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Lovely distractions - Sirius Black X Reader (smut)

Requested by @slytherinsurf : Helloooo! Your writing makes me cry, it’s so amazing!! Could I request a sirius x reader oneshot that has fluff, and smutt? The reader suffers from nightmares and stuff, so one night she goes to the common room, and Sirius wakes up, and comes down to comfort her. (He’s super sweet and caring) Then one thing leads to another, and things get a bit steamy ;)? Thank you so much!!!! Xxx
Well, I AM SORRY! But I wasn’t strong enough. I gave in to temptation. There isn’t enough fluff. I am sorry :( 
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT (my heart loves it!) My English and swearing. Image isn’t mine/ Credits to the original owner[I wish I was ;) ]

You were inside a mansion. You had no idea how you got there. The only thing you could remember was the burning sensation on your arm. Why was your arm on fire? You glimpsed and froze.
The Dark Mark. You had the Dark Mark. You-it couldn’t be. You couldn’t be a Deatheater. Your parents were but you had run away. You would never be one of them.
“Prove your loyalty. Kill them”, a cold voice told you and someone handed you a wand. You were utterly lost and confused. What was happening?
Three people walked into the dark room. All air left your body when you saw their faces. You screamed and tried to move but a strong grip kept you pinned down. You were fighting the grasp but it was useless.
“You were always a disappointment” your father spat at you. You looked over the familiar faces and tried to find something-hope-in their eyes but they were blank.
Empty. This is impossible.
“Very well” he continued. He raised his wand and fired the cruciatus curse towards James. He fell to the ground and screamed in pain. You were begging him to stop but he never even gave a sign he’d listened to you.
He moved on to Remus. This time you were spitting curses and trying to get away from the grip that held you. When he deemed that he had tortured him enough, he went over to Sirius. But he stopped. He lowered his wand and put it in his pocket. You thought that he finally had enough. How foolish of you… He took out a smile knife with a sharp blade that made your heart stop beating. His hand was getting closer and closer to Sirius’s throat.
“No, please, no, no” you screamed at the top of your lungs. A red line appeared in his throat. You grasped your wand and pointed your father.
“Avada Kedavra”

Your eyes shot open. It took you a bit more to realize that it was just a nightmare. One of the nightmares that kept you up at night. It was strange though. You were sleeping with Sirius which usually does the trick. But not tonight.
You tried and regulated your breath and slowly crept out of the bed, trying not to wake up Sirius as you untangled yourself from him. He looked so calm and beautiful. You removed a strand of his messy hair from his face and place a small kiss to his lips. Tiptoeing, you got out of the room, leaving the boys to rest. You made your way to the common room.
It was Christmas. Very few people had stayed. The Marauders and you were the only ones from Gryffindor and that’s why McGonagall never reprimanded you for sleeping in the boys’ dormitory. Not that if she had, it would have prevented you from sneaking in.
You could never go back to your house. You had run away. All that pure-blood mania, it was madness. All that crazy ideas-your parents were mental. That house never felt like home. You thought you would never find a home. But you did. And it had a name. Sirius Orion Black. 
You sat down by the fireplace. A vivid fire was burning. The flames were dancing, consuming the logs. You really didn’t want to deal with the dream. Why on earth would you dream something like that? Why those people were torturing you even in your sleep? You had run away but it felt like you could never run away.  Those people had hurt you more times than you could count. But if they ever touch him, you will kill them-you knew you would use the last of the unforgivable curses on them without hesitation, even though you hated it.
A fluffy blanket was wrapped around you and you slightly jumped in surprise. You had been too lost in your thoughts to realize that Sirius was standing there for a while, looking at you a bit concerned. He had wrapped in you in the blanket while he was shirtless. And of course, your eyes were roaming his body. It was a sight that never failed to make you blush. His wide shoulders, his perfectly shaped torso… his abs. Your cheeks were turning red but you could always blame it on the fire.
He plopped right beside you and wrapped himself in the blanket. Suddenly he was too close. And half-naked.
“What’s wrong, love?” he asked you while he placed a kiss under your jawline and rested his head in the crook of your neck.
“Nightmare” you whispered as your hands reached for his and started playing with his slender fingers.
“Wanna talk about it?” he husked into your ear. Well, if he kept doing all those little things you weren’t going to talk. You shook your head and kept quiet. He kissed your neck again. Softly. Lovingly.
”Love…” he encouraged you, murmuring against your skin. You let out a heavy breath.
“I- I was a Deatheater. And they made me k-kill you but I kinda killed my father because he-because he was holding a bl-blade to your-your-your throat” you stuttered out. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. He grabbed your hands and caressed them before he cupped your face asking you to open your eyes, as you did.
“Baby, it was a nightmare. It could never happen. I would never let it happen” he said with certainty. How could he be so sure? You leaned into his touch.
He kissed you. His lips soft but hungry. His hands ran down to your waist and while the one stayed there holding you tightly, the other went further down and grabbed your bum, making you straddle him. He nuzzled his face against your neck, kissing along your skin before mercilessly biting and sucking marks onto your neck. You loved the marks he left on you. You loved the fact that he was yours. He rubbed circles on your hips as his lips traveled down your chest, still biting and marking as he went. You were wearing one of his shirts-you smelled like him. He pulled it off of you, feverishly. He groaned when he saw that you weren’t wearing any underwear.
“Let me help you” you mumbled, reaching out for him. You wanted to touch him so badly. You wanted him.
“No baby, this is about you” he breathed out. You whined.
“But I want you” you said pouting. He chuckled, caressing your body.
“You’ll get me baby”. You shuddered, biting your bottom lip as you smiled. He held you by your hips, sitting straighter before nipping, kissing and biting at your neck, your chest, your breasts as he shuffled back towards the middle of the couch, pulling you with him. You knelt in front of him, hands clinging to his broad shoulders as he pulled you flush against him. You could feel his thick cock throbbing against your stomach. Your boobs were squished against his chest as he removed his lips from you.
“Let me distract you” he growled, smirking. That smirk of his was driving you crazy.
He grinned, grabbing your hands and falling back, lying on the couch, dragging you along. He grasped your thighs, pulling you up so you could straddle his broad chest. You were blushing uncontrollably.
Sirius had an enthusiastic smile across his face as he stared at you in loving wonder.
“Come here love” he husked. You blushed again as you understood what he was implying.
“Sirius I- haven’t… we don’t have to-”
“I will drag you up myself” he said rather raspy. You didn’t even try to stop the bright blush rising to your cheeks-again- but did as you were told, crawling up until your knees sat on either side of his head. You braced yourself on the couch’s arm. You couldn’t help it. Your heart was racing as he ran his strong hands up the back of your thighs. He squeezed your butt, then all of a sudden dived in.
You gasped, holding on tighter as his tongue parted your lips, licking a broad stripe up your core to your clit. He licked, swirled his tongue and very carefully nipped at your throbbing clit. You ground down, trying to get more friction from his tongue, and he moaned deeply -and the feeling of the vibrations made you shudder in delight. You let out a breathy moan.
Hearing that only encouraged him. You could feel his smirk. He teased you hole, circling and lapping at your wetness. Then he plunged his tongue in deep.
You let out a loud gasp that quickly turned into a low moan, as you bit your lip and let your head fall back. You didn’t even care that you were in the common room and practically anyone could walk in on you. Even Minne for fuck’s sake.
Sirius’s hands firmly encouraged you to grind down as he fucked you with his tongue. That familiar tight pressure had built up quickly. Way too quickly for your liking.
“Fuck” you gasped. You felt him chuckle against your cunt. Your mouth fell open, your lips parted in ecstasy something you knew he’d have loved to see. He was always praising you and telling you how damn good you looked like that.
 “Please, babe, please…” you moaned out and closed your eyes. It was so good.
He grabbed onto your hips, guiding you firmly to grind down against him. You were shaking, so damn close.
 Sirius moaned beneath you, clutching at your hips. 
“Fuck Siri…” you muttered over and over again. So close, so close. You felt the all too familiar feeling and groaned. Your knuckles were white as you gripped his arms. You head fell forward and bit your lip. You came. Hard.
“Sirius” you hissed, your body trembling. Sirius brought his hand up to the small of your back, bracing you as you came back down again. He slid out from under you.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your collarbone.
“Oh, no. We are not done” you said when you finally caught your breath. He raised an eyebrow. You gave him a side smile. 
“I am gonna fuck you, baby. And we’re talking about the can’t-even-get-the-word-“fuck”-out kind of sex” you breathed out while your hands were already removing his pants. It was going to be a long night. But he had done it. You were distracted. Way too much to care about the nightmare when your reality was better than any dream.

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I read your comment about the roundtable interview about YOI. Is it true that Yamada-san said how Victor and Yuuri are very clearly gay? I read some summaries, but I want to know if he or someone else really said it like that? (Idk, but I think even if he is a good/close friend of Yamamoto-san, he can not speak for her or Kubo-san...)

He is not exactly saying that “they are gay” (I mean, what he says means that, I’m just saying that he “didn’t use that exact wording”), but he is saying that they are clearly in love with each other and is commenting on how 20 years ago characters in BL would not accept themselves and think they are weird or “wrong”, but in YOI it’s all normal, which shows how things have progressed from the past.

They also comment on the fact that in YOI they could have shown their romance in a much more evident way but they didn’t, they focused on the entertainment, and that’s what made the show so popular. (So basically they are actually praising the fact that no explicit romance was shown, because that would have probably restricted its popularity and made it less appealing to people who dislike romantic or m/m elements. I think this is what most people familiar with Japanese society would say, and I agree too)

They also say how in episode 10, in the part where Victor and Yuuri go “on a date” (their words) and shopping, Yuuri’s reactions are “so much like a girl’s”. And “they have matching rings and are in their own world” (this I think he was saying about the scene in episode 11 where Victor kisses Yuuri’s ring before he goes to skate “Eros”, because then he says “and then Yuuri goes to the rink”). I laughed when then he says “I couldn’t look at it” and the other guy too “I couldn’t either”, and “guys (male viewers) were totally left out”. They are saying this in an amused way, they are not criticizing the scene, but yeah if they had shown something more evident in the series some people that are not as broad-minded as them would probably have quit watching the show. I myself wanted to hide under the table when they showed the scene at the end of episode 7 on Music Station (prime time music TV program watched by heaps of “normal people”, as in “non-otaku”) without any context at all, lol.

But yeah, he’s Yamamoto’s friend but he doesn’t know Kubo at all, and he wasn’t involved in the production of YOI in the least, so he’s just talking based on his own impressions watching the series and maybe some things Yamamoto told him. He almost never says “Yamamoto told me~” in the interview or use wordings that imply that it’s something he was told by someone (Japanese people will use this kind of sentence structure when they are referring to something they were told, they have lots of ways to express that), therefore I actually think it’s really mostly based on his interpretation. But what he thinks is probably what many people in the animation/entertainment industry, especially the ones familiar with BL and who aren’t creeped out by it, think too, though most of them will never say it out loud, so that’s why it’s interesting.

And a random note: in my experience watching interviews, reading articles and looking at people’s tweets, men are usually much more blunt about BL than women, especially creators and people involved in the production of an anime. I think that women are scared that if they say something that hints at BL people will not take their opinions objectively and just think “you see things from that point of view because you’re a woman so you like BL”, while if it’s men saying the same exact thing people are not going to think it’s because they like BL, so they don’t feel that they have to justify themselves or avoid certain topics. Kubo too actually says something like this in her interview on Febri (sorry it will be posted within today…).

Also I was told that the interview is now normally available on NicoNico as well (that’s where the Japanese transcript comes from apparently). There’s overlaying text on the footage saying that it comes from a “members limited program”, but I guess they decided to publish this part about YOI afterwards? Good to know Avex is tolerant enough to let this exist, lol. But then again they own the copyright to Osomatsu-san so yeah…

(By the way they don’t just talk about Victor and Yuuri in the roundtable, they also praise many other aspects of the series!)

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Ari, I'm wondering if you could give me some recent BL movies or series with links (preferably eng subs). A few of the channels I was following in Youtube has closed down so I'm not sure where I can catch up... ;-;

Alright, something recent? I can think only of these (with eng subs):

- Fathers

- Feel good to say goodbye

- I’m Here

- Bite Fight

- Candy Kiss 

The male fairy fox of Liaozhai

- The Promise

- A Round Trip To Love (but I guess u already know this one lol)

About series there aren’t any new as far as I know, the latest ones I can remember are just Swap || I like you, do you know that || Bad Romance || Matching Boys Archery (slight BL) and well, Sotus lol

If someone has other titles to share, please go ahead :)

Edit: I forgot to mention also Club Friday 2 To be Continued and Love Song Love Stories :)

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what's the first most backed yaoi game ?

The first place goes to Starfighter: Eclipse by HamletMachine and Date Nighto with their humongous $143.183. Also the second-most backed EVN production to date.

2rd place: Seiyuu Danshi! ($39,197)

3rd place: Coming Out on Top ( $38.601, really close 3rd)

4rth place: Requiescence ($1,943)

Starfighter: Ecplise got so much fund because HamletMachine already had a very well-established fanbase prior to the KS launch.

COOT asked the same initial amount as Seiyuu Danshi ($5000) and received a great support from LGBT communities. Actually, Obscurasoft didn’t know the BL/Yaoi genre existed when she launched her KS campaign and seeing many BL fans backing her project was a quite a surprise.

Also COOT was funded in january 2013, 2 months before the release of DRAMAtical Murder’s English patch, followed by a sudden BL gamer boom due to said patch.

You could say SD! greatly benefited from the popularity of DMMd amongst English-speakers, and this is at least partly why SD! got (a little) more funds than COOT.


Doushitemo Furetakunai Movie Spoilers part 2!

I went to see the Doushitemo Furetakunai movie for the second time! I enjoyed watching it the first time as previously posted, and I definitely wanted to watch it again. One reason was I wanted to enjoy the movie as it is, not comparing it to the Manga like I did it the first time, but another was that I simply wanted to to meet Togawa and Shima, living in the theater screen. 

The cuts are all from the movie trailer with my translations, so I hope I haven’t spoiled anyone’s first view. To fellow Yoneda fans, who doesn’t mind to be spoiled further, my rambling on my second viewing of the movie continues after the cut. Beware it’s very long, again.

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[ @ofcharisma ♥’d for Brad & here he comes to off-set Frankie’s sass ]

“Seems like you’re settlin’ in okay.” Brad leaned over the bar to snatch two glasses and the first bottle he could reach before taking his seat again. “Frankie hasn’t sent you packin’ anyway. Always a good sign of a strong-willed person.” Pouring a bit into each glass, he set the bottle down, slid one to Don before downing the other. “I know he can be quite… Abrasive.”


HEARTBEAT OF THE TRAGEDY; a kaneki ken playlist  [listen]

❥ “Why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?” A mix for Kaneki Ken’s descent into monstrosity and weakening grip on reality.

[tracklist + lyrics + connections under the cut]

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Hi I love your blog! Could you write about Nebuya, Kagami, Aomine, Imayoshi, Midorima and Hanamiya finding their s/o's secret yaoi collection?

Kagami: He honestly thought it was just some regular manga with very pretty boys on the cover; after all, you did have a few tame ones in your collection as well. When Kagami accidentally flipped through one that had a few mature scenes, he felt his face bloom with a bright blush. Instantly slapping it closed, he put it back where he found it and tried to forget ever seeing the pictures.

Aomine: Feeling a bit weird about it at first — how could one person own so many BL manga?! — Aomine was quick to get over it. After all, you probably felt the same way when you found his not-so-secret gravure collection. The two of you were pretty cool with each others’ collections, though neither of you ever bothered to share interests.

Imayoshi: Using this as an opportunity to tease you, he started off innocently asking you how you started collecting so many different types. Eventually, Imayoshi’s questions started to get a bit more personal and way too risque to be repeated out loud. Did you have any that were dirtier than the rest? Did you hide those under your bed? Did you use them to get off sometimes?

Midorima: It wasn’t something he would go out of his way to find, so you can bet Midorima only found out because you had left a few open books lying around your room. Embarrassed, he’d try to leave them untouched so you could put them away yourself, but the pictures that were showing were making him squirm. He ended up closing them and facing them down against your desk.

Nebuya: Your hobby of collecting BL manga wasn’t a problem at all for Nebuya except for the fact that you spent a rather large sum of money to add to your ever growing collection. He didn’t mind paying for dates, but once in a while it was nice to be treated too! Once it became clear that you could no longer fit all your books in your closet, he felt that it was time for an intervention.

Hanamiya: Snorting with laughter a bit, Hanamiya would tease that of course you’d keep your collection a secret; you wouldn’t want anyone to find out how much of a dork you were. Other than a few teasing remarks, he didn’t really care that you collected them. It wasn’t like you were forcing him to read them too (not that he wouldn’t try at least once).

Setting some things straight on Samumenco. (the pun may or may not be intended)

I do not ship Masayoshi/Goto just because I’m a yaoi/BL fan.

I ship Masayoshi/Goto because, to be honest, their relationship is one of the best ones I’ve seen in an anime series for a long while. They’re cute, they’re awkward, they make each other laugh, they make each other angry, they know each other’s pains, they become each other’s strength. Their relationship is not complicated or convoluted, it’s plain and simple. 

What I don’t understand is why there are people who say that the series was “ruined because they went homo”. I would’ve understood if people say that the show was ruined because there has been way too many unneccesary plot twists that didn’t even made sense or because the animation quality drops here, there, and everywhere like a freaking rollercoaster. But “because they went homo”? Seriously? 

For all the genre-shift that Samumenco forced us through, there were few things that has always stayed constant. Samurai Flamenco has always been a show about Justice, Passion, and Love. Now, please, explain to me how “going for the homo end ruined the entire series.” How can “the homo end” possibly ruin the concept of justice, of passion, of love?  

From the very moment they met each other (which is literally the first few minutes of the show), it’s has been apparent to everyone that Masayoshi and Goto have something special going on. And I do believe Masayoshi/Goto has always been the end game.

During the entire series, up to the very last episode, Masayoshi and Goto went through ups and downs together. They fought battles together, they developed an understanding for each other. They went through a relationship development as any other heterosexual pairing would have had.

Had either Masayoshi or Goto been a woman, I STILL would’ve shipped them together. 

I do understand that BL is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am not forcing anyone to love BL or yaoi, for that matter. I have my own beliefs and you have yours. All I’m asking is that if we could please just at least retain some respect for the show.

It can get more than a little confusing sometimes but Samumenco has always been a show that tackles a whole lot of different things in a way that other shows have never had. If you cannot get past the “homo”, then I really believe you’re not watching the show right. 

“Homo end” is not ruining the series.
The biased, close-minded statements that are flooding the tag does. I’ve been stalking the tag for the longest time, and I’ve seen that the fandom is more than welcome and receptive of new ideas and discussions. Be open and flexible with your opinions, and I believe the fandom will respond in kind.

Finally komaeda found what’s he looking for...


Look at this friendship between these two

Komaeda pep talk to mitarai and his take care of hinata , Spend their time silent chilling laugh with atmosphere different from other friend.

Everything solve and now we see they’re very very close .. not only that komaeda also change.

it’s remind me. Komaeda always said some sort of things in sdr2 

Komaeda used to talk shit about himself and his talent until the end of neo world program nothing change his mind.

Now I’m talking about when he’s in neo world program. Komaeda always told hinata is the same as him right?

suddenly hinata refused like no I’m not creepy as you lol 

when he in the game he’s think they could be friend because his low self-esteem.


komaeda standing with most talent, dangerous, charming guy like he’s the same level as hinata !

komaeda doesn’t seem have low self-esteem cause of his power of luck even he still have it (my analysis maybe his bad luck won’t effect much when he’s close to hiana just like what happen when their first met. Oh… what is this BL alike…*noes bleed* okay I’ll drop this for later haha)

Well, maybe komaeda didn’t know what he sense from hinata. for me it’s not only their lack of talent ect. magnet hinata to komaeda but komaeda can sense they could be a good friend since the beginning.

it’s more simple sense simple ways like when we met someone new and know we could be friend without any reason (seriously lightly I felt something fate, bond and special but … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Not only komaeda everyone’s gentle treats to each other make me want to cry *sob*

We don’t know what’s happen in jabberwock island till 2.5 come out but now we see Komaeda come back to his sdr2 game start personality with good mental health with people who believe in him still like him accept him even his creep talk (cute for me LOL)

komaeda sweet take care of his most want to noticed friend hinata 

and the way hinata smile back to komaeda. make sure that hinata accept komaeda they’re become close friend.

Kou’s life been through tragedy with death..suicide… finally my son found a lot of people to love and be loved.

You got a lot of luck and love Kou! 

P.s. as we knew komaeda has his …

maybe hinata can heal his illness. what a dreamy happy ending but actually happen. thanks Kodaka! Komaeda could live his long life with his big family!

Now.. I’ll prepare for new shit  favorite character keep dying LOL!

                                                  I’ll MISS YOU!


Too happy Kou… your face…