or at all in the end

Jeremy: Also, if you want something dick shaped don’t go for a carrot. Dicks don’t come to a point. It doesn’t makes sense.

Michael: I hate to disappoint you, but most dicks do not look like a cucumber. Just—just so you know. If you’re… if you’re setting yourself up…

Jeremy: [jokingly] Speak for yourself.

Michael: Yeah, no. I’m speaking for all of us except for Jack.

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do you think at the end of tg, we'll get a happy ending for Kaneki?

Certainly yes. If Tokyo Ghoul was supposed to be a tragedy, :re shouldn’t even exist, the entire story should’ve ended in chapter 143. The original manga had a perfect tragic character arc for Kaneki, but :re gave him a second chance. What was the point of all this if he fails to change and dies tragically like in V14? What a waste of time. I’ve seen some people mention the possibility of him dying heroically for the coexistence of ghouls and humans since the original manga didn’t solve that issue, but I don’t think that was the point of :re. A death like that wouldn’t be a heroic positive thing for someone like Kaneki, it would be another tragedy. The manga has over and over again painted Kaneki’s suicidal tendencies and the desire to have a stylish martyr death that makes everyone love him as a bad thing, something he needs to grow out of. Everything about that flaw of his represents Kaneki’s worst aspects so if he got what he wanted in the end, it would most certainly be a tragedy. It doesn’t matter if he dies selfishly or if his death is a heroic thing that saves the lives of many, it is still a bad thing, because Kaneki has been desiring death all this time. I believe Tokyo Ghoul is a story about Kaneki finding the resolve to live and you simply don’t write a compelling narrative by rewarding a character for refusing to grow. That is not what Tokyo Ghoul’s message has been all this so I doubt Ishida would suddenly change his mind. The message is to live even if it is not stylish so it would be rather strange to make the main character die stylishly. I doubt Ishida would make Kaneki get over his sucidial tendencies and then kill him anyway either, because what even was the point of his journey then? The World, the last card of the Fool’s Journey, is about accomplishing your goals and feeling fulfilled therefore Kaneki has to get what he wants in the end. He has to be happy and content with the way things ended up going. Like I said before, there is no way the narrative is going to let Kaneki become a martyr and die heroically so it must be something else that Kaneki accomplishes. What is a better goal than the desire to live? There’s a lot of things that support Kaneki getting a happy ending like TG’s themes, the fact that we have a sequel, Fool’s Journey and how you write a compelling character arc. When you put all those things together, the only logical way to end Kaneki’s journey is to give him a happy ending. I expect he’ll live happily ever after with Touka surrounded by people he loves without desiring death ever again. It might sound a bit cheesy, but unlike a lot of happy endings in fiction, it’s not forced at all. It makes perfect sense, more than a tragic ending at least.

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Im in love with this AU may I require some morr

ask and ye shall receive my friend 

((OOC: Hey babes! It me!))

((Owner/operator of a roleplay blog where I haven’t actually done any roleplay in two months now.))

((I’ve received a few asks recently asking where I’ve gone, why I haven’t done any RPing recently, if I’m going to do any of that stuff again, and I just want to address all of this real quick.

A couple months ago, I got fired, right? And this is a problem because I live in a beach town which becomes completely dead around the end of August. As such, finding a job has been impossible. I had been thinking of moving back to Toronto for a little while before I got fired, and getting fired definitely made me feel like that’s the right course of action. The problem is, I have no money saved due to the shitty hours I was getting at the pet store toward the end there, and nobody is hiring, so, you know, what the shit.

I’ve come up with a temporary solution. There is a website that pays you to transcribe audio and video files, and in order to be make money for rent and such, I’ve been doing that. And it’s fine, it’s good. I get up in the morning, transcribe a video till lunch, take my ass on a walk, come home, transcribe some more, go to bed, repeat. This pays me enough to stay afloat, but it means that I’m confined to the computer all of every day. A 45 minute long video, paying roughly $36, will take about 1.5 hours depending on the quality of the audio and how many times I have to replay shit. As such, taking breaks is tricky, and when I do take breaks, I just want to not be at the goddamn computer anymore.

There is a solution! I’m prepping to move in February, and until I can do that I’m going to be staying with my parents, who live in a slightly bigger city with more job opportunities. I’ll be able to live and work here, keep paying rent back at my house, but not have to pay for anything else. But until I find a job, and am able to quit being a hermit, I’m going to be hiatusing on the RPing.

I’m going to try to find the time to complete the RPs that I have planned to do with others, though, so those will be a-coming, and I’ll continue to reblog things and answer asks and such. I’m sorry to everyone who has been awaiting the return of Molly, but I promise to get back on track soon! And I do love you all to bits. Thank you for your patience!))

Me, November 2015: I’ve basically been working two jobs for a year but that’s over now, let’s give Girl Meets World another chance.


Disney Channel, like right after I binge the whole thing and catch up: Girl Meets World renewed for season three!

Me: *falls into rabbit hole*

Disney Channel, about a year later: HAHA NO SEASON FOUR OF GMW DIE MAD ABOUT IT

Me, November 2017: I’ve basically been working two jobs for most of the year but that’s over now, let’s binge something. The Good Place looks good.


NBC, like right after I binge the whole thing and catch up: The Good Place renewed for season three!

Me: *falls into rabb*—oh wait. Oh no. 😱

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

Mark Twain

Someone send this quote to D’s useless team because they seem to be digging themselves a hole that will be extremely hard to get out of. The more lies that are told, the worse the repercussions will be at the end. 

As for E’s tweet, at least we now know (since it was deleted) that the bar is definitely not D and M’s “love child” (lol) which rules it out as being D and M’s anything

This sudden push to get other people involved just shows that M can’t seem to do anything on her own. All these new “owners” make no sense. It is absolutely plausible that there are new investors, but investors simply provide cash flow for future returns, partners take on a company role. 

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I sometimes think of how in a few decades, Kara Danvers will have a funeral.

How it’ll be raining that day and everyone will find it fitting because a world that could take away a soul like Kara so soon before her time is a world that does not deserve the sun.

How headlines will emphasize all the notable people who attended, how Cat Grant gave a moving speech about her mentee, her best assistant, her dear friend, and how her voice finished strong despite choking up.

How articles will be written about the lives Kara changed, the stories she broke open, how her optimism in a dreary world could give people hope and how her smile and the twinkle in her eye gave everyone an oddly familiar feeling of It’s going to be okay.

How the picture on every front page is one that emanates sorrow, with grieving sister Alex Danvers on one side and heartbroken widow Lena Luthor on the other and in between them stands Supergirl, holding their hands and offering comfort as they watch the body of someone who means so much to them be lowered into the ground.

I think of the private gathering at Kara and Lena’s home afterwards. As everyone who knows the truth sits in the living room, talking softly to each other about how today was more difficult than they thought it would be. How they can finally, finally, breathe easier when Kara, still dressed in her Super suit, lands on the balcony. How Eliza hugs Kara a little tighter than normal, how her friends’ voices lack their usual playfulness, how she smiles at J’onn pretending to be stoic as always while gripping her shoulder tight.

How Alex never lets Kara leave her line of sight and of Lena clinging to Kara, whispering I never want to go through that again into her neck.

How Kara looks around the room at the people she loves and at the moving boxes her and Lena are packing up to take to their new place just as soon as Lena makes the arrangements to run L Corp from somewhere else.

Somewhere far enough that they could live without being recognized but Supergirl can still get to National City for emergencies, even if it takes a little longer now.

But mostly I think of Kara watching everyone she loves, her family, her friends, her wife all age around her while she never ages a day. I think of her staying young while they get old and why all of this is necessary in the first place.

Manchmal machst du die Dinge kaputt, die du liebst, und manchmal machen die Dinge, die du liebst, dich kaputt.
—  R.M. Drake
  • Ohba: I don't believe in life after death. I believe that once you die, that's it. Death Note reflects as such.
  • Me, sliding over a $1 bill: I see your concept of Mu, but I raise you this; Light and L being gay in the afterlife together.

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