or ask if she's listened to it


Gif source:  Batman

Imagine working a late night drive thru window and having Batman come through for a burger.

——— Request for autumnslioness-dearie ———

“I’m sorry, sir, can you repeat that?” you ask, not having quite caught the complete order thanks to the man’s scratchy voice combined with your crap headset. You kept telling the manager these things needed an update, but did she listen? The answer is no. You manage to catch the rest of the order after that, finishing up with a chipper, “Thank you, sir. Please come to the first window!” You sounded much happier than you really were to be working the late night shift.

When the customer pulls around, you nearly drop the drink you were making at who you see, “Is that B-Batman?” You open the drive thru window, “U-Um, Batman? Am I getting pranked?”

He looks like a void of black as you look into his high tech car that practically growls at you while Batman chuckles, raspy and deep with a metallic twinge, “No, this isn’t a prank. You said it was $15.64?”

You can barely believe it, “Yep.”

Yang what was the most awkward thing your sister has walked in on involving you? (Asked by anon)
  • Yang, nervously laughing: Haha probably nothing I mean c'mo-
  • Ruby, without looking up from her scroll: She was trying on some of Raven's old clothes while listening to really dumb edgy music.
  • Yang, her face boiling up with embarrassment: Th-that never happened!!!
  • Ruby, still toying around on her scroll: Yes it did I got dad a framed picture of it for father's day one year.
  • Weiss, slowly closing her book, her jaw dropped: Oh. My. God.
  • Blake, trying not to explode into laughter: Is this picture....still around?
  • Yang: NO!
  • Ruby: Yes.

daughterofdustandashes  asked:

so there are a lot of people sending hate to the girl whose made those edits of dylann roof and Hamilton and I understand why they're mad I'm mad too and everything but there's people saying that she should kill herself and telling her to die so if you could tell people to stop sending messages like that that would be great and just to ask her nicely.


You have to stop telling this girl to kill herself – I get it, it’s horrible what she did but you also need to learn when to draw the line. NEVER. EVER. Tell someone to kill themselves, I don’t care who they are, you don’t do that. What my friend here said, we’re all mad about it but that’s just not the way to express it.

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Mom I feel so bad about myself. I am overweight and I have been ever since I was born. I cant get any of this off. My doctor keeps telling me I should be atleast 150 or lower and Im 100 more than that. I have asked for help from family members and friends and no one will help me. Not even my parents. My mom even fat shames me when I cant exactly help it if she isnt helping me. Every place I go to has unhealthy things and no healthy alternatives. It makes me so anxious all the time. Idk what 2 do


you can do this, sweetheart.
do it for you.

there are healthy alternatives.
vegetables and fruits and water.
small meals and snacks.
go for walks. (try to be active. walking counts)
stay away from soda and diet soda.

wanna know something? we are the same weight. we are in the same boat.

i used hate myself but i’ve come to learn to appreciate certain things about myself.

you don’t have to be what someone else wants you to be. you belong to you.

do what makes you feel happy.
im with you.

Even if these leaks are true, I am so happy about the little Jonsa things

- Supposedly Jon will listen to Sansa more

- If creepyfinger tries to drive a wedge between them he will fail.

- Jon will physically assault creepyfinger when he tells him he loves Sansa

- Jon will leave her in charge

- Sansa will write to Jon (when her siblings return)

- Jon will write to Sansa (otherwise I don’t know how Sansa will know about the dragonpit show down when she will send Brienne to represent her. So I assume Jon asks her to come. One of the leaks that is not by Lad says he asks her to come)

- Jon will spare Theon only because he helped Sansa.

shippaddict  asked:

I think A Little Bit of Light is about Connor before senior year; his struggles with addiction and mental illness at a young age and how the combination of this and isolation from his peers robbed him of his youth. How Cynthia didn't get to watch her son grow up, one day he was a little boy and then he suddenly wasn't. I think it's about the hope she felt when she saw glimpses of her little boy in the son Connor had grown to be. The opposite of the way Larry mourned long before Connors suicide.


Listen,,,,little bit of light establishes that Connor was still a person. He had thoughts and feelings, and wasn’t just a two dimensional argument between the people in his family. He was struggling with mental illness and drug addiction and isolation, but he was a person and he was once a little boy who loved jokes and that’s so important.

It gives us much needed information about who Connor really was, and I genuinely think it shouldn’t have been cut for that reason.

Blake, a question, what about Ruby drew you to her? (Asked by ourmissallison)
  • Blake, with a small smile creeping onto her face: Well...I've been in love with a blade, someone sharp and dangerous who has no issue cutting anything in their path down. Someone who requires constant supervision less you want blood on your hands...
  • Blake, her smile having grown bigger: I thought it was about time I open myself up to someone more soft. From there it only grew and grew. Ruby would listen to my stories, she'd console me when they started to feel like glass in my throat, and wouldn't push me to say any more. She understood that due to what I've been through, I'd be slow to get to the point of what a typical relationship would be from the getgo...she's always there. She can help breathe life back into me when all I want to do is return back into the shadows and hide...
  • Ruby, popping up with a big sticker on her forehead: BLAKE HELP I GOT IT STUCK AND I CAN'T GET IT OFF!!!
  • Blake, shaking her head, laughing: Plus...there are moments like these that make me forget about all the darkness in the world, be it grimm...or people...
  • Ruby, comically sobbing: Blake please I have class in ten minutes and don't want to go with a dumb 'Ka-pow!' sticker on my forehead.

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I am very sorry for asking so many questions I just really love this blog. Anyways, s/m reaction to ariana Grande's dangerous woman music video!! Please :3


♥Shu: This is not the type of music I’d listen to but… She’s attractive.

♥Reiji: Well, I’d probably listen to her if she sang other genre of music…. And if she were more ladylike.

♥Ayato: Heh, I need a girl as playful as her!

♥Kanato: Dangerous? I bet she’s a crybaby just like you.

♥Laito: Would you sing this for me, Bitch-chan? Fu~

♥Subaru: Ahh, her voice is too noisy… Just stop that video.


♥Ruki: I have to admit her vocal range is impressive.

♥Kou: Ha! I already watched the acapella version~

♥Yuma: Oii, who’s that? Geez, I’m just asking for her name!

♥Azusa: She’s pretty but… If she had scars… She’d be even more… Beautiful…

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Hi I'm Samantha and I'd like to request a star for myself we been fighting with my girlfriend recently and she's been starting her smoking habit again id really appreciate if I can get one

Hi, Samantha! I hope you like your star ^o^

Fighting with a loved one can be stressful. Just remember to listen to each other, don’t resort to name-calling, speak calmly, and take a break if things get too tense between you.

As for her smoking habit, once you’ve gotten the fight ironed out and resolved, I would talk to her about it. You may have to compromise, but talk to her about why it bothers you and listen when she explains why she started it again.

I hope things go well, friend! Good luck <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Pairing: Darcy/Logan

Word Count: 435

Prompt:  [You Can Do Better Than Me- Death Cab for Cutie]

Tags:  Awkward Fliritng, Fluff,

Warnings:  None

“Logan!”  Darcy grinned widely when she saw him.  She had a helluva smile on her.  It might be just him, but Logan thought she maybe had a special one for him.  It was probably just wishful thinking.  


Because he saw a lot more of those dimples than anyone else did.  

“Listen, babe.  You gotta help me out, I don’t know any of these n00bs…” she gestured down to the garment bags she had slung over her arm.   

“You think I know their names?” he asked with a dry chuckle.  But he pulled himself up outta the chair.  Because she’d asked for his help.  Darcy had asked for his help.

“Maybe…” she answered coyly.  “Or maybe I’m just thinking of ways to spend more time with ya…”  She winked and held out her arms and their contents.  “You take these…I’ll get the rest of them.”  

Somehow, they got each of the altered uniforms matched up with their owners.  Logan was even impressed with what Tony Stark had been able to do in such a short timeframe.  Not that he’d ever tell him that, of course.

He told Darcy.  Because he had to find something to say to her.  Some way to keep her engaged so she wouldn’t leave just yet.  So he’d have a few more minutes with her.  

Yer just a dirty old man…he thought to himself.  She wasn’t in any way interested in him.  He didn’t have Bobby’s chance in hell.  

“Ha, it’s funny you should say that…you should have SEEN Tony with a needle and thread sewing stuff onto these uniforms for y’all.  Top fourteen favorite things I’ve seen in that lab, not gonna lie.”  

Logan knew what his favorite thing in that lab was.  And Tony Stark on his knees sewing breathable material into the crotches of leather X-Suits wasn’t it.  

Ask her for coffee, you idiot,” Jean’s voice chided inside his head.  He frowned, searching the room for her telltale red hair.  

Once he found it, he shot her a look.  One that hopefully said, “Get outta my head, Jean.

I’m serious.  Ask her.”  

“Coffee?” he blurted, breaking the silence between them.  

Darcy looked up at him, her blue eyes narrowing.  “Are you telling me or asking me?”  

“Asking…do you wanna…” he gestured vaguely.  “Go get coffee with me?”  

“It’s about time…”  She hip checked him on her way out, twirling her keys around her finger.  “You want shotgun?”  

“Nah,” he answered.  Emboldened by the positive reaction to his terrible method of asking, he slipped his arm around her waist and steered her towards the garage.  “We’ll borrow Scott’s motorcycle.”  

We know Phil adores Emma and Sherri adored Norman and I feel sort of bad that Ray hasn’t been shown with a young child idolising him.

Maybe Conny really admired him though? We know she liked the main trio because they’re cool, old and smart but she trusted Ray with her suitcase and Little Bernie. Maybe she’d come up and ask about the books he was reading, nod and smile pretending to understand. Maybe she’d chatter away to him, appreciating him just quietly listening sometimes or correcting her. I think it would have been cute.

Dating Advice NEEDED

Okay so here’s the deal. I got a crush. She’s fucking adorable and amazing and we’re amazing friends. The beginning of the school year when we first met, she said she had a boyfriend at another school district (coincidently the district I lived in). But a week ago she told me that she broke up with him actually awhile ago, but didn’t tell anyone cause of how our other friend would react (cause he really liked them together). I think she likes me back? Like the way she just smiles at me and listens to me. She makes me feel loved and special. I really want to tell her how I feel but I have no idea how. Like no clue. My last couple relationships I’ve just texted them and told them. But this time it’s different cause my crush rarely uses her phone. So this summer I want to try to ask her out or some shit in person but idk how. So please help! Any advice would be much appreciated :)

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Julianne, I need your help! I'm in search of new music and I'm looking for artists who are sort of in the same vein as Joanna (although she's such a force to be reckoned with, it feels like no one can come close 💨). I'm listenin to Vashti Bunyan rn... But whom else do you recommend? Thank u! 🍎

ok this message has been sitting here for a few days because i’ve wanted to give a decent list but! as always i can never come up with a complete Great list.. anyways – joanna certainly is a force to be reckoned with but if you’re looking for other harp music, mary lattimore is absolutely incredible (completely instrumental! very soothing). of course dorothy ashby is a harp legend. lucy roleff also has ethereal harp accompaniment in her music and makes everything feel like a storybook dance through time. a few fellow women with powerful voices are joan baez, joni mitchell, josephine foster, karen dalton, … and some miscellaneous other worldly calming artists are itasca, jessica pratt, grouper, julianna barwick, linda perhacs, julie byrne, mount eerie (prepare 2 cry!!), sandy denny.. among many others! but these ladies (with the one male exception of mount eerie) are absolutely magical. apologies for the late reply! enjoy ❤️

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recently my boyfriends ex has became kinda involved in our relationship and trying to ruin his happiness but also mine, now she's saying he cheated on me with her... but he's getting really upset with all the lies she's coming out with, i don't know what to believe bcos my hearts telling me he's telling the truth.. love is so fucking hard

if she’s just talking bullshit, then ignore her. block her number, her social medias, don’t answer any texts or calls or messages, and don’t listen to what she has to say. basically just don’t let her mess up what the two of you have. if you believe him then her word means nothing tbh and if you both are happy together then no third party needs to be involved at all

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|| aesthetic themed ask list ||

eyes: pick five people to go on an excursion with you. who would you pick and where would you go/what would you do?

@thehoarsebard cause hes funny

@specklesthetinynerdhorse cause she could fight any bears we might see

@superbibice5551 cause I wanna have my son with me.

@dragons-den cause obviously

and @beardiemod so I can listen to her bitch about the trip.

so!!!! just a quick drop in, not answering any asks right now!!!! and my old college roomie likes Heathers too and we got to listen to the soundtrack in the car!!!! it was nice but she is obviously a v casual fan like. she tried saying James Dean played JD (who she also thought was named James) at one point??? it was incredibly awkward when I informed her, no, that was??? never a thing????

I took an ask meme to answer them myself

🌹- Are you/do you want to be in love?

🌸- Do you have a crush?
Not really

🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!
Noor @molkolsdal - her intelligence, her poetry, and being in touch with her emotions and being able to describe them so well

Sadie @babyjenks - how good of a listener she is, hur f@ce, and aesthetic!

Steph @christopherwalkencloset - good sense of perception of people, how endearing her love for Carlos is, and choice of reaction pics!

💐- Are you/do you want to get married? 

🌺- Do you have a best friend?

🦄- List your three favorite things about yourself! 
my empathy towards others, my sense of humour, and being in touch with my emotions

🥀- Have you ever had your heart broken? 

🌻- What is the longest relationship you’ve been in? 
one year

🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!
I think any new mutual I have in the past few months. I don’t wanna put anyone on the spot so I won’t tag. but anyways some of y’all are so interesting and make good music and are so unassuming. I’ve talked to a few of you a couple times and yeah 10/10 would talk to again

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?
just someone who doesn’t expect things from people, and knows how to spot the good in people. someone who stays in their lane and offers to let you vent if you need it. someone who plans fun things to do!! (I seriously can’t stand coffee dates as of tonight)

🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise?
I always like curly hair, and big brown eyes. don’t have to have both but yeah

I just got reminded of when mitam first came out and my mum and I were listening to it in the car. I want to write you a song started playing, and she heard that part when Louis starts singing and his voice is all raspy. Somehow we spent like twenty minutes talking about Louis??? As soon as she heard it she was asking me all these questions like “whats his name? which one is that?? who is he??? I think I’ve seen pictures of him before!” and I think about that a lot because he stood out so much to her and that was the only time listening to the whole album where she was genuinely curious about who was singing because in her words “his voice is so unique I’ve never heard anything like it”