!” His grandfather grabbed his hair from behind and yanked him into the livingroom.
“Me? What did I do?” He and his grandparents had never gotten along as well as he would have liked, but this was the first time he’d ever been scared of them.
“You killed them. You killed both of them.” His grandmother screamed in his face, tears streaming down hers.
“What? NO! They died in the fire, Grandma!” Tadashi shouted back, knowing instantly what she meant. It wasn’t the first time they’d accused him of having killed his parents.
His grandparents continued to scream at him. His heart breaking with every verbal barb. He didn’t know what had brought this on at 6am in the morning, but he hated it.
He tried to get up and run back to his room, or the front door, either way, he needed outm they pulled him back, every time he attempted to escape their fingers dug into his skin more, finger nails drawing blood from his thin arms, his grandfather, still strong in his old age from his years of being a baker lifted Tadashi effortlessly and threw him against the wall. The impact forcing his chin up and making him taste blood.
He wipes blood from his chin and panics, and while his grandmother screams he takes his chance.
'Tsukki, Help me.’ the blood dribbles down his arm, and he has no idea if this will work, but its all he has to go on, and he hopes for the best.
Kei pours cereal into his dino bowl, the early morning sun filtering through the windows and casting an orange glow against the counter top. He almost ignores the tingle on his arm, spiteful after they ignored him last night.
He’s glad he doesn’t.
'Tsukki, help me.’ Messy and smeared with dribbled lines that send terrified shivers up Kei’s spine.
He’d know that writing anywhere.
He leaves the cereal where it is, milk splattered on the surface as he races to the door.
His feet can’t move fast enough, his heart pounds in his chest as he races barefoot down the 3 blocks to Tadashi’s Grandparents bakery. His breath rages in his chest and he’s never been so thankful that Daichi forced him to run so often and so hard.
He rounds the corner to the bakery so fast he literal skids on the still damp concrete and grazes his feet. He doesn’t care, it doesn’t matter. Only Tadashi matters right now.
He reaches the back stairs to the apart, takes them 2 at a time, and scrambles through the black plantpot for the spare key when he hears the screaming through the letter box. His hands are shaking so badly he can barely fit the key in the lock when he finds it, and practically shoulders the door through the wall.
He follows the dull, wet sounds of thudding and crying in the livingroom and finds Tadashi atop his grandfather, his face so covered in blood Kei can barely recognize his bestfriend of 7 years. Tadashi stops and climbs up from his grandfather, who spits at him.
“Dashi?” Kei’s voice sounds as weak he suddenly feels.
“Kei…” Tadashi sobs, “Kei, I’m sorry.” He cries as Kei lifts him up and carries him from the room, from the building. He lets him cry all the way back to his own house. He lets him cry while he dresses the cuts and bruises that litter his face, and even while he scraped the dried blood from Tadashi’s hands. Kei doesn’t speak. Tadashi doesn’t need that yet. He places Tadashi into his bed and wraps himself and the blankets around him, then pulls Tadashi’s face into his shoulder and strokes his hair till he stops shaking.
After a few hours, Tadashi’s breathing has settled, and Kei begins to think he may have fallen asleep, except that as he tries to move away, Tadashi’s grip on his shirt tightens, and pulls him back.
“Don’t go… please.” Tadashi’s voice is coarse.
“I’m just going to pee, I’m not gunna leave the freaking country. Chill, ok?” Kei huffs, and hears a tiny chuckle in response.
When he’s finished in the bathroom, he goes downstairs and gets Tadashi a glass of water, and makes them both some toast, then carries it all upstairs.
When he walks back into the room, he finds Tadashi sat up with his back against the pillows and his head on his knees. He places the tray gently on his nightstand and puts a hand in Tadashi’s hair. As if to reassure him that he came back.
“You hungry?” He asked, softly.
Tadashi just shakes his head and sighs into his knees.
“Shame… It’s got extra butter on it, guess I’ll eat it then.” he says, poking Tadashi’s hand with a slice. Tadashi slowly takes the slice and lifts his head just enough to take a bite, adjusting to cross his legs as he does.
“You ok, Dashi?” Kei shuffles into place under the blanket next to Tadashi and hands him his water.
“Yeah.” Tadashi sounds sore, and tired, but not upset.
“Wanna talk about it?” Kei takes back the glass Tadashi hands him and settled back into his pillows.
“They think I killed my parents in the fire.”
“Oh.” Kei says. Weren’t you like… 2 years old when your parents died?“ Kei was desperately trying to remember. Tadashi never spoke about it.
"Yeah, some electrical fault or something. But the week before the fire I broke the fire escape window. I don’t know how, I was too little to remember that, but I did, so when the fire happened my mum and dad couldn’t fit through the gap in the window, so they dropped my favourite teddy and told me to go get him, my downstairs neighbours saw me and took me to the front of the building.” Tadashi spoke steadily, as if reading from a page. “I don’t really remember much.”
“I see… But… you were a baby. You clearly didn’t do it on purpose.” Kei stated, matter-of-factly. “They chose to let you go, they wanted you to be safe because they loved you, and that’s not your fault. I get that your grandparents are upset, but what the Hell happened this morning?”
“I have literally no idea. I also had no idea I was this strong either. Physically i mean, emotionally I’m somewhere between 9/11 and the Titanic in terms of wreckage, but I’m actually kind of worried I hurt him.” Tadashi looked at Kei as he spoke, a pensive look crossing his freckled face.
“Dashi. Why didn’t you tell me if you knew?” Kei couldn’t stop himself asking anymore.
“I did tell you. I told you my parents died the first time you came to my house-
"That you were my soul mate, Tadashi. You had to have known to send me the message to help you…” Kei sighed.
“Oh. That. Right. I thought it was better that way I suppose. I thought-I thought i wasn’t… good… enough.” Tadashi sputtered.
“You absolute moron… Wow.” Kei huffed. “I spent 7 years with you for the convenience then, did I?”
“Being friends is different than dating!” Tadashi defended himself with a pout and crossed his arms across his chest.
“Is it? I don’t think so. Not for us anyway. I’m 90% sure we’ve been halfway dating since middle school. Minus a few things obviously.” Kei laughed.
Kei slipped his arm behind Tadashi’s back and yanked him into his lap.
“Well, either way, there is no way in Hell i’m sending you back there. You’re just gunna have to move in here with me. Not that anyone would even notice, most of your stuff lives here, and you’re here at least 4 or 5 times a week…” Kei nuzzled into Tadashi’s neck, the tip of his nose catching the lobe of Tadashi’s ear.
“I’m not here that much!” Tadashi face blazed, his cheeks aflame as he felt Kei kiss the edge of his jaw.
“Do you wanna be?” Kei’s lips brushed against Tadashi’s ears and he melted into an incoherent puddle right there on the bed.
Tadashi could only nod as Kei slotted his lips against his.
So this was what home felt like.

actually really enjoyed writing this. sorry its late. and sorry it sucks ass. i tried. please dont hate me….. @akkaai

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Cynthia, don’t even start with me. We all know that the cookies you “baked” for the PTA bake sale were actually store bought, and guess what? They tasted like trash. You’re always late to Yoga class on Tuesdays at 3:00-4:00 PM and you look like a flailing turtle when you go in Standing Tree position. You dress like a teen girl who just discovered Claire’s and your son is bad at soccer, so don’t even go there, Cynthia.

Well, Helen, you know just as much as I do that those were cookies I baked myself. You are just jealous about how everybody liked my cookies better than your burnt brownies. I am late to yoga class only because I need to drop off my son at his piano classes at 2:50. At least my son has won 4 medals in state competitions, so don’t even try to compare our children.  And also, Helen, you should really do something about your hair, I’ve heard that a trip to the salon will do wonders for those gray hairs that are beginning to show up. 

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Hello :) up to how many characters can I request? But anyways, headcanons on what GOM+Tanaka+Ogiwara would do in summer?

Hey! Thanks for the request, I truly enjoyed writing this! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ More under the cut! 🍑


  • As per his father’s suggestion, he works at his family’s company for the summer. His job consists of mostly paperwork.
  • Visits his mother’s grave more often. Truthfully, he’d visit everyday if he could. Leaves her with a bouquet of peonies every time.
  • Travels abroad (for leisure) at least once. While he does fly internationally to nearby countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong for business meetings, Akashi absolutely loves visiting Europe during the summer.
  • Visits historical monuments in Europe: Anne Frank’s house, the Leaning Tower, Vatican City, etc
  • INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY Quite a few foreign girls he spoke to (asking for directions mostly) found him cute, he’s just so much of a gentleman
  • He also keeps a travel log/diary for his musings. And yes, he goes on trips alone, unless one of his friends want to tag along. (Kuroko actually went on a short trip to Bangkok with him as they had the same flight so might as well hang out right?)
  • Buys souvenirs for his friends abroad
  • Sends Kuroko and Midorima postcards because he knows they’re probably the only ones who’ll treasure it lol
  • Buys Momoi the Ladurée macarons she’s been craving for from Paris
  • Contrary to what most people think, he travels more often with the Rakuzan team due to their summer training programs cross-country or overseas
  • During the beach trip with the rest of GOM, he mostly hung out under a huge parasol, playing shots with Midorima
  • Participates in a sandcastle building competition and wins first place
  • Hold a party in his private yacht

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cuddles-and-chocolate-cake  asked:

How about a Musician!AU with Elucien?

Elucien Musician AU: See now this one is right up my street. Because Lucien was born to be musical tbh. Okay, okay I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this before (I don’t remember) but @pterodactylichexameter and I turned this vague idea into a whole Thing a little while back. I will now share the vague idea with you. (This also kind of fits the elucien/modern AU ask I got too) 

The three Archeron sisters are all involved in their local ballet production. Feyre does most of the set design and creation. Nesta and Elain are both dancers but Nesta is the only one of the two who is naturally suited to it. Elain tries, she really does, but there’s just something about Nesta that was made for this in a way that she wasn’t. But that doesn’t matter. She loves it a lot and she enjoys herself. 

Lucien is an assistant, he mostly helps Feyre out backstage and just sort of generally floats around doing odd jobs here and there. However he spends a lot of time crushing on the very pretty dancer who almost always seems to have some kind of flowers included in her costume (Azriel is their costume expert and he always makes sure there’s a little personal touch in all the dancer’s costumes. Nesta has fire but Elain always has some kind of flower) Or insisting that he definitely does not have a crush on the very pretty dancer with flowers on her costume (he is fooling no-one. (except Elain who is too sweet/oblivious and this all goes entirely over her head (or at least she pretends it does anyway, she doesn’t want to embarrass Lucien))) 

The real reason Lucien puts up with coming to all of the rehearsals even when there isn’t really that much for him to do except babysit Tamlin and make Feyre the odd cup of tea while she paints is discovered by Elain a few weeks into rehearsals. She, Nesta and Feyre have wandered all the way along to the bus stop before Elain realises that she’s forgotten her phone and her purse. Insisting that her sisters just get the bus and not walk all the way back to the theatre with her in the pouring rain, Elain runs back on her own. 

Grateful for the shelter of the theatre she hurries around backstage before she finds what she’s looking for and is about to head off before she hears soft, familiar bars of one of her favourite pieces in the production being played. Curious, she follows the music and peeks out onto the stage, wondering why the aged old piano player who’s been doing this for years and knows every piece back to front, is bothering to stay so late. 

She gets a shock then when she recognises the long red hair and pale, delicate, long fingered hands of Lucien moving over the piano tucked onto a corner of the stage instead. Transfixed she watches him, completely forgetting about going home, lost in the flowing lines of his body as he moves with the familiar rhythm of the piece, how his hands fly deftly across the keys, how beautiful he looks, how happy, an expression she knows she’s never truly seen on his face until now. 

His eyes are closed, his back to her, so lost in the music that he hasn’t noticed he’s being watched by a doe-eyed young dancer who can’t take her eyes off of him. That is until Elain fumbles her phone trying to put it into her bag without looking away from Lucien and drops it on the floor instead with a very loud clatter. Lucien jumps like a cat that’s just been given a bad electric shock and Elain turns bright red and they both start babbling and apologising at the same time. 

Lucien jumps away from the piano as though he’s only just remembered he’s violently allergic to it, now flushing a deeper crimson than his hair and muttering to her, asking her to please not tell anyone about this. Elain tentatively walks towards him and tells him slowly, hesitantly that she, she won’t, she won’t tell a soul…But only if he finishes that piece. Lucien blinks at her in surprise, raising an eyebrow and regaining a little of his composure now the shock has worn off a bit. Elain blushes again and tells him that it’s her favourite. Lucien hesitates and rubs the back of his neck saying that he doesn’t usually play in front of people, that’s one of the reasons he comes here and waits til everyone is gone and…But Elain is smiling at him so broadly and looking so eager and enthusiastic that he just…can’t say no to her. He pats the bench beside him and she happily hurries over and sits down beside him and watches him as he plays through the entire piece for her. 

They’re very close and everything feels very warm and they’ve liked each other for so long and Elain is murmuring that that was so beautiful and she had no idea he could play like that. Lucien flushes again (there’s a lot of that going round) and mumbles that he usually keeps it quiet. He can’t practice anywhere else and no-one seems to mind him playing this one after rehearsals. Elain smirks and asks him if that means no-one’s noticed and Lucien grins a little bit and agrees that she’s quite right. Elain squeezes his hand and promises faithfully that she won’t share his secret with anyone else. Kissing happens this night. 

After that Elain starts making a lot of excuses to stay behind at the theatre and listen to Lucien play. Initially he’s still a little uncomfortable and can only properly lose himself in it if she makes sure and hides backstage. But he gets more comfortable around her and he plays for her while she practices her dancing sometimes and other times he just plays for the look on her face when she listens to him, the way she smiles for him. It’s all very fluffy and sweet and precious and piano playing!Lucien is deeply Important to me. Now you all know. 

((also yes, they definitely bang on the piano at least once))