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Langst for the soul

Okay what if after about 6-8 years after they leave to defeat Zarkon they do it. And the Paladins are so excited. Home. They have missed it so badly. But when they get home WW3 is in the process. Obviously it’s not god but for the most part their families are okay but then they go to visit Cuba. Oh sweet Jesus Cuba. Cuba was one of the casualties of the war. Cuba was bombed. There were no survivors. Lance cracks. He breaks down. And starts yelling and screaming and sobbing they are all dead! Lance runs, and the team lets him. 

During the war there becomes a legend of a man with no remorse. Who kills with no second thoughts. He uses weapons they don’t even have.  He is so terrifying that they simply call him, Blue.

I missed Hetalia fandom so much XD

I think I’m going to pay a short visit to the hetalia fandom back again

Not that I ever leave them in the first place anyways ouo.

Distance Yourself (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Request: Hi, I would like a one shot shot that Reid picks up in prison and the convicts make psychological pressure saying they’re going to hurt their pregnant wife. And when she visits him, he asks her not to come for her safety.

A/N: Just as a reminder, I won’t be writing any more prisoner!Spencer after this, just because I’m not entirely comfortable with this, nor am I completely caught up on the season.

Word Count: 764 words

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little bit of Jeff 💕💕

Okay but imagine dating Jeff and one day you’re walking down the hall and you hear Bryce make a comment about how Jeff must be lowering his standards to date you and the next day you find out that Jeff got suspended for beating up Bryce in the parking lot and you go to visit him and Jeff has a couple of scrapes on his face and a bruise on his cheek and he just wraps you into a hug and kisses your forehead and says “let’s be honest… you’re way out of my league, babe. that asshole doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. i think he’s just jealous that i can actually talk to you without turning bright red" and then he’d look down at you and smile even though it hurt his cheek but he’d do anything to make you laugh when you’re crying

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Story promp ... So instead of the mile high club mulder and Scully have the chilies airport club

“I’m hungry!” William begins to exclaim as soon as they get to security.
“Do you remember me telling you to eat before we left?” Scully asks as she plops her shoes into a plastic container. The morning had been a mess as they prepared to leave to go visit her brothers family. Their alarm hadn’t gone off, which set things back and put both parents and child in bad moods.
When they are finally through security shoes on and carryons collected. By that time Mulder and Scully had begun to feel hungry too. The hunger got even worse as they got to their concourse and the smell of grilled food hit their nostrils. 
Father and son both automatically began to move toward the smell and Scully had to put them back on track. 
“We can eat after we check the gate.”
As she said this Mulder elbowed her in the ribs, “Hey Scully…” 
She looked over to him and followed his hand to see that the source of the smell was an airport Chili’s.
She smirked at Mulder who leered back. She tried to remember the last time she’d been to a Chili’s let alone one at the airport and began to wonder if she hadn’t been to one since 2000.
“What?” William asked looking between his parents, irritated at the possibility of being left out. 
“Nothing Will. Chili’s is just our favorite restaurant.” Mulder said as he took William’s hand. 
“Yeah I love their Fajitas.” Scully adds and takes William’s other hand.

Today was the day! I am officially pregnant. As you all know, I was a complete ball of nerves all last week. I was extremely afraid that we would go into that appointment and there would be nothing.

Thank goodness we have a fetus and a strong heartbeat. It was at 169 bpm. I’m measuring about 5 days later than expected, but it’s probably just because I ovulated later. My official due date is November 30th.

The only concern my doctor had was my blood pressure. Whenever I first went in, my BP read 150 over something. He definitely did not like that. So he came in 5 minutes later and took it again. It had dropped to 130/80. So he was happy, but I still have to monitor.

I go back in two weeks for another Ultrasound and my followup visit. I’m sure my vitamin D is going to come in low, as it is always low, so I’ll probably have to start supplementing again.

Either way, I am one happy Momma. I feel 1000% better now that I’ve heard a heartbeat and I know everything with the baby is fine.

Side Note: There is only 1 baby. I would have been perfectly happy with two, but I am even more happy that there is only 1.

Ror stayed home today and I got to just sleep in and rest. It was so nice. I’m going to return the favor for him Wednesday. Voice was gone this morning but my throat was numb so I couldn’t feel anything when I coughed or swallowed which was nice. A hot shower helped clear out some phlegm and now I can speak above a whisper again.

Sold all of my baby girl stuff to a couple different foster moms today. All Addie’s newborn clothes through clothes that she outgrew just last week, along with her baby swing and vibrating chair and boppy pillow. Bittersweet but it’s nice to not have them hanging around the house taking up space anymore. I figure if any future foster kids need anything I can go buy new ones for them. And by new I definitely mean used from a second hand childrens store.

I got a call today letting me know what Curly’s visitation schedule is. Since the girls have activities going on someone will be picking him up but I’ll grab him when the visits are over. I’m already feeling a little panicky about him not being with me for those hours and I’m wondering what to pack for him in his diaper bag and so on an so forth. He’ll get to see his family though and that makes me really happy because I can imagine how nice it would be for him to see familiar faces after not seeing them for 2 weeks.

Nikki and Jen have hair cuts tomorrow morning at 9:15 and I scheduled it then because Rory is home on Tuesdays and could stay home with Liam and the two littles, but he’s working tomorrow. Instead of canceling I’m going to get everyone up early and possibly getting myself a giant ass frapp on our way home because I am a hot mess at all times and wrangling 5 kids that have been woken up early is going to require sugar and caffeine on my part lol

Question for my North Carolina followers

I’m going to plan a visit there in the future (3 to 4 days) 

I’m looking to stay in Charlotte and do a TWD shoot. Do you have any locations in mind off the top of your head I could use? And if you knew any photographers that would be interested in shooting a TWD cosplay shoot?


Guys I had a dream that a bunch of drag queens took me to some concert and then I met up with my family because we had to go visit Patti LuPone at her house. (The whole town was like a theme park version of Hollywood, everything looked really fake)

So we get there and my brothers start fighting so I excuse myself to use the bathroom but I end up going to her personal bathroom and there’s like this fancy alarm thing that I tripped but I didn’t notice right away because I was like, “tumblr has to see this bathroom omg” and then I realize there’s an alarm and it implies that because I came in here, Billy Crystal will call me and yell at me about this. I was like, that’s fake lmao and leave.

Then I’m shopping in this store and my phone rings and it’s Billy Crystal and he’s like, shockingly nice and is just sort of like, hey don’t go into people private bathrooms and he gives me relationship advice and hangs up.

So I decide the best course of action is to find Patti again and confess. She’s getting into this old timey convertible when I find her and she’s just like, get in. I confess what happened and she smiling kind of evilly but accepts my apology. Then the car turns into this clear glass pod and we’re zooming up through this big tube and when we get up we’re on a cliff high above the city. When we get out Patti dramatically accuses me of breaking and entering and has me arrested which I can’t contest because she’s rich and famous and I’m not.

Then I got roped into some Hunger Games dystopian resistance to take down the power lines to the fake Hollywood town, all because I used Patti LuPone’s private bathroom.

also sorry this is truly petty and i know this is like 16 year old girl “newsflash, you’re not my father, fatass!” level blogging but when my mom said she wanted to go back to new york for a visit he said he wanted to… rent a car… for the trip. and she very gently said that people mostly ride the subway to get around and he literally laughed and said “well, you don’t see much from the subway, do you?” she LIVED IN NEW YORK I THINK SHE WOULD KNOW. and also like. oh my god. rent a car to drive around new york city. he’s literally a suburban rube.  

Going to visit the puppies tomorrow! Much excite.

Im probably going to be spamming my snap story so if anyone wants to see pups you can add me there (againstking) or if you just wanna show me your puppers and ponies 🐎

We’re going back to visit them in a few weeks too when they’re a bit older. They were one week yesterday so they’re still lumpy potatoes.

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Aitan@Riolu "Waaaa! Look at you! Ive never seen a mon like you!" THe kid ran a bit around him "Oh! You seem to have a egg! What kind of egg is that?"

i’ve only met one other crystal like pokemon! that’s Yiska (@dailymewbink)! as for me i’m currently a lucario but i’m really a riolu! 

as for the egg i am carrying it’s a shinx egg! i got it during easter! i’m still worried it might not be real so i plan to go visit these two pokemon i’ve heard of that know at lot about eggs! thank you for asking though! @dailycrystaleevee (sub tagging @dailypokedaycare since they are mentioned! ^^ i feel really awkward)


hi so anyways I start my new job tomorrow which means I start getting paid at my old job next month also the guy from the radio last yr apparently loved me and rly wants me to work as his assistant, also I’m gonna get to write film reviews, also I finished two stories and am writing heaps atm, also two of my best friends r visiting soon, also I’m gonna get to see my mum soon, also the boy is gonna visit soon also I’m going to fucking LONDON… SO…. things r rly looking the Fuck up right now & considering the last month and a bit has been basically non stop me wanting to fucking kill myself & indulging in my finest habit of self destruction & having no money I’m really happy w myself and proud of myself and I feel like finally stuff might be starting to pay off & :-) 💘🐇💘🐇

Do you ever miss sometime so much? Hear me out. Sometime being a time with a best friend or a special person, a time when you lived in an old house or that old park you used to go to, or the way things used to feel. But no matter how many times you see that person again, no matter if you visit your old house, no matter if you go to that same park and swing on the same one you did one hundred times before its just not the same.

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Tarzan au question. How did jjong and mini react after taemin's outburst? And like did they try talk to him once he came back to school, or did they go visit him? I just love for their friendship and I need more tbh. Thanks 🦄🦄

Jonghyun and Minho felt super bad after Taemin’s outburst at school, because they had no idea that he felt so bad about them learning about him. They’re supposed to be his best friends, and yet they didn’t know he was so upset. 

Taemin did his best to hide it, though. He made sarcastic comments during class about it, let Minho and Jonghyun copy all his worksheets about it, and even corrected their teacher about certain things, so they thought he was just having fun with it.

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5 things meme?

@angeryginger tagged me in this thing so?

1. 5 things you will find in my bag/backpack
- 1 or 2 notebooks minimum bc i’m a hoarder
- my planner bc without it i have no idea where i’m supposed to be
- like 6 types of relief meds that i have to identify by pill shape bc none of them are in their original bottles
- hand sanitizer
- pens of multiple colors (currently green, purple, and pink)

2. 5 things you will find in my bedroom
- wedding pictures
- crossword books
- more pillows than is necessary for any human being
- 4-7 dog toys
- not-dirty-but-also-not-clean clothes on top of the dresser bc husband won’t let me have A Chair (u know The Chair)

3. 5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life
- go on an extended Traveling Trip without a planned agenda
- visit the west coast
- start a foundation (SOMEDAY I MIGHT HAVE MONEY OK)
- publish a book
- learn sign language

4. 5 things to on my to-do list
- get a haircut
- pay my credit card bill
- replace my dog’s leash (this is cheating actually bc since starting this post we actually did this BUT WHATEVER)
- post the next chapter of like living on a cliffside
- dust my house it’s gross

5. 5 things people may not know about me
- my sister is my best friend in the entire world. like, i’d die for my husband, but i’d kill for my baby sister.
- i didn’t become a Dog Person until i met my husband’s family dog when i was 18 and promptly fell in love with her
- i started college as a theater major and ended up graduating with degrees in creative writing, sociology, and women’s and gender studies
- i still consider being a camp counselor to be the most valuable job i’ve ever had in terms of teaching me communication, creative problem-solving, leadership, and conflict management skills. 
- i love love love love love science documentaries! science was always an area where i struggled in school–the types of science i took in high school were a lot of memorization and that’s not something i’m good at–but i’ve always loved learning about nature and space and the way the world works and all that stuff. i’m watching cosmos now because spouse is on a neil degrasse tyson kick and i’m l o v i n g it.

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