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Mr. Yogi, an unhappiness has been growing in me and it is now Too Large. Little room for anything else. I would like to be content now and ever onwards no matter the shitty circumstance. What steps do I take to achieve this?

Everyone is seeking happiness and wishing to avoid suffering. This is because on some level we all intuit that happiness is natural to us. However, the way they go about this differs from person to person. 

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

In order to accomplish this, it is important to take several steps. 

  1. Daily sadhana. Sadhana means the efforts you put in to achieve. A sadhana is a daily spiritual practice. It is not enough to do a meditation now and then. As they say, one day does not make a difference. Meditation must become a part of your way of life, the way exercise is for many people. When you practice daily, the results compound in a way that isn’t seen in inconsistent practice. In the morning I do mantra meditation before starting my day. In the evening I do Jangama Dhyana after my exercise. 
  2. Daily or weekly exercise. If you are physically able, then taking care of your body through exercise is encouraged. It will impact your mood in a beneficial way and also help to promote your longevity. I do 25 minutes of cardio a day and yoga twice a week. It’s not a crazy amount or anything but it makes a positive difference. 
  3. Eat right. Don’t eat too little or too much. Try to get a good amount of healthy foods that aren’t processed. While I am not a vegetarian, I do feel that meat is too prevalent in western carnivorous diets. Be wary of eating anything in excess. 
  4. Get enough sleep. I try to leave myself eight hours a night to sleep and I tend to get around seven hours. Obviously if you are a teenager that will not be enough so listen to your body. In order to practice meditation, you must be well rested. Otherwise you’ll just fall asleep. 
  5. Pray. At night, I like to pray before my altar and say: “May the energies generated by my day’s activities be dedicated to the welfare and liberation of all beings without exception.” It feels good and seals off the day quite well. I also say something improvised in the morning–I’m still trying to come up with a good morning prayer. Communing with any gurus or deities to whom you are devoted is also uplifting. 
  6. Play. Listen to music, dance around, do some art, reads books or comics, watch movies or tv shows, whatever excites your creativity. 

In bringing these aspects into your daily life, you will notice a change in you. You will feel at peace and be prone to spontaneous bouts of joy or happiness. You will be gentle, kind, and heartful. 

A book that will help you along the way is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

Namaste :)

yo if you’re a cishet girl who thinks wlw is ‘gross’ and/or ‘ew weird’ but ship mlm and say shit like ‘ohh my gay babies!!’ and ‘they’re so hot together!’ or ‘i’m going to hell for shipping them’ etc., please get the fuck off my blog

if you’re a cishet girl who thinks wlw is perfectly alright and you support them and you ship mlm but are very respectful and careful about not fetishising them, thank you and bless you

It always baffles me what people claim as “historically accurate” for ye olde fantasy fiction while completely ignoring all the cool shit that actually did exist and negates their misconception that everyone was Gross™ and unkempt because Reasons.

Like all y'all realize we’ve had soap for a while, right, and perfumed oils?

I mean fuck me, we have evidence of the Egyptians as far back as Cleopatra (and likely before) styling their nails (rich and poor!) bright vibrant RED hues using tinted oils and henna.

We’ve got evidence of unisex nail tints and adornments from the Ming Dynasty including but not limited to kohl, vegetable dyes and literal actual gold dust gelled together with egg whites and bees wax. Not to mention actual mother fucking tooth brushes dating from the late 1400s and the well known “chew brushes” from before then.

But sure. Rough mannered white dude takes a piss behind a tree and makes a comment about wining and whoring as he does up his ‘britches’, and all your women just expect to be brutalized 24/7 while lamenting the stench because nobody bathes.

Yep, sure sounds like mediocre white dude fantasy to me.

No one will ever know the difference. 

Keep the real one hidden away. 

Nothing to worry about.

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ok fine here’s my master list of arbitrary rules i use for mccree’s soul stealing

  • it takes a short period of direct mutual eye contact between him and a human for him to steal their soul
  • steal a soul is kind of…… more like claiming it. the person isn’t immediately affected by this but their soul belongs to mccree forever
  • mccree can kill them at will once he has their soul. he doesn’t have to right away but he can just OTK at any point
  • he really only does that in fights/out of anger
  • if he lets a person live then they just go through life normally but once they die their soul still belongs to mccree instead of passing on/etc
  • mccree can’t stop the soul-stealing once it starts (like, lock eyes for a moment)
  • knowing this he does tend to avoid eye contact/cover his face with his hat with people he’s not keen to damning, but he’s also not too bothered if he steals a souls on accident
  • stealing enough souls is… necessary for mccree to live peacefully
  • he tried stealng hanzo’s soul… just to check if he could… so now he knows he’s not a danger to him
  • turns out mccree can’t take souls from other supernatural beings
  • none of this actually really matters to the story lmfao, except for why he takes them in the first place

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Victuuri slow dancing? (^-^)

“non te ne andare”

based on the yule ball dance scene here <3

more hp au