or are they green beans???


female awesome meme; 1/5 ladies with the best development: rachel green (f.r.i.e.n.d.s.)
“i was gonna give you a chance to apologize to me. you had no right coming down to my office. you don’t bring a picnic basket to somebody’s work! you want me to quit my job so you can feel like you have a girlfriend? do you realize this is the first time in my life i’m doing something I actually care about? the first time i’m doing something that I’m actually good at.”

The most under-rated scene In Anne with an E is when Jerry asks if he can sleep in Anne’s bed for the night because he’s not used to sleeping alone. And she says yes, even though if anyone walked in on them it would probably be considered improper, because she just wanted her friend to be comfortable and feel loved and awww I love them.