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I mean Aladdin sucks for a lot of reasons, but one thing that annoys me in particular is how heavily it borrows South Asian imagery and passes it off for being “Middle Eastern” or “Arab” or whatever. For example:

  • The entire palace looking exactly like the Taj Mahal, for that matter, all the designs being reminiscent of anything South Asian
  • From what I know the word Sultan isn’t really used in Arabic, and usually refers to a Turkish or Indian king. Even if that’s not the case, the Sultan himself looks more like an Indian Sultan than an Arab king
  • Jasmine having a Bengal Tiger
  • Jasmine’s clothes aren’t really historically accurate from any place lol, but her clothes are closer to something a South Asian would wear than an Arab minus the dupatta
  • This doesn’t really count but I always associated parrots/parakeets with Pakistan lol
  • The name of the country is Agrabah. Agra is the name of the city the Taj Mahal is in
  • Yeah, so in conclusion I hate Aladdin

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Nikolai is aro/ace imo and I'll fight Leigh on this- the only exception is if he gets a lovely boyfriend (bc I too am an aro gay boy and dream of being a pirate King)

i honestly don’t see nikolai as aro/ace at all bc he’s evidently sexually active/craving intimacy in canon but if that’s your headcanon then that’s fine!! also i’m rooting for you to be nikolai’s bf bc he deserves it okay GO FOR IT

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is chris pratt problematic? is that why people don't like him? im genuinely asking bc i haven't heard anything like that about him.

he’s pro ‘blue lives matter’


how they know i needed a new album to drag me outta this episode tbh like……. it’s been two months and fob has made it bearable, and just when the energy to throw myself into it has died down they do THIS SHIT like…… listen yall if it were not for fall out boy i would not be here, doubtless, i have been so Not Good for so goddamn long and it’s good i got into them now when i needed to the most, when i needed these lyrics the most, and their history with dealing with mental illness the most, and Patrick being so, so similar to me in a way that allows me to give myself love in a weird, roundabout way through loving him so much–if i did not have this two months ago i would not have survived, i am telling you, and it’s still not good but when i’m sad i stick in my headphones, and when i’m alone i record songs, and when i need to smile i look through my sunshine child tag, and it’s enough, it’s enough to get through the day till the next day and the next, and maybe i can survive till they release the purple album, and maybe i can survive till they start touring again, and maybe i can see them in concert, and maybe that’ll add a few more months to a life i don’t want, and it’ll be okay.

i know a person shouldn’t be a coping mechanism, and i know a band isn’t an anchor and that people change and ultimately i might end up disappointed and bitter and upset with myself for ever thinking–but that is not now, and right now i need something to hold on to, and for, and it happens to be fall out boy, and i refuse to apologize for that because…. i am so tired i just need something, something, please.

im really unfond of the idea that you can’t disagree with or criticize anything any member of a group you’re not part of says, no matter how wrong or horrible or ridiculous it is

the range of opinions you can have is not limited by your identity. you have full and complete agency over your ideas as a human being, and your identity can influence how you think but it does not decide how you think for you. Everyone is always capable of being wrong! Anyone can be wrong or have absurd ideas about any issue, including ones concerning their own identity.

and also, this is how abuse that is perpetuated by a member of a marginalized group onto another member of the same group gets swept under the rug. Because people in the community are afraid to challenge it and oust the abuser, and because people outside the community are not ‘allowed’ to challenge it, nothing gets said and the victim gets ran off. I have seen this happen. Twice!

Submission Fic!

(Submitted by @ziaraderosa – The beginning of what looks like it’ll be an AWESOME thigh-loving Promptio fic! Please keep it up, it sounds great so far!)


Prompto had always hated his thighs.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. He’s proud of what his body has become, muscled arms and a flatter stomach. He can outsprint Noctis any day, and definitely has more stamina than him. He finally perfected the little sweep of his hair, and no Noct, it doesn’t look anything like a goddamn Chocobo butt!

It was just that, no matter how many squats he did, his thighs refused to give up the extra pudge that they housed. It was always there, taunting him, telling him that he would never be good enough.

But when he looks - his eyes always stray to that certain spot - he always remembers his childhood self, the fat kid who had glasses and no friends, the kid who brought a camera to class instead of a soccer ball.

Prompto used to think that he looked fine, but then Gladiolus Amicitia waltzed into his life, with thighs that could crush a daemons head. It didn’t help that the Kingsglaive uniform consisted of the tightest jeans Prompto had ever seen, and that’s something coming from a man who would only wear skinny jeans if he could.
Not only did Gladio have bulging thighs, but also huge arms and abs that could turn the straightest man gay. He was the definition of Daddy.

Then there is Ignis, lovely Iggy, who isn’t as huge as Gladio, but still packs his own. Slender in all the right places, but hard muscles still lays beneath his dress shirt.
And good ol’ Noctis, heir to the throne, a man who refuses to eat vegetables and can only function on 10+ hours of sleep. Yet his skin was still so smooth and blemish free, he still beat Prompto in arm wrestling matches.

He is almost always with them, and sleeping in the same tent almost daily just helps him realize how much of a bean-pole he is.


Gladio had always admired Prompto’s body, wondered what it would be like to wrap those beautiful legs around his waist as he pounded into him. How Prompto would arch his back, how his blush would highlight the scatter of freckles on his cheeks.

The two had skirted around each-other, leaving teasing touches and kisses, or plan out saying just what they wanted to do to the other.


Just a little peak at what I was doing/had in the works before starting all over again…

From left to right; Both recently widowed, Margarita Manzano & Lincoln Porter had moved in together after meeting at La Costa Verde on vacation.
Maya Ocean has no recollection of her past life or anything for that matter, after washing ashore at the old Hobarts Hideaway beach. She is rescued & staying with the 3 women who saved her.
Rei Matsuri is a woman of science, with ambitions to become a Doctor. She has been secretly recording the odd going ons of Isla Paradiso and its residents ever since her fathers death. She is determined to find out what really happened the night her father died.
Karlie Goldberg had been noticing odd changes to her body & herself after eating that piece of kelp she harvested while diving underwater at the Mermaids Grotto. Now her long legs have sprouted colorful, scales that glistened in the sun & when she goes swimming now, her two legs form into a tail with the same colors as her scales…she now can swim underwater for as long as she desires. Has this ability always always lived within Karlie?
Mia Azul is making herself known within the culinary world around Isla Paradiso as head chef of Tradewinds Bistro, though she struggles to see herself the same as her fellow roomies, its going to take some growing for her to look deep down inside & truly accept the beautiful, intelligent, woman she is.

So there it is…what do you guys think??

Crossing fingers for game time later…even if it means loading a new isla paradiso & eliminating things one by one that cause lag!

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HC in hope it will make a bit better all the stuff going on your asks. (1) Everyone know by now @ school that Evak is a thing and that they spend all the possible time together and they are okay with it. Expect this one kid, the one whose locker is right next to Isak's. At first he didn't mind much because he will get there first but then Even started showing earlier than him and he doesn't seem to hear or see anything but Isak so it doesn't matter how many times he asks him to move

he doesn’t get a response from Even who is fixed on looking/laughing at Isak struggling not to drop his books because he has so many notebooks and stuff on his hands always but he is so stubborn he won’t ask for help. So this kid, is now late for Math and he knows he won’t make it on time. The one good thing about Even always being there is that he learned to do his homework at home because he won’t have spear time before class starts. And so the bell rings and Evak leaves the lockers and go their way, walking Even to his next class. The kid takes his stuff from the locker and runs to class as fast as he can leaving Jonas alone there, laughing at what just happened. Sure, he is late to class but he doesn’t care because Isak will be even later. 

dhjshdsj thank you this made me laugh!! especially since i can so see it happen that even is to occupied with staring and laughing at isak that he doesn’t hear anything that’s going on around him

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hey i don't feel, i try to be in the moment to make friends and socialize with people but it's like it's not me actually doing the talking and i'm not the good at socializing to begin with, i don't really feel a connection to anything, i just want to feel emotions no matter what they are, maybe this is a mood swing, i don't know, i need guidance maybe? I also feel like what my interests are suppose to be don't exist yet, i want to know what i like.

Don’t try to feel. Don’t try to have interests. Don’t try to socialize. Don’t try at all. Just be. 

Literally, just exist. Does that sound strange? Does the idea of just being, on Earth, in your space, in your physical being, as a soul in this universe, sound weird? It shouldn’t. Don’t think about it, become it. Find a quiet space, get comfortable, and just be. For a few minutes or hours, however long you want to. Experiment with what it feels like to not make an effort to do anything, to not try, to not expect. Just exist. I’m not telling you to meditate, because that may be something that you find yourself trying to do too (even though meditation is just being, but we’ll talk about that another time). I’m asking you to just be. Exist, effortlessly. No instructions, no guidelines, no resistance. Allow yourself to be. 

When you’re done, after a few minutes or hours, take about five deep breaths. Stretch a bit. Now consider this: how do you feel? Better or worse than usual? Is this a feeling you’d like to carry with you every day? You can. You can be, every moment of every day. It’s possible. The key is to release all expectations. When you wake up in the morning, do not project expectations about how your day will go. Do not expect anything in the next moment. Do not expect anything to happen thirty, twenty, or ten seconds from now. Seriously. Just be. 

The reason why this works is because expectations are rooted in the future, and one cannot be present if you are projecting expectations for the future. You say that you don’t know what your interests are supposed to be or that they don’t exist yet; this is an expectation. You expect to have certain interests and they’re not here “yet” so you are expecting their arrival. Consider this: right now, what do you want to do? Ask yourself this question every day for at least seven days. Every day, at several points throughout the day, ask yourself what you feel like doing. Whatever that answer is, do it. Follow your heart. If you feel like listening to music, listen to music. If you feel like cooking, cook. If you feel like dancing, dance. Continue living this way, follow whatever your present desire is, and your interests will become apparent naturally. If you do what you feel like doing often enough, you will begin to see a trend in what makes you feel good and what you most often have the urge to do. 

It’s the same thing with everything else in your life. The reason why you cannot feel may be because you are trying to feel and you are expecting to feel. Don’t make an effort to feel; feelings are natural and present and organic. Allow them to be that. Do not force them, because they will disappear. They come from your heart, so you can’t use your mind to produce them. Also, it seems like you expect to feel something. You have expectations about what your feelings should be. Release these expectations; if you want, play a pretend game in your mind. Pretend that feelings don’t exist, that you’ve never heard of them. Don’t try to suppress them, just act as if you don’t know what they are. This way, you won’t expect them to arise. They will come no matter what. Just like with finding your interests, you can check in with yourself every day. At any moment during the day, take about ten deep breaths. Then ask yourself, what do I feel at this moment? Write down your answer. If it’s nothing, write down the word nothing. If it’s hungry, write down hungry. If it’s sad, write down sad. Keep track of what you sense from your body in the present moment, and you will find that after a while your feelings become more apparent. Your feelings will become more intense. This is because you’re sensing your feelings in the present moment, you’re being mindful, instead of expecting to feel something. Don’t expect. Just be. 

Do whatever the Self wants to do. If the Self wants to be alone and not socialize, allow the Self to do so. If the Self wants to stay silent, allow the self to do so. Allow the Self to do whatever it desires, and then you will find that you’re living more organically. You’ll find yourself getting better at talking because you’re not trying, you’re just doing it. No restraints, just being. Allow. Release. Be. 

Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.


#when your biology buddy gets outed by text in front of you but you have the decency to not confront him about it because you know he isn’t comfortable #sana bakkoush, aka: your biology buddy goal tbh.

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything


not everyone
not y o u