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Harry Potter is amazingly clueless

He always seems surprised by everything in practically every scene (in the movies I’ve watched at least) so I agree with this. 

Jason Scott - Power Rangers (2017)

So I really wanted to write this because he is just special to me in his movie. In the original show he was my least favorite ranger, but this version really won me over in so many ways and I really connected to him. I just wanted to write a brief character bit observation on him.

I put it below the cut because it got rather long and full of spoilers…my bad? I think…

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Luca bc all i really know about him is that he's a gay prince in love with a dragon

That’s it that’s his whole personality. 

Full Name: I don’t have last names for anyone rip, , it’s just Luca
Gender and Sexuality: male, bisexual
Pronouns: he/him
Species: human
Birthplace and Birthdate: august 28th, born in Ethaer (his kingdom) 
Guilty Pleasures: hm. shiro/.,
Phobias: storms 
What They Would Be Famous For: reuniting his kingdom (spoilers ooops) 
What They Would Get Arrested For: probably he’d be arrested by association because someone else did some shit. probably Maia. 
OC You Ship Them With: Shiro 
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Eden or (at times) Maia 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: history probably
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ??idk/?? maybe the whole “chosen one caught in a love triangle” trope? heck if I know
Talents and/or Powers: uh. playing the piano?? he’s good with medicine n stuff
Why Someone Might Love Them: SOFT BOy he cares abt his friends so much it’s disgusting. 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: he’s too forgiving?? he refuses to fight people even when they absolutely deserve it,, “Luca they tried to kill you” “that doesn’t mean I’m allowed to hurt them!!” sdfdgsfhdwe makes me mad tbh 
How They Change: he eventually moves past this ^^^^
Why You Love Them: he is my son and he just wants the people he cares about to be happy I love him

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how about 3, 13, 18, 22 and thank you for before it does really mean a lot to me

Awh, your welcome dear ~ ❤ :3

3-What position do i normally sleep in?
Umm, i normally sleeps on the right because there is some space for me to hug at least 2 pillow (*^▽^)❤

13-Name one movie that made me cry
Logan (p′︵‵。) its was my first 18+ movie in cinema and i can’t handle it very well.. (Yeah i know im 16 shhh)

18- A random memory of my childhood
(*^u^) uhh.. Oh no.. Well.. I think i remember that i cry when my friends said i’m stupid even she is joking.i cry so easily back then(p′_‵。)

22-Would you like to meet any of your tumblr friends in person?
I WOULD LOVE TOO!!❤❤ i want meet every single one of my friends in tumblr especially you and YAndie ❤ヽ(´▽`)/

The 11 Question Game!

I got tagged by @sinnamonsmolthedork (thank you!)

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, the write eleven new ones. Tag eleven people as well as the person who tagged you.

1. Your favourite restaurants?: Golden Palace.

2.Least favourite movie?: Lolita.

3. Favourite Mulan quote?: I honestly don’t have one..

4. Last book you read?: Some Zuko x Katara (Avatar The Last Airbender) fanfic. It was really cute.

5. Favourite subject?: In school it was Creative writing.

6. Favourite urban legend?: The Candy Man. :3

7. Least favourite candy?: Anything sour

8. Nessie or the Mongolian Death Worm: Nessie!

9. Any fun history facts?: Napoleon was once attacked by rabbits.

10. Have you ever drank alcohol before?: Yess, though I should really drink it anymore..

11. Would you smooch a ghost?: I would marry one tbh.

My questions:

1. Ever tried British mustard?

2. Favourite movie and why?

3. Favourite memory?

4. Do you enjoy the holidays? If so,what is your favourite?

5. You are greeted by someone who has once hurt you, how do you react?

6. You just won seven million dollars, what are you going to do with it?

7. What kind of alcohol do you prefer? (If you drink it.)

8. Do you draw?

9. Are you scared of storms?

10. Did/do you enjoy school?

11. How would you describe your least favourite person?

I tag: @neutral-lights @machiavellistkyo @romanesque-moon @nxdreamingfor @cafeteriabones @crazybal9 @thedukeoflimbs and anyone else who wants to do this.

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I have a friend named Eden haha and I don't think I've seen a lot about Eden on ur blog so Eden for the oc thing !!!

Oh boy here goes,,

Full Name: Eden
Gender and Sexuality: male, pansexual (? I don;t think he cares at all tbh)
Pronouns: he/him
Species: dragon turned demon
Birthplace and Birthdate: june 15th, born in Koeri (dragon kingdom)
Guilty Pleasures: murder, probably
Phobias: not sure? 
What They Would Be Famous For: being the world’s worst friend
What They Would Get Arrested For: murder, probably
OC You Ship Them With: Shiro,,, but.. not rly its not healthy at all I ship them together before Eden was emotionally abusive
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Lee (he’d lose though rip) 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: I can see him being really into psychological thrillers tbh? or sci-fi
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: this prompt is so weird idk 
Talents and/or Powers: he literally sold his soul for power he’s rlly strong. can probably use mind control among other things. Also!! he’s really talented at glamour magic and also just cheap parlor tricks. 
Why Someone Might Love Them: If you can get past all his character flaws he’s actually really interesting? and he’s charming and funny so he’s got that going for him I guess,, , humour with a side of Asshole
Why Someone Might Hate Them: like I said he’s a manipulative n emotionally abusive little shit
How They Change: he sold his soul for power and it destroyed him :) 
Why You Love Them: I’m biased but he’s one of my more interesting characters honestly? Also don’t let everything bad I’ve said about him fool you he used to be so sweet and pure why did I ruin him, ,

beauty and the beast was not meant 2 be a live action movie………..at least when it’s animated there is some natural suspension of belief but now. you are forced 2 confront the fact that a real human woman is falling in love with a lion/buffalo and just live with that discomfort for 2 hours and 10 minutes

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Full Name: Yanmei
Gender and Sexuality: female, straight (sex-repulsed asexual) 
Pronouns: she/her
Species: human
Birthplace and Birthdate: October 8th, and I also have no idea where she was born fuck , 
Guilty Pleasures: honestly….probably something like food network competitions 
Phobias: any form of sexual intimacy
What They Would Be Famous For: she’d make a great military official probably? or some other important position
What They Would Get Arrested For: insulting someone high-up
OC You Ship Them With: no one…really?? she and Lee have potential but I don’t think I’ll make it happen :// I platonically ship her and Ronan though!
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Eden 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: documentaries or mystery 
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
Talents and/or Powers: she has really powerful senses and can see auras and spirits it’s really cool!! but because of this she can’t be too close to shiro or eden because their energy is overwhelming and makes her sick
Why Someone Might Love Them: on one hand she’s strong and determined and looks like she’s really cool and collected but actually she’s just a big sweetheart
Why Someone Might Hate Them: mmmmm she can be really stubborn and a bit strict and it can get off-putting at times
How They Change: she becomes a lot more open with the people around her
Why You Love Them: I really love the power I gave her and I haven’t developed her much but she has the potential to be a rly strong character and overall she is an angel and I would give her the world if I could 

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Maia pls

Full Name: Maia
Gender and Sexuality: female, lesbian 
Pronouns: she/her
Species: human
Birthplace and Birthdate: May 30th, and tbh I haven’t come up with a name for where she was born, probably a separate region on the outskirts of Ethaer
Guilty Pleasures: joke-flirting with lee to make him angry
Phobias: bugs
What They Would Be Famous For: being a famous acrobat probably
What They Would Get Arrested For: breaking and entering on a dare
OC You Ship Them With: no one actually I should write her a gf,, 
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Luca if he wasn’t such a pushover, maybe Lee
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: really poorly-written horror
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
Talents and/or Powers: she’s great with a bow and arrow n also used to be part of a circus so she’s a really talented performer
Why Someone Might Love Them: she’s energetic and peppy but is also always down to fight and?? she’s super cute come on. 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: needs to calm down like 70% of the time. energy is good but sometimes she can be A Lot. Also she’s really selfish a lot of the time,, 
How They Change: She has to figure out how to fight for other people and not just herself, also she starts taking things more seriously
Why You Love Them: I wrote her as a sort of counterpart for Luca and I fell in love with her personality and their dynamic?? also not to pat myself on the back but I did a good job with her design I love my daughter and her freckles,, 

Newt’s first year as a father-

Everyone: Newt you can’t leave the Demiguise in charge of the baby.  No it can’t pet the Graphorn NEWT THE BABY CAN’T RIDE THE HIPPOGRIFF.

Newt: That sounds fake but okay.