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(ALL OF THEM - old to new)

David didn't kill Elizabeth.

If you look at her in The Crossing she’s obviously not well. Keep in mind that she was host to an alien creature and while it did not complete it’s gestation period and kill her, it took its toll on her body.
In order to save her and keep her alive until they reached the Engineer homeworld, David put her into cryostasis. Elizabeth either died while in stasis, or shortly after awakening. After losing the only person to ever show him kindness, the only person to see him as an individual and not a “thing”, David became enraged. If Elizabeth couldn’t live to meet her gods, they have no purpose and in David’s eyes they have no right to live while she died. David released the black goo and crashes the ship, hoping to die to be with Elizabeth. Instead, he lives and decides to experiment with the black goo further.
He remembers that Elizabeth was never able to have children, so he makes her mother to his perfect organism.
David was telling the truth when he said he loved her. He loved her and decided to immortalize her through the Xenomorph.