or any others if people would prefer them as singles idk

two rotten apples [m] | pt. 3

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 21.489

GENRE → smut | angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | threesome | oral sex | explicit language | penetration | public sex | grinding | graphic dirty talk | slight female masturbation | overstimulation


As the back of Jungkook’s head rested against the driver seat’s headrest, catching his breath, your glare hardened.

Once again, he’d fucked you and not cared whether you came or not. In fact, for the duration of his penis being in your vagina, he’d barely even touched you. And sadly, it hadn’t even occurred to you he’d used you once again until it was too late. Your clit didn’t matter to him apparently; your pleasure didn’t matter to him either. All that mattered was his dick. That’s all that ever fucking mattered.

After that weekend at the camping grounds where you actually came for once, you were expecting something better than whatever the fuck he called this performance. Your horny brain had quickly forgotten that it’d been your own fingers that got yourself off—not him—and those nights you spent in his tent were no exception. Why were you so surprised? This was Jungkook you were talking about—he would never fucking care about you or any part of you.

And that’s why this was the final fucking straw.

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anonymous asked:

How do you make pins? I been wanting to make pins for so long but idk how to even start its so confusing please help me ;_; no one wants to tell me how to make my own pins. I have my own designs and everything

Okay! This is a very long post and I’ll try to get you as much info as I can. I’ve found that the pin making community is very closed off with providing help to new creators since there’s been such an increase in people making pins. So I completely get that you’ve been having issues finding out how to start.

If you already have designs in mind the best thing to do is have them digitized if you haven’t already. The best option is to have a vector file where each of the enamel colours is on a separate layer with no overlapping of the colours or metal areas. This isn’t necessary since a lot of pin manufacturers can digitize your design from a drawing but having them do it can lead to issues and a lot of back and forth changes because they have to trace the image you give them. It’s a lot easier if you can give them a file that they don’t have to do anything with a can use right off the bat to make a mold.

Here’s a pin that I just got made recently that I’ll use as an example through this. The full design in the top left but you can see that each enamel colour can be pulled off separately and leave a solid background that shows the metal of the pin with no overlapping parts.

Also fyi I use Adobe Illustrator to do my designs.

Long post is long. So you’ll have to keep reading :)

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anonymous asked:

blupjeans is trans representation tho i dont get why people are kicking off about it. barry and lup could also be bi/pan calling it bad bc its het is just not the right way to go about it

im putting this under a readmore because this is more than them being a m/f couple

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Revolutionary Girl Utena Headcanon Survey: Results!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my survey! There were a few troll responses, but those have been deleted. The results are below. May be spoilers — proceed with caution!

Other responses:


is into women, not sure if bi

Lesbian, but society have influenced her to view men as attractive (princes) as shown by how she forgot Anthy through the change in the “fairy tale”.

Series: Kinsey 2—predominantly heterosexual, but she does seem to have feelings for Anthy. Movie: straight-up Kinsey 3 bisexual.

Other responses:

Bi, but prefers girls because men tend to abuse her

ace lesbian

Too hard to say without seeing her after being out of abusive situations for a while.

I dont think it is knowable, to herself least of all.

Bisexual but also, bisexual is Not the same as pansexual. Pansexual is liking all genders. Bisexual is liking same gender + other gender, ie a person can like the same gender + nonbinary, but not male/female, thus making them Not pansexual. They’re two completely different orientations so please don’t erase bisexuality/pansexuality by combining them 



Series: demisexual/single-target sexuality on Utena; movie: bisexual/pansexual

Questioning but def into girls

Other responses:

Lesbian. She has never been attracted to that blue haired manipulative sexual harassing senpai of hers.


Other responses:

Not straight but Very Confused

Ace lesbian 


Nanami seems a bit too immature to know her own sexuality yet—see: Nanami’s Egg

Other responses:


She does what she wants

Bisexual, not pansexual. 

Straight, but totally willing to make out with a girl for attention

Other responses:

Some flavor of queer – I see her as falling heavily into compulsory heterosexuality without realizing it

She’s gay but it’s gonna take her a few years to figure that out

not sure if straight or bi

Bisexual, not pansexual.

maybe bi-curious?

Other responses:

Heavily closeted lesbian

Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Bi


Other response:

Bisexual. It’s heavily implied that she was the previous Duelist before Utena. She might have had a relationship with Anthy, which makes Anthy hate her even more after because she chose Akio.

(Neither Tokiko nor Keiko have any other responses.)

Other responses:

Queer, but mostly uses sex for power and not intimacy or gratification


who the fuck cares




Pansexual but abusive/pedophilic. Is attracted to people not for their gender but for the extent of control he can wield over them.

rather than “no preference” can i put “no orientation” whatsoever because he is a bad manipulative man and attracted to revolutionary power alone

the devil

Toxic masculinity—sexuality is a weapon that he uses against women and men alike. I don’t think attraction or orientation has anything to do with it. So maybe aromantic and pansexual?




Power that can be gained from their partner. Either over the partner or because of the partner.

He’d describe himself as Heterflexible

Biromantic asexual. He acts sexual throughout the series due to Akio’s manipulation, not of his own desire to attract others sexually.

Other responses:



Bisexual, but for the same gender attraction, he’s very closeted and insecure about it.


Other response:

Mikage = Gay / Nemuro = Straight

Other responses:

Straight trans man

Trans lesbian


hyper-repressed trans lesbian

gay trans girl!!

Other responses:

He’s Just A Kid Dude

He’s prepubescent, so it’s hard to say for certain

Other responses:

I Don’t Even Remember This Guy

Likes girls, at least, but is so weird in approaching this that might be trans.


Other responses for the survey in general are under the cut!

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“i don’t like the type of music liam makes why would i support him?”
well i’m sure a lot of yall didn’t even like the other boys’ singles as much as yall claimed but there were still tons of projects and support posts going around so doing the same for liam literally wouldn’t kill any of you.

“but liam was rude to harry! he said he hated harry’s music!”
no he didn’t. he said harry’s music is not his cup of tea and there’s nothing bad about it. if yall feel entitled to your opinions about music genres then liam should be allowed to have his own opinions and preferences. and harry’s music just happens to not fit those preferences.

“liam shaded 1d!”
again, no he didn’t. he always speaks fondly of the other boys and wants them to come back and make albums and tour together. in what universe would liam shade the other boys lmao

“but that 1d lyric in strip that down says something else!”
how many times does liam have to explain this lyric before yall finally understand it? he said he’s “free” bc he gets to make the music he’s always wanted to make and he doesn’t have to write and compose songs anymore that fit four different people. the other boys all have said something similar and i don’t see anyone dragging them.

“liam’s voice/accent/clothing style/behavior has changed.”
for the third time: no. yall just never paid attention to him.

“liam is on drugs/drunk during interviews.”
he’s tired, jetlagged, entered a new chapter of his career, does tons of promo in different places and literally just became a dad. i’d like to see you manage all of this at once without stuttering or mumbling once. not to mention he’s always been a fast speaker that got muddled sometimes. it’s normal. a lot of people do that without consuming any kind of drugs. you’re gross for even making these assumptions.

“liam tries too hard to be someone he’s not.”
no he finally gets to show the parts of his personality that he kept hidden for the sake of the band. if you don’t like that then’s it’s your problem. liam never pretended to be someone or something he’s not.

“i know liam is insanely talented and has everything to be an incredibly successful solo artist and i’m scared he’ll do better than my fave which is why i feel the need to tear him down for breathing.”
nobody said that but i know that’s what yall actually mean.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a thing on systems? It would help a ton

yeah, i’m gonna do that now. or at least try. (also, if you’re looking for sysc/ourse, you’ve come to the wrong place. won’t be talking about that here. i’ll be going by what the dsm classifies as a system. i obviously have my opinions on it, but i’m not willing to start mess.)

difference b/w did and osdd-1

did is what you’ve most likely heard of in the media as “multiple personality disorder” and was recently renamed dissociative identity disorder to avoid confusion b/w it and personality disorders. did is a dissociative disorder and is classified as having at least two separate identities that take over a body at different times, and there must be dissociative amnesia involved.

osdd-1 is basically when you fit some but not all criteria required for the diagnosis of did, but there is still more than one person present. the most common example is having multiple members, but little to no amnesia is experienced. there is also the example of median systems, whose members can usually be better described as “parts of a whole” rather than separate people, like facets on a diamond.

sizes and types

systems come in varieties of sizes and types! a system can be two people, and a system can be 100+.

the size of the system does not matter in the classification of the system, until you get to the range of 100+ members. these systems are called polyfragmented.

there are two types of systems: multiple and median. multiple systems = multiple people. median systems = multiple facets of one person.

multiple systems are what we usually think of when we think of did/osdd-1.

median systems are different than multiple systems. all members of a median system share a core identity, and there are facets of the core identity that take over at various times.

there are also things known as subsystems, essentially a system inside a system. i believe subsystems are where there’s “another system” that is not aware of the other, and is usually centered around someone, perhaps? correct me if i’m wrong, i don’t have a subsystem.

also, i’ve heard of people calling themselves “mixed” systems, essentially a system with both alters and facets. i don’t believe it’s that common.

common terminology

there’s common terminology used in the system community to describe systems/system members. here’s some common ones:

singlet/singleton - a person without a system.

headspace - the space where all alters interact. some systems have very intricate, large headspaces, and others don’t have one at all.

core - also known as the original, is not always present in all systems. some may not even know who the original is, or if they’re even still with them.

host - also referred to as main-fronter. sometimes this is the core/original. sometimes it is not.

alter - can also be referred to as headmate, system member, or even personality. you should refer to systems with the terminology they prefer. essentially a split off personality state.

facet - can also be referred to as headmate, system member, or others. the members of a median system.

little - a system member 12 or younger. not to be confused with d.d.l.g littles who stole the word from us.

caregiver - takes care of the littles. sometimes can be the protector.

protector - defend the system against any threats.

persecutor - members who try to hurt the body/system/core/host

introjects - system members based off an outside person or a figure: essentially, fictives and factives.

fictive - a fictional introject of a character in media.

factive - an introject of a historical figure or of protectors/abusers

memory holder - a member who holds memories hidden from the rest of the system, usually to do with either very happy or very bad memories of childhood trauma.

gatekeeper - a member who controls switching/front, access to headspace, or access to certain memories.

internal self-helper (ish) - considered to be one of the first alters to split from childhood trauma. they hold vast amounts of knowledge about the system. some people call them “hidden observers”. (may or may not also be the gatekeeper.)

fragment - an alter that is not fully developed. may exist to carry out a single function or job, to hold a single memory or emotion, or to represent a single idea.

there’s other stuff i probably missed. probably very obvious stuff. forgive me.


And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who is so fucking sweet like he’s so caring and kind and warm and all he wants to do is make people happy how is he real I wanna hug him and tell him thank you bc he’s so amazing, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • This post is written in the college AU, it’s just to help set the scene a bit so college!Hoseok is right here
  • Visuals are first bc I gotta
  • Hobi always looks so good but I gotta go with the black hair, it’s always such a l o o k, especially when it’s up and the forehead is showing bc then you can see all of his face
  • Black is one of my favorite hair colors for him but the look he had for Spring Day/Not Today was so fucking cute too and so was the red hair and the blonde, moral of the story, hobi is just always cute
  • Okay but hobi’s airport style is 10/10 I always love seeing the boys’ airport outfits bc they always look so good but I love hobi’s airport looks, they’re always so coordinated and he wears a lot of black and I’m a sucker for black clothing
  • But he can also pull off different patterns, he can do the camouflage look, he can do stripes, he can do sweaters, t-shirts, anything you throw at hobi, he’s got it covered, I mean the man pulled off a bright green sweater and made it look boyfriend how the hell does someone do that plz explain
  • The looks that fits player!hobi is the all black look he did, with the black jeans, black sneakers, black t-shirt, black bag, even his hair was black and that is my s h i t all black instantly
  • But there’s another all black outfit where he had a black t-shirt but then  a red beanie and the strap of his bag was red and that is just wow idk why I love it so much but I kinda keep looking at it bc I would like a round of applause for Mr. Jung bc that look officially has me heart eyes
  • He can pull off so many different hats it’s so hard to choose just one, he can pull off bucket hats, he can do the snapback look !!! beanies, goofy hats, all the hats so I’m just gonna choose them all for player!hobi 
  • Hobi is another dater, he is a really sensitive person when it comes to emotions so just like Yoongi, one night stands aren’t really a thing
  • It’s rare for him to go that far but when he does, it’s someone he knows really well, he’s just more a lover, he prefers feeling that connection of love and it being something really meaningful to both parties involved
  • But he does love a good date, he actually lasts pretty long with his dates, he doesn’t ever confirm or deny the relationship, that’s his thing
  • He’s a carefree kid who’s just focusing on having fun and he’s not looking to get into any relationships yet, especially when he’s so busy being a TA and a dance major
  • He never stops them from calling him their boyfriend but he also calls them his friend or his date so they get a bit confused bc wait it’s been like a month how are we not together yet
  • He always dances (pun intended) around the subject and changes it super quickly bc he doesn’t wanna let them down and tell them that he’s not interested in a relationship but it’s really nothing personal, it’s not their fault, he’s just having fun and chilling out with fun people
  • He has a very approachable vibe to him like he’s not a scary person, he’s so friendly and open and he’s always smiling so people aren’t afraid to come up to him and talk to him and maybe throw in a few flirty lines
  • He would be such a cute date oh my lord, he loves going to a festival or a cute lil diner or maybe feeding ducks at the park and eating some ice cream
  • Always always always holding his date’s hand, sometimes he’ll have his arm around them but even then, he wants them to be holding his hand bc he just loves that shit
  • He’s another player that you don’t expect to be a player based on his personality
  • He’s just so bubbly and caring and he’s really doting towards his dates, he’s always asking if they’re having fun, if they’re comfortable, if they wanna go somewhere else and he makes sure they get home safe so when they find out about it, they’re just oH
  • He h a t e s the “breaking up” part bc hobi loves making people happy and he does so much to get them to smile and he’s always so energetic and cheerful so the thought of ruining someone’s entire week bc of this is heartbreaking to him
  • But he’s also not a cheater and even if he’s not in a relationship with them, he doesn’t wanna be taking them on dates and spending so much time with them and then turning around and doing the same thing with someone else so he’s gotta break it off eventually
  • But he does it very gently, he makes sure they aren’t too down about it and he always promises to stay friends
  • You always see hobi around campus
  • Here’s the thing about hobi, pretty much everyone on campus either knows hobi, knows of him or knows someone that knows him, he’s a social butterfly
  • You know all about his reputation of having someone new every month and never committing but you also know about his dance reputation and that he’s supposedly am az in g
  • So when your friend tells you he’s performing in an underground freestyle competition thing and that they’re going, you figure you’ll go and see what all the talk is about bc when people talk about his dance skills they make him out to be this incredible, breathtaking dancer that’ll make you wanna dance too
  • You had never spoken to him so it was a bit ?? when he walked up to you and greeted you like you were his best friend but then you realize he’s being flirty and while it’s flattering, you also know what the end result typically is so you politely decline his offer to get a late night snack afterwards
  • He is a bit confused bc normally people don’t reject him but it’s his turn so he doesn’t have time to keep talking to you
  • You’re blown away by how talented he is bc have you ever seen hobi dance that shit is magical, it’s so captivating and just I could go on for hours about how talented hobi is
  • You leave shortly after his turn is up bc you have a class early the next morning and you gotta sleep so hobi doesn’t get another chance to talk to until he sees you on campus two days later
  • He keeps talking to you, every time he sees you and you realize that it’s been a while since you’ve heard about him dating someone and pretty soon, he’s spent the entire term single with no dating or even flirting with other people
  • “I wanna get to know you”
  • You’re trying really hard not to fall for his charming lil smile or the way his entire face lights up whenever he sees you or the way his voice sounds when he’s tired and his words are a bit slurred together bc he’s too exhausted to put in the effort to be coherent
  • You agree to go out on a date with him during the summer bc you figure you might as well get it over with, you’re already crushing on him so it’s better to see him from the player point of view so you can move on with your lives
  • It’s so much fun, he takes you down to the beach and you walk all around the pier together and play in the sand and run from the waves and it’s just a really stress free date where you two genuinely enjoy every moment and there aren’t any awkward moments
  • You get a bit nervous around the one month mark bc you know that’s when his relationships stop but then everything stays normal, he actually takes you out to dinner for your first month anniversary and then the next thing you know, you’ve spent the entire summer and the following term with him openly calling himself your boyfriend
  • “I like being in a relationship with you, it’s funner than having to stress over breakups”
  • “I like you as a boyfriend a lot more”
  • “Maybe one day, I’ll be upgraded to husband”
  • “Ch iLL”
Requests #54
  1. mpreg birth, then unbirth and forced to keep the baby inside for a few more days before birthing again            

  2. I would love some fluffy story with alien pregnancy, with a lot of cuddling and later support during labor          
  3. can someone write something involving a werewolf who rapes the fem! reader and she gets stuck on his knot while she experiences rapid pregnancy? she has to give birth while still stuck on his massive dick forcing her to be spread even wider than normal and her mind breaks due to the pain/pleasure            

  4. teenager had been hiding pregnancy from their parents and gives birth with only their bf there to help. Long and complicated birth. Takes place in an abandoned basement  that has been set up for the baby to stay in (mpreg or fpreg, no preference)            

  5. Could any authors by any chance do what is essentially fanfiction hinged soley on the pregnancy as the main plot of the story , I believe it would require said author to have experience with the fiction mentioned , I would honestly love to see pregnant Luna from FFXV in a style similar to what this amazing blog depicts.  (Mod’s note: Please keep in mind we ask that any fan works submitted be able to stand alone and not require comprehensive knowledge of the work they are based on).

  6. I’d like to see a story where a large Amazon-like woman wishes to have a child but can’t because men aren’t allowed in her peoples’ territory, so she decides to unbirth a normal-sized human (bonus points if it’s unwilling and the victim tries to escape)    
  7. More mpreg? Maybe a guy gets gang raped in front of his crush or becomes a brain washed slave to support his family? Idk I’m sorry I do love you’re blog idk why           

  8. painful slow birth while getting raped, a pretty pregnant girl get kidnap and the kidnapper has a birth fetish            

  9. May I request a oviposition and egg laying story, plus the character who impregnants with the reader(idk) is Jasper from steven universe

  10. A lesbian story about a girl being impregnated by a trans werewolf girl would be wonderful! I would love to see more lesbian content in general ;;         
  11. just found out that trapjaw ant queens only mate once, and store the sperm of hundreds of male ants in a special organ so they can release it and fertilize eggs at will. someone please write something using this concept!! maybe she loses control of her organ and accidentally gets waaaay too pregnant            

  12. Imagine you’re so heavily pregnant and horny but single so you go to the doctor and he offers to help you out.         
  13. Make a series based on pregnancy transfer, but with humans only please.            

  14. A woman and a dryad have sex, and the woman slowly gives birth to tons of apples or other fruits. Alternatively, the dryad simply stuffs the woman with fruit, not realizing that as they turn into children they will get bigger, leaving her stomach gargantuan, and the birthing painful as the bark and twigs on their skin scratches her.            

  15. imagine playing Assassin’s Creed but instead of running around the city killing people, you impregnate them. Yes the men too. In fact most of your enemies in those games are male so there’s gonna be a lot of mpreg. They’ll never see you cumming… That archer telling you to get off the roof? Don’t knock him off, knock him UP! That guy poking a spear into the haystack you’re hiding in? Pull him in with you and poke your spear into HIM. Maybe we’ll call it Ass’s Breed or something dumb like that.            

PART 1 | calculate the expectation of love.

student!jungkook + tutor!jimin = math!jikook ;)


alternatively, 16k+ of self-indulgent romantic crack, unnecessary dialogue and really bad math humour as reluctant math major Jungkook sets out on his quest for love.

Happy Valentine’s Day~!  ♥ This is for @gracefulweather! She should know I probably destroyed my midterm mark thanks to her. 

read the full story on AO3

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ne0dym  asked:

ok I just got through the 4th trial. Ouma backing Gonta into a corner so viciously was... kinda scary. The entire time, he takes the lead, even more prominently than Saihara. At one point he literally says 'so, the culprit is Gonta.' Later on, he meticulously clears everyone of suspicion until only Gonta remains. His aggressive demeanour is scary and also pretty sad, bc the others would never accept the truth otherwise. Idk what I want out of this ask, I just wanted to get that off my chest lol

The Chapter 4 trial hurts so much. Much of the misinformation that was floating around about it at first caused people to feel bad for one character or the other who was involved, but I find myself still feeling pretty miserable for every character involved: Miu, Gonta, and Ouma all got a super shitty hand in that trial, and it’s true that none of it would have happened without the killing game itself prompting this kind of tragedy.

The trial itself is absolutely bone-chilling and features some of the most incredible voice-acting moments in the whole game (in my opinion), and the points at which Ouma starts pressing are…pretty damn terrifying. There were a lot of scenes prior to this where I’d already been thinking of ndrv3 and Ouma both in very Umineko terms, but this was the trial that pretty much cemented it for me, because there was almost nothing more Umineko-like than watching Ouma have to shoot down every single possibility with his own “red truth” in order to force the group to accept that Gonta was the culprit.

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20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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skylarri1991  asked:

How do you feel about the 5 year time-jump? Does that worry you at all?

Well, first, the 5-year time jump is a theory, so it shouldn’t be assumed as a for-certain thing yet. It’s possible that they don’t need to wait for 5 years because they turn into nightbloods and can come out sooner or maybe season 5 will be what happens between that five-year gap? Or, yes, maybe we DO get a 5 year jump. 

Any of these options are possible, and so we shouldn’t assume that the 5 year jump will happen–even if the evidence seems to be leaning that way. 

All right, so let’s say there is a 5-year jump. Would I be okay with it? Heck yes. Why? Well, our actors aren’t getting younger, and I think adding a 5 year jump will age the characters as well as the show in a way that fits with its natural progression. If this season is about the youth inheriting the earth, then it feels like the season is also about seeing our delinquents become “adults” so-to-speak, and it would be fitting to have them be full out adults in season 5. It means our delinquents will no longer be teenagers, but full fledged adults, and yeah, it would be fitting. 

It would also be a bit boring to watch people be stuck in a bunker or something for an entire season, yeah? I’d rather watch them learn to survive and settle in a new world that’s livable, instead of surviving in a bunker. 

Ideally, I’d like to see a season in which there was a 4 year 11 month time jump or something. I’d like to see part of a season in which we see how our heroes were living during those 5 years, and then the rest will be about returning to Earth and starting again. 

All right, so, now I’m going to talk about something that has to deal with spoilers from the scripts that were leaked. Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled about the finale. I feel, at this point, almost everyone knows about those leaks. 

*spoilers* and speculations (though, they might be a bit biased… we’ll see): 

So, it’s been speculated by many (and the scripts that were leaked seemed to confirm it) that Bellarke might get seperated during those 5 years. Does that concern me? No, not yet. It honestly depends on how this season goes down. 

If Bellarke become canon romantic this season, either a kiss or a confession of love from Bellamy or Clarke… then I’ll be okay with a 5 year separation. 

However, IF Bellarke does NOT become canon romantic this season, then I will indeed have some problems with a 5 year jump. It’s still okay, but I won’t be AS okay with it. 

Why would I be okay with a 5 year jump? because I think it’ll be interesting. I think Clarke’s and Bellamy’s story arcs and their relationship is about to hit a wall soon. They’re both finally coming into their own as leaders and as balanced individuals… and their romantic relationship is only a matter of them being in the same room for longer than an hour (preferably that room in Becca’s house *wink*). So, if Bellamy and Clarke both end their personal journeys this season AND they finally move towards accepting their feelings for each other… what will their new arcs be for next season? I feel that separating them tragically will allow them to move into those new arcs that they wouldn’t have if they were together. 

My guess for what will happen because of the jump and their separation? 

1. Without Clarke (and possibly because he thinks she’s dead), Bellamy might be able to come into his own as a leader MORE than if Clarke was around. Clarke tends to overall (not always, but she does tend to get the figurehead position more) take the lead, and I think that if Clarke isn’t around, Bellamy will finally step up more and take center stage a bit. I think that makes sense considering that he’s definitely going through an arc this season that’s meant to make him a more wise, thoughtful, and compassionate leader. It would be fun to see him as a fully realized and mature leader next season, and he’ll be 28… can’t be an angsty young man anymore, can he? 

2. Without Bellamy and… well, anyone, Clarke might have to realize what it means to not have Bellamy in her life. If she loses five years of her life, so-to-speak, maybe she’ll be more open to not wasting a single second once she reunites with Bellamy and her friends again. Apart from that, I’m not sure. Clarke’s journeys, overall, have been about saving people, her romances–finding a way to live and not just survive, and about leadership (the good and the bad). Not sure what her journey will be next season. 

3. Separating also means we get to see a variety of conflicts and new locations (new people), which will be fun and allow the show to expand more, which is cool. 

4. The Bellarke love story will be more layered and nuanced if they’re seperated. It’ll be a reboot to their relationship, basically. They’ll be completely different people when they see each other again? What conflicts will result from that, I wonder? I think interesting ones. Will Bellamy think Clarke is dead this whole time? If he does, then it’s going to be epic when he realizes she is alive and fights tooth and nail to find her again, won’t it? Idk, in the end, I think separating them will cause some good angst for their love story, and I’m excited about that tbh BUT ONLY IF WE GET CANON ROMANTIC BELLARKE THIS SEASON. At least, we need Bellamy to confess his love to Clarke. I think we need that, for sure, to make that separation worth while because it’ll be good angst for next season. I’m kind of hoping that he confesses and she wants to but isn’t able to before they’re seperated. Or they kiss or something, but never get the chance to discuss what that means for them yet because they don’t have time. Ugh, wouldn’t that be perfect? He thinks she’s dead but he’s in love, and she knows he’s alive but she can’t reach him or tell him that she loves him too. So sad!! It would be perfect, yeah? 

I love my tragic love stories, so yeah, I’m all here for a 5 year jump and for an epic bittersweet love story to come from it. I mean, who else can say that their otp was seperated for five years and yet never lost their love for each other during that time, yeah? 

But, of course, I’m making a lot of assumptions here, aren’t I? So, who knows… maybe I have it all wrong. idk, we’ll see. 

artibwannabfanatic-deactivated2  asked:

Omg? Idk you were from Korea that's so cool!! I'd really like to know how K-army's see the other members, I mean as an i-army there are so many hard to find strong powered Jimin fics and not motherly Jin fics. I mean don't get me wrong I'm always down to read whatever as long as it has a good plot, and characterization but I want to know your point of view or how k-army's generally view BTS and shipping and all tht good stuff. By the way ILYSM !!! I want to be just as good as you when writing.


Hahah I did receive most of my school in an English-speaking country but yup, I’ve also spent many years in Korea and living in Korea now! :) And ooh, I’m glad you asked because this is a very interesting topic! I’ll go briefly into how k-army views and characterizes the boys, but keep in mind, Koreans tend to also go into extremes in certain cases (like making some of them complete psychopaths for the storyline….but Ill exclude those). 

Jin is very VERY rarely (if not never) depicted as a motherly figure. He’s the one that gets sort of picked on by the others (playfully of course) but is also the rational one that gets the scariest when angry. Oftentimes paired with Jungkook.

Rough-spoken, swears a lot, a giant tsundere who’s generally like “fuck all of you” until he meets the other one. Usually really good at fighting too and will beat the shit out of people bullying his love interest. Never initiates a relationship and the other party has to pursue him till the end of the world and Yoongi tends to regret not being with the person in the first place and always make the move “too late”

Surprisingly he’s written oftentimes as this big dork who only gets serious when it comes to just him and his love interest (like when it’s just the two of them together). Interesting fact…Namjin isn’t big at all in Korea. I think the top pair with Namjoon is with Hoseok or Yoongi actually?

Happy. Screamy. Silly. But usually always has some sort of a really sad past or is the one suffering from one-sided love that he doesn’t show for YEARS. Oftentimes third wheeling it HARD or is the one who leaves his lover for the “good of the other party.”

Sassy, super manly, calm and collected. Outwardly, his speech pattern is very clipped and almost like how Yoongi’s is perceived, but everyone knows he’s sweet inside. Cares a lot but doesn’t blatantly show it and will instead try to protect people on his own. (It’s either that or he’s made fun of relentlessly by other members lol)

Now Tae is interesting, because he’s either written as this cold, calculated, oftentimes powerful and intimidating guy who takes charge (and is smooth as fuck) or as the lost, confused little bunny (who somehow is still smooth as fuck??) OR EVEN BOTH. I think it stems from how he speaks cutely in Seoul dialect and how his demeanor/language pattern changes when he speaks Daegu dialect (and the difference between Taetae and V). Keep in mind that writers in Korea explore both dialects when writing.

Mostly written as crazy, wild, out-of-control, “I do whatever the fuck I wantttttt” character. Jeonlous. Will aggressively and relentlessly pursue someone not caring if the person is like STOBIT. He’s oftentimes the REBOUND of another pair and I still don’t know why that’s the case. Number one choice for the villain of the piece (why kookie why!!)

I think the biggest difference when it comes to writing for k-writers and i-writers is that k-writers REALLY expand their creative horizon…to the point where I actually have come to stay away from a lot of their materials, because some of them include romanticizing violent relationships, rape and other abusive behavior (Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are like that). Korean writing, by nature, don’t really include super fluffy characters, because the culture is based on suppressing emotions, but you will see them doing extreme things for the love of their lives (which also leads to so much heartache and misunderstandings that oftentimes breakups…my heartu). But when it comes to angst…o god, all the well-written ones are usually deathfics or fics of heartbreaks…which is why I’m generally frolicking in AO3 and not on a Korean blog. 

So yeah! There you have it! Honestly, I’ve only read the super popular ones (none of them with jikook, yoonseok or namjin unfortunately…sadface) and posts with people talking about different pairs but these were the patterns I picked up :) I must say, when it comes to a good deathfic, high school teens dealing with super angsty situations or something extreme, Korean writers really know what’s up.

Oh, and in Korea, I feel like most authors don’t stick to a single pair. They will try basically ANY ship and write about it…which is probably why you won’t find any hardcore shippers or ship wars in the k-community! At the same time, they’re also not very concerned about being PC, but that’s usually because of the difference in culture lol. So what do you think? Which would you prefer? Im curious!

anonymous asked:

I just read your Idol reader thing and loved it! Maybe you could write one for Seung-Gil ,Yuri K and Phichit? Thank you for your time

I’m so glad you liked them! ((Original headcanons can be read here. And angst version can be read here.)) Thank you for the request,  I hope you enjoy~ (sorry for the wait too ugh. It took me some time to get inspired ;-;)

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • he feels like the luckiest guy in the world holy shit
  • He sometimes wonders how someone as beautiful and amazing as you would choose him
  • Sometimes his insecurity gets the best of him and he has a breakdown
  • “Why would you want to be with me, (Y/N)?! You can have literally anyone you want and you chose me! WHy-“
  • “Yuri, stfu I luv you ok”
  • usually afterwards you have to show him how much you love him if u get mah meanin
  • He usually feels a lot better when you walk proudly by his side in public, holding his hand
  • The paparazzi usually scares him because it can be kind of overwhelming
  • But he sees the way you keep calm and it helps him do the same
  • He likes to tag along to your photoshoots and things to admire you
  • if you catch his eye while you’re posing and wink at him, his heart will either stop or his dick will suffer in his pants, but no matter what his face is gonna get dark red
  • With his skating career starting to take off, he can’t come with you to other countries when traveling for work most of the time
  • These times of separation can be really tough for him, so he buys a Polaroid camera to start a collection of photos to look at and keep himself grounded while you’re away
  • And more often than not he leaves you a bunch of sappy voicemails while you’re working just so he can hear your voice in the voicemail message but don’t worry it’s not annoying it’s cute
  • He doesn’t really know how to handle the fans at times
  • He loves the fact that so many people appreciate how wonderful and amazing you are, but he sometimes feels jealous because he worries that he can’t give you the love you deserve
  • Other times though, he uses his jealousy to drive him to be very passionate and affectionate towards you
  • Overall 10/10 best relationship ever

[Phichit Culanont]

  • Besides your respectful accounts, you have a joint account to document your relationship and activities
  • your official unofficial social media manager no doubt ((but he likes to be paid in kisses))
  • He comes to your photoshoots and events to capture behind-the-scenes moments for your social media
  • The photos he takes are more aesthetically pleasing than the ones the photographer takes???? idk how he does it fam
  • You both make your schedules work out so you’re rarely apart
  • The longest you’ve been apart is probably four days
  • Phichit probably suffers withdrawals if he goes too long without taking a selfie with you js
  • The Snapchat stories you guys make care the cut es t things eve rrr
  • Your fans are the most taken care of fans in the world
  • Phichit is such a sweetheart to both of your fans and would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy
  • Sometimes he even spends too much time taking care of fans you guys come across in public
  • “Babe, we gotta go. We’re going to be late if we don’t-“
  • “(Y/N) pls these are our fans i love them and we need to cherish them“
  • “Phichit jfc pLeaSE”
  • The paparazzi don’t bother either of you in the slightest
  • Crowds of photographers mean a lot of professional photos for free, so Phichit doesn’t waste a single opportunity
  • You guys hold hands and smile for the cameras, holding your heads high and waving and blowing kisses and such
  • One time, a particularly large group of photographers was following you two at a Christmas market, and Phichit grabbed your hand and pulled up up so you both were standing on a bench. He yelled “GET A LOAD OF THIS!” and French kissed you in front of everyone
  • You guys broke the internet from that one
  • You two are the cutest couple in the media and everyone adores you as much as you adore each other~

[Seung-Gil Lee]

  • The paparazzi hate you guys because you refuse to give them what they want
  • I’m talking huge sunglasses and big coats while holding hands and walking fast, away from the crowds of photographers
  • Stone-cold expressions are all they’re getting out of you two
  • tbh he just wants to be left alone while he spends time with you but i guess that’s just the price he needs to pay
  • Seung-Gil has some trouble with making sure to dedicate time to your fans
  • It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate them, he just puts you above them on his list of priorities, and that can result in him putting all of his attention on you
  • plus you’re so beautiful that he has a hard time looking away from you and making sure you’re safe
  • You guys probably have a mansion to retreat to at the end of the day
  • and you can bet you guys are gonna have a million dogs just saying
  • He likes to spoil you in every way possible
  • Cars, vacations, expensive jewelry, you name it
  • Seung-Gil’s favorite thing is taking you clothes shopping because seeing you in so many different clothes is like heaven on earth
  • Y’know the thing where boyfriends hate sitting outside dressing rooms while you try on clothes???? yeah 104.7% not him he loves that part of shopping trips
  • He’s a major homebody, so he doesn’t really enjoy traveling with you for work and such
  • Your success makes him very proud, but running around the world with you constantly isn’t really his cup of tea, so he prefers to stay home and work on his skating and take care of the dogs
  • on the contrary he gets pouty when you aren’t able to come to his skating competitions like wtf Seung-Gil youre so nee d y
  • He misses you a lot, but he likes to text you throughout the day and call you whenever he has the chance
  • Probably sends you a ton of pictures of the dogs so you don’t have to miss them
  • Once he sent you a selfie of him and all of the dogs cuddling on the couch and it was your phone background for ages
  • He’s proabbly the type to keep any magazine or newspaper that has you on/in it on the coffee table to look at while you’re away
  • He might act all calm and cool once you come back home, but he’s going to shower you with affection and cuddles once you’re alone and in the bedroom

I was on a Bobs Burgers binge and thinking bout my ships/headcanons/meta/&fic idea

It’s a long post pondering my personal opinions of different ships including Louise/Logan, Tina/Jimmy Jr., Gene/Jimmy Jr., Tina/Josh, Tina/Zeke, and Zeke/Jimmy Jr., along with Genderfluid Gene stuff. Mostly written for me to get my thoughts laid out but I am up for comments and discussion about any of it.

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I Used to Be An EDMaboo

So I’ve been active on tumblr since 2011, and conveniently enough, 2011 was around the time EDM (electronic dance music. y'know, raves, techno, dubstep, trap music, all that jazz) started breaking into the mainstream and I took quite the liking to it. I swear I could’ve been the casual fan I am now if it hadn’t been for this death trap of a website.

In 2011 I was fourteen going on fifteen, and late in the year my friend was like “Hey, you should check out this website called tumblr. It’s really cool!” So I did and thought it was pretty cool, and I mainly followed justgirlythings and meme/funny gif blogs for the first month and a half. Now over the summer, my hipster-ass older brother had introduced me to EDM and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and downloaded a couple of Deadmau5 and Skrillex songs, and I had taken a preference to Skrillex over Deadmau5. 

Then one day I was on here and thought, “I wonder if there’s any stuff about Skrillex on here.” Sadly, I was correct.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please do a request for shopping with Tae when you get a chance? Thank you 🌞

sure thing cutie pie!! sorry it took so long i have been swamped with work and school stuff this week im so sorry here you go though!! 

  • again another request which is my fave like requests are my favorite in the world!!
  • okay tae is the hardest for me to personally write for but i am trying very hard for you all!!
  • okay so tae is still our small little child you know but seokjin doesn’t really care about his butt shopping alone he really only needs to come and babysit jeongguk on his shopping adventure
  • but tae is social and fluffy and cute and he loves all his boys very much so if any of them wanted to come he would definitely bring them along!!
  • which usually means chim and hoseok end up cramming in the car with you guy and it is not the mom suv
  • oh also also!! same deal with jeongguk you guys prefer the mall as your fave shopping place and not the crummy one just down the road that only has like aeropostale or whatever the heck people shop at
  • no the mall you go to has multiple levels and it has lots of quality stores and it’s nice and clean
  • but anyway you and tae pile in up front cause he has his license in this and even if he didn’t i bet this boy would go for it if you were going some place that made you happy
  • and hoseok and chim are in the back and they’re giggling and teasing you two for being so cute and if you two even look at each other for point five seconds the two in the back are screaming
  • when you first went on mall adventures tae almost crashed the car every time they would do that cause distractions!! but now he’s so used to it he just rolls his eyes and threatens to veer off the road if they don’t shut up
  • the entire car ride tae plays all the cyphers cause he is a dweeb and hoseok sings his part and tae sings yoongi’s part and chim does namjoon’s part and if you ever ask to change the song the three of them will all glare at you then start singing louder and at this point you know better than to ask again
  • tae probably speeds or drives like a grandma there is no in between okay he like goes way under or way over the speed limit
  • and you kinda
  • “i hope we go with jin next time geez god this is too much”
  • and you guys probably stop on the way like five times cause taehyung is a sweetie and when hoseok needs to go to the bathroom you stop and when chim shyly says he’s really hungry you guys get like five large fries at mcdonalds
  • which hoseok and taehyung end up throwing at each other so it really defeats the purpose but anywaY
  • you guys would get there much later than you had expected and you kinda greatttttttt
  • and you all hop out and 95 line dramatically say goodbye and hug each other and hobi hugs you just because he felt lonely and needed someone to hug as well but tae is not a fan of that so trades you for chim immediately
  • and you all plan to meet back at the same entrance to the mall at like six thirty or something so on the way home you can stop and get actual dinner and rub it in everyone else’s faces
  • and tae is a big hand holder in the mall cause sure arms around the waist or shoulder is really cute but hey the mall can get really crowded and he doesn’t want to lose you! and he also doesn’t want to be over the top cause god knows how many fans are there and he doesn’t want to be really mushy in front of them you know??
  • and so he can also tug you along excitedly if he finds something you might be interested in!
  • your boy though, idk the big mall here has a disney store!!
  • and so that’s usually your first stop is the Disney store!!
  • you guys are the only adults there without children
  • but the look on his face is all worth it
  • he asks you for help with their names and so he goes around pointing out all the characters he knows
  • and he likes to say you’re prettier than any of the princesses
  • he likes to also help the little kids reach the toys maybe they can’t reach by themselves and he’ll put a tiara on his head and he’ll sing along to under the sea with the little girls and he always has a cluster of kids following him around in the store
  • they actually ask him to come work there a few times and he has to decline every time with a pout
  • okay but he does end up actually buying stuff he likes to get plushies and if you weren’t there for impulse control he would buy one for every single one of the boys every single time
  • so he just gets one a trip and this time he ends up getting an eeyore stuffie for yoongi
  • he gets one for the both of you too and for the dogs and cats so you guys have even more things to snuggle when you go to bed!!
  • all the little kids get sad when you leave to go check out the rest of the mall
  • but obviously there’s a lot more you want to do !!
  • like after all this intense singing along taehyung would suggest it’s snack time !!! like what’s a mall trip without a snack
  • you guys would be the type to get pretzels !!
  • like not boring old salt pretzels but the yummy cinnamon kind and you always end up getting three cause taehyung eats two on his own and then still wants half of yours
  • but you let him how could you not have you seen this small little squish he is too adorable to say no to
  • and he always munches away happily and he licks his fingers all cute and if you have anything on your face like any cinnamon he would be rude and either kiss it off or like lick the corner of your mouth and you have to beat him because “taehyung there are CHILDREN here”
  • I wanna do fan interactions for all the boys buT
  • taehyung is definitely one of the more popular members so I think he would get approached a lot
  • he would always make sure to say hi and sign anything and everything for them !!!
  • and then he would introduce you always like he would be so open about his love for you like he knows idols are supposed to have their relationships on the down low but there’s no way he’s gonna pretend you don’t exist like he’s gonna show you off forever and we all know big hit is a lil more chill than lots of companies so they wouldn’t care too much after a while you know like he’s gonna fall in love let him bE
  • if a fan asks for a hug or something (idk do ppl do that) he would always give you a look first to get your approval
  • and you’re a super chill lover and you want all the fans to be happy okay thx
  • one time he asks the girl if she wants the rest of his pretzel and she passes out and you guys have to call mall security but that’s a different story
  • okay anyway
  • y'all are walking around, holding hands and being cute
  • and then you go to the pet store
  • and there’s a little puppy in one of the cages chasing his tail and Tae walks by and it starts tipping excitedly !!
  • and taehyung gasps and his presses his face to the glass and he’s so in love already and he asks the attendant if he can go in the little room and interact with the puppy
  • but that is one expensive puppy and you guys have like seventeen already ???
  • but he puppy looks so sad and lonely and taehyung is about to sob so you agree
  • but then the attendant comes back like “sir I just checked and um that puppy was gonna be sold to another person”
  • and taehyung is !!!! “I need my parting words”
  • and so he does what anyone else in this situation would do
  • and he stuffs the dog in his shirt
  • and he walks out all normal and the attendant just
  • “where’s my dog??”
  • “what dog???????????”
  • and he just glared and you kinda tae, love, baby
  • and then the guy realizes his shirt
  • and taehyung just “I’m pregnant”
  • you guys aren’t ever allowed to go back to that store again
  • you guys go get some ice cream to cheer him up and you also get a balloon to cause here there’s a clown and it’s scary af but it has those really big shiny character balloons!!! and you guys get one cause they’re cute and you get a scooby doo on even though it’s outdated as heck
  • but it’s cute and that’s all that matters!!
  • I don’t see a lot of actual shopping going down
  • it would be more going in all those oddball random shops and just looking around more
  • like I don’t see taehyung being the biggest spender out there and he could be like a lil bit of a minimalist so he doesn’t like to buy much for himself
  • he would always want to buy things for you and the other members though!!! like just little things that remind him of all of you
  • but if you wanted to go in any shops he would be so patient and he would always be so supportive of all the clothes you tried on and he would carry all your bags for you too!!!
  • and if he saw you staring at something he wouldn’t even be subtle he would just go up and buy it for you he really likes getting you jewelry so he can be really cheesy and brush the hair from your neck and put the pretty necklace on when you get home and wow nice I’m digging
  • and he would especially like getting things for his chimmy !!
  • and all your pets he makes sure to get them all special treats
  • there’s a fudge store that you always get fudge from to take home and share and you guys do that too !!!
  • if you ever go past like the lingerie section in any particular store he would be shameless and be like “wow that would totally be your color!!”
  • but like in a really sweet innocent way like him just complimenting you?? even if it’s kinda blunt !!!
  • okay so maybe it’s not that innocent but hey that’s taehyung for you
  • anyway after aimlessly wandering for a bit and enjoying each other’s company you guys meet up with chim and hobi and you go out to get dinner !!
  • and you go get pizza and guess what you guys get like two large and one is extra cheese and one is pepperoni !!
  • and you guys make sure to send lots of pictures to seokjin cause you’re rude
  • and taehyung keeps his hand on your thigh the entire dinner
  • you guys show off everything you bought and share stories and it’s just fun bonding !!!
  • on the way home you fall asleep and he pulls the car over to take cute pictures of you
  • shopping with taehyung would be a lot of fun plz invite me along thank you!!
Beauty and the Beast AU

So this is supposed to be an introduction to how Stan turned into The Beast. I tried to make it sound like it could be in storybook! It is based off of the AU by @artsycrapfromsai. Do not expect this to fit exactly into their canon because I have only seen bits and pieces of the whole! I just really liked it so yeah, this is my contribution.


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alright, so I posted this video called *Your dating “preferences” are discriminatory* about how saying you would never date a trans person, a fat person, or a disabled person is probably discriminatory and based in prejudice rather than genuine preference.

the response has been overwhelming negative after several large anti-feminist youtubers made response videos.

my argument has been ignored, misconstrued, and strawmanned more than i ever thought possible. so i took some time to write out a response.

i tried posting that response on YouTube, but my comments kept disappearing even though I was just commenting on my own video??? I guess YouTube thought it was too long or something. So I’m posting it here as an image so that I can comment on the YouTube video with a link and direct people to the image.

so that image is what is above. you can right click on it and select Open image in new tab to read the full thing (sorry it’s low quality idk how to fix that), or click the Keep reading below, or read it on imgur.

Oh, one more thing that isn’t included in the image or below the Keep reading:  Another example that @queerqtpie brought up to me recently was the comparison of color preferences. If you survey people today, girls tend to prefer pink and boys tend to prefer blue. Does that mean that girls inherently have some innate drive to like pink, and boys for blue? Of course not. There are external culture and social factors that contribute to those preferences. Those preferences still exist, and they are obviously allowed to have them; it’s not bad for a girl to like pink or a boy to like blue. But it’s not inherent, innate, and unchanging. And it would be ridiculous to get offended at the idea that color preference might be externally influenced because we’ve seen through history that blue hasn’t always been associated with boys, nor pink for girls (they used to be reversed). Folks with these preferences may not be able to immediately control which color they prefer, but if they can be aware that their favorite color isn’t an innate unchanging thing (and in fact might have been influenced by very arbitrary societal gender rules), it might help them to enjoy other colors more at some point in the future.

Okay, now go ahead and read the thing if you want:

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