or are they one already


“A difficult smile to resist, eh, Hercule?”
“Yes, indeed. Oh! If you think that the young lady and not the case attracted me, you do me a wrong, Claude.”
“Yet, you still wear the trinket she gave you.”

‘Deep Green’

By Indiana


Characters: Edward Nygma, Riddlerbot OC (Deep Green, conceptualised by @mindismosthuman of Tumblr)

Synopsis:  Sometimes you just need to build your own chess computer.


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sorakhhikari98  asked:

So I have this idea for a fic (it'll be my first time writing a fic ㅠㅠ yay!) And it's based on my favorite Chinese drama called Ten miles of peach blossom (it is cheesy but damn the story got me hooked in the 1st episode ), so why not make it as a klance au? Well friend, ThErE'S a LoT oF ChArAcTeRs iN ThIs DaMn DrAmA! So the idea is currently on hold, the story would be updated by episodes and every Sunday, so...help?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT FIC!!!!!! I mean, you don’t have to copy the drama scene for scene so maybe you can get rid of some of the characters that you can’t find equivalents for? Sometimes it’s easier to just write stories inspired by something else instead of following it completely. But hey, it’s your fic, you decide :D I’m not sure how to help other than wish you the best of luck though^^’

Just because the story I’m writing is serious, doesn’t mean that the document titles can’t get a little silly at times.

(For this particular story, right now I’m just writing random bits and pieces that I actually have ideas for. I won’t start posting it until I can actually figure out how to begin the story. :p)