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As far as I’m concerned Emma and Regina have unparalleled chemistry of any other TV/film pairing. Regardless of what the show is writing for them, that the subtext has been picked up on and presented these two ladies as a couple, they have always just looked good together. I love other femslash pairings but have just NOT seen anyone look as good as Emma and Regina do together.

Happy Hump Day, Swen!

mediocre white character: *burning up screen time, not relevant to the story possibly even written off originally but is a fan favorite or prioritized by media*

tv show writers: 

character of color: *existing happily minding their own business, hated for reasons fandom doesn’t hate any other character for or written in service to white characters* 

tv show writers:

You know what really grinds my gears?

When you’re trying to make a point about WWE with passion as a fan and then people come at you with “you know it’s scripted” or “you know it’s all fake” and blah blah blah. WE KNOW!! We know it’s all fake and scripted but that doesn’t mean we fans can’t talk about what happens on the show with passion. That’s literally the whole point of being a FAN. Everyone else does it with every other show on tv, so why is WWE and any other wrestling show considered an exception? It’s stupid really.


Like any other television show, BBC’s Sherlock has its flaws, but it is undeniable that some of its moments are visually jaw-dropping and masterly-crafted. Hate it or love it (the show’s been brushed aside more times than not on Tumblr), scenes like the one in this video break the technical storytelling and cinematography standards of television — and even cinema — with its skillful usage of ingenious transitions, camera shots, perspectives, and special effects.

Sorry i haven’t made these in a while my device i worked on is broken still but i promise i will start up with these again any ideas on what other tv shows or anime i can do with this? Or even crossovers? I was going to do some miraculous ladybug ones because thats my latest obsession 😂😂 but tell me which ones you would like to see

wow.. im not ready for season three to end? ive gotten so attached to isak and even’s storyline and that’s never happened to me with any other tv show. ive never cared about any fictional characters as much as i do about these two. the representation we’ve received this season (and the other two, honestly) has been incredible and it’s going to be tough to give it up.

over the past couple days i’ve complied a list of 1x1 pairings/ mumu ideas, some fitted loosely with plots and others not, and the faceclaims in bold are the ones i’d prefer to play however negotiable. if you’re interested in some of the plots leave a like, i’ll happily roleplay more than one thread with you if there’s multiple ones you like!


royal court mumu - if you’ve ever seen reign, or any other royal themed television show, basically just the dramas within. preferably set in medieval times for added drama. involved in this i’d love some lesbian princesses, sneaking around in fear of punishment but also their love is too strong to be apart. rich girl and servant plot and many other juicy stuff as such. 

high school mumu - pretty self explanatory, a lot of cheating, people struggling with life etc. 

teen wolf mumu - all oc characters, maybe next gen but we could also just use the plot line of the show with our own twists. 

the vampire diaries mumu - following along the same line of the teen wolf mumu, oc or anything. possibly next gen with the few human characters. 

pretty little liars next gen mumu - we can play both children and the OG PLL cast, possibly bring back A or we can do something more normal and mundane.

the 100 mumu - completely oc characters, we can either make our own plot line or follow the plot of the show loosely.


nina dobrev x lauren jauregui

olivia holt x jordan fisher

madison beer x dylan sprayberry

dominic sherwood x katherine mcnamara

maia mitchell x cierra ramirez (i’ll play either)

matthew daddario x emeraude toubia

margot robbie x cara delevingne 

shay mitchell x ashley benson

katherine mcnamara x emeraude toubia

alycia debnam carey x matthew daddario

eliza taylor x alycia debnam carey 

marie avgeropoulos x ricky whittle

madison beer x maggie lindemann (i’ll play either)

maggie lindemann x cindy kimberly 

lindsey morgan x eiza gonzalez 

zendaya coleman x jordan fisher 

shelley hennig x dominic sherwood 

bex taylor klaus x willa fitzgerald (i’ll play either)

maggie lindemann x santiago segura (i’ll play either)

lilymaymac x santiago segura

jennie kim x arden cho

chloe bennet x dominic sherwood

holland roden x dominic sherwood

maggie lindemann x herman tommeraas 

cindy kimberly x herman tommeraas 

(many of these pairings could be cast in some of the mumus also!)

IM CRYING SO MUCH. That ending!

I’m crying like the majority of why I didn’t want a quince was because I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t going to have a dad to do the father daughter dance with and like I didn’t want to do it with any of my tíos and like I didn’t want to wear a dress and my mom isn’t as cool she would’ve made me get one and I just- I’m not Cuban but I’ve felt more represented by Elena than literally any other character on tv.

I fucking love this show. I love the ending of this season and I pray we get another. Cristela was cancelled too soon and I don’t want that to happen to this show.

I honest just cried so much when lupe stood up and danced with Elena like I just- then her brother….when Abuela danced with them I cried so hard my brother asked if I was okay it was just so beautiful i lowkey kind of regret not even entertaining the idea of having a quince.

I’m just so so happy Elena Alvarez is gay and out and proud and wore a tuxedo and docs to her quince.

Side note: wtf why do Cubans say “quinces” like no babe you’re having one quince not many there’s no S.

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everyone was like "the loo is dead to me" but now it's like "THEY'RE GONNA MENTION LEXA?!?" like. love yourselves.

It’s almost like people enjoy being used and abused. If you watch this season you straight up lose any and every reason to complain to Rotten and the writers and the cast and the network about anything. If you watch this season and it gets renewed then you don’t get to bitch. If you watch this season and end up getting triggered then you have no one to blame but yourself. If you watch this season and have a mental breakdown for whatever reason then don’t expect sympathy. Y'all should know better…but apparently you don’t. Why are y'all chasing after this man for scraps? He still doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. Respect yourself and find something else to watch. There’s about 500 shows on TV right now. Pick any other one and I guarantee you you’ll have a better time.

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are you in any fandoms other than mysme?

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Hey there! I love tv shows, anime, and Korean dramas. I’ll name a few. 

TV shows: Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, Steven Universe, Voltron                        Anime: Ouran High School Host Club, Yuri on Ice!!!, Haikyuu!!, Fairy Tail           K-Dramas: All the romantic comedy ones lol 

Thanks for the question! :) 

Hey people

I’ve been ashamed to admit my love for this show to people, but I’m not afraid anymore. I may be in high school but I watched every episode of Girl Meets World with wide eyes and a smile on my face. This show helped me when I wasn’t feeling confident in myself, when I felt like nobody was there for me, even when I was dealing with a bully. It brings me to tears knowing that it’s over, this show is so much different than any other TV show I obsess over. It’s brought me laughter, joy, frustration, tears, and helped me understand the world in different ways. I’ve never been more inspired in my life. I just don’t know what to say. I’ll miss you GMW, thank you for what you’ve given me. “There is nothing more for you to teach me.” 😔❤

Ok but can you imagine being an actor and having a scene where you have to make out with someone you’ve maybe only known for a couple of weeks (or less than that) in a room full of people and in front of cameras? 

.. or even worse, a sex scene in front of people and cameras.

Yes, this is what I think about at 4 in the morning 

ID #87913

Name: Hanna
Age: 15
Country: Norway

Hi! I’m Hanna, and I would really like just someone to talk to and all that stuff. My English isn’t the best in the world, but I think I get mostly right and if not please correct me so I can improve! It doesn’t matter if you want to talk over email, write letters, or any other social media. I love watching tv-shows and I read some books once in a while. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter books and I’m enjoying that, I love the walking dead, teen wolf, and I’m currently watching the vampire diaries. I enjoy posting my edits on vine and just watch all the amazing edits other editors make! I also love reading fanfics, photography, art and all that good stuff.

Preferences: I prefer someone with some of the same interests as me, and around the age 14-16. Any gender is fine :)