or asami

Your puns are shaving years off my life.

Wait wait wait one more. He’s a groudon right? He must’ve gotten- *snort* holed up.


Actually, speaking of groudon, how come Inari’s so much darker than you? 

It’s cuz he’s older. Same goes for the colorful tails. One day my wings might get some more colors in them too.

Huh.. wonder what a old kyogre looks like?

Guess we’ll have to wait huh?

Though… Are you even happy with this?


 I mean, are you okay? With being a kyogre now? I mean, you were forced into it… But you seem pretty okay with it?


aaaand more of izumi’s daughter. i have no excuses

i was just thinking about her and mako. how would be their first kiss? i think she would be the one who started it, cause mako is a little afraid and intimidated, cause GOD he only dates super important and independent girls. the future industries owner, the fuckin avatar and now the firelord’s daughter. he’s also insecure about everything cause his last relationships didnt worked out very well and he didnt wanted to rush anything, now. izumi’s daughter - which i call ursa - takes the first step and kisses him one day, and mako almost forgets all those insecurities cause it feels good and right to be with her

also korra and asami supports them like crazy. when they kissed they were all like “called it”

Lok/Supergirl parallels

- Tenzin is J'onn the level headed protective paternal figure and one of the last of his kind
- korra is Kara the immensely powerful but deeply troubled with great responsibility and has a team of people behind her
- winn is clearly Bolin the sweet gullible and lovable guy who has a crush on his super powerful friend but backs down respectfully when she isnt interested
- Asami is Lena Raven haired beauty who is thrust into owning a company because her family runs a terrorist organization that tried to eliminate all benders/aliens. Her business suffers and she tries to redirect it because of her family. People are suspicious because of this and she uses electricity to protect herself like a badass and she and that super powerful friend are endgame and amazing friends and couple

I wanna get some actual threads going again. Writing that long reply for Asami with an idea of how the plot is going, I really really wanna plot out some stuff with my other muses that are actual threads and not just short little things that wing it. If anyone wants to plot then please let me know.

There will be an iDOLM@STER THREE STARS event on April 29th and April 30th. Cast members include;

  • Nakamura Eriko (Haruka Amami)
  • Shimoda Asami (Ami and Mami Futami)
  • Yoshimura Haruka (Mika Jougasaki)
  • Aihara Kotomi (Shiki Ichinose)
  • Machico (Tsubasa Ibuki)
  • Kahara Yuu (Emily Stewart)
  • Special Guest: Juri Takita (Kotori Otonashi)

anonymous asked:

Top 5 romantic couples ❤


  1. Korrasami (Korra/Asami)
  2. Sanvers (Alex/Maggie)
  3. Pharmercy (Pharah/Mercy)
  4. Mel and Lynn (Pulse manga)
  5. Shallura (Shiro/Allura) and Viktuuri (Yuuri/Viktor) are tied

Send me my ‘top 5′ anything


Thank you for the positive feedbacks. I drew more TLOK/VLD crossover!  I feel like Asami and Keith wouldn’t get along at first because Keith would defy Asami and she’s having none of that. Asami would kick Keith’s butt before he learns to show respect then she’ll be like the aunt who spoils her nephew too much.

Lance and Korra