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Maybe More Than Friends (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Word Count: 4,729

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After Peter joined the Avengers, you were basically forced into spending a lot of time with him, being that your father is being that your father is the Tony Stark. Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from dating. But despite your best efforts, the sexual tension between you two is undeniable. And one night while the rest of the Avengers are out on a mission, leaving you and Peter alone, the sexual tension comes to a peak. Peter is 18 in this fic.

Warnings: Extreme fluff. Language. Smut smut smut

You remember the first time you met Peter Parker. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

It was a pretty unexpected meetup. You didn’t even know that he was in the tower. You were working in the lab with another one of your dad’s employees, helping design a suit for the new Avengers recruit, Spiderman. It was your first major job, and you were so focused that you hadn’t even noticed when your dad and Peter walked in.

“Hey, Y/N, meet the new recruit, Peter. Peter, meet Y/N, my daughter.” Tony said loudly as he entered the lab, startling you and making you hit your head on the wall.

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anonymous asked:

I need some tips on getting through high school and also how to get good grades when you're depressed and just don't care about anything anymore.

Hi Anon,

Here are some awesome ways to beat school blues:

College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

Studying/school help:


Foreign Languages:



Study Needs:


  1. Remember that today’s day in age is different from how it was back then. So don’t stress about school too much.High school students today have the anxiety of what a mental patient in the insane asylum had in the 50s. Here’s also a thing to show how times have changed.
  2. Prioritize. List what needs to get done first and when. Sometimes getting the bigger/harder tasks is easier than conquering the smaller/easier tasks.
  3. Set times when certain projects need to be done and stick to that deadline.
  4. Turn your phone off or give it to your parents while doing work/studying. I know that we live in the age of technology and literally everything is at the touch of our fingertips. Honestly though you can wait on what your favorite celebrity has to say or if your crush liked your instagram photo. You’ll be more involved in that than you are into your work.
  5. If you have trouble in a certain subject and there is no assigned seating, take advantage of the front. I guarantee you’ll learn more.
  6. Ask your teacher what exactly you’ll need to know. If you’re taking notes during the year, write in the margins whether or not it will be tested. It will be easier to know what you will be tested on.
  7. Save your exams. Half the time your teachers use the same questions (or questions similar) from your exams on your midterms or finals.
  8. Don’t try to do homework straight afterschool if you can’t, despite what everyone says. Give yourself an hour, and try to get some exercise in. I find it stops me getting bored of sitting down. Not to mention helps me concentrate better.
  9. Don’t just read the material, write it, draw it, recite it, quiz yourself on it! Until you have the material down.
  10. Join clubs, sports, or organizations! You’re guaranteed to find friends in there. You’ll already have common interests. Start with that and go with the flow.
  11. College kids: If you don’t have assigned seating, and you have been sitting in the same seat for 2 weeks. That is you assigned seat now. Don’t move or you’ll screw everyone up and they will hate you.
  12. Color code things, such as your notes. If you want to see how I color code my notes message me and I’ll be happy to show you
  13. Be kind to one another.

I hope that helps!



James March: Overprotective

You’ve been living with James for almost a year now and he’s given you everything you could ask for and more. The best gift that he’s given you is his undying love and loyalty.

But lately you’ve been going a little insane. Although you don’t mind having a few drinks at the Blue Parrot Lounge with your friends, you felt like you needed a night out in the city. Being around new scenery is something that’ll make you oh so happy. But your boyfriend James will never allow it. It comforts him knowing that you’re safe and sound under his very own roof. Whenever you wanted to do a little shopping during the day or wanted to have lunch with your girlfriends, he had no issue with that because in his eyes, daytime in Los Angeles is a lot safer than at night.

You told yourself that today is going to be the day that you stand up and convince your sweetheart, James to let you out. Your girlfriends had their fingers crossed for you, even Liz and Sally do. 

After searching around the hotel for James, you finally found him on Floor 7. You didn’t need a key for the door because it was already wide open. Of course, your boyfriend was playing 1920′s Jazz music. He despised modern day music. But, you do love how old fashioned James is. Especially since you can’t find a lot of men nowadays like that.

James was sitting on the couch, polishing his cane when you found him. “Ah dearest!” He greeted you with a smile, revealing his dimples.

You slowly started getting nervous, knowing you’ll have to ask him the one question that he despises. “Hi James.”

“Come. Sit on my lap.” He patted a hand on his thigh.

“Actually, I didn’t come here to sit. I came here to ask you something.” You started slowly pacing around the room, trying not to make it look noticeable, but you couldn’t help it.

Luckily, James was too focused on polishing his beloved cane that he didn’t notice. “Anything. If it’s money that you need, you know darling, you have the code to my vault.” 

“Yes I know, but it isn’t that. I was kind of hoping, you know-” You paused. “-if you would allow me to go out tonight with my friends?”

James’s mood went from cheerful to displeased. He set his cane to rest against the couch, then walked over to pour himself a drink. He dramatically sighed and you swallowed from nervousness.

You know when James gives you the silent treatment, it’s not a good sign. So you kept your mouth shut, awaiting to hear words form from his mouth. 

“Darling, we have discussed this before. Have we not?” James said while still keeping his back towards you, after finally turning around to face you slowly.

“Y-yes we have. Like I get it, you can’t be there to watch me, but-” You responded, then James cuts you off.

“Indeed. And to your misfortune, my answer is still no.” James objected.

“But that’s not fair. I’m still young. I’m not even 30 yet. I feel like a caged animal.” You whined, standing up to cross your arms in front of you in disagreement.

“Ah yes. And a caged animal that is more than alive and well. Am I correct?” James asked.

No. No is the word you hated hearing the most. You rolled your eyes at James then attempted to storm out of the room, but James catches your wrist. 

“And to where do you think you’re off to?” James asks while tightening his grip on your small wrist.

“Leaving you forever if you don’t let go of me.” You spat, trying to shake off his hand around your wrist, but James’s strength doesn’t allow it. 

James clenched his jaw to help prevent himself from going off on you because of your sudden attitude. “Sit.” He demanded, eyeing you, then eyeing the couch for you to sit on.

“Why?” You scoffed.

“Dearest. Do as I say or else your shopping trips will be no more.”

“Fine.” You said, then James releases his grip from your wrist and you sat on the couch, crossing one leg over the other, eager to hear what he has to say.

“I will allow you this night with your companions.”

Your eyes lit up from excitement and you stood up. This was a first. “What?! Really?!”

“Under these conditions.” James demanded, pointing a finger in the air. 

“Okay?” You narrowed your eyes at James.

“You musn’t be out past 1:00″

“Ugh, 2:00.” You suggested, hoping he would agree. But unfortunately, he didn’t.

“1:30″ James said and you mouthed ‘fine’. “And someone will be present to watch over you.”

“Okay seriously? Who?” You asked, putting your hands on your hips.

“My darling friend, John Lowe.” James smiled at you.

“Great. So John is going to babysit my friends and I.” You didn’t agree to having John watch over you and your friends. But, it’s better than James not allowing you go out at all. So you just let it be, hoping that overtime, James can see that you are able to take care of yourself. Which is when pigs fly.

(Hours Later…)

As much as you wished James could go out with you, you were so excited for tonight. Thankfully, John wasn’t dreading tonight like you thought he would. He told you that he’s looking forward to having a drink or two. Having a designated driver also wouldn’t be necessary because majority of the bars are walking distance.

Once John was out of the shower and in his robe, James, being the ghost that he is, popped up in his hotel room. I guess their friendship is so close that James even does John’s hair.

“John, be sure to keep a close eye on my beloved Y/N.” James stated.

“Of course. You know I will.” John said.

“And if anything is out of line. I insist you bring her back to me.” The concern in James’s voice wasn’t hard to ignore. John nodded his head at James. 

After James was finished on his hair, he left the room to let John change. 

Once you were finished getting ready, you made sure to say goodbye to your lover. You especially made sure to thank him for letting you out tonight by giving him a passionate kiss.

You headed to the lobby only to see that John isn’t in sight, so you assumed he wasn’t ready yet. 

Seeing that Iris is at the front desk, you decided to stand and chat with her while you wait for John.

Minutes later he arrives from the elevator looking a tad bit overdressed. You assumed it was James’s doing.

“Ready to go?” John said once he reached the front desk.

You grabbed your clutch from the counter, holding it down at your side. “Yes, officer.”

“Hey hey. It’s not my fault that your boyfriend is so paranoid and overprotective of you.” John chuckled.

“I know. Well lets make a fun night out of it.” You shrugged. 

Just as the two of you were making your way to walk out. You see James by the railings at the Blue Parrot Lounge watching you with a drink in his hand. “I love you!” You shouted to James, then blew him a kiss. With drink in hand, he bent out that arm to you with a smile. 

Birthday boy

A one shot with a surprise birthday party and a sub Harry


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I’ve been asked many times to share some of my deleted scenes from the Raven Cycle. The outtakes. Here’s the thing:

- they do exist. The Dream Thieves is 125k words long, give or take. My outtakes file for it — stuff that I cut out of the draft — is about 150k words long.

- they’re not exciting.

- they are either more boring versions of scenes that are in the book, bits of scenes that were going on for too long, or aborted plot lines. Sometimes they were me just writing my way around in circles while I figured out what I wanted out of life. Bits of book 2 ended up in book 3 and book 1 ended up in book 4, etc. etc. Timelines were always strange — The Dream Thieves used to begin with a prologue where Ronan lost the Camaro to Kavinsky in a drag race, and a lot of the outtakes involve me writing my way out of that. 

That said, here are some bits and bobs from the Dream Thieves outtakes file. Under a cut, because this is a lot of words. Still not even approaching the number of words in the outtakes file. But. A lot of words.

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Snog Me Senseless

Anonymous said:  Hi could you write a imagine where harry or Niall are frat boys and make it super cute and like fluffy and funny plzzzzzz they are my weakness and the other boys are there too but harry or Niall either one is like the leader.

A/N:  Thank you for the request!  This is my debut in the land of AU, so please be kind.  Lots of fluff in this one.  

You’re peering at the map on your phone screen as you come around the corner, trying to find the professor’s office for your meeting about adding his Genetics course to your schedule.  Your advisor has told you that one more class will be too much, but you are determined to finish your biology degree in three years instead of four.  This building is such a labyrinth.  The room numbers are getting larger now, but they are all odd numbers, and his office is room number 154 which is definitively even.  

But you’re running late, and looking down at the layout of the building on your phone, trying to figure out where you are when WHAM!  you run smack into a solid wall, sending your books and phone flying in different directions.  The force of the impact nearly knocks you over, so you reach out, pedaling with your arms to try to grasp at something so you don’t fall flat on your ass in the middle of the hallway.  Strong arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into a hard chest.  

Gasping, you brace your hands on the solid warmth in front of you, looking into the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen.  

“Oi!” the softest lips ever exclaim, “Are you okay, pet?  Didn’t see you there.  Shouldn’t have been texting my mate.”  

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Just pretend to be my date // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n has a family dinner where her family always bug her about never bringing a date so she asks Shawn to accompany her.

“Please, please, please, Shawn,” I whine. “I never ask you for anything,”

“I don’t know,” Shawn trails off, his arm brushing mine as he walked me back to my house after we had dinner with some of his friends at the bar in the main street.

“Listen, my family bug me every year about if I’m dating someone and for once I just want to make them happy. Could you please, pretty please, for one night… just pretend to be my date,” I stop him, pulling his arm gently so he turns and faces me. The dark sky creates shadows against his face, the dimly lit street lights illuminating half his face.

“I just don’t want to lie to your family Y/n,” He says, linking my fingers with his.

“I know you don’t but I just want to get them off my case. I don’t know who else I could ask and right now there’s no one else I’d rather fake date then you,” I chuckle, looking up at him shyly.

“Aww Y/n” Shawn coos, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly, lifting me off the ground slightly.

“Shawn- can’t breathe,” I mumble into his chest.

“Sorry,” He chuckles, placing me back down and we continue walking again. “So what would this fake date entail if I did go along with it?”

“Well,” I glance at him from the corner of my eye. “You would just come to family dinner next Sunday, get introduced to my family. Make polite conversation as you do, then we leave and you will never have to see them again!” 

“Doesn’t sound too bad,” Shawn comments, slowing down as we reached my house, the moisture from the grass soaking through the gaps in my heels as I walked across the front lawn to the door.

“It’s not, you’ll be fine. You’re my best friend and my parents love you so you’ll be great,” I tell him while searching though my bag for my keys.

“What are you going to tell your mum and dad?” 

“Just that our friendship turned into a relationship and all that,” 

I jar the key into the lock, twisting it and shoving it open. 

“You want to come in?” I ask, holding the door open.

“You making a snack?” He asks while stepping past.

“I saved you some muffins,” Immediately he walks down the hall to the kitchen.

“Thank you!” a muffled call rings out, followed by plastic rustling.

“No problem,” I shout back, chucking my bag on the sofa and shrugging my jacket off. 

Shawn walks back in, grinning at me and shoving the rest of the small cake in his mouth, crumbs dusting his sweater. 

“Is there a dress code?” he falls back on the couch, legs chucked up onto the arm rest, wiping his shirt clean.

“Something smart, not too dressy though,” I do the same, sitting on the spare space that he left, putting my own legs over his.

“What do you think your parents will think?” He asks quietly, his hands fidgeting.

“What do you mean?” I tilt my head to meet his eyes.

“Just of us, like, together,”he says hesitantly, his eyes never meeting mine.

“Well, they probably saw it coming.” He sends me a confused glance. 

“We were best friends all through high school and then we’re still just as close now- I mean you haven’t had a girlfriend in a good 3 years or so and I haven’t even thought of dating so they probably thought that we had something secretly going on,”

He laughs, “A secret relationship, wow,”

“Hey, are you judging our secret partnership?” I glare at him teasingly.

“Not at all,” His arms move behind him to hold himself up to see me better.

“Good, because, if you were I might need to consider having a time out,”

“From our relationship?” Shawn asks, pretending to be horrified.

“Of course,”

“How dare you!” He scolds, trying to push me off the edge of the couch. His touch tickles, making me shriek in laughter and my arms flail around trying to get a grip before I fall but unfortunately all I get is a handful of Shawn’s T-shirt

I land with a thud on the ground, Shawn falling on top of me. He groans, lifting himself so that from his waist up he was off me. 

“Good one,” I growl, scowling at him.

“You’re fault,” He teases, grinning at me.

“Was not,” I snap back, a smile pulling at my lips.

“Was too,” 

“Was not,”

“Was.Too.” I say each word slowly.

“Would it really be that bad if we dated for real?” Shawn says gently.

“Was to- wait what?”

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Leonard and the OTP

Anon Asked: Could you please write something with Leonard taking care of super drunk reader? I only ask because rn I’m drunk and need a doctor mccoy to cuddle me and watch me make a fool out of myselF

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 986

Warning: swearing, drunken confessions

A/N: My requests are closed right now but I was so tickled by the idea that popped into my head that I couldn’t help it! Hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by kimmiearrington89

Y/N stumbled through the door into the dark quarters with a giggle, more drunk than she had ever been. Chekov had brought the cheap stuff to their weekly poker game night and Y/N had enjoyed it way too much!

“OW!” she yelled when she ran into a coffee table that shouldn’t have been there.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” a strong male voice yelled back from the general direction of the bedroom. A light came on, blinding Y/N as she hopped around on one foot, holding her hurt toes in her hands. “Y/N? What are you doing in here?”

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Filthy Frank Asks

Joji - What’s a decision you regret?

Filthy Frank - What’s the most life threatening situation you’ve been in?

Pink Guy - Favorite song/artist?

Fake Frank - What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

Chin Chin - Been involved with anything illegal?

Safari Man - Where was your favorite vacation?

Salamander Man - Play any instruments?

Weaboo Jones - Watch any animes (and if so which ones)?

Red Dick - What’s the best thing you’ve ever cooked?

Dade - What’s your favorite food?

Prometheus - Play any sports?

Tap Brothers - Do you have any siblings?

Lemon - What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone?

Mr. Magic Man - Had any bad encounters with an ex?

Captain Falcon - Was your first kiss with someone of the same sex or someone of the opposite sex?

MacBook - Do you use any Apple products?

Mr. Negi - Ever been in a fist fight?

Politikz - Have you ever tried to compose music?

Veggie Cunt - Have you ever attempted a diet (and if so what did it consist of)?

Speed Lord - When’s the fastest you’ve given up on something?

Tempura Boyz - What’s your favorite memory with your friends?

Christmas Secrets

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Could you do a Teamiplier one with fem!reader that’s Tyler’s sister and she went to LA to visit him on Christmas and she was secretly dating Ethan and Tyler finds out and he’s just like ‘as long as my Christmas present isn’t a niece or nephew I don’t care’

Summary:Fem!Reader goes to visit big brother Tyler + teamiplier but no one knows about Ethan being her boyfriend! Secrets secrets secrets…

A/N: Hello all! It’s 1am for me! This was fun to write! I love writing teamiplier! Italics signify a character’s inner monologue + silent, conversations through stares! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1805, this was originally only like 1100 words but then I realized it was teamiplier and not just tyler and ethan lol

Request some more! I’ve got my hands quite full right now, so it might take a while, but I’ll get to them!

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“Please dont hug me” isn’t some code word that means “please hug me so tight I start fearing for my life and go into a panic attack.”

If your friend says they dont want you to touch them, dont fucking touch them. Please ask. There are days I feel so bad I’ll want a really tight hug. But that’s only when I consent to it.

Also dont be a dick if your friend doesn’t want to be all touchey feely??? Some of us didn’t have it as great as you

commodore-sassy  asked:

Top 5 Otayuri headcanons?


1. they’re soft as hell with each other. they both act rough with the world, and they are, but when it’s just the two of them the walls come down and they’re pure affection and love.
2. they’re fucking MEMELORDS. there’s no way they don’t have a gif for everything or a version of the latest meme on deck to be used at a moment’s notice.
3. they do this thing where no matter where they are, when they’re together, they’re always in each other’s orbit. i’m talking reach-out-and-touch distance. they don’t even realize they do it.
4. they’re plant masters. their house is full of em. they all thrive. everyone jokes and calls it the jungle, but secretly their friends are jealous that they can’t keep things alive as well as the boys do.
5. they have a long list of code words for different situations. they think using sos should only be reserved for a situation that truly needs it, so they have different levels of words they can use. their personal favorite: muppet. they use it when they need a rescue from a jj related situation.


ask me my top five anything!!!


pairing: theodore nott x hermione granger

setting: modern, non-magical, woke up married + fake dating au

word count: 1,436

written for: happy early birthday, kelly!!!!

part: 1 / ?

Theo meets Hermione J. Granger on a Monday.

She moves her shit into the cubicle right next to his, an ugly potted fichus plant and an “Inspirational Quotes of the Day” desk calendar and a trio of small ceramic cat statues that she claims are paperweights but never seem to move from their disgustingly tasteful antique perch above her computer monitor—and she’s bright-eyed and efficient and polite and almost pathological about following up on her follow-ups, about answering her emails on time and sending thank-you notes to the partners upstairs, and she’s annoying, she’s obnoxious, she takes one perfunctory, judgmental glance at the cases Theo’s chosen to work on and demands to know how he sleeps at night with a moral compass so irretrievably broken

He meets her on a Monday.

He listens to her deliver a scathing diatribe about the correct pronunciation of “route” on a Tuesday.

He decides he has to fucking hate her on a Wednesday.

And—according to the Comic Sans timestamp on the corner of their complimentary Little Chapel on the Prairie memory box—he marries her on a Sunday.

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  • ISTJ & INTJ: *discussing our strengths and weaknesses*
  • INTJ: I sound like I never do anything for others unless it's in my best interest but that's not true. What I do is consider whether something fits into my ethics code, and if it does I don't really feel like I'm making a big sacrifice and if it doesn't I don't feel bad about not doing it. For example if a friend needed my help I would automatically help them, but if what they wanted of me was unreasonable I would weigh the pros and cons, realise it was unfair of them to ask and not feel bad because I've done nothing wrong.
  • ISTJ: You are very good with boundaries.
  • INTJ: I- yeah I never really thought of it that way. I really do lay down the law and don't change my opinion unless new information is brought to light.

just a pot accessory by roaringheightts

hello my friends! i have a new download, are you surprised? today i bring you: a pot. that’s all it really is. i took the base game pot and made it into an accessory. i didn’t make any practical cooking poses because i’m lazy but these two stupid goof poses are included. there’s also… a hat version.

don’t ask me my i made this. i guess it was just because i was so excited i made an object into an accessory, i wanted to find more uses. and my friends thought it was funny. the pose codes are a_roaringheightts_cookingmama1 and a_roaringheightts_cookingmama2 because i think i’m funny. they’re not poselisted because, like we’ve established, i was too lazyyy and i don’t think too many people will find use for them. the hat accessory is hat slider compatible, and i highly suggest using the hat sliders bc i accidentally made it a little too far back (it’s hard to position things in milkshape ok). the accessories should have thumbnails in cas but it’s my first time doing that so idk if it worked. pls message me if something went wrong bc i didn’t test the thumbnails. also feel free to make your own poses for the pot, just put a link to this post instead of putting the pot in your downloads. that’s all i really have to say, i hope you can find use for these things!

download pot accessory, pot poses, and pot hat

Voltron as shit my friends and I have said:

Shiro: “I wanna die, but also go outside.”

Hunk: “And I, someone who hates minions, am going to be there crying.”

Lance: “My dinner was popsicles and chocolate milk. Every four-year-old’s dream.”

Pidge: “I coded three AIs in four days, then yelled at my microwave for being inefficient and loud.”

Keith: “Do you guys think this alien sticker makes me look too desperate to be abducted?”


Allura: “I just wanted to ooh and aah, so I asked a provocative question.”

Coran: “If I had a nickel for every time I didn’t say something I thought you guys would find ridiculous, I would still be poor as shit cause I say it anyway.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have a bughead blog roll?

You know I don’t. In fact, I had to ask Cami what the hell a blogroll actually was! Once I got that figured out, I went to create a blogroll for my blog for you - and after I found a html code I liked, I went to see if I could specifically choose to customize it for just my Buggie friends… and I couldn’t figure it out. Which kinda makes me horribly embarrassed because I used to be pretty freaking good with css and html coding. *sighs* Clearly I’m ancient. So it’s not gonna happen.

That merely leaves you with a fantastic list of people whom I think you should follow if you’re new to Bughead. 

Firstly - there is the Bughead Essentials post - with non-personal blogs that you should probably follow. These are like communities and resources that I would follow if I were new. 

Then - if you actually care about who I follow - you can look at the tumblr linky thing that says everyone I personally follow and conveniently it’s in the order that I followed them so Bughead should be mostly at the top - this is convenience because I have been here since 2012 and have had many other fandoms in the last 5 years and I follow like 800 blogs. Keep in mind that on principle, I try not to follow bloggers (Buggie or otherwise) that are under 18 and definitely not younger than my son… who will be 16 in October.

BUT if you’re wanting an actual list of personal blogs of Buggies who I would say you should DEFINITELY follow - then here you are. I’m going to stick with 50 blogs ONLY - because there are like 500 that I could recommend because the whole fandom is awesome. Anyone who feels like reblogging this post and adding your own selection, go ahead. Or reblog your own follow!forever or whatever the heck this is called and tag it#bugheadfollowforever or something.

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@gellbellshead @formergirlwonder @youreapunk @sylwrites
@betty-and-jughead @buymemilkandtea @bugheadjones-the-third @teapotfiction @novelistjugheadjones @bughead-fic-request @adorebughead @leaalda @justcourbeau @fulloflittlewhitelies @createandconstruct @fairytelling @bettyluvsjuggie @maltedchocolatemilkshakes @stilinsk1

{Part 9} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson + Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst

Summary: Back at the dorm, Jackson and Jinyoung uncover a shocking truth. But there are still missing pieces to the puzzle, and it doesn’t end there.

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

{Part 1} // {Part 8} {Part 9} {Part 10}

This scenario contains Text Message imagines ^_^

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Code Yellow

A/N:  Thanks for the lovely ask! I thought this one would be easy to write, but it harder than I imagined. This time, my lovely writing friends jumped in with a ton of ideas on how to make the story realistic. Thank you, as always, my friends! ( @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @melissas173, @emulateharry) I’m so appreciative that they let me hang out with them and that they share their honest opinions about my writing. They push me to be better every time. Go read their writing. You won’t be disappointed. 

I love my sister-in-law. Honestly, few people could have survived my Code Pink. Indeed, many had been ruthlessly eliminated from dating my brother early in the protocol. Plus, I’d been able to help Harry with his Code White when he was ready to propose to her. I’d heard all about the proposal once he decided she was The One, but honestly….she’s the best sister-in-law I could have asked for.

Whenever I’m bored or Michael is busy, I head over to my brother’s house, especially when he’s out of town on tour like he is now. My SIL and I get along as if we were born sisters. We laugh at the same things, and I love that she is always willing to listen to my stories about my cat or the latest piece I’m writing. Which is how I find myself at Harry’s house tonight. My little brother is out of tour with his second album; I think he’s somewhere in Asia tonight. Maybe Japan? Who knows? I can’t keep up with his schedule.

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anonymous asked:

hiii, do you have any advice on memorizing? Thank you so much in advance!!💖

Hi! Here are a few things you could try:

  • read and summarise - read the passage over. Highlight or underline key words and only key words! Summarise in your own words what you’ve read. Try to make it simpler and more to the point.
  • listen to audio - either place your notes into google translate or if you have a mac, select the text and click “add as spoken track to itunes”. That way you’ll get a file just talking about your notes which you can add to your phone. I did this with an essay two years ago and still remember it haha!
  • make sure your studying in an active and meaningful way - just passively studying isn’t going to put the information in your brain. You need to find ways to engage your brain. This could be using different study methods such as mind maps, study groups or flash cards!
  • handwrite your notes - by writing things out you’re giving your brain more time to process the information and therefore it is being more absorbed.
  • set up a study schedule over time rather than trying to cram - you’re better off doing an hour of study of a topic over a few days or weeks compared to trying to memorise everything in 4 hours.
  • talk about it to someone - ask a family member or friend to test your knowledge. Try to explain the concept to them without your notes. If you can manage, awesome! If not, you’ll be able to see where your knowledge gaps are.
  • use mnemonic devices - this could be making a story, an acronym, or rhymes!
  • get some sleep - sleep is an easy way to boost your remember. A lot of people recommend reviewing notes or flashcards before bed!
  • use a colour code - I love colour coding my notes! It helps me visualise my notes when I need to remember things!
  • follow the curve of forgetting - You can’t be expected to remember every single thing from a class. Here is a graphic on the curve of forgetting. As you can see with the blue line, most of what you learn is forgotten if you don’t review it. But what the other lines show is how is can be retained if you review consistently. Make an effort to review your notes after class, after a day, after a week, and after a month.

Hope this helps x