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Someone to Stay - AU

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Chapter 5

There was a short line of people standing outside Duke’s, waiting for their turn to go in. Claire, arms crossed, went up to the security guard holding a clipboard.

“Are you on the list?” he barked.

“Um, Claire Beauchamp?” 

“Oh.” His gruff demeanor changed instantly. “Says ‘ere you’re VIP.” He pulled a lanyard with blue tags dangling that read DUKE’S. “Go on in. Ask for Duncan at the bar.”

“Thanks.” Claire slipped the pass over her head and walked into the pulsing, smoky darkness.

Everyone inside looked like they’d stepped out of Rolling Stone or something, Claire thought. She was glad for once she’d listened to Geillis’s advice and dressed up a little for the occasion; she was wearing makeup on her normally pale face and wild curls, a short blue dress with heels – and the black biker jacket Mary her co-worker had lent her to match a certain red-haired singer.

She walked up to the bar. The only bartender on duty could only be Duncan. As she approached, he noticed the VIP pass and immediately gave her a glass of champagne, directing her backstage. “To the green room, love!” he shouted over the din.

Claire was still unsure about this. And this, exactly, was whatever she wanted it to be. Wasn’t that what he had said? For now, he was a friend. And friends could see other friends and support each other at events like this. As much as she – and Rupert – would have liked Geillis to be there, a seven hour drive from Edinburgh and a hectic work schedule was not feasible.

Down a darkened hallway hidden behind a black curtain by the bar, Claire reached a door marked for performers. Boisterous laughter could be heard on the other side, and Claire wondered which was Jamie’s. For courage, she downed the champagne all at once, bubbles fizzing in her mouth. Thinking perhaps they wouldn’t hear her knocking, she decided to turn the knob and walk in.

A group of faces turned to stare, but she only had eyes for one. Towering over most, Jamie’s gaze found hers and a blinding smile widened on his face. Pushing through the crowd sitting on chairs and sofas, he met her at the door.

“You’re here!” Jamie leaned in and pecked her on the cheek. Claire was enveloped in the warmth of his scent – spice, citrus, and honey all at once. Resisting the urge to wrap her arms around him, she merely smiled and squeezed his shoulder.

“How are you, Jamie? Nervous?”

“A wee bit.” He grinned. “The day I dinna get the cramp in my wame, I’ll ken ‘tis time to retire.” 

“Makes sense,” Claire laughed.

“Here, let me introduce ye.” Jamie took her hand (with only a minor jolt) and pushed past the throng. Composed of band members and a few random girls, the rest were close friends of Hugh Munro’s, who enjoyed the perks of knowing the owner. 

Claire was greeted cheerfully by Willie, Ian, and Rupert, who pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. She solemnly promised him to bring Geillis next time, regardless of work schedules. All the while introductions were made, Jamie did not let go of her hand. And neither did she.

Lastly, they approached a taciturn man who stood off by himself behind the chairs. He nursed a beer, and only raised an eyebrow as Jamie advanced closer, Claire in tow.  

“Claire, this is Murtagh, my uncle and our manager. Murtagh, this is Claire, whom I told ye all about.” A faint pink tinged his ears and the back of his neck. Again, he rifled his hand through the red tresses, embarrassed.

She stuck out her hand and was surprised by the firm grip, which held hers for a second longer than normal before he took a swig of beer.

“Mmphm. Ye’ll be the Sassenach lassie then. Yon lad hasnae shut up about ye since Edinburgh.” A thick Scots accent permeated his words, mumbled barely audibly. Claire strained to catch the tone of them, but they lacked any sort of discernible emotion.

Sassenach?” Claire peeked at Jamie, who turned even redder.

“It only means English, to a Scot. Uncle?” Jamie nudged Murtagh, who shook his head.

“Aye, no offense, lass. ‘Tis only he’s never dated an Englishwoman before. French fer sure, mebbe a Lowlander here and there.” He winked at Jamie, who covered his face in despair.

“Really? Well now, that’s interesting. Tell me more.” Claire winked back at Murtagh, who seemed on the verge of smiling.

“Nay. That’s enough. Thank ye, Uncle.” Jamie steered Claire away with a broad hand on her shoulder. She turned back to Murtagh one last time. 

“A pleasure, Murtagh!” The man raised his beer briefly in acknowledgement. She could clearly see that he was protective of his nephew, and liked him for it. 

At the back of the room stood a long table, crammed with platters of finger food. Squeezed in were bottles and bottles of whiskey. Claire could glimpse Laphroaig, Glenfiddich, Macallan, Glenlivet, and the odd bottle of Chivas and Johnnie Walker. Jamie insisted on exchanging her empty champagne glass with the whiskey , which she took neat.

Sláinte!” Jamie clinked her glass, and poured the liquor straight down his throat. Claire followed suit, grimacing a bit at the peaty taste and shivering as the heat of the whiskey lit her insides.

They stood side by side, watching the men interact with a group of girls. They didn’t look older than 25, some of them, Claire noted wryly. A few cast furtive glances at the corner where Jamie and Claire were standing, smiling when they looked at him, frowning openly at her. Claire tried not to care; she reminded herself that Jamie was after all famous, and it was only natural that they wanted to capture his attention. Finally, a girl gathered her courage enough to walk over and introduce herself to Jamie.

Hiiiii,” the girl tittered, flipping her long blonde hair and briefly touching Jamie’s arm. “I’m Malva. How are you?” She smirked, and slid sideways casually to block Claire completely from sight.

“Hello, Malva. Nice to meet ye. Who are ye with tonight?” Jamie offered a polite smile, used to fan encounters.

“Oh, I’m here with friends. Can’t wait for your set tonight. Which is your favorite song?” Malva sidled closer, and Claire was forced to take a step back, nearly knocking over some whiskey bottles.

“Och, weel, I like them all, I guess. Bad if I didn’t, eh?” Jamie reached out a hand behind Malva, and pulled Claire gently into his side. “This is a friend of mine, Claire Beauchamp.”

“Hello.” Claire felt the words stick in her throat. The back of her neck felt alternately cold and hot and prickly.

“Hey.” Malva’s stare was anything but friendly. If looks could kill, Claire thought briefly. She felt the momentary urge to nuzzle into Jamie’s neck, maybe plant a kiss or two there, marking him as hers.

Oh wait. Am I… jealous of her?

Claire dismissed the idea and tried to smile at the girl. She was only a fan, after all. Malva did not return her gesture and just flipped her hair again, hoping for Jamie’s attention.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around. Good luck with the show.” Malva let the tip of her tongue trail over her lips suggestively. Claire fought the impulse to scratch her eyes out and let her instincts take over, wrapping her arm around Jamie. Surprised, he glanced down at her, and smiled briefly at Claire.

“Thank ye. Hope ye enjoy it.”

Malva sauntered off, moving her hips in a really obvious way that made her look mostly ridiculous. Angus seemed willing to deal with her, and Claire breathed easier for the first time in minutes. 

Well. Was it always like this? she wondered.

“It isnae always like this, ye ken,” Jamie said.

Claire, startled, cursed her glass face again. “Like this what?”

“The fans. Some are pushier, or even grabbier, than others. Mainly they are respectful, they only want an autograph or picture. A bit of a chat. A hug sometimes. But that’s it.”

“Jamie, you don’t have to explain to me. I’m not—”

“Och, yer face looked like bloody murder fer a second there. I promise, I’d never dally with a fan like that. ‘Twouldna be right.”

“What about me?” Claire asked with a smile. 

“Ah, weel, ye said so yerself. Ye didna ken who we were to start with.”


The concert was phenomenal. Close to two hundred people crowded near the stage, clapping, and singing along. The surprise performance had gone over spectacularly, the patrons raising the roof when The Clan was announced.

Murtagh had led her to stage left, where Claire had stood mesmerized by the show, and by Jamie in particular. He was great at what he did, playing off the audience and  gauging their mood and seeming to know just when to kick it up a notch. The band had them all riled up since the beginning, playing upbeat songs that had everyone, Claire included, dancing in their spots.

Finally, as the hour grew late, the songs grew mellower. Claire swayed on her feet, head keeping time with the rhythm. Every once in a while, Jamie would turn to look at her and smile. Finally, close to one in the morning, Jamie pulled up a stool and took up his acoustic guitar. The crowd quieted down a bit to listen.

“Now fer a new song, written verra recently. This one goes out to the girl with whiskey eyes.”

Despite the screaming of a few girls who no doubt thought the song was for them, Claire felt her heart quicken and her palms tingle. He had once told her she was “bonny, with eyes like whiskey.” Was this song meant for her?

Jamie strummed his guitar, caressing the mike in a way that was only his.

I know you’re hurting

You know better than anyone

It’s hard to let your heart trust

But this is real


I’m here for you

Good times and bad

This isn’t an ending

Only the beginning of something


I promise I will wait

As long as it takes

Because your heart is worth it


Feelings unknown

But let these words and actions show

To help you see, give me a chance

And so—

I promise I will wait

As long as it takes

Because your heart is worth it

Claire’s cheeks flushed; she held her hands up to her face, trying to contain the heat. She looked around, but she was alone in the dark, staring out at the blue-lit stage where Jamie was calling out to her. Time ceased to matter; what she thought she ought to do or feel was irrelevant. It seemed like everyone would read it on her damned glass face.

As Claire realized herself in that moment, in the space of a ¾ tempo, her heart had decided of its own volition to tumble over the abyss and into those feelings unknown.

Another good prompt @rowendarkholme! What came to my mind with this AU was teen!lock. Hope that works for you! ;)

“You’re such a baby,” Eurus groaned with a roll of her eyes as she shoved her brother. “I see the way you stare at Molly like an idiot every time she comes over to study.”

“I do not,” Sherlock whispered between gritted teeth, obviously terrified his sister’s friend would hear, seeing as she was only a few meters away, reading under a tree. “Besides, isn’t Jim Moriaty-”

“He’s not the one who makes her blush and forget how to speak coherently,” Eurus cut in with weary laugh. “Leave Jim to me, stop listening to Mycroft, get out of your own head, and go ask her out!”

Sherlock stared at his sister, and then over at Molly, and then back at his sister. “Alright, fine,” he spat out and jumped up, propelled by sibling peer pressure, which Eurus always did excell at.

Eurus smiled proudly to herself as she watched him approach an instantly smiley Molly Hooper. “Thank God, finally! Was beginning to think I’d have to lock them up together in a cement room or something…”

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what if Ishmael decided to force AT to stay away from EE and AP because she doesn't want AT to get corrupt but end up hurting him while forcing him to do so. AT didn't disobey her but also didn't listen to her either because he belive stay away from them won't do anything good but let her do as she wish to calm her down, he don't care as long as he can still watch over EE and AP while fulfill her mission, how EE and AP convince Ishmael and help AT?

“Hi,” Mochi said awkwardly.  His voice echoed in the empty stone room.  The statue of his Goddess looked down disapprovingly on him, and out of instinct, Mochi slid to his knees in front of her.

Even after so long not being devoted, he was still a Celestial, after all.  And even Apos, who had refused to come and see the statue of his Goddess in Feita, was also one of Ishmael’s own even though he’d chosen to deny her.

“Uh, it’s been a while since I’ve been here,” Mochi continued, staring up at Ishmael’s face.  It was a crude likeness.  If Ishmael deigned to take a physical form, she wouldn’t look like that.  “And, uh, I just wanted to let you know, I still follow you.  I’m still devoted to my mission.  There’s no need to cut Arme out of it.”

Disapproval made the room turn colder.  So she was listening.  Mochi swallowed hard and bent his head.


His human form, the one he loved so much, suddenly felt bulky in his Goddess’ presence, and he let it fall away, stretching his crystalline wings.

“You’re hurting him, you know,” he murmured.  “Arme doesn’t complain, he never would complain about your orders, but he misses being near Apos and I.  And Apos tries, he really does, even though he doesn’t quite… care about you anymore.  He feels abandoned.  Arme thinks he can get Apos back on the right path, but he can’t if you ban him from seeing us…”

Disapproval still, but concern was mixed in with it.  Mochi sighed.

“I didn’t think you’d listen to your servant,” he muttered.  “Just thought I’d try, because Arme will never disobey you.”

“I can plead my case, though,” Arme said.  Mochi turned his head.  The other Celestial stood there in his own glowing form, golden wings shimmering like a veil behind him, blue eyes fixed on the floor at the Goddess’ feet.

“Please, Ishmael,” Arme murmured, and walked forward to kneel beside Mochi. “I want… I want to turn Apostasia back to your divine light.  He can survive this corruption.  I purged myself of it, and Erbluhen Emotion is doing the same, but slower.  Allow me to help Apostasia.”

Reluctance, then acceptance.  The unnatural chill lifted.  If Mochi had been in a human body, he would have let out a whoop of joy, or a breath of relief.  As it was, he simply bowed to the floor in gratefulness alongside Arme.

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Long story short, I'm forced to sit by kids who keep saying how there's only 2 genders and I'm happily agender. After coming out publicly, they've now started trying to 'talk some sense into me' which actually means 'tell them they're a girl and need to stop this ''special snowflake'' crap and say they'll never find someone who cares if they don't be a girl' What should I do?

I would tell them to mind their own business and they don’t know anything about transgender people if they did they would know that isn’t how gender works. Ask your teacher after class to talk and instruct her you want to be moved. Tell her what’s going on.

If she/he doesn’t listen

In the middle of them doing this raise your had and tell your teacher exactly what they are doing, they keep doing this and you want to be moved away from them and if they can’t happen you want to talk to the principal immediately.

You have rights as a student and if someone is making you uncomfortable and bullying you then you have every right to be moved away from them.


She is killing me part 2
  • Later we were talking about college (sorry for my big rant)
  • Me: sometimes things just stay in you for longer that you expect, when I was on my senior year I went to listen a college class of sociology, I don't even remember the name of the class, and the professor was well known for being young and cool but also incredibly smart. That one class made a huge impression on me, it has been years and I still remember every detail of it, he asked us if he could open the window to smoke because he was way too adicted and he could think better while smoking. It was amazing how he knew so much, my jaw probably droped for how amazed I was. He never really was my professor but I always remember him as my favorite professor, while I studied history and we were on the same enviroment I found so much peace when I heard something from him.
  • A: (just looks at me)
  • Me: I am sorry, sometimes I talk too much
  • A: it's ok, it was great. I kind of understand
  • Me: yeah?
  • A: yes, you know I don't really care for history and I will probably won't remember it as my favorite class but you always make me want to know more about everything, you make me want to be smart.
  • Me: really? thank you, it means a lot to me and you are smart and you will be smarter
  • A: thanks but I don't think you know that you have made a huge impression in my life
  • Me: I hope I have
  • A: in ten years I'll tell you how much
  • Me: (laughs) in ten years I will go to the premier of your fifth movie and dork around telling people that I was your teacher and I will sell your old papers to pay for my vacations
  • A: (smiles) I am going to miss talking to you when I go to college
  • Me: yeah but first you have to graduate, go to class little punk
  • A: thank you
  • Me: thank you

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Can I get headcanons for mercy comforting a crying s/o? Thanks!

  • She’s by your side as soon as she sees you crying
    • Kneeling next to you with her arm draped around your back
    • Rubbing it soothingly
  • Once you’ve calmed down enough to talk she’ll ask what’ troubling you
    • If you’re okay with talking about she’ll just listen
      • Interjecting when it seems appropriate
    • If not, she’ll just sit there with you
      • Until you’re done crying
  • While your winding down she’ll just talk
    • About anything that comes to mind
    • Just letting you know how her day went

“Thanks for hanging out with me, mister–I mean, Darren. No one really takes the time to listen to me, especially when I’m talking about artsy stuff.” Cassandra admitted sheepishly.

“I had a nice time too, Cassandra. But honestly…we shouldn’t hang out like this very often.” Darren sighed.

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because you’re…how old?”


“Shit. Yeah, no. You’re in high school with my son. How about we just count this as like a…tutoring lesson?” He suggested.

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Answer privately if you like- but for a new listener, if I'm making a post that mentions Nicoletta, should I just go ahead and say Nico/he? I don't want to be hurtful by not...

Hello! Jake here. It took me a while to put my thoughts together on this so bear with me.

First, thank you for asking this! I personally believe that if a new listener hasn’t heard “Time Donuts” yet and is unaware that Nico has transitioned, then it’s perfectly acceptable to call him Nicoletta. It’s jarring for me to see him referred to as his dead name but that’s because we’ve moved so far ahead past that ep in production that it feels like a distant dream.

However, if a listener that has heard the episode already or knows about what happens and keeps (willfully) referring to him as “Nicoletta” and “she” AFTER they’ve found out he’s transitioned then maybe….don’t do that. 

Nico was always Nico and it’s up to trans people to decide how to best narrativize our experiences and articulate our identities, and most you meet will be very uncomfortable referring to them by a name that’s not theirs and never fit them. 

If you want to talk about him during an episode before he comes out, say the number of the episode, “Nico before being out,” “closeted Nico,” or even “Nico as we met him in episode [number]." 

The way we talk about and consume fictional characters impacts how we think of people in real life, so thank you for taking the step to watch your wording and examine your behaviors!

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Comfort headcanon for the pairing of your choice.

Always bumblebee. 

Yang is the most warm and comforting fluff ever. After a while she knows exactly what Blake needs. Sometimes a cup of tea and cookies. Sometimes drowning her in cuddles and caresses. Holding her close, keeping her warm, while gently stroking her hair the way she loves it. Distracting her. Listening. Yang is always so aware of Blake’s mood and feelings, she puts them before herself. 

Yang often pushes her own feelings aside to make sure everyone else is fine. Blake will often just cuddle up to her, kiss her and ask her if she wants to talk about it. She’ll listen, she’ll be there. She’ll tell her it’s okay to talk about herself from time to time, that she has to, and that Blake wants to be there for her. 

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Hey rosy!! In reference to the ask about the black on the bed, from what i saw i think it was dirt from clarkes hands (they focused in on them after) and was just her realizing how out of place she felt- cue shower and cleansing.

Okay listen my multiple nonny peeps!  This question came up last night and I had a bunch of asks in my inbox with theories about it… but nope.


I went and checked. Before Clarke touched the bed, the cover was clean. She touched it and left a streak of black. Looked at her dirty hand, then looked at herself in the mirror in and went to take a shower.

It was literally about HOW CLARKE NEEDED A SHOWER which (imo) proves that they’ve been listening to us and reading our damn fics. 

So all of y’all with the “it represents Lxa because it’s nightblood and and she’s bringing her with her or she’s letting her go…” nope. Not even close. Dry dirt and blood don’t look the same. And if it were nightblood it would be  LUNA, the nightblood they have there. I know it’s fun to look for symbolism but check with the plot first. Plot comes first. Then you look for ways to incorporate symbolism to make deeper meaning. 

As for the people who said it was the grounder who broke in and made the bed dirty before she found him, nope not that either. The bed was clean until she touched it. But good try. That would have worked if the bed was dirty before she touched it. 

I was going to actually compile all the asks about this and discuss them, but then I saw the scene, and since the answer was canon, there was no reason for theorizing.

It actually was not that complicated. But we sure do like to put pieces together. Someone needs to sell The 100 puzzles so we can physically feel satisfaction by putting all those pieces together to make the whole picture. 

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How do you think Niall would act if you were cuddling and your makeup goes all over his shirt? And like how would he act if you talked about makeup and bought a lot of makeup products ?

He’d probably be annoyed.  Grumble about “Ruined a perfectly good shirt.  Don’t even need that shit on yer face anyway.”  When you remind him that a)He’s a gazillionaire so he can afford more shirts and, b) maybe he shouldn’t wear a $150 white t-shirt he just rolls his eyes and huffs off to the laundry room where he concocts some stain remover combination to get out the bronzer and mascara.  

He doesn’t get why you want to spend so much money on makeup, but if it makes you happy then whatever and he listens patiently as you describe the newest highlighter palette.  When you think he’s not paying attention and checking footie scores on his phone, he’s probably actually texting Lou Teasdale and asking if she can get it for you.  Secretly he thinks it’s adorable to watch how excited you get when you crack open a new product - he gets the same way about a fresh pair of golf gloves.  

However - you better keep that shit out of his bathroom, or at least keep it organized.  Niall Horan will NOT tolerate stray bronzer and drops of foundation on his newly refinished marble counters, thankyouverymuch!  Every other month or so he has a mini freak out over the sheer amount of products you have and tries to get you to throw them away.  You have to calmly remind him that he has an entire rack of putters and that no one actually NEEDS 8 pairs of golf shoes, because you can only wear one pair at a time and at least you can wear more than one eye shadow at the same time.  

One of the first things I ever wrote was kind of about this….check it out here

Zahra Ryder.
Nickname: Za-Za (Only by her brother)
Romance: Jaal Ama Darav
Best Friend: Liam Kosta
Class: Frontline Battlemaster/Vanguard
Weapon(s) of Choice: N7 Piranha
Personality: Emotional, down to earth, good humored, caring, protective.

Zahra Ryder, to those who know her, would be described as “steel wrapped in silk.” With family and friends she’s goofy and fun loving. But with anyone she doesn’t know, she’s all business and quite.Though she is the eldest of of the Ryder twins, only just by a minute, she is fiercely protective of her brother, Scott. Zahra once had an “altercation” with an ex-girlfriend of her brother. No one had to ask what happened when the ex in question walked out with two black eyes and a broken nose. An introverted hopeless romantic, her favorite hobbies include reading and listening to music. Andromeda was to be the start of an adventure and she walked into it with a hopeful mind and a song in her heart.

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So since you are ace and in the lbgtq community I had a question that idk if you can help with. We just found out my sister has been doing drugs, having sex with random people, and she just ran away from home. She's 18 so we can't do anything but I think this is also because of her depression because she may be gay or bi and not in a super supportive family. I'm not sure how to ask or bring it up and try and help if that is the cause. I'm not sure what to do.

Aww, I’m sorry, that sounds like a tough situation. But honestly, I would worry less about what the “cause” is and just focus on how you can support her. Make her aware that you’re there for her without judgment as someone she can safely talk to without feeling like she’s being psychoanalyzed. She probably doesn’t need someone to fix her, but she almost certainly needs someone to listen. I know it can be an impulse, especially with people we love dearly, to want to take away or fix their problems, but she might not see her situation or solution the same way you do. This is why listening is important. 

I once lost a friend in part because she didn’t feel like she could listen to me and thought I would judge her for her choices. And I probably would have. So I recommend resisting that urge to diagnose and fix, because that will probably only drive your sister further away.


That evening after all the kids were safely in bed Quinn and Caleb sat down on their bed both exhausted from the events of today.

Quinn: Caleb am I a bad mom?

Caleb: Why would you even ask that! Of Course not Quinn!

Quinn: I lost our kid! We were lucky Keith was there! I work all the time and when I am here she doesn’t listen or seem to like me as much as she likes you and Casey…

Caleb: Of course she likes you Quinn but she’s a toddler! If you are worried why don’t you spend a day with just her on your next day off.

Quinn: That’s not a bad idea…Thank you.

You call me when she’s not there. You cry to me when no one’s here to listen. You ask for my help when no one can give you a hand. You rant to me when nobody could tolerate you. You look for me when she’s not available. And me? I am always there. Never did I say no to you because I can’t bear thinking of you being lonely and hurt with no one to confide in. It made me feel important to you.

At first, I thought I am the only girl you treat like that. Funny, how I reacted when I came to know that someone does the same things for you already. I thought I am the only one you tell your feelings to, just like what you said to me weeks ago. What am I? If there’s already somebody who is there for you, will you still look for me? I guess not anymore.

You told me you trust me big time. Never did I say that I do trust you as well but have you realized I tell you things that I couldn’t tell others but still tell you? It’s because I trust you so much and it hurts me now that I have given you the same amount of trust you have given me – or maybe even more - when after all this time I’m still not the one you first look for. I thought you could be the best friend-slash-boyfriend that I could have. But who am I kidding? We are friends. You told me that clearly. I understand but I still fell in love with you. How could I not? We’re just like one of those couples.

You call me “baby” and sometime “mine”. You tell me you’ll have practice when I’m not asking. You always check on me if I have already eaten or if I already took my meds. You always send me a goodnight kiss. What was I thinking? I still hope that there could be something special between us but the evidences are all laid out neatly in front of me. Everything is clear. It’s just that I couldn’t keep my feelings to myself. Am I being selfish? Probably. I admit that. Why do I do this? You made me. The thing is I could swallow my pride just for you but you wouldn’t even take a sip of yours just to be with me. The greatest question of all is: why am I letting myself be your meantime girl? And the answer to that is: I don’t know. It is stupid to say this but I will still tell you my insanity: I love you and no matter how much it hurts, I am here. I will always be here for you. I know, I’m stupid. I love you.

“isn’t this a nice place love?” alice muses as she looks out across the courtyard. she looks back to her husband. “are you sure we’re doing the right thing leaving seb on his own?” she asks her husband. it’s clear he’s not listening, so she goes back to looking at the courtyard. “now i wonder were astrid has got too”.

marcus is not paying any attention to alice, he’s busy on his phone. texting one of his many lovers, “mhm yeah – it’s pretty” he mumbles, still looking at his phone. as she mentions seb, a heavy sigh leaves his lips. “seb is a grown man, he can look after himself”, at last he looks up from his phone. “she’s probably gone off to see that boy, what was his name — marcelo?” 

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What do the heathers like the most about veronica?

omg that ask abt duke was really pure so… we know abt duke now, but what are the heathers fav things about each other??

(im grouping these two asks together bc they’re related lol)

duke likes veronica’s wit. she’s very bright and her comebacks make duke’s day every time 

what mac likes most about veronica is how deeply she cares about her friends. veronica always tries to make time for everyone and she takes her relationships very seriously

chandler’s favorite thing about veronica is her ability to listen without judgment. like veronica isn’t some magical creature who never judges anyone, but she always keeps an open mind when it comes to the people close to her

mac’s favorite thing about chandler is that she doesn’t take anybody’s shit. if someone insults chandler she strikes back twice as hard, ruthlessly

similarly, chandler’s favorite thing about mac is when she actually stands up for herself. chandler’s always been concerned about mac becoming a doormat, so when mac proves her wrong she’s very proud

i envy people who have dreams with clear rational plots like “i was on my favourite tv show for a day” my dreams are like i’m in a diner and i’m pregnant. i leave the diner and i’m in a forest watching the pregnant woman who is no longer me. she turns around and now we’re in a jeep and she’s my dad. we’re listening to music which is somehow numbers. he asks if i remember the time we went to pakistan and i say yeah because i do. i wake up and remember i’ve never been to pakistan in my life.

unicorn emoji reviews

bright! colourful! a victim of apple’s love of the blur tool and gradients but shes doing her best! 3/5

a sturdy boy with a golden horn! a bit plain but otherwise charming! 4/5

this guys a bit of a show off, the kinda guy who shows up to a party uninvited and starts telling you stories of all the princesses hes granted wishes for and then gets mad when you ask him to leave. 1/5

just a simple unicorn trying to get by, soft and kindhearted!! she’ll share her magic with you and not ask for anything back, if you’re lucky she’ll show you were to pick the best berries 5/5

soft and cute but all i want is for them to please stop staring at me 3/5

the kind of unicorn that can only be summoned by gay wizards in the most dire of situations. hes also gay 6/5

a minimalistic and bright pal, their stare might be cold and dead but thats just because theyre planning a really great surprise 4/5

a punk lesbian unicorn, she listens to thrash metal and captures the hearts of every gay horse from here to venus 5/5

this unicorn is perfect in every way. elegant, graceful, ethereal. she’s perfect 10/5

watching an episode of chopped and in the final round they asked one of the contestants what she would do with $10k and she said “I have student loans to pay off” and one of the judges said “don’t spend the money on student loans. do something to enrich yourself–travel, take a class, visit 50 restaurants, that is worth so much more than paying off the debt” and I just

what kind of privileged rich dude BULLSHIT is that I s2g

he ought to pay off my student debt just for making me listen to that fuckery