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i’m gonna love you forever pt. 1

Request:  I have an idea for a story: the reader was engaged to Bucky (they were both madly in love) before the war in the 40s. And then he goes off to war and they never see each other again. BUT she also got into a super soldier program and is actually still alive and gets introduced to the avengers. Neither of them had any relationships cause they felt like they’d be unfaithful. Steve is happy to see her to but Bucky is just over the roof excited? Angst to fluff to smut maybe?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, someone gets punched, 40′s slang name calling.

A/N: This is probably going to be a 3 or 4 part story, I really love this idea and it deserves a slow and deep story line.

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~1945-Before the War

4 hours into my 8 hour shift at the local cafe down the street from mine and Bucky’s shared apartment, and I’m already done with the day, I think by boss can tell because I’m just a little on the cranky side, I’m usually very friendly and happy. However, I have a few of these men that just don’t want to take the hint that I have a boyfriend. Have for the last 5 years.

“Yeah? Well we’ve been coming here almost everyday for the past 3 years and I’ve never seen you with a man. You’re getting up there, don’t you think, hun? You’ll need a man to take care of a pretty dame such as yourself.” I roll my eyes.

“Look, gentlemen, I really do appreciate the offer, but I’m not joking about my boyfriend, his name is Bucky Barnes and he probably wouldn’t appreciate some strange men flirting with his woman while she’s at work.” The men bust out into laughter.

“Bucky Barnes? That guy is doll dizzy! You really think he’ll stay with you for long?” Heat floods my face, not from embarrassment, no, but anger. Who do these guys think they are?

“You must not see him very often then, huh? We’ve been with one another for 5 years.”

“5 years, eh? And he hasn’t put a ring on that pretty finger yet? I’d have you married, barefoot and pregnant by now if I’s him.” Okay, I’m officially done with this.

However, it doesn’t look like I need to defend myself anymore.

“This fat-head givin you troubles doll?” Speaking of the man of the hour. Bucky grabs me by the hips, spins me around and presses his mouth to mine in a heated kiss. It’s meant to show them that I’m his and to back off.

The guy stands up, obviously offended by the insult.

“Who’re you callin’ fathead, you active duty lowlife?” Bucky rolls his eyes.

“Alright now, there’s no need for you to snap your cap. After all, you were the one hitting on my lady now weren’t ya? I’d say I’m the one with the right to be angry.”

“You have a new dame on your hip every other month.” Bucky sighs, like he can’t believe he’s even having this conversation right now.

“Look, chrome dome, I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s just not going to work. I used to be pretty doll dizzy back in the day, but once you find the right one, no one else can hold a candle to them.” He smiles and presses a kiss to my mouth one more time.

The guy rolls his eyes.

“Ah whatever, you’ve lost a customer young lady. You can keep the call- girl, that’s all she’s good for anyway, right?” His buddies laugh along with him. I gasp, shocked that that insult even flew from his mouth. How dare he? He doesn’t even know me!

Bucky looks down, before letting go of my waist.

“Why don’t you finish cleaning this table, doll? I don’t want my lady to see this.” I get back to cleaning my table, a smirk coming across my face, knowing what’s about to happen. I don’t see anything, but I hear the punch that no doubt broke the guys nose. I hear people shout, shock no doubt over taking their body. Bucky comes back in the diner, coming over to me and pressing a kiss to the back of my head.

“Thank you for being my knight in shining army, Buck.” He smiles.

“No one talks about my doll like that.”

“You and Steve going to be having your usually lunch date today?”

“Yup, he should be on his way. It’s a good thing he didn’t see that, he probably would have had an asthma attack.” I chuckle.

“Well, now that your grandstand moment is over, why don’t you make yourself useful and go fetch the armored heifer for me.” He chuckles and heads back to the kitchen.

Bucky is such a regular part of the diner that no one who works here questions him coming and going for me.

He comes back with the milk, handing it to me to fill a customer’s glass.

“You know, as often as I’m here, you’d think they’d have seen me by now.” I chuckle, it is true. Just then, the door dings open, and here comes an exhausted Steve. Once he gets up to us, he’s leaning over, panting and gasping for breath. I pour him a glass of water while Bucky comes up to him, leaning over to pat him on the back.

“You ran here didn’t you, punk?” He just gulps and nods. I hand him a glass of water and watch him gulp it down so fast if you blinked you’da missed it.

“Slow down, Steve. There’s not water shortage here, ya know.” He just smiles at me before coming to give me a hug. As tiny as Steve is, I’m still a tad bit smaller than he his. He takes pride in that as well.

“Hey, doll.” Steve is the only guy Bucky allows to call me doll besides him, and I think it’s kinda cute.

I met Bucky through Steve, actually. Steve was at the same movie theatre as I and my sister was, and this punk in front of both of us kept talking too loud and no one could hear the movie, Steve was the only guy who was brave enough to speak up, and he ended up getting his ass handed to him in an alleyway. I just happened to be walking by that particular ally when I saw him getting beat up, and I know a fight is no place for a woman but I couldn’t help it. I had to step in and help him. The man ended up slapping me in the fact, but it didn’t stop me. Bucky ended up swooping in and saving the day, and stealing my heart in the process. A thief and a hero, all at once.

“Well, you boys better take yourself a seat and I’ll get your orders in. Unless, of course, you wanted something different tonight?” They both sit down, Steve across from Bucky.

“No doll, just half a burger for each of us.” I nod and head to the kitchen. We aren’t rich, but we’re rich in spirit, and that’s all we need. I get a free meal every week that I work without missing a day, and I usually take it home and split it with Bucky, sometimes Steve too if he’s around. We can only afford one meal today, and with some of Steve’s help they’re able to get one meal and split it. It might seem like a sad situation, but we’ve become used to it and it doesn’t even phase us. After the burger is done, I ho up to retrieve it, only to see there’s two burgers there.

“Uh, Roy? You made two burgers, I only needed one.” He turns and smiles at me. Roy is the owner of the shop, and I’ve worked for him for 4 years.

“I know, dolly. Go ahead and give them to your boys, you guys deserve it. It’s on the house.” My eyes tear up, and I quickly wipe them away.

“Aw Roy…you don’t have to do th-”

“Hush. It’s no problem, now go.” He winks at me and I smile, taking both the plates before taking them to my boys. When I set them down on the table, they both look up to me with an eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know, he said it would be on the house.” Bucky breaks out into a huge grin and stands up, placing a kiss on my lips.

“Well, I feel like this would be as god a time as any, as this day just keeps getting better!” I raise my eyebrow. Steve looks towards his best friend, smiling. Before I can comprehend what’s happening, or ask Bucky what’s happening, he gets down on one knee, pulling a small velvet box out of his pocket.

My hands instinctively go to my mouth, and my knees almost buckle.

“(Y/N), I will never forget the day I met you. Standing up for my best friend, risking your own safety to protect someone else you didn’t even know. I knew right then and there that you were something special, and that I wanted to make you mine. I was shocked when you actually agreed to go out with me, seeing as my reputation around here wasn’t great, but you looked past that and gave me a chance. And here we are 5 years later, and I hope I’ve made every day since then as enjoyable as I know how to, and I hope you will let me continue to make you happy as Mrs. Barnes for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?” He opens the box and reveals a tiny diamond ring. I had been trying to keep the tears behind during his speech, so I could see his handsome face. I nod my head furiously before my knees finally give, and buckle. Bucky catches me on the way down, lifting me up and kissing me deeply. There’s an ocean of ‘aw’s’ and people clapping, Steve being one of them. Still in the throws of bliss, I almost miss Roy coming up to us, patting Bucky on the back before pressing a kiss to my cheek.

“Congratulations you two. Now, why don’t I get you guys a couple of to go boxes and you can take the rest of the day off.” My day has just gotten so much better, I can’t believe he FINALLY proposed to me! Taking my two boys with me, and admiring my left hand all the way home to eat our dinner as a tiny family. My life is awesome, but, all good things must come to an end it seems…

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Heya dude! How did you do the cool pink glow around the lines in that awesome Magnus art?!? It's such a neat effect!

Oh gosh okay, so, maybe a year ago I was looking up how to make a drawing look more 80s (I was doing art promoting the 80s themed game grumps charity livestream) and I found a cool tutorial for lines! 

I’d never ever be able to find it again because it was on the deep dark web but my steps are (and this is for the program FireAlpaca, which I highly recommend over any other program, so keep that in mind):

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“You were directly involved in bringing down the Empire. You and Artoo. So I don’t know why you’re calling me Master. Why you call anyone Master. Seems like people should call you that.”

“Why…I…I don’t know, sir. Programming, I suppose. All droids must do as they are programmed.”

OF COURSE Poe Dameron cares about the civil rights of droids and respects them as individuals. He’s not going to perpetuate a weird slavery hangover where even heroes of the Galactic Civil War are programmed to scrape and bow to humans and call them ‘master’. 


Yuri on Ice - Skating Animation Changes Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Version

On the left, you’ll find the TV version, while on the right you can see the DVD/BluRay version.

As you probably noticed, they have re-animated Minami’s kick in his Free Skate, and they actually show the jumps in Leo’s Short Program instead of cutting to the audience.

From what I gathered, they also reduced the amount of audience shots in Phichit’s program, but since it was comparable to the one from episode 11, I decided not to feature it here. There were also some prominent improvements in Yuuri’s Free Skate in episode 5, but those were again mostly sequences that we’ve seen in later episodes in all their glory (that most likely just weren’t completed by the time ep 5 had to air).

Apart from these, I haven’t seen any changes in any other skating sequences, but if I missed something, then please tell me so that I can feature the gifs here.

About Victor Nikiforov

Here is a list of questions we need an answer about Victor

  • Does he have a family?
  • If he does are they alive?
  • Do they love him?
  • What is his relationship with them?
  • Does he have siblings?
  • If he does are they older or younger? Boy or Girl?
  • Did his family support him when he started ice-skating?
  • How does Victor feel about his family?
  • How does Victor feel generaly?
  • Behind this beautiful smile is there a broken man?
  • He had long hair did he cut them bc he was bored of them or because to start “a new life”?
  • When did he bought Makkachin and why did he decided to buy a pet?
  • Was he lonely?
  • Will his parents support his sexuality or are they already supporting his sexuality?
  • Will we know what Victor was thinking when he saw Yuuri skating his program*the video scene*?
  • Does Victor want to skate in GP again?
  • Does he have a fanclub like Yurio and JJ?
  • Can he drive?
  • Any other hobbies?
  • Can he cook?
  • Does he talk on his sleep?
  • When did he start skating?
  • Does his fanclub support his relationship with Yuuri?
  • Will Victor say first “i love you” to Yuuri?
  • What did he meant when he said “skaters heart are fragile?”
  • What happened to him in his past?

feel free to add more!

ART TIP: cleaning up lines

Here’s something little i noticed while working on Clip.

I use rather light and smudgy pencil brushes for linework in my art. I try learning out of it due to it having some setbacks i could go without. This i’m talking about here being one.

Erasing light linework leaves easily some traces of the brush not seen with the naked eye at first, but come up during some crucial coloring or BG work which is really annoying.

What i do to check for any old rogue linework is that in Clip, once linework is “done”, i apply an effect called Border Effect to the linework layer, and set the color to any dark shade. This highlights every brushstroke on the layer, including possible unwanted trash lines.

Looks like i have more cleaning to do …

Once you have checked out and fixed any ugly lines, the effect can be turned off again no biggie. I predict that any program with Border Effect can be used for this. 

And of fourse, there are many other ways o deal with these kinda lines - this one is just mine.

Messages from my boss

>No more playing Russian Marching songs over the speakers
>Stop hiding the mannequin 
>Stop giving customers discounts for besting you in a game of riddles
>No more playing GERMAN marching songs over the speakers.
>None of the guns were designed to shoot down police helicopters
>There will not be throwing knife competitions at the Christmas party
>No more marching songs of any kind. Regardless of country of origin
>Employees will be reprimanded for kicking open doors and acting like they’re in Afghanistan.
>The Chechens are not coming
>None of the pre-owned guns were acquired from drug lords
>We did NOT sponsor any civil conflicts in Africa.
>Our employees do not moonlight as soldiers of fortune.
>30 seconds in the microwave will not remove built up carbon.
>Stop telling customers the pitting on surplus rifles is from Nazi blood.
>Glitter glue is not lewd
>Stop selling rifles based on the distance at which they could engage political officials.
>Stop referring to the Youth Shooting Program as Child Soldier Indoctrination.
>We do not “rumble” with other gun shops in clandestine street fights for dominance.

Timing Charts and Inbetweening Demo

Hey guys! So I recently finished up an inbetweening and timing charts demo and edited into an hour-ish video!
A handful of folks asked me things like how to utilize a timing chart in your work, how to in between to those charts, and basic (I say basic because there are other more advanced ways - but thats another time) to keep your drawings consistent! I also talk about smears!

The program I’m using is TVPaint, but any program can do really.

The character I’m using is created by Patrick Stannard! He’s a kickass animator!

Living in Gotham

- School drills include how to deal with a fear gas attack and what to do if the any of the rouges attack.

- Most citizens could beat up thugs in other cities without a blink of the eye.

- The schools have programs in place if they feel a student is likely to turn to the criminal life.

- Instead of kids playing I spy game with different objects, they play I spy the bat.

- Local tabloids are half the Wayne family and half the different vigilantes that dot the roof tops.

- Collecting batarangs is a thing. Like there are so many hanging out on streets. Constant remembers to not let children have them.

- Gas mask are a common item in most households. You always need to be prepared.

- Apartment contracts having rules about no vigilant activity. 

- School closing due to hostage situations or chemical attack on the city. It’s like snow days and extra days are built in the calendar for it. 

- Nightwing is often voted best looking Gotham citizens every year. 

- Conspiracy online websites are a thing. Like who is batman, how do they afford it, and the most important question; who is single.  

anonymous asked:

I didn't see this in the art advice tag so sorry if you've answered this before and I'm just blind lol, but how does one use a clipping mask/layer? I've sorta figured out how to add them, but I don't know where to go from there. (p.s. I love your art style so much, it's so pretty and inspiring ahh)

Hey sorry for late reply!! 

So I’m going to answer this with Fire Alpaca, but the principle is the same in Photoshop/most other programs that involve clipped layers. 

Basically all clipping a layer to another layer means is that any colour applied to the clipped layer ONLY shows up on the layer it’s clipped to. So for example you can shade a layer - say clothing - like crazy outside of the boundary of your actual clothes layer but then just clip it to the actual clothing. See below: 

It’s a very useful feature!!! 

I like to think that the information we’ve gotten about the american magical world comes entirely from outdated Hogwarts textbooks. like there’s a chapter in Hogwarts: a History on the wizarding school it inspired in america. and of course a bunch of it is exactly what happened…if you ignore everything that doesn’t make the old country look fabulous. Because of course the school based on Hogwarts,  founded by an Irish Immigrant, descendant of a Hogwarts founder would be the first and best and only decent wizarding school in America. Imagine teenage/early 20’s Hermione visiting the USA and realizing the chapter on Ilvermorney in “Hogwarts, a History” was  half entirely outdated and half colonial propaganda. like, she ’s in a room full of american wizards, and causally asks one which house she was in in Ilvermorny, and the other’s all, “oh, well, I actually didn’t go to Ilvermorny, I’m from Texas and I attended Nuestra Señora del los Milagros. Um…lesse, George and Ani both had after school programs, at least I know George was trained with the other magical children in his tribe, and I think Ani had a sort of cram school dojo thing she would port key to. Louise went to a magical school in New Orleans whose name I can’t pronounce right and which is pretty secretive, so you’d have to ask her about it. It definitely wasn’t one of your traditional English style boarding schools though. um, Saria is from Utah, and her no-maj school had free periods available for religious or magical studies during the school day. I think out of all of us only Sinjin and William went to Ilvermorny, but I think Sinjin was expelled for protesting the house names, fairly creatively I might add. Honestly it’s mostly upper class and traditional families that send their kids all the way to Ilvermorny nowadays, it’s just not that practical, even if you want a traditionally English magical education.”

tips for the college green witch
  • See if your university has a gardening club; if not, consider starting one.
  • If someone is having a bonfire, go. Don’t even think about it, just go.
  • Many universities offer nature retreats for long weekends and breaks. If money allows, take these opportunities. You’ll get a unique experience in nature and meet some new people!
  • Research local plants in your area and see if they have any magical uses.
  • Don’t underestimate the small pieces of nature right outside your dorm. Even your walk to class can turn into a witchy experience if you let it.
  • If, like many schools, your dining hall is all-you-can-eat, take advantage of this by taking extra oranges and fresh fruit. You can dry them and save them for spells.
  • Premake oils for salves and other remedies while you’re at home. You will thank yourself for this when finals come and you don’t have time to do 100+ steps for a potion.
  • Some universities have service animal training programs. Consider enrolling so that you have a fuzzy friend during your time at school.

An Open Letter to Reality Number Three

by reddit user Cymoril_Melnibone

Everything was perfect

My parents had a happy, stable marriage, and I was planned almost down to the day of my arrival. My mother wanted to have her baby in June, so that the joys of birthdays and Christmas would be spread evenly through the year.
She was always thinking about what would be best for me.

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Curious snow leopard at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

The animal encounter program allows you to feed (with tongs) a small amount of horse meat to this curious bachelor. He’s not part of a breeding program because he’s never showed any interest when given the opportunity, and so many of his siblings already are.

He also likes large moving boxes to sit in, just like any other cat.


DISCLAIMER: I haven;’t found any of these easter eggs on my own, I did a bit of research and gathered the many easter eggs I found from multiple sites. I know there are definitely more easter eggs that I didn’t include because I either didn’t spot/know about them or didn’t think they were important enough. If you noticed that I missed an easter egg that you would like me to include, please feel free to tell me and I’d gladly add it! I also apologize that this list isn’t as long as my other easter egg posts, it’s just been a hectic few days and I haven’t had much time to do more research. Also please let me know if i made any mistakes.


Rictor, the leader of the children from the X-23 program, had the power to move rocks and earth with his mind. When Logan looked over Rictor’s file, Dominikos Patrakis was listed as his DNA source. That name is the alter ego of the classic villain, Avalanche.


Logan referred to Transigen by another name - Alkali. Alkali Lake was the location of the original Weapon X Program, and that same company is the one that eventually became Transigen. The carryover is the reason the company had Logan’s DNA in the first place.


The fourth song on the soundtrack is titled ‘Old Man Logan’. The 'Old Man Logan’ storyline from the comics was the original source for Logan’s story.


At the beginning of the movie, when Logan picks some people up at the funeral at Greenwood Cemetery, which has been used throughout Marvel comics. Captain America’s memorial is in Greenwood in the Ultimates storyline, and Sue Storm was buried there after her death. There are also the names “Rogers” and “Peters” on tombstones, which are references to Captain America and Quicksilver. 


We’ve already seen the character of Caliban in X-Men: Apocalypse! When asked about it, James Mangold said “It’s a funny, messy story of how so often these things are not as coordinated as everyone thinks,” director James Mangold told us at a recent press event for 20th Century Fox. “I actually had written him into our movie, and they didn’t know [he was] in Apocalypse, and then they kind of wrote it in their movie, and they cast someone in their movie and I had not seen it and was working away on mine.” So it was just a big coincidence! Stephen Merchant plays Caliban in Logan, and Tómas Lemarquis plays him in Apocalypse. 


At the end of the movie, the children decided to shave of a part of Logan’s beard, which resulted in him having his classic Wolverine mutton chop look.


In the movie we see that Logan has a samurai sword (katana), which is a callback The Wolverine and Logan’s many other adventures in Japan.


There were many many callbacks to the previous X-Men movies in the dialogue of this movie such as Professor X talking about discovering Logan as a cage fighter, Logan still smoking cigars, the battle at the Statue of Liberty, and Adamantium bullets.


Charles’ round home thing is sort of the exact opposite of Cerebro. Its inside mirror the inside of Cerebro, but it acts as a method of surprising his telekinesis.


Another mutant whose DNA samples were used for the clones was Christopher Bradley, a.k.a. Bolt/Maverick, and we do see a kid who has electricity powers! We last saw Christopher Bradley/Bolt/Maverick in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but due to the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, none of the events in X-Men Origins: Wolverine happened (not going to even try explaining the timeline, I don’t even get it completely). (Anyone else recognize the actor, Dominic Monaghan, as Merry from LOTR?)


James Mangold has said that he views Logan to be sort of a Western movie and he was inspired by the 1953 movie Shane, which follows an aging, reluctant hero attempting to escape his old life only to be dragged back in, which is a clear parallel to Wolverine’s storyline in this movie. We even see Professor X & Laura watching the movie in the hotel room!


Sadly, Hugh Jackman is done with the Wolverine role, and we never got to see him wear the classic yellow Wolverine costume from the comics (I’m not too upset about him not wearing the costume, in my opinion he looks cooler without it). Anyways, in addition to seeing it in Laura’s comicbook, we see one of the mutant kids holding a doll wearing the classic Wolverine suit.


By now we’ve all seen he teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, and this short little teaser is filled with easter eggs itself!

  • While Deadpool is in the phone booth, the words “Nathan Summers Coming Soon” are written on the frame. Nathan Summers is the real name of the character Cable, who is going to be in the Deadpool sequel.
  • In addition to the very obvious Logan posters in the background, there’s also a Firefly poster. Firefly is a tv show created by Joss Wheadon, who also directed The Avengers (note: Deadpool & Logan & the rest of the X-Men universe movies don’t take place in the same universe as The Avengers, aka the MCU) Anyways, some fans have theorized that the Firefly poster could be a hint that we could see Nathan Fillion in Deadpool 2. 
  • UPDATE: The Firefly poster could also be a reference to Morena Baccarin - she plays Inara in Firefly and was Vanessa in Deadpool (she will reprise her role in the sequel). 
  • The huge chunk of text at the end of the trailer is an actual book report for The Old Man and the Sea. I don’t know the connection or why it was done (I’m presuming it’s just a joke) but if anyone knows, feel free to let me know and I’ll update this post.

i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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anonymous asked:

I always feel bad saying no to cashiers at other stores when they ask if I would like to apply for a card/sign up for a program/try any magazines. I know they can get in trouble for it, and it always kills me inwardly to know they may get in trouble because I said no. At the same time though, I don't want a card, or mags, or anything. I just want to check out and leave, and I know they just want to get me checked out and move on to the next person. I still feel really bad about it though.


So yeah ! Rainbows exists, magical rainbow breads exists too and ……………. foxes are orange !! So Pigeons, foxes and other animals will discover other colors than only black, red and blue ! 

I’m really happy to finally animate with more colors with Flipnote Studio 3D on the Nintendo 3DS ! Since I used theDSi one before =)

I waited 3 years for the release and now I’m like a little happy bird bouncing everywhere !! And I’m happy to see that many people who were inspired by my work give it a try and learn with it ! It’s an AWESOME program !!!

If you have any questions about Flipnote feel free to ask me ! 

I can’t wait to share my little world with more colors with you all :D

I finally made rainbow pigeon, my dream came true :’D 

Super content ^^

Finally, after all the hubbub, the first semester is over. And although like all the other art school newbies I still have a lot to learn, there are still a few tips and tricks that I can supply for anyone starting in the winter semester!

Do Things on your Days Off

If your program is like mine, you will have a couple days a week that you don't have any classes. Those days are a gift, and they are meant for working on projects and assignments that are due. (Of course, I highly recommend listening to loud music and staying in your PJ’s while working.) 

Look After Your Materials

Art supplies are expensive! Every class has a list a mile long for materials required. Lots of the time though, you can make the materials last and carry them over to other classes. For example, in a studio practice class, we are required to buy super expensive paint that we don't use much, but that is also used in painting classes throughout the whole year!

Pay Attention to Your Own Mental Health

Making art is exhausting. In the first year, there is a lot of emphasis put on learning technical skills, but concept development is also evaluated. In many cases, art is just as much emotional as it is about skill, and making art is emotionally exhausting. Look after yourself. Chugging vodka at 2 am and working twelve hours straight on a painting may be super edgy, but it’s not at all healthy.

Talk to People

No one knows the struggle of being an artist better than another artist. Having a few artist friends in your classes will help you blow off steam. Bounce ideas off of each other, joke about assignments, complain about profs (we’ve all done it. it’s okay.), go to galleries together, etc!

Don’t Take Everything Too Seriously

Remember why you are becoming an artist. Whatever your individual reasons, deep down you are in art school because you love art. Remember that. There is always a way to find fun or humour in your work. Don’t let art school turn you into a pretentious snob. Have fun.

Keep Your Work

So far this semester, I've made a staggering amount of art. Seriously, the sheer quantity of the work still shocks me when I see the pile. KEEP ALL OF YOUR WORK. Not only is it usually required to submit work again at the end of the term, but you never know what pieces you may want to use in a portfolio or as part of a larger work or series! Bag it up, keep it in a closet or a basement (or a pile in the corner of your room hehe).

Good luck next semester for everyone who is continuing their art education, or just beginning it!  

Testing One, Two Three...

OK, so as many of you know, I’ve been working on a database (well, google sheets) version of the sherlollilists, and this link should (fingers crossed) allow you to view and add comments to the preliminary document.

This spreadsheet will include all the tropes I’ve gathered, but also categories like fluff, angst, h/c, etc. It is very much a WiP and will most likely be my hobby for the year since I’ve only got 225 out of 4500+ stories listed so far. 

If you’re not familiar with google sheets, it’s pretty much like excel or any other spreadsheet program. A couple of notes on features I’m using:

  • The spreadsheet is organized by title. Although users can’t sort the columns in this document, it’s fine with me if you want to copy and paste the spreadsheet so you can sort by author, date, etc.
  • If there’s a little brown triangle in the upper right corner of a cell, then that means there’s a comment explaining things. Just put your cursor over it to read my notes.
  • There’s an abbreviation key in the second tab in case my abbreviations aren’t very clear.

And that’s it for now. Like I said at the beginning, it’s set up so anyone can use the comment function in case you have suggestions/ideas/ecstatic compliments for the organizer. Eventtually the final product will be up and running and I’ll add a link to it on my sherlollilists home page. Laters!

UPDATE: Forgot to add that after I’m done organizing the listed fics, I plan to go back and add in ALL the sherlolly fics that didn’t make the trope cut.