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What if somehow a human stowaway got on the Lost Light (idk man we're dealing with giant talking robots) how would Rodimus and Drift deal with this?

It would probably be somewhere between awkward hilarity and Panic! On the Lost Light. Rodimus is like “WTF that’s awesome wassup kid” but at the same time he’s all “A human??? Will they be okay? Food? They eat potato, right? Brainstorm we need a extra smol spacesuit STAT I’m talking sparkling minicon size but teeny! Ratchet I NEED you- WAIT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY NEED TO PEE?” 

Drift calmer than Rodimus, but still on edge. He scoops up the stowaway and considers taking them to Magnus- but come on, he’s not a monster. He’s not letting a smol get chewed out their first day on board. Instead he decides to go to Ratchet, who is Honorary Grandpa to all (even though he won’t admit it) and because he’s had experience with humans. Drift calmly introduces himself to the human as he carries them to the medbay. Meanwhile Rodimus is running around yelling in the background.

well killing me softly as a song has officially been RUINED for me, thank you asshat mcfuckface


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i tried sending this yesterday but my internet wouldn't let me BUT yes to magnus passing on helping the shadowhunters. i feel like ever since clary "joined" he's helped them with everything, so it would be natural for her to think that that's just how things are. and i would die for him to be like "sorry biscuit, can't do. contrary to popular belief i actually have more important things to do. for people who actually pay me to do my job." and show them the door with a wave of his hand.

ever since clary met magnus tbh i feel like she’s relied on him and his abilities way too much (and i feel like she’s dragged the other shadowhunters to do that as well), like if there’s ever a roadblock that she can’t immediately come up w/ a solution for she’ll just be like “maybe we can go to magnus?” “magnus can do this” “what about magnus?” and it’s probably come to the point where like you said it’s just natural for her to think that’s how things are because she’s had that support from day one. she doesn’t really know any other options. and it’s not bad for magnus to want to help out ofc because he loves clary and the shadowhunters that he’s gotten to know, and he’s obviously allowed to help out how he pleases, but there’s gotta be that one thing (or multiple things) that he just …. doesn’t want to??? that they would need to go to a different warlock for and/or find out how to fix on their own bc THEY are the ones who made the mess. i think clary forgets that shadowhunters are his oppressors and it’s not only unfair to him to expect that but it’s just …. unrealistic in a sense y’know. magnus isn’t going to want to do everything for them and it’d be totally right of him one day to just say no, and clary is going to have to learn and realize that magnus has his own agenda and he just physically CAN’T always be there.