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Seriously though that’s all you need to do not just with gay and lesbian people but with ANY PERSON IN GENERAL! 

Talk to anyone like a normal person and treat them like a normal person no matter their sexuality, appearance, race, faith/religion, gender identity, etc. We’re all human beings at the end of the day and we should treat others how we want to be treated ourselves and not be judged and disrespected for who we genuinely are. Unless someone else is being mean and completely disrespectful towards you, don’t be judgmental towards others and treat them all with respect and talk to them like you would any person. 

Everybody still stunned by the fact Yuri on Ice is revolutionary in every sense of the word, but to be fair they warned us by naming the series’ OP and ED History Maker and YOLO.

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  • What if Tweek actually calms down with any physical contact in general but Craig was just the first person to bother approaching "that weird twitchy kid"

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Is it true that all Danes love salty liquorice?

We do love it a lot, yeah. Many Danes miss it as much as they miss rye bread when they travel, and I’ve also heard tourists talk about how incredibly salty and strong our liquorice is compared to theirs. Although, I personally despise any kind of liquorice. 

Furthermore, I do believe the general Danish love for this food is based upon our overall personality - salty af.

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I personally feel Miyamoto and the creative team like having the characters full of personality and expression but a lot of the share holders tend to shy them away from it :(

i would have to disagree.

Miyamoto is 90% of the problem. As much as i like him and think he is an amazing artist, game designer and creative mind, he isn’t a good businessman or capable of letting other, younger employees try new ideas or concepts with his beloved IP’s. He has done so much for Nintendo, but lately he has hindered it too. He is a very controlling and influential force on Nintendo, and that is both a good and bad thing.

He has some very strange ideas about Mario and Nintendo in general. For example it is him who decided to dumb down the Paper Mario battle system, and dumb down games in general. His idea that any person no matter what age, experience or ability should be able to pick up a game and play is admirable, but also makes for some abysmally hollow gameplay. I think it was also him who opted for only characters from the super Mario universe in Paper Mario games, getting rid of many original species and making the world feel more cookie cutter. (and full of fuckign toads)

He is the one that believes Mario should have little personality, and encourages this path of simple gameplay and no plot. After all, thats what worked in the 90′s! But it doesn’t now.

Also he has this weird obsession with people pirating his products, and will literally downgrade or hinder a game just so its harder to pirate. See Nintendo’s reluctantly to use cds in the N64 era or the ass backwards way they deal with mobile games by always needing to be online. 

Also investors go wild when Nintendo try something new! When Nintendo went into Mobile gaming with Pokemon go and Miitomo, their stocks drastically rose. The announcement of the switch did the same. Innovation is expected of Nintendo, so im not sure what your referring to.

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As an aquarius I'm very tired of having a hard time putting my feelings into words do you have any advice

I personally have just decided to use blanket terms.
General discontent can usually fall under “upset” without scaring people.
Anger is easy to express.
Passion isn’t an emotion so also easy.
Excitement is more of a reaction.

Basically I can’t give advice cause I can’t even identify my emotions let alone talk about them well. I just sort of started using my talent for writing / my intellect to trick people into thinking that I know what the hell’s going on.

Okay, I know this might be under the drama category, and I’m sorry. It just makes me sad when people get on the case of staff and creators for not actively playing the game they create. It’s not just FR, it’s many other petsites and MMOs and games in general. This is a full time job for many people, and even tougher, a part time job for others, which means hours and hours every week of work which isn’t always fun on top of living their normal lives. They don’t have to play or socialize in the same place they work, just because they work on a game. Also, people are capable of working on these games without having an account on the game at all, in most cases, so having an inactive account isn’t really a bad reflection on staff. On the contrary, I think the people who both work on a game and actively play it are exposing themselves to a lot of user complaints and even harassment, so it’s just an extra nice thing that they happen to enjoy it and are capable of playing happily without the stress of the userbase getting to them. We don’t need to “call out” the people who aren’t doing that. It’s a personal choice that doesn’t really reflect how much they care about, or are working on, the site.

Judge orders Justice Dept. to preserve official's private-account emails
The ruling was related to FOIA requests filed by the group Judicial Watch

A federal judge issued a rare order Tuesday requiring the Justice Department to secure emails that may be in the personal Gmail account of a top department official who’s about to depart his post with the change in administration.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan instructed Justice to preserve any emails that Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Peter Kadzik has in private accounts that could be responsive to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

“Defendant shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure the preservation of all agency records and potential agency records between the dates of December 1, 2014 and November 7, 2016 in any personal email account of Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Peter Kadzik. Any question about whether a record is an agency record shall be resolved in favor of it being an agency record,” Sullivan wrote Tuesday afternoon.

The judge, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, also ordered Justice Department lawyers to report back by 9 a.m. Wednesday on the steps taken to preserve the records.

Portions of Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests were broad, seeking all correspondence between Kadzik and representatives of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign over a period of nearly two years and all messages Kadzik handled on his Gmail account that involved official business during most of 2016.

However, in a court filing earlier Tuesday, Justice Department lawyers indicated that Kadzik had no such records—or, perhaps, that they didn’t qualify as the kind of government “agency records” subject to FOIA.

“It is the government’s understanding that Mr. Kadzik has located no agency records or potential agency records in his Gmail account and that, therefore, there are no such documents to preserve. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution and consistent with the preservation order that Judicial Watch seeks, the government has instructed Mr. Kadzik to preserve any potential agency records in his Gmail account, should any exist, and Mr. Kadzik has agreed to do so,” the Justice Department filing said.

The phrase “agency records” appears to have caught Sullivan’s eye, prompting the stern order Tuesday, which the government opposed.

Justice Department attorneys also said in their filing that Kadzik—a political appointee—plans to leave the agency on Thursday. A Justice spokeswoman declined to comment on Sullivan’s order Tuesday night.

Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests and their lawsuit to enforce them were prompted by disclosures from in hacked emails published by WikiLeaks that Kadzik advised Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta about an upcoming hearing in a Freedom of Information Act case. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that the leaks were the product of a Russian government-backed effort to disrupt the U.S. presidential election and tilt the playing field toward Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The Russian government has denied any such effort.

Another federal judge in Washington is considering a Judicial Watch request to preserve emails in private accounts belonging to top Department of Homeland Security officials, including Secretary Jeh Johnson.

In December, yet another federal judge issued an order requiring the top White House science official to preserve all his emails in a private account as litigation over the messages continues.


This isn’t over.  If it’s proven that the DOJ was also colluding with Clinton during the campaign and during a criminal investigation of her, it’s going to be an unrivaled event in American politics.  This could be what all the Trump hysteria and white noise is really all about.

me, playing ana or mercy: genji/pharah/tracer if you dont come over to ME for healing im not healing you fuck you

me, playing zenyatta: get into my line of sight, my student!! i will defend you!! you are all my pupils and i will protect you!

If you ever call a chronically ill person lazy, unmotivated, flaky, or use any negative terms like that in general to describe them…I will make it my life’s mission to find you and smack you across the head.

Don’t pass judgment on someone who is actually in all likelihood the strongest person you know and literally doing everything they can to live a somewhat normal life. It’s not your place. Try being supportive.


this has been bugging me

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I'm a new witch and I was just curious if there are any resources that I should stray away from? (untrustworthy or just bad in general)

I’m not aware of any personally c:

Maybe some other witches know, if so feel free to leave them for this anon!

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