or ask if she's listened to it

Ok but listen, here’s the thing. When you work in an office and you get flowers, you will inevitably get asked “who are they from?” and/or “I think you have a secret admirer” in that tone people use when they are trying to get info on your love life.

Anyways! What if people asked Kara who sent all the flowers and everyone just goes “Oh…” when she tells them they are from Lena Luthor and they give her that look and just walk away and by the end of the day everyone’s talking about how obvious it is that Kara and Lena are dating.

So this is from a customer view but the other day I was in a galaxy coffee shop located in another store and I was waiting patiently for the batista to finish something in the back but this lady comes up to the counter all huffy and my mom asks her what’s up. The woman went into a spiel about how she’s all upset that the girl put her drink on the counter but didn’t scream out her name (she had called it out but the woman didn’t listen). The girl came out to ask me what I wanted and the woman’s husband came over “what’s your name ect…” and she was really confused for a minute and politely asked why because she had just come back out from the backroom, unaware of an issue. The man, he’s at least in his 50’s, whips out his phone and pulls out the camera and sticks it in the girls face. Understandably, she moves to the back room, uncomfortable and kinda freaked. My mom encouraged them, and the girls Coworker ran to get a manager. After all this, even over my mom’s uninvited intrusion into blaming this girl, I let her know that i understood why she left and that i would feel the same way and I gave her an extra tip.

It really makes me think on when people say millennials are rude because… the older people tend to be impatient and angry over every little thing?


Kaia sat in the Boss’s office, the moment Andrea had text her to tell her they needed to meet Kaia knew she wasn’t going to like the discussion. 

Andrea: “So,Kaia as you know, you’re one of my best… and i wouldn’t be asking you if it wasn’t for the fact that the client is really high maintenance and we need to send our best out… so here goes…. 

Rebecca Hayes needs a PR consultant to help her change how she is currently perceived, she’s getting into different things and wants to change her image. Like i said i wouldn’t normally ask you Kai but i need you to be the one to go.”

Kaia listened. Of course she knew who Rebecca Hayes was, Fashion Model and Simstagram famous, who in the PR world didn’t know… 

Kaia: “Andrea… she lives in San Myshuno. You know I can’t just pack up and move to San Myshuno… that’s out of the Question.”

Andrea: “Kaia please. I am begging you, i know your issue and i can tell you that we have an apartment all ready for you… all you need to do is go there, it won’t be forever a year max.” 

Kaia thought about this… could she move to San Myshuno… she needed more time to think.

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Imagine this: Nino and Adrien singing a duet of Panic! At the Disco's Death of a Bachelor. *instant death* oh! Also! ################

Also consider: Chloe singing Don’t threaten me with a good time by P!atd while she’s taking Mari around her favorite club that DJ Bubbler just so happens to playing at

…I haven’t listened to P!atD since high school so that was a very bewildering experience.

Marinette: *on the phone with Adrien* HELP ME
Chloe: Nope! *throws Marinette’s phone into her purse* You’re the one who wanted to bond with me, so shut up and deal.

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This woman kept trying to slide her card while I told her to insert. then asked me why we would have a spot to slide cards if people weren't supposed to use it. She couldn't understand that not all cards have chips and in certain stores(not all. This was a huge issue at my other store because people would insist they could slide and go back and forth not listening to me they can't) like ours, if a chip is broken customers can insert the card 3x and the machine will tell them to slide.

I honestly think these people know what their doing and just act dumb to have something to complain about in their day.


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Heyo, little message about CJ for you all. DON'T EVEN FUCKING BOTHER WITH HER!! I once respected her (yikes) and her art, but listen, if you respect people, stay away from her. She shits on everything for a living, tbh. Sure, she's had hate, yada yada, but that doesn't excuse any of her actions. Also, for all you people affect by gore, DO NOT GO TO HER TUMBLR!! She is answering asks with untagged gore gifs (what a surprise), so protect yourselves. The best thing we can do is bury and forget her

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She was the bright moon in his night sky, he loved her more than he loved books. He was the soft side of her and she didn't care if he was her weakness. Who knew that the genious boy and the tough girl would be in love with each other

He had been smitten by her from the moment he saw her parking her motorcycle in front of his favourite bookstore and then listened to her conversation with the owner of the place about the new book her independent publishing house was finally going to release next month.

When he saw her leave, he decided to follow her outside because he knew he needed to see her again –she was too intriguing–, and, swallowing his doubts and second thoughts, asked her to go on a date with him sometime.

She, on the other hand, had been hesitant throughout the date, but only until he started reciting her (secretly) favourite poem right next to her ear after walking her to her door:

Not a red rose or a satin heart.

His lips had tasted sweet, like caramel, the last drops of the coffee he had had still lingering in his tongue as she opened her mouth craving more, finally allowing herself to believe that this beautiful man really wanted to be hers.

Thank you for sending a message, lovely! 💖

- Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five

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For Rylan :) 1, 2, 9, 28, 37, 44, 66

1. imagine the moon… now imagine you are smelling the ground… now imagine it was wet… now put some dirty clothes on it.
2. annoyed, bored, deepish, raspy
9. imagine a worm sleeping deep in the earth… now imagine that it’s blue… now imagine that the dirt is a blanket…
28. he just arrived on sixam and met his mother so yeah he’s really happy… he’s sad that the girl of his dreams wouldn’t listen to him but right now all he’s thinking about how loved he is by all of his big weird ass cult family.
37. after marceline yelled at him when he tried to tell her where he was going… maybe he would have brought her along? or maybe she would have asked him to stay? we just don’t know.
44. he makes grand gestures for the people he loves. ( aka. building a bar for molly, setting up marcelines bedroom… or even asking her if she was ok after the prom and taking her to the bluffs…)
66. marceline was his first so… confused? sore? we just don’t know.

MML Chapter Two: Frog

Summary: With the right context, frogs can be terrifying.

Notes: A short chapter to bridge the gap into the first arc. Also, I am looking to re-name this chapter and chapter one after songs, so if you have a suggestion, shoot me an ask. 

Wordcount: 2,076

Beta’d By: @sentochoryu

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Am I the only one who remembers Jugheads scene with his dad whenever listening to "Waves" and wants to cry? 😭 I remember that "I'll figure it out dead. I always do" line and it breaks my heart so bad :( I can't wait to see Betty learning about this dad issue and at first getting mad at him bc he didnt tell her he was homeless and she didnt know that he was sad and then comforting him

I cant wait to see Betty be there for him the way he’s been there for her with the whole Polly thing. I. CANT. WAIT. They just seem to get each other and are THERE for each other and that’s my favourite aspect of them as a duo. 

Bittersweet - Chapter 7 - Voices in the weirwood tree

I’ve managed to finish another chapter. Also on AO3. It is really fun to write about the Starklings…

Alys was at a loss. Why do we go to the Godswood? What is all this business with the ‘Gods listening’? The part of her that was Arya was at a loss as well. Praying to the Gods was a private business. Arya Stark could only remember quiet hours with her family at the weirwood tree, nothing so formal. She had no idea what would happen and what would be expected of her. Will I have to shed my face? Will the Gods recognize me?

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whenever solidad's mad at drew she makes a point of getting an entire head of lettuce and just ripping it in half and leaving it wherever she dropped it. listen 2 mama u little shit

I couldn’t finish reading this ask because I just imagined Solidad ripping that entire head of lettuce in half and then wondered if she can rip a phone book in half or something and now I’m Distracted.

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Ship meme: do Braevys

Here we go ;)

Who said “I love you” first

Braelen cos he can’t keep his mouth shut and the more he drinks the worse he gets at forming coherent sentences. It annoys Nievys to no end but she can’t stop listening for some reason >.>

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

I imagine Braelen since Nievys uses nothing but burner phones and erases her data history constantly to avoid information leaks but she might keep a holopic somewhere in the cloud among useless data packets that no one checks anyway. Braelen would keep that one photo that Nievys hates but he loves it cos she’s doing that cute little smirk and whenever he’s feeling down he can just talk to it and feel like she’s there, disapproving.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Nievys cos she’s a mysterious super spy and flimsi notes are cliche. Sometimes she’ll write something and add a little loveheart at the bottom and then rub it all out and write something else but when Braelen fogs up the mirror he can see what she was trying to write before and grins.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Braelen is the king of buying terrible gifts because he has terrible taste and a terrible sense of humour so he’ll buy bright red socks with Imperial insignias on them or gaudy pieces of jewelry that look like they came out of a children’s toy set but occasionally he’ll hit the nail on the head and buy something nice. Like one time he was scamming an antique shop salesman on Ziost and found a vintage blaster from the personal armory of Odile Vaiken but he didn’t know what it was. It just looked like a really cool gun, so he swiped it for Nievys.

Who initiated the first kiss

After many failed attempts to get a kiss from Nievys, Braelen finally conceded and agreed to take it slow, softening his advances with only the occasional terrible pun. Nievys took initiative the night they went undercover at a high class charity ball on Alderaan. She took Braelen along as arm candy and to sell her Republic disguise and he was only too happy to be around the super rich guests. After completing her objective, Nievys noticed Braelen sulking in a corner at the end of the night and asked him what was wrong. And he said there was nothing he could steal that would be worth giving her. Nievys noticed the Queen’s tiara lying in the trashcan nearby, along with several gizka drumsticks and gave a tiny kiss. 

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Braelen likes to watch Nievys sleeping cos she looks so cute when she doesn’t scowl. She’ll kiss him in the morning, but he sleeps really deep so it doesn’t actually wake him. She likes to cuddle up in his arms and just chill there.

Who starts tickle fights

Braelen will initiate tickle duels despite being incredibly ticklish himself and will often lose since Nievys knows all the weak points in his body. She is the reigning tickle champion.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Braelen will stick his dick into the cubicle and do a silly voice “may I join you for a bathing, fair lady?”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Braelen. Always hungry. Always carrying around food. Nievys will be on a super stealthy stakeout and he’ll rock up with a bag of nerf burgers and fries for them to eat.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Nievys. She was nervous someone would see them and realize she was dating an idiot and exploit her weaknesses. But no one did. It helped that she was using her stealth field generator to look like someone else.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Nievys is the resident spider assassin. Braelen is terrified of insects and screams like a girl when he sees colicoids. Balmorra was just nope, nope, NOPE.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Braelen is a mouth breather and incredibly loud and then he gets drunk… Oh boy. Really bad drunk Braelen love poems.

“Purebloods are red,
Chiss guys are blue,
Nievys is the hottest,
Baby, I love you”  -  A poem by Braelen while dancing naked on cantina table


@fastfish tagged me to do this a couple of days ago and I figured I’d better while I was thinking about it ^^; 

It’s home screen (second page so y’all can actually see) lock screen, last song I listened to, and my most recent selfie (this is a weird selfie, sorry y’all ^^; I took a picture in the church parking lot to ask mom if she wanted the liquid lip I had on… I have no makeup on my face except for blush ^^;)

I tag anyone who wants to do this but @iamashamedofmyfanfics  and @squirreltastic y’all definitely need to <3 <3 <3 

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I was going through my fictionpress account and had completely forgotten that I had once put down SJM as my favourite author. I made a horrible gagging sound when I saw, and my friend asked what was wrong, and patiently listened to everything I had to say. In his opinion he said it sounds like she has some personal issues she couldn't deal with and it translated to her books, also he's a sweet kid, really quiet, but laughed like crazy when I told him 'velvet wrapped steel'

I don’t think she has personal issues, I just think she writes her personal fantasies and makes a lot of money out of it. Of course he laughed, it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve read, gotta give her that hahahah 

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Thank you for that link, I will try that, I appreciate it. And I stopped responding but she kept going with spam texts so idk. However, I'll try that 'Jesus loves you' thing haha. Thank you, ily <3

It’s no problem love. Be safe and don’t listen to a damn thing they say. Okay?

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Along with wearing all black, I bet Gideon's spending his free time in SB, listening to Nirvana, and reading Proust. Although, if he tried that black coffee crap on Granny, she'd just give a White Chocolate Latte with cinnamon and tell him to drink like a good boy or else. LMAO

lol yep Granny will probably give him those looks and if he tries something, she’ll get her crossbow out.

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okay, i've got no idea if my asks have sent, so hi sam and dean! i'm kat, and im very insecure about my voice so i'm going to you guys for advice. katie can help too. she's listened about my practices. so i'm in a play called seussical which is horton hears a who with other dr seuss characters, im the grinch, and i cant sing my part. which is bad. at least i think i can't. any tips on getting rid of it?

What do you wanna get rid of exactly? The part? Cause I can think of ideas for that. For improving it? I’ll have to pass that off to the theater boy Sammy. -Dean

I was in one play Dean. One. -Sam

Apparently that makes you the expert Sam. -Katie

If I were you I’d talk to the director. It’s their job to make sure it all goes smoothly and they wouldn’t have given you the role if they didn’t think you could do it. Be confident in yourself! You can do this. -Sam

Plus you’re the grinch, can the grinch even sing? -Dean

That’s a very good point. -Katie

i envy people who have dreams with clear rational plots like “i was on my favourite tv show for a day” my dreams are like i’m in a diner and i’m pregnant. i leave the diner and i’m in a forest watching the pregnant woman who is no longer me. she turns around and now we’re in a jeep and she’s my dad. we’re listening to music which is somehow numbers. he asks if i remember the time we went to pakistan and i say yeah because i do. i wake up and remember i’ve never been to pakistan in my life.

unicorn emoji reviews

bright! colourful! a victim of apple’s love of the blur tool and gradients but shes doing her best! 3/5

a sturdy boy with a golden horn! a bit plain but otherwise charming! 4/5

this guys a bit of a show off, the kinda guy who shows up to a party uninvited and starts telling you stories of all the princesses hes granted wishes for and then gets mad when you ask him to leave. 1/5

just a simple unicorn trying to get by, soft and kindhearted!! she’ll share her magic with you and not ask for anything back, if you’re lucky she’ll show you were to pick the best berries 5/5

soft and cute but all i want is for them to please stop staring at me 3/5

the kind of unicorn that can only be summoned by gay wizards in the most dire of situations. hes also gay 6/5

a minimalistic and bright pal, their stare might be cold and dead but thats just because theyre planning a really great surprise 4/5

a punk lesbian unicorn, she listens to thrash metal and captures the hearts of every gay horse from here to venus 5/5

this unicorn is perfect in every way. elegant, graceful, ethereal. she’s perfect 10/5