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i think we all need to keep in mind that this could be louis’ only solo venture. we obviously don’t know but i don’t wanna expect any more of him unless he tells us otherwise. we need to realize that he could have only done this one song for him mom and may not do anything else. this just means we need to support him 10000% no matter what he decides.

You know what pisses me off? Like all these huge youtubers or other people with HUGE fan backings especially of young people, and none of them are fucking speaking out against trump, for black lives matter, or anything. 

You could be doing so much fucking good by just voicing your support and you’ve done jack shit. 

Please. Just please. Please let all of them be there to support him tonight. This transcends ANYTHING that’s happened over the last two years or any narratives set in place and tonight should be about nothing but a boy who lost his mom. This is bigger than all of that. Please just let all four of them be there for him and support him like we all know they would be if there were no chains around their ankles. Please…. please. He needs this. He needs this more than the past matters. His best friend is gone and he deserves to have all four of them front row.

In case you needed to hear this today

The fact he/she didn’t want you in the way you wanted them or didn’t give you a chance or chose someone over you, does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.

It does not make you any less attractive.

It does not make you less intelligent.

It does not mean that you aren’t enough.

It does not mean that you needed to do more or be more.

All it means is that he or she was not meant for you.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

That’s it. You are are still amazing, Beautiful and have a lot to offer. You are enough! Right now, in this moment.

Someone may or may not come along, i can’t promise you anything.

But you need to remember that no matter what, you are enough & you are all that you need.

I love you.

Regarding the post about participation trophies:  I know this has been said before, but I want to reiterate.  If you reward a child equally for when they do good and when they fail miserably, they don’t learn “Oh, my failure is just as good as somebody’s success” and go on to be an entitled brat.  That’s not how the human brain works.  They learn “Nothing I do matters,” “rewards don’t actually mean anything” and “the outcome is going to be the same regardless of my behavior so why should I bother?”  The failure isn’t inflated in importance to match the reward.  The reward is devalued to match the failure.  And that’s why we have a generation of kids who are wracked with anxiety and depression and who are smarter and harder working than ever but don’t feel like they’re in control of their lives because nothing they do has any noticeable effect on their environment.  (This is also why these poor kids don’t freaking believe you when you try to compliment them)

Okay but until the movie actually comes out and says differently, I will never believe Zendaya is playing anyone other then Mary Jane Watson.

No matter how many times the movie producers say Michelle I will never believe it until I see the movie for myself.

Reason being you ask?

Well may I direct your attention to Star Trek Into Darkness, where literally everyone involved swore up and down that Benedict Cumberbatch was NOT playing Khan.

Never believe anything they say in matters such as this.

  • Zoey: Why did Dad call a family meeting? I hate family meetings.
  • Max: What did you do?
  • Zoey: What do you mean, what did I do, what did you do?
  • Max: I didn't do anything, I never do anything.
  • Zoey: Listen, it doesn't matter who did what, just as long as we stay united, stay strong and stand together. [sees Dad coming and points at Max] He did it, he did it, I saw him with my own two eyes. [To Max] You should be ashamed of yourself.
In Vision and Voices, these were essentially Kanan and Hera’s Spacemarried moments...

Hera: Dear, let me know what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and maybe I can help our boy with you.

Kanan: That dangerous Dark sider still has a hold of our boy.

Hera: Dear, please, I don’t comprehend this Force matter, but anything I can do to help our boy?

Kanan: It’s all right, I’ll take it from here. You can go on your mission.

Hera: But dear, I hope you know what you’re doing. Whatever you have with the Force, I hope it helps our boy.

Kanan: It’s all right, you can go do your mission. I can handle it from here.

Hera: I trust you. I’ll go to my mission and my work, but you’re always be in my thoughts wherever I go. Dear, just come back, come home with Ezra like you usually do. 

blog update

• yesterday i went through all of my posts and tagged them #bored.txt
• i will tag all of my original posts™ with this tag from now on
• there’s another tag for complaining and some… overly personal posts: #vent so you can blacklist either of those if you want to i guess,,
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I keeping hearing about an Alec quote from season 2? I can't find it? What is it?

I found it on the Malec tag! Someone put it on the review they made about the first episode of season 2. I’ll try to find it for you and edit this answer. Apparently Alec says “after everything I’ve done for you?” to Magnus. But that’s all I know, I don’t know the context or anything. 

EDIT: Here it is, anon. 
“To make matters worse, Alec makes a request of his new beau that Magnus does not want to honor. Throw in an outraged “After everything I’ve done for you!” (Alec’s) and this couple definitely need to take a moment.The only thing that will make us feel better now is a shirtless apology scene.”

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I case you haven't heard this recently: I'm proud of you Poof and you are doing wonderfully! No matter the outcome of anything in your life know that you are loved and there are people who are so proud of you-ghost


You constantly compare yourself to me and say that I’m better, when you’re the only one who knows me as much as you do. You know my flaws, you know my shitty life, and yet you say all these lies about me and paint a pretty picture. I am not fit, I am no good at what I do and I am not better than you at anything. The compliments I get are half-assed and seem to only be given to me to mock me. I don’t get the support I actually need from the people who are supposed to give them. I am so fucking fat and I am nothing compared to you. What’s height and outer appearances got to do with what actually matters. I have no talent in anything and you have tons but constantly belittle them and undermine yourself, which inevitably makes me think you’re fishing for compliments. Because why else would someone who can speak more than 3 languages, play more than 12 instruments and more than 5 sports, have so much confidence on a stage, have dozens of friends and have more than 10 guys(probably girls too) in love with them, say they’re shit compared to someone like me — someone who constantly gets less than 15 points on a 30 point quiz, someone who has only three friends, someone with a fat ugly body, someone who can’t even speak their native tongue fluently, someone who can’t get a coherent word out around strangers, someone who is so depended on her friends who she so constantly fights and annoys and someone who is so fucking dumb. I’m not even good at the sport I’ve been playing for years and then I find out that you’ve also been playing it(even though you told me you didn’t know how to play) and you’re most likely better at playing it than me already — and here I thought I had that one thing you didn’t do and actually be proud of because you’re the one better than me at everything. You’re the one with the published books, I’m not. You’re the one who had a potential record deal with your band and had constantly gotten compliments on you’re singing voice, I’m not. You can do so many things, even dance, so what am I to you, but a common gray rock to a slab of gold. You’re actually going somewhere in life, I’m not. So stop, please. You’re so much more worth than I am, I’m just garbage who likes to wear makeup and dress pretty and pretend to be rich.

(づ。 ◕‿‿◕。) づ Welp, hello.

well, if you have taken your time to read this you are an amazing human being that’s… if you are really human? My name is James (average name ugh) and if you wanna be my friend that’s cool, I’m 17 at the moment and I am from England.. smack bang in the middle, kind of. I don’t care what race, gender or what your religion is, I’m fine with anything that you believe or do, I’ll respect you no matter what. I’m fine with snail mail or messaging, skype as well if you want to. So really I’m not fussed 

Hmm.. my interests are, like I’m into music, drawing, reading, playing games, watching videos (netflix and youtube), space, comics, really anything. But I’m bad at explaining as you can see. I have nothing else to say, but if you have questions please come and ask them

If you wanna message me, the only place I really can is at tumblr and it is

- fyreninja101                                                        

Your Intuition Doesn’t Always Harbor Something Important.

Sometimes your eyes land on a wadded up candy wrapper, or you catch a whiff of your neighbor’s cooking, or you hear a diesel engine in the distance.  Your intuition is a sense, and like your other senses, what you pick up isn’t necessarily anything that matters.

Sometimes, like what happened to me today, a dream hints that someone you know is pregnant.  Hours later, a friend announces their pregnancy.  You think, “Amazing!  I saw a glimpse of this!  But why?  They already knew, so I don’t have a divine message for them!  What a waste!”

Don’t obsess when you perceive things like this and can’t find “the meaning” behind it, and try not to feel let down that your intuition didn’t have any sort of universal message for you.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than a reminder that you have an intuition you can trust.

unpopular opinion
  • I don't want a second season of Eyewitness. It was meant to be only 1 season so it will not end with a cliffhanger or anything of that matter. Everything will come to an end, so why do a second season. the story would just repeat itself, there would be nothing new. It's different to American horror story, bc there are so many different ways to show horror and even here things get repeated.
  • But with Eyewitness...i don't think it will work...especially if they want to keep the characters in the same way (as they said)...i liked the USA version of this story (I watched the Norwegian version before this one and liked it a lot), so I am happy they did a great job with this remake...
  • But I like tv shows with only 1 season....there is no repetition...everything is thought out well, there is a clear end and the characters grow as people and learn from their mistakes, instead of just repeating them over and over again. in tv shows (especially in the US) with many seasons, repetition is inevitable...
  • sometimes it's better to keep it short, then you can portray something with more meaning, depths and love.

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Did you celebrate Halloween? :3

Yeah, I actually went to Disneyland and “celebrated” Halloween on Disneyland in the evening. 

But it was a disaster. I mean, I always wanted to go to Disneyland on Halloween and the brochure already announced that on the 31st October, there would be a great celebration at night.

So we booked the tickets and when doing that, my mother asked if we need any additional tickets for anything for that matter. Apparently not.

When arriving at Disneyland and at the hotel we asked (that was several days before the celebration) if we needed some extra tickets as well. We asked just to make sure. Apparently not.

Then the 31st October came. It was around 5 o’clock and we were waiting all day for the celebration, but our feet hurt so much that we decided to sit at a restaurant on the Main Street. We didn’t know if the celebration partook in the park or outside of it, but we just wanted to see the fireworks, that’s all.

So we went outside the park because the Main Street only had sweets and we were not hungry for sugary stuff. So we ate, slowly made our way back and saw the storm of people heading towards the park. So we concluded it had to be there. We went there, showing our park tickets and guess what? They were invalid.

Apparently we needed indeed extra tickets for this celebration.

Hallelujah. So we went to several servicemen asking a bit confused what was going on here and he told us that the tickets for the celebration are all sold out, for days actually. I was angry and my mother was sad. So we sat on a bench and ranting about what we experienced. Well, okay I was ranting and my mother was listening, but she was frustrated, too.

While I grumbled a bit, my mother went to one of the serviceman and while he couldn’t promise us much, he led us to the ticket counter or whatever it is called. So we waited 30 minutes until my mother got to talk with another German lady and she explained the situation to her. The lady decided that they should speak German because she intended to talk to the boss and give us the tickets. And we got them.

So we entered the park, totally drained out, sick, tired and our feet burning like crazy. And it was cold. So cold. There we met an condescending Brit who mockingly asked us “You speak English, yeah?” and wanted me to take a photo of him as his family. I was just too weakened to refuse it, although it would have spared me energy. 

Whe then sat on a bench in front of the Castle, took photos of us and everything around us and tried to pretend to be happy and upbeat. There was a parade, I took many photos, then we went to the Phantom Manor in order to have a special spooky ride and on the way it was partly so dark that I and my mother had to hold hands. And guess what? 

The Manor was closed. I had enough, my mother, too and despite our goal to stay in order to see the fireworks we were like “fuck it” and went home, suffering in pain.

Yeah, I would do it again, though.

okay like I’m really really really thankful that my extended family is all being really supportive of me being trans

but like they’re all walking on eggshells around me? Like obviously very carefully thinking before they say literally anything and preemptively apologizing for things that literally don’t matter and its like

chill out