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Be a total b*tch? Lose your job and your child.

A few years ago I worked for a small company which had a one person sales staff and so decided to hire a woman I’ll call total b*tch to be the second sales person.

She came in and basically did everything possible to make life hell for the other two of us who worked in the office.

The two of us handled online content and in house IT work for this mostly online company, and she spent most of her first few days telling us how she thinks we should do our jobs instead of doing her own.

When we didn’t listen, she started literally calling our contacts and speaking on behalf of the company. We ask WTF she’s doing and she says “you’re not doing your jobs so someone has to do it”. She then tells the company owner how horrible we are and how she had to do our work for us.

She also made a mess of the office. A lot of that had to do with her bringing her infant child to work with her every day. She said she was going through a messy divorce and she didn’t want to pay for day care.

This is bad enough, but she routinely decided to leave her baby with the two of us because she “just had to step out for a minute” which was usually at least 30 minutes.

Once she was gone for half the day while we had to try to do our jobs and try to keep this kid from accidentally killing itself as it crawls all around the office grabbing at everything like a little kid does.

We’re sick of her shit so we decide to get revenge. The office was located in a shopping mall (weird for an online company but whatever) and the owner insisted we keep the doors open to the mall when we were there.

Normally we kept the total b*tch’s baby away from the doors with a little gate that kept it behind the desk area where we worked.

My co-worker decided on this fateful day to leave the gate unlatched, and pretty soon the spawn of satan crawls it’s way through and is playing out front before - you guessed it - crawling out into the mall area.

Whatever should we do?

The b*tch left us her number to call if we needed her, but she also provided her soon-to-be ex husband’s number in case of emergency since he lived very close to our offices.

Instead, we called the local police and told them a child had been left unattended in our offices and had crawled out into the mall area.

When we noticed the cops pulling up outside our area of the mall, my co-worker quickly called the soon-to-be ex husband and decided to inform him that the cops were at the mall saying they were going to take his child into protective services due to neglect by his soon-to-be ex wife.

This begins a chain of events that was beautiful in its perfection.

To set the scene, the husband is pleading with a cop holding his baby when the total b*tch walks up and starts flipping out at him, the cops, and pretty much everyone in the area. Of course we prop open the door front door nearest the scene just a little so we can hear it all.

She throws a tantrum for a short while before the total b*tch screams “give me my child!” at the cop, then literally tries to punch him while he is holding her child. The other cop takes her to the pavement and handcuffs her while she screeches like a banshee.

Just as the cops are picking her up off the ground in handcuffs, the company owner is arriving at the office and asks what’s going on since this is his recently hired salesperson and it’s happening right outside his offices. He’s calmly told the story by the police as the total b*tch pleads with him to help her and it’s all a big misunderstanding, blah blah blah.

He listens to them all and then calmly tells her she’s fired because he can’t have her causing a scene in front of his business like that.

The best part is that we later learn through mutual acquaintances that this came up in her divorce hearing and she lost custody of her child to the ex-husband because of what took place that day.

EDITED TO SAY: A few people have asked why we didn’t tell her she couldn’t leave her child there. We did. Many times. I even explained above that she offered excuses that she would only be gone a short period of time and then left. She clearly didn’t care.

Also, this was a small business with five total employees and the owner was clueless on most things and unhelpful.

Additionally, the child was never at risk. It crawled about one meter (three feet) onto mall flooring. We had eyes on it the whole time and could have been at its side in about three seconds if necessary.

Panic Cord (Chap.5)

Panic Cord - Reader is a blind person living in New York, when one day she’s saved by a mysterious man with a metal arm who shows her that seeing isn’t always believing. (Catch up on previous chapters here.)

A/N: So this is one of many updates I’m going to be doing before the year ends! I’m trying to update everything before New Years, so this is just one of many you’ll see from now on! This one is major feels, y’all. Things between you and Bucky get hella personal. :’)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Blind!Reader

Warnings: Fluffiest thing I’ve ever wrote. Mentions of deceased family. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Twenty Five

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

A big thanks are owed to @winchesters-favorite-girl and @assbutt-still-in-hell!

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“The destination is ahead on your right,” Jared tapped his finger against the steering wheel of the rental car as he followed the navigation system’s directions. Y/n had no idea he was coming and he wasn’t expecting a warm welcome from her. He slowed the car to a stop in front of the house, taking a deep breath before he climbed out of the car.

The walk to the door seemed to stretch on for hours and Jared paused outside the door, before sucking it up and ringing the bell. He shifted in spot, waiting impatiently for someone to answer the door. He heard voices inside the house until finally the door swung open.

Jared couldn’t help, but smile as the door opened to reveal Y/n standing on the other side. He’d missed seeing and talking to her. Y/n on the other hand, froze as soon as she saw him, a frown pulling across her face. “Go away!”

She went to close the door again, but Jared stuck his foot out, stopping it before it shut again. Y/n shoved the door again, trying to get rid of him, but Jared held strong. He wasn’t letting her get rid of him that fast.

“Listen, I know you’re mad at me, but we need to talk. I need you to hear me out!”

Y/n gave a final shove, but Jared still refused to budge.

“DAD!” Y/n shouted. Jared paused for a second, startled that she was calling him dad again. As soon as he saw Dan coming down the hall behind her, he realized that she wasn’t referring to him, but rather her step father.

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Ever Since Shanghai

A/N’s: This is the first part of my new Harry Styles mini-series, there will be more parts, hope you guys like it. All the love. xx

Word Count : 1.62 K words

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader



“We are here, finally!” Cindy, my best friend, said before stretching her arms.

“Finally,” I sighed happily and tiredly.

“Sarah just texted me, she said she’s here we should go towards the gate now,” Cindy said checking her phone.

“Okay,” I replied then looked around the airport, we are here in Shanghai currently to attend the victoria secret fashion show. Sarah Jones, the drummer of Harry Styles and elder sister of Cindy managed to get us two tickets.

“I’m so excited for the show,” I said after claiming our luggage and making our way towards the gate.

“Yeah I’m glad the exams are over, it sucked the life out of us,” Cindy said happily.

“True, we have a well deserved break before starting uni,” I said contently.

“Let’s make the most of it,” she cheered.

“We will stay till the end of tour with the band so yeah it’ll be fun,” I said.

“Yeah Harry’s tour are so fun to attend, though we only attended two shows.”

“Well now we have 7 shows to attend, it’ll be fun!”

“Uh huh!”

“There’s Sarah! Hi!” I said before we both ran towards her.

“I’m so glad you guys made it here!” Sarah hugged me and Cindy and smiled widely.

“Our pleasure, so sorry couldn’t be here in the beginning you know because of fucking exams,” Cindy said.

“Oh I understand, I’m just happy I’ll get you two for the rest of the tour,” she said.


“Okay nerds, now c’mon, you must be starving from the flight,” Cindy said before dragging us towards the car waiting outside the airport.

“Yeah flight from London to Shanghai is no joke,” I replied yawning.

“Oh oh turn the radio on,” I said.

“Okay okay,” Sarah turned it on.

Slow Hands started playing.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS OH THIS IS THE BEST,” Cindy shouted, she’s a huge Niall fan.

We all started jamming, I’m sure the driver might think we are all insane. Sarah laughed loudly.

“Man I love this song, I love Niall,” Cindy fangirled.

“Sarah, is Mr. Horan attending any shows?” I asked.

“No I don’t think so, plus if he does and you meet him then pretend me and Cindy are not related, she’ll embarrass herself and I’ll also get embarrassed if he knows we’re sisters,” she shook her head.

“Oh I’m also not related to her either,” I agreed.

“You guys are so mean, oh my god.”

“We love you though,” me and Sarah said in unison.

“Okay kids, we’re here, brace yourself for the best times of your lives, that is seeing me play drums on stage,” she winked.

We giggled, but there’s no denying our girl slays the stage with her drumming skills.

We entered the luxurious hotel, and looked at each other before smiling widely, “we will have a memorable time, I’m so excited.”

Oh it was indeed going to be a memorable trip.

“I love our room Cindy, it’s so big, Sarah went all above and beyond,” I said before seeing the hotel room we will be staying for few days before going to another country.

“Indeed, I’m so proud of my sister, she always dreamed this, you know to be a successful drummer,” she said fondly.

“Remember when we first became best friends and I came to your house to hang out and she tried to teach us to play drums?” I giggled, fondly remembering that day.

“Oh god yes, we were in middle-school back then,” she chuckled. 

“When will she be done by rehearsal?” 

“I think in a couple of hours, she mentioned we all will dine together.”

“Sounds fun, I can’t wait to meet the rest of the band.” I said smiling.

“Styles innit,” she winked.

“Well his songs are cool,” I shrugged.

“I spoke to him once briefly, he’s a gentleman, also he looks so good in pictures and much more good in person, how is this possible?” 

I just chuckled, I never actually met him, Cindy attended few parties and met him, I’m not that big of a fan but the times Cindy made me listen his songs I actually liked them.

Few Hours Later

After freshening up and eating light snacks me and Cindy got dressed up into something comfortable yet fashionable and began watching a random movie that was playing on the tv, waiting for Sarah to come to us.

After half an hour later, Sarah arrived, she looked really tired.

“Just took a shower and quickly got dressed before coming here, it was such an exhausting day, it was worth it though,” she said.

“Are you excited for tomorrow’s show?” I asked smiling.

“Absolutely, now let’s go, we’re going to a restaurant Mitch found for dinner, sounds good?”

“Yes, I miss Mitch, how are you two with all this lovey-dovey process?” Cindy wiggled her eyebrow.

“Uh, I’m not discussing my love-life with my two little sisters, but he’s very nice,” Sarah said blushing slightly.

“Aww, look at her blush,” I teased.

“Shut up you two and follow me,” she said.

We saw three cars waiting for us outside.

“Where’s others?” Cindy asked.

“They’ll join us in a bit,now c’mon get in the car,” Sarah said.

“Hey ladies, how are you two?” Mitch said before engulfing me and Cindy into a welcoming hug.

“Mitch! Hi! We missed you,” me and Cindy replied enthusiastically.

“I missed you guys too,” he replied flashing a smile.

“C’mon let’s go I’m starving!” Sarah whined.

“Relax woman, we’re going,” he said giving Sarah a peck.


We are now at the restaurant right now, and the place looks beautiful, it is a rooftop restaurant and the weather was a bit windy so it felt really nice. There was even a bar setup where we can order drinks.

The table that we sat on was huge, there were all band members of C.H.A.S.M, me, Cindy, Jeff, Glenne, Lou and another guy  that looked around our age but I didn’t know his name.

I looked over at Harry and I couldn’t help but stare at him, he’s absolutely gorgeous, the way he smiles is indescribable. I noticed how he’s the center of attention always cracking a joke and talking about everything stuffs other than work. Now I know why Cindy is so mad over him along his other 1D band members, especially Niall.

I heard Sarah say, Harry rented the entire rooftop so they could have some privacy and enjoy the meal. 

The dinner was absolutely delicious and I was so full. Cindy and the boy our age whose name I learnt was Max seemed to be engrossed in conversation. I saw almost everyone was busy talking among themselves.

“I’ll be back, just want to see the view,” I said to Cindy pointing towards the railing where we can see the view.

“Sure babe, I’ll join you in a bit maybe?” She replied.

I nodded.

I walked towards the bar section and ordered a sprite. I then proceeded towards the railing of the rooftop and observed the view below. It was a busy city and all the lights and everything made it seem so wonderful.

“Hi,” I heard a voice from behind.

I turned around to see it was none other than Harry, I was a bit taken aback, “Hello,” I replied politely.

“We haven’t met properly, you’re Sarah’s sister’s best friend?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m Y/N,” I said offering my hand to shake.

“And I’m Harry,” he said smiling, shaking my hand.

“It’s a beautiful view from here wow,” he said before standing beside me.

“Indeed,” I replied sipping my sprite, “are you excited for the show tomorrow?”

“I am, a bit nervous if I must add.” He said sipping his own beverage.

“Don’t be, you’re amazing on stage, I’ve been to two of your shows and it was such a great experience,” I said smiling encouragingly.

“Really?” He asked grinning.


“Thanks, I appreciate that. Uh you a fan then?” 

“Well Cindy is. Me? Not really.” I said.

“Ouch that hurt,” he said in mock offence.

“But I liked your album, I mainly came for Sarah but you were so good,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said chuckling.

We talked for two more hours, starting from where we live and which show is our favourite to what type of ice-cream flavor we prefer.

“Guys we gotta head towards the hotel, got a big day ahead,” Jeff said loudly catching everyone’s attention, at this point everyone was scattered around different places talking among themselves.

“It was nice meeting you Harry, goodnight,” I said before hugging him.

“Likewise, um-Y/N -um see you again then, yeah,” he said smiling.



Since the moment we arrived at the hotel, Cindy couldn’t stop talking about Max and how amazing he was. 

“He also plays violin, I mean that’s so hot,” she gushed.

“Who is he related to?” I asked.

“He’s Jeff’s cousin, he also finished his exams recently so Jeff and Glenne asked him to tag along,” he explained.

“Oh,” I said.

“I saw you talking with Harry, oh my goodness how did you even manage to speak in front of such a perfect human being for so long?” She started asking loudly.

“First of all speak gently, second of all he’s a real gentleman and it didn’t seem like he’s some celebrity he was so down to earth and I enjoyed talking to him.”

“I always knew he’s a gentleman, oh tell me something I don’t already know,” she began singing the last part.

I just rolled my eyes, “Go to sleep kid, I’m so tired, goodnight.”

“Goodnight, can’t wait for the show and meet Max,” she said before turning off the lamp placed on top of the hotel’s nightstand.

Zane, Garmadad and Cole might be my favs but if u asked me who in Ninjago I wanted to date this would be the real answer.

U know I appreciate her design doesn’t require her top to cover her entire chest.

Looking at her design I decided maybe she’d have more of a doll kind of look? I love her face at least.

I should have colored the furniture but mmmmmMMM

Listen writers, she better be kick ass in season 8 or I’m SUING

Bad Habit [Billy Russo x Reader]

Characters: Billy Russo x Reader, Karen Page, Frank Castle

Summary: Unexpected encounters happen in unexpected places.

Warning: Explicit language

Word Count: 1662

Please tell me what you think! <3

Gif’s not mine

Originally posted by colleenwing

You chewed on your popcorn, eyes focused on the screen of your laptop as the male character ran after the girl in the rain, then pulled her closer to him and kissed her deeply, making you heave a sigh before your head shot up  upon hearing your name.

“Y/N, are you listening?”

“What?” You asked with a mouth full of popcorn, then swallowed it when your best friend shot you a look.

“Glad to know my work stories aren’t boring.”

“Oh no, I just…” You closed your computer shut and put it beside you, turning to look at her as she ran a hand through her blonde hair.

“Too late.” She said dramatically and you threw a pillow at her.


“Obviously you’d rather watch two people kiss-“

“I’ve been waiting for that couple to happen since season 1!” You defended yourself, “I zoned out, okay? Did Matt come to talk to you again?”

“I’m pretty sure Matt and his ex are a couple now, so no.” She shrugged, “I’m telling you, we weren’t meant to be.”

“But I liked you with him.”

“Not again.” She warned me, “And no. I ran into Foggy other day though.”

“Oh, how is he?”

“He was actually on a date. With Macy.”

You made a face, “What’s wrong with men in Hell’s Kitchen and their taste in women?”

“She helped us a lot, she’s actually a nice person.”

“No one could be that pretty and nice, except for you.” You stated and she shot you a look.

“You’re nice.”

“My point still stands.” You shrugged, “So? What were you saying?”

“I’m supposed to write a piece on Billy Russo.” Karen stated “Ellison thinks it’ll be good for paper.”

“Who’s Billy Russo again?”

“He’s-uh…” Karen reached out to get some popcorn from the bowl, “He used to be in the army and now he runs a successful company called Anvil. He worked with Frank.”

“As in The Punisher?”

Karen nodded, “Anyway, Ellison thinks it might be good for his business and our business.”

“So you have to interview a rich prick?”

Karen shrugged, “He was Frank’s friend. How bad could he be?”

Neither you nor Karen had to wait so long to get an answer to that question. While you were cleaning the tables your phone was buzzing angrily in your pocket with Karen’s numerous messages about how Billy Russo brushed her off after making her wait for an hour, telling her he was busy. Thankfully, it was not a busy day in the coffee shop so you had plenty of time to text her back, trying to calm her down.

“Y/N? Can we switch?” Your coworker Liz asked you and you turned to her.

“Sure, what’s up? Asshole customer?”

“I have a date waiting for me in my break.” She motioned at her face, “Can’t mess up my makeup before that, and playing around with steam is a dangerous zone.”

You wiggled your brows, “Is he cute?”

Liz tried to repress a smile, “He has his moments.” She said and you handed her the tray which you used to pick up empty coffee cups from the tables.

“There you go. I can mess up my makeup as much as I want, hashtag single life.” You joked and she made a face,

“Your Prince Charming will come as soon as you stop with those jokes.”

“So never?” You said and walked to the counter as the tiny wind bell made a soft sound from the door and you pulled your hair up into a ponytail, then filled the foam cup for the customer in line and put it in front of her.

“There you go, have a nice day!”

The girl grabbed the foam cup from the counter

“You can keep the receipt.” She said and walked away as you rolled your eyes,

“Great, I’ll add it in my collection, how fucking generous of you..” You mumbled, scrunching up the receipt in your hand and threw it to the bin before hearing someone clear their throat.

“Welcome to Julie’s-” You raised your head and as soon as you did, you stopped talking. The guy standing in front of you looked like some sort of a model, jet black hair carefully styled, a mischievous light shining in his dark eyes. His suit was half covered by the long coat he was wearing, but you were sure that it was more expensive than everything in the café at the moment. His lips pulled into a small smile that allowed you to see his white teeth before he licked his lips, such a small gesture but it somehow made your heart beat faster, before you realized you were blatantly staring and shook your head slightly, your cheeks getting crimson red as you cleared your throat.

“How- how can I help you?” You stammered and he leaned towards the counter.

“Coffee, black. And I’ll take the receipt.”

You shut your eyes for a second, biting your lip hard enough to hurt and wondering if it was too late to ask God to send a sniper in your way so that you could stop dying of embarassment.  

“Sorry about that.” You mumbled and he shrugged,

“Hey, no problem. Wouldn’t want to be accused of being generous.”

“Ehm- That’ll be 4,5.” You gulped averting your eyes and went to prepare his coffee while he followed you with his eyes, making you clumsier than you naturally were and when you placed his cup on the counter, he placed a hundred on the counter. You pulled open the cash register but he waved his hand dismissively.

“Keep the change.”

You gawked at him, “You’re leaving me a hundred dollar tip?”

“Well, it’s less than a hundred.”

“People don’t drop 95,5 dollar tips.”

“What can I say? I really like good customer service.”

You felt the burning spreading from your cheeks to your chest as you blinked dumbly.

“Thanks.” You muttered, as he kept his eyes on you, making you gulp loudly, “Um- your- your coffee will get cold.”

“I know.”

“So why-why aren’t you-?”

“I’m waiting for my receipt.” He stated and you took in a deep breath, ripped the receipt from the register and placed it in front of him.

“Thanks.” He took out a pen from the inner pocket of his coat, turned the receipt over and scribbled something before pushing it slightly to your direction with a smirk.

His number.

You couldn’t help but to smile “I can assure you, the coffee isn’t that good.” You mumbled while you held the receipt as if it would disappear anytime and he sipped his coffee, leaning against the counter again silently.

“So what name will I save the number under?”


You bit on your lip, feeling as giggly as a highschooler with a crush,

“You’re not gonna give me a surname so that I can stalk you on the internet and make sure you’re not a serial killer?”

That seemed to make him chuckle, “Honest, aren’t you?”

“That and mediocre coffee are the only things I can offer.” You tried to joke, “So? Billy what?”

“Billy Russo.”

You could almost feel your eyes getting bigger as you snapped out of the temporary bliss and gawked at him.

“Oh no.”

He raised his brows, “You have already checked if I’m a serial killer then?”

“No I-“ You took a deep breath “I was supposed to spit in your coffee or something.”

“You know, I’m beginning to think customer service is not really your forte, have you considered a career change?”

You shook your head slightly, “It’s just- my um- my best friend has been cursing your whole existence since the morning.”

He shot you a quizzical look and you heaved a sigh.

“Karen Page.”

“The journalist?”

You nodded “She says you stood her up, at your company- Advil?”

“Anvil, and it wasn’t intentional, a meeting came up.”

“So you stood her up in a professional way?”

He shrugged, as if it wasn’t a big deal and you licked your lips.

“You might want to take your phone number back.” You placed the receipt on the counter, already regretting it, but he made no attempt to take it back, instead he just sipped his coffee.

“You’re that loyal to your best friend?”

“That, and I don’t get along well with filthy rich people.”

“Yeah? How come?”

“As a principle.”

He nodded, deep in thought.

“I also don’t get along well with rich people, so we have something in common already.”

You tried to repress the smile pulling at your lips.

“You don’t get along well with your social circle?”

“You don’t even know if I’m filthy rich.” He mimicked you and you snorted.

“Uh huh- How much is your coat again?”

“That’s not very appropriate; you don’t see me asking you how much that hideous apron is.”

“It’s free, came with the job.” You stated, making him smile and he licked his lips.

“Tell you what.” He said looking you in the eye and you felt like you were going to melt from the intensity of his gaze, “Your friend will get her interview, if you call me back.”

You gawked at him, “Wh-what?”

“I’m free tomorrow between 2 and 3, she will have a whole hour.”

“No excuses?”

“No excuses.” He nodded “In fact, why don’t you join us? You and I can go grab a bite after she’s done.”

You gawked at him and he took one last sip as another customer walked inside.

“See you tomorrow, Y/N.” He said silkily and threw his empty foam cup to the bin, then walked out of the café. You pulled yourself together after staring at the closed door for a couple of seconds, prepared the new customer’s order, then grabbed your phone from your pocket and found Karen’s number.

“Hey,” You said as soon as she answered. “We need to talk.”

“What is this about?” Pt. 2

Beca just stared at the ginger as she walked away. ’This?’ What even is ’this’, supposed to mean?! The small girl fast walked to catch up with the Bella’s deep in thought.

Just looking around the lounge she wasn’t sure who Chloe wanted us to hide from. Why did it happen so fast? Beca didn’t even see anyone around that could have made Chloe act that way. The only time she gets that way is when someone she likes is around.

Beca remembered how Chloe was with Tom when she was a just a freshman. Tom was someone she’d never forget because he saw her nearly naked just like Chloe did. Whenever he was around Chloe would get all nervous and silly, definitely too distracted to see what she was doing. Beca remembers that all too well.

Then it hits her. Chicago. Was he around when they came in? Or was it one of the three bands the Bella’s were touring with? Beca kept thinking, and muttering to herself.

“But it couldn’t have been him. Chicago had just dropped us off. We wouldn’t need him in here. Unless he’s only here for Chloe..” Beca bit her lip in thought, her eyes locked on the floor. Only looking up to collide with someone.

Whipping around, Chloe gasped to see Beca on the ground. “Oh Becs! Are you okay?” Kneeling down the taller girl was eye to eye with her. “Do you need some ice? Did you hurt anything? I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

Beca just shook her head, “I bumped into you Chlo. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Looking around she saw the Bella’s walking further from them. “How come you were walking just as slow as me?”

“Someone had to keep an eye on you. You’re easy to lose in the crowd.” Chloe laughed and helped the smaller girl up, her hands lingering in Beca’s.

Beca looked down at their hands and slowly took hers away. “Very funny Beale. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention. Just a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” Chloe asked, “it’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me. I know you don’t like sharing how you feel sometimes.”

That hurt Beca a little. She didn’t mean to be so distant from everyone, even Chloe. She just hasn’t ever really trusted a lot of people. Ever since her and Jesse broke up when he went off to film school she felt that no one was around to talk to. Fat Amy was okay, but it always ended in her taking money from Beca’s purse in return for listening to that nights problem.

Deep in thought, Beca didn’t realize Chloe had been saying something. “Sorry Chlo. What were you saying?”

Chloe rolled her eyes sarcastically. “Ughhh… Beca I was saying we haven’t seen any groups around here yet. Were you distracted because of them?” She asked

“Oh..no. I was thinking about why we hid. Who were we hiding from?” Beca questioned back, looking at Chloe’s body language changing instantly

Adverting her eyes, a faint blush formed on the gingers cheeks. “I saw Chicago. I got nervous and I kind of accidentally roped you in..” Chloe sighed. “I mean..I don’t regret it because..well your boobs feel really nice.” She kept blabbering nervously and Beca felt her heart sink.

“So this is what all this is about.” The brunettes eyes saddened and she looked away from Chloe. “Uhm, I have to use the bathroom and go freshen up. The floor was kind of dirty.” Feeling the girls hand on her shoulder made Beca shiver. “I’ll catch up. Don’t worry.”

Brushing away Chloe’s hand, Beca walked away to the restroom slowly. Before she reached it however she saw Chicago. That’s when her whole world got turned upside down. This isn’t what she thought Chloe meant about ’this’.

Part 2/???

[TO.SOLAR] 171122

A song she’s currently listening to (and she’d recommend) is Sia’s ‘Snowman’

Solar : “Recently, I’ve been listening to Christmas carols when i hear them it changes my mood. ㅎㅎㅎ It makes my heart feel warm when I listen to Christmas carols?” (trans)

Moomoo asked if Solar has any hobbies recently, or any exciting/fun things to do that she would recommend. (trans)
Solar : “Lately… when i have free time, i’ll make music. I also watch movies!’

Moomoo said they are starting to gain interest in cameras and asked Solar if she could let them know the Canon camera model that she was using in the Solar’s Emotion pics.
Solar : “Ah…that camera isn’t mineㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” (trans)

Moomoo : “What’s a recent thing that made you happy? (me commenting makes you feel the happiest right?)”
Solar : “Fansign” (trans)

Moomoo : “Unnie what kind of flower do you like?  For me, (i like) Yongsun-flower” 
Solar : “Me, Moomoo-flower” (trans)

Moomoo : “Unnie, which Jo Malone perfume do you use? All of them look the sameㅠㅠ”
Solar : “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You’re right, that’s why I don’t know either.” (trans)

Moomoo : “Why is jjing (named) jjing!!!??? (trans)
Solar : “Because she kept whining…… 
(찡찡/jjingjjing = whining/whimpering in korean)

Moomoo asked if Solar heard the song remixes of Hwasa “hello i am a lion” that Wheein requested awhile back 
Solar : “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ of course i heard it! Moomoos are really cool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” (trans

Moomoo took Sunhae’s letter to Moonbyul and changed words accordingly so it’s directed at Solar (trans)
Solar : (fan’s name), I love you and thank you, but let’s put your kiss away (referring to the line 'I’m gonna go find you and kiss you’)

Moomoo suggested for Sunhae to join Byul in Byul’s next DJ show (별다방) broadcast
Solar : “I’ll go whenever they call me of course haha. Since Sunhae is a student, she’s free in the evenings” (trans)

Moomoo asked if Solar would dye her hair blonde for next promotion..
Solar : blonde…I got your request! (trans)

Moomoo asked if Solar would consider getting bangs. (trans)
Solar : “Me with bangs….is something that I can’t even imagineㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” 

Solar to a Moomoo : “They say you don’t know how great you are!
I haven’t seen you but you’re probably a great personㅎㅎ
I’m also a hard-working person, not someone who’s good at things. Let’s both live working hard ^.^” (trans)

A Moomoo said they’re living in New Zealand and Solar replied “how are you?” (trans)

Solar’s reply : “I wished you came for the inauguration ceremony (event), I want to have fun with moomoos..ㅠ” (trans)

Solar : “Wa… Time really have passed just like this. I’m sorry that I can only say thank you. I thank you for always cheering for me at the same place and always being with me ㅠ Thank you and let’s be together from now on!” (trans)

Moomoo said they are having a hard time now but there’s no one to comfort them hence they cry alone at night
Solar : “Why are you crying ㅠ Stop!!!! Don’t cry because I’m here~~ Recently there’s a lot of Moomoos with worries ㅠㅠ I have to open a worry center  ㅠㅠ I’m gonna listen to all your worries  ㅠㅠ Hee-yong ㅠㅠ“ (trans)

Solar’s reply : “It’s okay. Studying is not everything, it’s just part of it!!!!! Go with confidence!!!!! The fact that you have a dream is wonderful!” (trans)

Solar’s reply : “First of all, be more filial toward your parents, study hard, live in a positively and progressive manner!” (trans)

Moomoo asked if she ever went on a blind date
Solar : “I’ve not tried it once ㅋㅋㅋ The person who will be succeed in blind dating is you~” (trans)  

Solar : “Here’s a wise saying ㅎㅎ 
Stream? [do it] just like you breathe 
Vote? just like you eat” (trans)

Solar : “I want to talk to all the moomoos but because i can’t i feel frustrated…ㅠ”

Moomoo wrote a post thanking Solar for all that she has done and the things she will do in the future, and told her that she’ll always support them. (trans)
Solar : “If Moomoos didn’t support/cheer for me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do this/lasted until now. From the bottom of my heart, thank you”

all translation by ch0sshi, yourfavidol & 2younggirls

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Listen guys, if you're asking Katzun about NSFW art just cause she does great anatomy... Find an adult artist who happily does that and has a blog for it... Katzun is a law abiding Good Christian who acknowledges that she is a minor. She is being good, leave her alone about it!

I’m a good Christian girl I swear

EXID's Hani And Hanhae Reveal Thoughts On Their Collaboration

EXID’s Hani And Hanhae Reveal Thoughts On Their Collaboration

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Rapper Hanhae and EXID member Hani surprised fans with an Instagram Live broadcast on November 21.

The two artists live-broadcasted from two different locations as if they were on a video call. On the day of the broadcast, EXID won first place on “The Show” for “DDD” and Hanhae congratulated her.

Then, Hanhae asked Hani if she likes hip hop, to which she replied, “I like it. I like to listen to…

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3. Which part of “I Leave This at Your Ear” was hardest to write? (I really love that one-shot!) 💕

Thanks for the ask <3333

The hardest part to write in I Leave This at Your Ear was the very beginning, before the main opening scene of Betty and Jughead’s call when she’s waiting for Veronica’s car service and he’s walking home. The fabulous @soyforramen helped me a lot here (and with this whole story).

The initial long phone conversation between Betty and Jughead was the first part of the story I wrote. That scene was the original idea which established the tone and vision for the story: awkward pauses and over thinking, but also careful listening and giving each other these small openings. The push-pull of these two opposing forces creates an interesting sort of tension. 

However, I knew I didn’t want to write about the specifics of how they broke up, mostly because the show has done a great (but terrible! also terrible!) job of establishing the fundamental problems that could drive them to a breakup, even in the first few episodes of season two that had aired when I wrote this. But I did need a short intro scene to hint at a backstory that had left Betty and Jughead’s relationship heavily damaged, teetering on that final edge of a serious, estranging breakup, while also letting readers know that they’ve decided to get back together. 

Okay. But then what? That’s the question this story focuses on.

The original version of the opening was shorter and cuter and didn’t fit the tone of the story at all:

They break up on February 17 and get back together on March 15. The ides of March, he calls it later. Betty rolls her eyes as she leans down to kiss the tip of his nose.

Hahaha, no. Too glib. Too sweet. So this scene got longer and sadder with each progressive draft. They fought me every step of the way, too, because my head was still full of how adorable and connected they had been in season one.

Until, at last, I got to this:

They sort of break up on February 17 and definitely get back together on March 15. They barely talk between “the Valentine’s Day massacre and the ides of the March,” he jokes later, sitting next to her in a booth at Pop’s and hoping that she’ll slide closer to rest her head on his shoulder like she used to.

She doesn’t. But she takes his hand.

The kiss on the nose became Betty resting her head on his shoulder became Jughead wishing she would when she doesn’t. The quirky “ides of March” reference (inspired by Jughead’s season one “Gordian knot” call out) that Betty reacts to with fond exasperation picks up the thematically related Valentine’s Day massacre as Jughead’s humor becomes more defensive and obviously fear-driven. Betty’s reaction is muted down to the high-school-dating baseline of holding hands, which is one of the earliest, testing-the-waters romantic gestures they shared after their first kiss.

They’re having to start over almost from the very beginning and build their relationship back up without any guarantee that they can get back to that place where so many things between them came so easy, knowing what they’ve lost but not how to get it back. This awareness represents the loss of a particular kind of innocence that these sweet, flawed, well-meaning but damaged kids now have to learn to live with and fuels the wistful—almost grieving—undercurrent in I Leave This at Your Ear.

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I really enjoyed your post of KUOW Public Radio's recording of Rachel Zucker on the 'Poetics of Wrongness'. I especially liked the Q & A after her lecture and was happy to learn of her 'Commonplace' podcast series. I'd be curious to know your thoughts on the lecture. Thanks again!

i love the path she opens in to wrongness and how its rewarding to be the one who is wrong. im going to listen to it multiple times. i like to do weaving projects which are repetitive actions while i listen to lectures. i question myself a lot about what i post. i LOVE lectures. i deleted the post. if someone is interested, look for Rachel Zucker on “the poetics of Wrongness” at soundcloud. ty for asking!

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Pls explain the explosion thingy ooc

;;Sure! I think the basic jist was that when they pull objects out of their hats, they were turning energy into matter..? CQ mentioned Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, e=mc², which is.. energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared? As I said earlier I was only half- listening and more focused on my video game so sorry lmfao. But I remember she said something about the user’s severing body becoming energy itself after it overexerts itself, I believe? And that kind of event would blow up the world since its such a drastic change, but to prevent that, they’re naturally turned to like.. a stone kind of state? So the severed state is more of a protection, I believe..

;;honestly at this point though you’d have to ask cq- she’s the one who took classes on this and developed all of it, i know very little about and physics is actually my worst subject, soooo. but thats most of what i remember- see if u can pop into her inbox and ask her what she said about that the other day!!

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...I have never heard of that band you linked, and I regret I just now found them.

AAAAH YES studio killers are AMAZING!! i really love their music…. here is a cherry amethyst for you *o*  

Random ML headcanons (feel free to add on)

• Chat Noir is more Tumblr famous that LB

• A lot of people at school ship Marichat considering he has saved her like 6 times

• Ladybug and Chat Noir fight non-Akuma crimes/ disasters too

- “ it’s getting a lil heated” “chat we’re in a burning building”

• Marinette is a really good singer

• Akuma Alerts (yknow like the ones that show up on your phone)

- Also “Chat Noir on the loose” because he runs around quite often and happens to scare a lot of parisians & tourists because they think an Akumas happening

• Because Chat Noir runs away around so much like 60% of Paris knows him personally

• Marinette has a disguise just incase she loses her earrings

• Marinette’s bakery is #6 on TOP TEN THINGS TO DO WHEN IN PARIS

• Everyone in social media trinna figure out who these kids are

- “this week on Buzzfeed Unsolved we cover the mysterious secret identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir.” (don’t fuck with me i love Ryan and Shane)

• Adrien curses like a sailor

• Nino was probably Vine famous before it shut down

• Marinette’s grandmother is Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

• Marinette is the girl who thinks she’s total shit but half the school has a crush on her

• Adrien pretends he doesn’t know (cmon guys he’s chat noir)

• Chloe is hella gay

• Marinette considers Chat Noir as one of her best friends

• if Chat Noir was ever to visit Mari (like in the fanfics), she’d probably beat his ass with a lamp

• Nino calls Adrien “Rupunzel” sometimes

• The whole class constantly do the “The Floor’s Lava” challenge

• Adrien reads Ladynoir fanfiction

• The public thinks LB & CN are perfect for each other too

-Ladybug = logic and strategy

-Chat Noir = passion and trust

^ literally what’s on half of their merch

• there’s a whole brand of clothes based of Akuma’s costumes

• Father Tom is taller that Father Gabriel

• Marinette feels bad because everyone hates Lila so she takes her in

• Alya is a die hard Game Of Thrones fan

• Chloe has pictures of Sharpay Evans, Regina George, and Chanel Oberlin in her locker for inspiration

• Mari listens to Cardi B

• LB & CN hang all their fan letters and fan art on their wall

• Adrien’s middle name starts with an “A”

- so his anitial’s are “AAA”

• Ladybug likes to take the children from hospitals and orphanages shopping on their birthdays and holidays

• whenever kids are asked what they wanna be when they grow up they say “Ladybug”


• Mari gets “mistaken” for LB a lot

-*in the bakery talking to an american tourist*

“has anyone ever told you you look like Ladybug?”

“no, they usually tell me i look like Marinette.”

“who the fuck is that?”

“me, bitch.”

• Kim and Mari are really good friends

• Chat Noir likes to jump scare LB

-she usually just laughs “you’re an asshole Chat Noir”

look, I see you out there with those “Lance is loud because he’s scared of being ignored” headcanons and I respect you, but latinxs are honestly all just loud as hell. this boy isn’t afraid of not being heard, he’s wondering why his friends are whispering all the god damn time

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If you woke up randomly one day and you were Keith (the black paladin) for a day. What is a list of things you'd do?

  1. respect allura
  2. practice forming voltron w the team bc i think that’d be cool
  3. gossip with the black lion
  4. respect allura
  5. check on shay/the balmera in general bc i love them
  6. tbh i’d hit up everyone the team has ever met??? i’d start a group chat or smth
  7. mess around with keith’s bayard
  8. try the space goo because that shit looks whack and i’m curious
  9. hang out with everyone and like just listen to ‘em talk. i’d chillax with my bros. i don’t want to do anything too ooc or intrusive because i’m just borrowing keith’s life for the day n stuff
  10. respect allura
  11. braid my/keith’s hair
  12. ask coran and allura about altea
  13. maybe encourage a game night or a sleepover or smth
  14. respect allura