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In which Robbie Thompson speaks for all of us. (x)(x)

Even though I don’t watch Voltron, my whole thing about Pidge is when there is so much evidence of a masculinely presented character being vocal about being a girl and needing the other characters to know this truth, I can see why trans girls see themselves in her, and in fact I see myself in her as well, despite not even being a viewer of the work. 

I think it’s pretty obvious that there is some very direct implication in her character, and I feel that implication points to trans womanhood, even if she’s “canonically cis.”

So, when people are going out of their way to call her nonbinary or even a trans boy, it concerns me, because there are so many more characters you could be doing that with, not a character who reads so heavily as a trans girl and even has a scene in which she basically comes out as a girl to her teammates.

Please, at the very least, just throw us a bone and let us have this character.

u know sometimes i just dwell on the idea that beach city has an amusement park and a shitton of shops that perpetually get little to no visitors other than other city residents. like we never see any background characters besides the creator’s self-inserts gove or take a few, who seem to live at beach city too, since they show up at multiple events. and if there were a bunch of tourists, wouldn’t you think steven would at least interact with some?

but then at the same time theres implications that they actually do sell well? like sadie says at multiple points that theyre restocking their donuts.

so that literally means the beach city residents literally keep up their economy by buying from each other. they just have a small little economic bubble where they buy from and support each other. steven’s restaurant literally could have ran them out of business, it wasn’t just some overexaggerated joke from the crew. and now i cant stop laughing


Copic markers it is.
I can smooth out the streaks with rubbing alcohol/blending marker. How the hell didn’t I think of this earlier?! Low mess to boot! Have my desired basic 6-color colorblind-accessible palette set up in Illustrator ready to print off and have on hand for my next visit to Jerry’s so I can figure out which markers I need to best replicate it (unless Michael’s also sells individual Copic markers??? I have no idea).

Die cut this out of the 300 gsm cardstock with some post-op Xacto-ing and it turned out p good (!!), though on a second attempt I’ll do at least three passes instead of two since it it’s a little scruffy around the edges. Colored after die-cutting and before hand-cutting. Now my biggest issue with that cardstock is everytime I try and print on it my printer flips out and gets hella jammed. B[

Got some ideas for the packaging for these things that is going to be perfect and functional and clever and adorable and I’m about to knock out the last bit of this complex homework so I can turn it in and run the hell home and get down to business. I have pretty much settled on the dimensions of this card as what I’ll be using from here on out (10x11.5 cm).

Bessel functions of the second kind.

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those tags you put on the cs ice bucket/wall gifset where ace nice representation of my feelings there thanks I LOVE THEM SO MUCH i'm in so much pain

I was gonna call you by your first name but your bio on your blog only says TRASH and I’m CRACKING UP. LMAO. AT LEAST YOU’RE HONEST.

Look, I don’t know WHY – but I’ve been having so many feelings lately about early CS like…season 3/4a CS. I’m just seriously SO in love with their progression and how their story has unfolded. That’s why I scratch my head at people who say that their pacing is awful and who think we’re never going to get the big huge moments w/them. I think it’s been PERFECT. It’s been this perfect slow build up of him starting out as a villain and meeting this woman who brought life and hope into his life, for even just a brief moment while they were on the beanstalk – and I have NO doubt that if she would have kept up their deal and not abandoned him there, he would have given up on his revenge MUCH sooner. It was a little glimpse of their connection, of what they could accomplish together – but it just wasn’t the right time, for either of them. He NEEDED to let go of that revenge and she NEEDED to let go of her past & what happened with Neal.

So then he gets to SB and finally manages to damage Rumple but it winds up being fruitless and no one trusts him, especially Emma… and he begins to see that revenge is this hollow pit of despair, it’s not going to bring Milah back and it’s definitely not going to heal the ache in his heart for her-he’s spent all these hundreds of years trying to stay alive so he can kill this man and for what? What’s left after that? And then you’ve got Emma offering him a chance to be a part of something in the same episode where he offers Bae the same thing and he spits in his face. He remembers the family he wanted so badly with Bae, how he wanted to change for him and now Emma is offering the same thing and he makes the same decision Bae did way back when…until he looks down at the bean and remembers who he is deep down and what he truly has always wanted; what he hasn’t had since Liam was alive – a life of honor and a true family.

I mean, it took a lot of courage to turn that ship around and face those people and own up to what he’s done. It took a lot of strength to withstand the hateful looks and insults and doubts all throughout Neverland from Emma & the Charmings. But like that one OUAT writer said, Hook IS a hero. Deep down he always has been. He just lost himself and found that again when he met Emma. The greatest loves are the kind that make you a better person as a result and that is what both of them have.

He never faltered. He never left her. He consistently broke the pattern of neglect and abandonment in her life. He doesn’t see her as the savior. He sees her as Emma. The wonderful, amazing, strong, beautiful woman who has a villain’s tragic past but didn’t let it darken her soul to where she became one. He seems himself in her. He sees what he could become b/c if SHE can do it, so can he. And every season has been a step towards the promised land. It’s funny b/c I was watching “Birth” from 5a and Emma admits how she can never admit to her feelings until something tragic happens and how it’s because she’s afraid of the future. The “I love you” in the finale wasn’t just an “I love you” – it was her admitting that she isn’t afraid anymore, she’s ready. I totally forgot she had said that in 5a and it made that scene in the finale make so much sense. I feel like we get ahead of ourselves with the speculation and we feel we are OWED these big moments b/c of the angst but, we aren’t. That I love you made perfect sense in retrospect. It was what was right for Emma & Hook’s story and progression. If they automatically jumped to getting engaged, we wouldn’t get these delicious moments next season of watching them navigating this new serious relationship. I love that they’re taking time showing us each stage of their love and I will cherish each wonderful moment they give us. I love them SO much!

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Well I'm lucky that I don't write this blog because I wouldn't be so polite with that ageist anon. Gross for him to date someone who was 35 or 40? It would be gross for him to date someone who wasn't at least 35! I think it's gross to see men date much younger women. Gross. And that only happens in the movies/TV. Most people date others close to their age.

I have a feeling the Anon was young and doesn’t have a proper outlook on age yet. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a strong (but supportive) response from the community on this.

It’s true that Hollywood likes to pair up young actresses with older actors and maybe that’s why Anon had the view point that they did.

I’m not holding it against, Anon but perhaps they have learned that it isn’t gross at all to date someone your own age.

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What kinks do the S and M brothers have

(Other than biting of course-)

Shu - Orgasm Denial, Degradation, and Cowboy Style

Reiji - Master and Daddy, BDSM (especially whips), and Maid

Ayato - Sexual Praise Kink (God Complex I think it is called), Big titties that he can… fuck, Temperature and Wax Play, Rough Sex

Laito - What kink does the man not have- However, he is into Orgasm Denial, Dominant and Submissive Play, Maid and School Girl, Temperature, Toys, Public Sex, and Degradation in particular~

Kanato - Dominance, Wax and Knife Play, Strangulation, and Sweets

Subaru - Dominance (but not full on like Kanato or Laito), Knife (to only put to her skin to rip off her clothes, nothing more), Teasing Kink (not full on orgasm denial)

Kino - Maid, Orgasm Denial, Dominant, Cosplay (video game ones-), Temperature

Ruki - BDSM, Master and Daddy, Maid, Livestock (like putting her on a leash), Toys, and a lot more…

Kou - Furry, Submission, and School Girl

Yuma - Rough, Dominance, Farmer

Azusa - Knife, Temperature, Masochism, and Submission to Her

so i have a tattoo on my wrist thats just saturn with like 5 stars surrounding it and i really really want to like continue the stars like randomly all over my body?? like they’d be small but i think that’d be super super cool. or at least up my arm quite a bit??

I don’t have a lot to say about this election BC so many people are saying so much and honestly at this point I can’t process all the commentary. I’m very scared. Short of revolution, whatever happens is going to be bad for all the people I care most about: sex workers, trans people, queer people, poor people, people of colour, and all of my friends and loved ones who occupy middle spaces on a Venn diagram of all of the above.

I think that there is a path of Least Harm here, and that this is the best we can hope for: to vote for the person who will cause the Least Harm, while also working within our communities to create alternate structures and way of doing things that will be strong enough to be viable. I don’t put it past politicians to commit voter fraud–we’ve already seen the masses of people they’re willing to disenfranchise and the districts they will jerrymander to get the results they want. I’m not sure I believe that voting makes a difference.

But I have to act like I do, because I feel a responsibility here. I have to hope that I can make a difference, at a local and possibly national level. I have to pick the path of Least Harm.

All of the candidates–um including Jill stein and bernie!!–have it in their platforms to cause harm to me and people I care about. I have to do what I honestly believe will cause the LEAST amount of harm, even if it still harms people.

That’s my approach. When harm can’t be avoided entirely, pick who will directly and indirectly murder the fewest amount of people.

And work like hell for something better.

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You know i thought you're 1 of the mature kaisoo blogger who can face this kind of situation (lgbt pro & con) or at least answering in a mature way but i was wrong.u cant accept someone's opinions & being angry with tht.

what are u even saying?? sorry but i cant accept it when ppl think that being gay is wrong/unnatural

and me shipping kaisoo has nothing to do w/ this why are you even bringing it up wtf

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...I think your pink dress + red hair are giving your brother PTSD, so m!a: Your dress is now blue, with 2x more lace and ribbons (because why not)

Ya mean PTFD. Post Traumatic Fashion disorder.

Awww… but I like my poofy pink dress! *adjusts it* Can I at least have some ribbons in my hair?


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Kokuyo gang (Fran included) and Millefiore family playing Pokemon Go? Please. I'm dying at the thought of it.

@nerumine, unfortunately I don’t actually know anything about pokemon (except for these very pretty drawings I saw of them as humans…and they were very cute…)  But from what I do know, I think I’d like the fire types?

Also, I LOVE the idea of Varia HQ being a random gym…everyone not Varia would be freaking out becuase YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO KILL RANDOM CITIZENS IF THEY SHOW UP!!! 

My knowledge of the app comes from what I’ve seen on tumblr.  (So pretty much, this is 3 pages of me knowing nothing, lol)

The Vongola has guardians on all three teams.  And of the seven, no two has the same playing style.

Tsuna is Team Instinct – intuition told him that would be the least amount of trouble.  Somehow, he always manages to have all the rare Pokemon popping up right around him.  It’s inconvenient to say the least – especially during meetings.

Gokudera chooses Team Mystic (because of the name, and two because he hadn’t realized what team Tsuna was on…) He was the first to get the app and refuses to listen to any type of advice because he’s going to beat the game on his own.

Yamamoto is Team Valor (because Gokudera wouldn’t let him be on the team with Tsuna or him).  Most of the time a really decent player but he doesn’t get in between him and his favorite pokemon.  

Ryohei – Team Valor because of the name.  It’s EXTREME to have all the gyms and he’s always trying to win them all.  However, he doesn’t really play that much because he won’t let it integer with his training.

Lambo – Team Instinct (sounds cool) and he heard everyone complaining about Tsuna’s “ability” so he figured it’d be good to ally himself with Tsuna.  

Hibari – never joined a team, has one flying pokemon that he takes care o and like all its stats are maxed out in a day.  It’s got a name that’s pretty much the same as Hibird 2.0.

Mukuro – doesn’t belong to a team, but he knows every trick of the game  and just spends all the time collecting pokemon – so there’s none for any other players around.  Extremely obvious names after the people in his life.  

Varia:  All are on the same team (Team Valor) – all gyms in the area are taken over by them….  No one’s really willing to challenge them.  (Except the Vongola…because Mukuro’s a little shit when it comes to the game.)

Xanxus doesn’t play, but he makes sure everyone else knows the importance of making sure they control everything in a nearby plane.

Squalo has recruited Yamamoto to help, because the younger man actually seems to like the game.  With the added dexterity of his mechanical hand, he always tosses the ball perfectly every time.  

Levi nearly kills himself trying to make sure that he doesn’t let Xanxus down.  However, he’s not the most patient so he only levels them up to a certain point where he’s out there

Lus prefers the “pretty” ones. He’s doesn’t care about any of the different rarity or any of that, but he’d prefer them to be not plain.  He’s also willing to put in a lot of effort growing them to the where they need to be.  

Bel only goes after the rarest ones.  He’s not going to waste his time with the ones any peasant can get.  They all named after famous royalty throughout history.

Fran is made to take care of Bel’s, as well as do his own ones.  He’s not going out of his way to find any…unless when he’s forced by Bel to go with him to get the rare ones (and he’s not allowed to try to capture those). He names all of them – the species he likes get names that he likes, the ones he doesn’t he names after people he hates.

Dino is Team Instinct all the way – he decided to join because he got the app after Tsuna did, and Tsuna convinced him to get it.  He’s actually ended up with several severe injuries because he gets distracted trying to catch the monsters.  

The Millefiore is made up of all the Funeral Wreaths on the same side (waiting to see who Byakuran chooses) and then everyone else just chooses whatever team.  

Byakuran went with Team Mystic – really just because of the game.  He has all the game hacks – he’s probably created like three himself.  The punniest names ever.  

Kikyo only downloads it because Byakuran insists everyone gets the app.  He makes sure to do a few things whenever Byakuran’s around and that’s the extent of his playing.

Daisy and Bluebell go back and forth between being best partners and worst rivals on the same team.  It really depends on Bluebell’s mood that day.  Daisy has the patience needed to go through all the leveling up, Bluebell, on the other hand, is the gung-ho one who goes after ALL the pokemon.

Zakuro is super intense and trains like two pokemon all the way he can.  However, like that’s it.  He’s got two super strong pokemon and that’s it.  

Genkishi:  Team Mystic all the way, goes without sleep to make sure that he gets all the best pokemon and trains them up super high so that he does Byakuran proud.  Tries to win all the gyms in the area.  

Gamma:  Team Valor because he needs to be on the one “opposite” Byakuran. Doesn’t play too much, but he does make sure to collect as many as he can whenever he’s around the sky.  (Nazaru and Tazaru are on the same team, though Nazaru puts a lot more effort into the game than the either two)

Spanner:  Team Instinct – only because he was forced to join by Spanner and doesn’t want to really figure anything out about the other teams. Makes the hacks, much to Shoichi’s irritation.

Shoichi:  Team Instinct – the least amount of stress that way.  He enjoys playing because let’s face, he was going to be the best there ever was when he was younger.  Though he totally could, he refuses to make any hacks so that he doesn’t lose out on the authenticity of the game.  

Kokuyo Gang

Ken Team Valor – and do not get in between him and the pokemon he’s going to catch.  He doesn’t use any hints, but the fact that it’s like he doesn’t sleep and he’s running around everywhere, he levels up very quickly. His strategy’s not always the best, but he makes up for it through the sheer number he has.  

Chikusa Team Mystic – is the one who’s using strategy and hacks to get through the game.  He’s names are very clever puns, and that’s probably what he puts the most effort in the naming, tbh.  

Chrome loves the game and has a lot of fun doing it.  She also keeps everyone else sane because she volunteers to take all the kids out with her – and somehow keeps the peace by getting them to take turns with the different characters.  She’s definitely Team Instinct.

Lancia  Team Instinct – second favorite of the kids next to Chrome (he carries the kids where they want to go to get the pokemon).  He’s not the most gungho about the game, but he’s got a couple favorites that he really takes care of.  Cutesy names.

MM  doesn’t play for herself.  She plays and uses hacks to power up super fast and then “sells” those accounts to the highest bidder.  (It’s actually a pretty profitable business – mainly guys who are trying to impress other people by how quickly he’s leveled up.)


I finally did it, I finally finished drawing my Pearlsona, and I love her. Not gonna talk about the art just gonna give a bit of backstory.

First of all, she’s small, at least a head shorter than most pearls.

Coral Pearl was found by a working class gem, a Larimar, during quality checks of the new pearls. It was clear that this pearl was defective, so it would be crushed and processed to make new pearls, HOWEVER, she formed earlier than expected, just as she was to be crushed, and Larimar took pity on her and smuggled her out of the processing plant and took her home.

Coral Pearl lives comfortably with Larimar, but she isn’t allowed to go outside because of her defects, her and Larimar would be caught, Larimar would be severely punished and Coral Pearl would be crushed and processed. Because of this, Larimar taught her how to shapeshift to appear taller for the times it’s necessary to leave the house, though this is an exhausting process for Coral Pearl as pearls aren’t made for shapeshifting, it leaves her very drained by the end of it and she needs to rest at home.

She has a tracking device on her ankle put there by Larimar, in the off chance that someone were to break into their apartment and kidnap her. Plus it looks really cute.

She and Larimar are under Yellow Diamond’s rule. Her outfit is the basic outfit all pearls come in if they weren’t already programmed to be wearing something fancy.(headcanons ahoy)

Reblogs are appreciated, please do not copy, trace, edit, or repost, and please do not tag as kin or me, this Pearlsona is based on myself and is very personal to me


Approximate height difference

P5 Fam: Do you all think we will get co op trailers for the main crew?

They aren’t posted now. But do you think we will get individual trailers like the NPC co ops? I sure hope so. I really want to at least learn a little bit more about the Phantom squad before playing the game.

I think they might release the main cast’s trailers every week until the game comes out, at least I hope so. I don’t see why they wouldn’t because they did that with Persona Q and we already knew the characters in that game.

What do you all think?

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imagine if Taemin is the Prince of the vampires and Minho is a werewolf and when taemin is in the woods and he gets jumped by a bunch of werewolves and they try to kill him but Minho comes and protects Taemin. Taemin and Minho fall in love after that

Omg please send all of these Imagine asks to my Imagine 2min page because this is all golden omg

But yes! I love this so much!

I’m thinking of something so different from the usual though? Because usually when people make Taemin a vampire, they make his this super stuck up, bratty vampire who thinks he’s the best just because he’s a vampire. (or at least thats what I usually see)

So just imagine Taemin as a vampire, obviously he’s pretty strong being the Prince and all but it’s not like he flaunts it? He’s generally pretty reserved and likes to keep to himself, so he really only goes places when people need him to and he doesn’t like to live in too much luxury. It’s too flashy for him and he prefers something more discreet, but he’s also a very curious little fellow. It doesn’t matter how many centuries he’s been alive, he likes to wonder a bit from time to time. So he’s currently living in the woods because it’s the safest place for him to be, where he can be far away enough from people to avoid the temptation of biting someone but also deep enough in the woods where no humans generally venture and he can prey on different animals for fill his thirst.

And one day, he wonders a little too far into the forest while looking for food and ends up in wolf territory. 

Of course, he could handle dealing with a werewolf, but a whole pack isn’t something he can handle on his own without getting severely injured in the process. So when a whole pack of wolves are surrounding him, he doesn’t even put up a fight because he knows he won’t win, and he also doesn’t want to stir up trouble where there doesn’t need to be. Instead, he tries to explain to them that he was just following a deer through the woods for food and he didn’t mean to enter their territory. Werewolves are pretty stubborn though and they don’t believe him because they think he’s nothing more than a sneaky little vampire trying to ambush them.

But then comes in the alpha, aka Minho, who stops them from attacking Taemin. Minho is arguably one of the biggest of the werewolves and maybe the strongest if you really get him going but he’s also the most level-headed and probably the least stubborn of the pack. He doesn’t exactly trust Taemin, because why would a werewolf blindly trust a vampire? But he at least knows that Taemin isn’t going to ambush them because it would be stupid for one vampire to go up against an entire pack of wolves.

So he pretty much threatens to hurt anyone that goes against him and attacks Taemin and then makes them all leave. Taemin is super thankful and offers to show Minho where he lives so that Minho can even keep an eye on him if he wants, to prove that he really means no trouble. Minho, of course, agrees because he wants to ensure that no one is going to hurt anyone in his pack and he switches back to looking like a human.

The whole walk back is filled with light and awkward conversation, mainly Minho wondering why Taemin isn’t with his clan and Taemin explaining exactly who he is and why he doesn’t want to be there. Taemin thanks Minho for saving him again and comments on how pretty Minho’s wolf is, which makes Minho embarrassed because he’s used to people telling him he looks intimidating but never pretty

Eventually they end up becoming friends, which makes a minor peace treaty between Taemin and the werewolves in that forest because even Taemin admits that some vampires are very hard-headed and probably would cause trouble, while Minho admits that some werewolves probably go looking for trouble too.

Even though not everyone in the pack really accepts Taemin, they all accept that Minho is pretty smitten with him.

Once they actually start dating, the pack isn’t really shocked because anyone is capable of taking the position of alpha, its not really a genetic thing, and Minho and Taemin were really obvious about their feelings.

There relationship is filled with races to see who is fast, Minho’s wolf or Taemin’s general speed, who is stronger, playful times in the river nearby, and cuddling which is pretty much Taemin lying on Minho’s wolf, and Minho curling around him to keep him warm. They sometimes go hunting together and Taemin is a little creep who thinks it’s kind of sweet when Minho brings him an animal to feed on.

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You know what's a little bittersweet is that eventually in a sequel Harley will have to break up with joker cuz we know they don't stay together. So it's best I think to enjoy their time together for as long as they let it.

They don’t stay together is the New 52. This is not canon for me so I’ll ignore it and hope that Harley and Joker will stay together til the end of the dccu ♥ If not we at least got suicide squad XD

i was tagged by my fren buddy pal @celestial-jehan

list ten things you love and then tag ten people

1. rain. whether i’m inside or outside, i just really like it. like if i’m outside with no umbrella it feels really cold and nice, if i’m inside or i do have an umbrella the sound is great.

2. when you make tea then forget about it and when you remember it it’s the perfect temperature.

3. musical theatre, especially performing. my self-esteem is low enough when it comes to singing that it’s really the only place i need external validation for, so that combined with how good-nervous i get before going onstage is the best feeling.

4. vintage clothes/shops. there’s always some really interesting stuff in there and most of the time they’re not broken or at least fixable. i think at least half of my clothes (not saying much) are from vintage shops. 

5. flowers.

6. hard copies of books. especially old/used ones, where the pages go all yellow and soft. especially if it’s in a comfy chair with blankets and a fireplace and forgotten-perfect-temperature tea and either baroque or classical string music with some kind of sweet/cookie smell (idk how to describe it except for this candle). 

7. stargazing, and figuring out which ones are satellites, stars, planets, etc. they look like sky freckles and it’s beautiful.  

8. poetry. writing, reading, it doesn’t matter. usually i write sonnets or free verse about pretty much anything, but i read a lot of romantic poetry (the movement, not about love). 

9. vancouver, bc. it’s my favourite place in the world and i’m always a lot happier there for some reason. 

10. baths. whenever i go to lush i get really disappointed bc i don’t have a bath and all the bath products look so good. so when i do have the opportunity to have a bath i go all out on everything and it’s great.

i tag: @glitterflowersticker , @xaphoonist , @softryro , @sodoreme , @riseru , @r-and-his-apollo , @transprincemercutio , @enjolaire , @glass-heartss-shattering , and @bisonny . i mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to but??? 

Legacy meme

Tagged by @melien and @riddikulsims! I’ll be doing this for Goths as the Slaters haven’t ran for long enough yet, and it’s a nice thing to reflect on.

Favorite Heir(s): DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS OH MY GOD. Errr…. uh…. GOD. I’ll have to say… Samuel. It was so close though! I couldn’t decide between him, Melody, Kimberly, Kenzie and Peyton.

Favorite Spouse: That’s a tough one too! I can’t choose between Anya Howell by @simsheaven / @anythinx and Barrett Wolfe by @mckatsims

Mishaps during your legacy? HAHAHA yep, quite a few. In generation nine there must have been at least three birthday cake fires. Not to mention my saves ALWAYS crashing after university! There’s so many more, too many to think of.

Largest number of children? Generation nine produced a total of nine kids, including two sets of twins and one set of triplets.


Legacy OTP: nope

I do think it’s neat how Goku’s appetite is connected to his power and strength. Though I’m sure that’s borderline cliche, at least nowadays. 

But also - good job on Toriyama for keeping that consistent. We as an audience learn to be worried if Goku ever says he’s hungry in a fight. It’s not just a funny gag. It had real purpose for building suspense. And even if everyone around him, especially in the tournament,  is questioning why he wants to eat so much in the middle of the tournament rounds… we as an audience can shout “no, let him eat! I wanna see him at his best!”

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do you think that anne rice has heard about kamijo?

People have mentioned it her at least 3x on her page (1, 2, 3), and she hasn’t responded at all so… given her stance on things she doesn’t like (she ignores them) I would guess that she doesn’t like Kamijo :P otherwise she would have responded. 

[X] Kamijo is a huge IWTV fan and an A+ cosplayer, tho! We can enjoy him ourselves without her blessing. ^_____^