or at least I think so


on the topic of that accent, I’d like some opinions-does this accent look as amazing on Uhin as I think it does/does the amazing-ness outweigh the fact that it’ll be covering his wings? ovo

i think my least favorite thing is the sharp pain i get when someone tries to compliment me and it’s so wonderful and then they add a little backhanded compliment on at the end

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you're bi now????

so at first, last night, after hearing the whole “zelena is pregnant” thing i was like WTF IS THIS SHOW ON but now that i’ve been able to really think about it and consider it…. i have a feeling she’s definitely lying. or at least i won’t be surprised if she is. plus this would be a hella weird and hella sketchy plot twist haha. 

Imagine Kyungsoo giving all SM trainees little nicknames in order to make them feel more accepted in to the company. Unfortunately the nicknames often have somewhat unsettling implications and it tends to scare off the weaker willed trainees.

“What? ‘Unexpected Demise’ left?” Kyungsoo questions, surprised. “But he was doing so well? We’d almost fixed his weird stuttering!” Pause “Well I guess he also stopped talking completely.. But we were making progress!”

That was the 6th trainee who quit because of Soo this month.

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i think i read somewhere that you're from dallas, tx. is that correct? if so would you mind giving me some insight into the feel of city etc? i might want to use it as a setting but i'm not from there myself so i kind of rely on research.

Compared to the rest of Texas, Dallas is arguably the least “Texan” in terms of the stereotypes you might have about the rest of the state. (Austin by comparison is very weird and liberal compared to the rest of the state, but still distinctly Texan in my opinion. Just a different kind of Texan.) It’s not quite as laid back, and is very business oriented. The city as well as a lot of the surrounding suburbs are host to a lot of major corporations. 

One of the major things with Dallas is that the downtown area by no means makes up the whole of the city in terms of identity, and the surrounding areas (Richardson, Plano, Denton, etc.) all tie into the city’s culture. One of the first things you really note is that there’s a tremendous “sprawl” reaching out from around the downtown area.

In the downtown area, there are a lot of areas that have their own separate identity (Deep Ellum, the cultural district, etc.) That’s reflected in the architecture and design of the city. Lots of contemporary buildings and skyscrapers side-by-side with Art Deco style buildings, and even older historical buildings. 

The rest of the state sometimes sees Dallas and its citizens as being a bit “snobby.” Which isn’t that far off. Having the right car, the right designer label, etc., is important here (in certain circles). I guess you could say that in the upper-middle class sector, there’s a strong “yuppie” attitude. You still get some of the “big hair, rhinestones and cowboy boots” types, but it’s a lot more oriented towards young, urban professional types these days.

Neighborhoods filled with multi-million dollar dollar mansions sit within a 10 minute drive of impoverished neighborhoods. Gentrification is taking over in some of Dallas’s older historical areas at the moment (like Oak Cliff). Like most major cities, Dallas tends to be divided into Mexican neighborhoods, black neighborhoods, etc., though these lines are blurring a bit in recent years.

Also, the traffic is hell.


Hey all! This week’s going to be a little intense for me as I’m going to have an outpatient procedure on Wednesday that should fix my fast heartbeat. While it’s relatively safe, being the nature of what it is there are some associated risks (and anxiety!!), plus there’s noise of keeping me overnight because I’m on Warfarin. BUT. If all goes well, I’ll be home in twenty four hours, under orders not to overexert myself and this should be the last of the big procedures, at least for a little while.

I really don’t think this is going to affect my play time much, but it’ll probably affect my RP frame of mind. But man. Hopefully after all of this settles I can start committing myself to attend more events of friends and guildmates on a semi-regular basis. I love roleplaying, and supporting the people who make roleplay happen, and it’s been incredibly frustrating to be so flaky with my participation despite good reason. I also still have a few stupid ideas that I’d like to try on victi fellow roleplayers …

I’m also going to end up getting a few days off for work, and that’s always a good thing :)

Hmm but trans superheroes whose super identities are the gender they are but because of family/work their civvie identity is in the closet and nobody on the entire planet would ever guess the secret identity


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For the small jelly plugs it says not recommended with tails over 18" but I was looking at getting a 28" tail .. And It would be my first time using a plug so I was just wondering what you'd suggest since I'm looking for a small plug for my first time but want a long tail?

If you are wanting a long tail,I’m still going to say a larger plug will work better for you. Many customer have said that the mini plugs are too small for larger tails,and it will just fall out! The stainless steel plugs are of similar size,but a better shape. I think if you go for at least that,you may be okay. 

I’d personally say the glass plugs are the best option for a tail of that size..or get a smaller tail and smaller plug for now. :)


Alright, y’all…here goes nothing!

Best case scenario, you guys are seeing the beginning of my Tough Enough adventure. Worst case scenario, at least I tried. I think I’d legit lose sleep if I didn’t at least try. So, this is it – I’m putting my name in the hat of future WWE Superstars and Divas. 

Any noise you guys could make on my behalf would be greatly appreciated. My Twitter handle is @xheelkrystyna, so if you could bother Triple H right along with me, I’d love that. Each and every reblog, like, retweet, or view would mean the world to me. Regardless of how this turns out, thank you guys in advance. <3

THG Headcanon

A few weeks ago, a lovely Anon asked me about my THG headcanons, and because I am still a tumblr idiot, the reply posted weird, and then the ask was lost, and so on… I love you too, Anon, despite my extreme tardiness in responding to your much-appreciated inquiry. <3

Having read sooo much wonderful fanfic, it’s almost hard to have specific headcanons anymore or at least to remember where the ideas came from originally. I love the variety of stories and characterizations that authors develop even when they don’t exactly match “how I think it really happened.” That said, I’ll share a few random thoughts about Everlark and an even more random tangent on President Snow. Why? Because that’s just where my head is today.

First, a few Katniss/Peeta one-offs:

- Katniss’ voice sounds either like Norah Jones or Alison Krauss, depending on the story and my mood (I said this was random)

- Katniss never would have married Gale (all apologies to mockingjayflyingfree because I LOVE The Miner’s Wife anyway)

- Peeta was not the be-all, end-all D12 stud muffin that we often make him out to be. I think that he was a (more than) decent, hard-working kid, but not necessarily a standout until the Games. In my mind, Katniss and Peeta are the most beautiful in each others’ eyes because of the feelings they have for one another

- Peeta and Katniss were both virgins up until the “so after” encounter. Write it however you want, and I will (happily) read it, but you won’t change my mind ;)

President Snow:

We get such tiny snippets of his background, that I can’t help but speculate about his history. In my mind, Snow has been president for 30 years and is the successor to about half a dozen presidents from the Dark Days to Present. The first president of Panem was very savvy, particularly brutal and is the one who proposed the Hunger Games originally. After his (natural?) death in office, he was followed by a series of short-lived, back-stabbing leaders who didn’t quite have the chops to follow in his footsteps. Snow rose to power during this time, learning from memories of the first president from his boyhood (who he idolized) and the mistakes of his immediate predecessors, who were too greedy and not disciplined enough to play the long game. Snow is the ruler who conceived of using Victors for his own purposes, whether that be spies, prostitutes, assassins, etc. It was also Snow who manipulated the districts into whittling down their production into a single export, rendering them even more helpless to sustain themselves without the central government managing resource distribution. Frustration with this system is what ultimately wore the districts down and made them susceptible to the spark ignited by the Everlark win of the 74th Games.

Thanks again for the ask. I’ve enjoyed reading others’ thoughts over the past few weeks as well.