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We interrupt this regular transmission for an important announcement:

Before there was tumblr, there was The Nanny. Before there were shippers, there was Niles. The Butler.

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He’s sassy, adorable and has more patience than anyone should possess.

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I watch his relationship with the other characters and I can’t help but draw comparisons between us and the SPN writers. For example…

Shippers: Do we get some cute moments? Any? At all?

SPN Writers:

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Us, after the Season 12 finale:
SPN Writers:

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Us: We could have this, but you be playing.

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Then there all my other favourites, who seem to portray our lives so well. For example:

How the cast, writers and generally the world view us:

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….or when we find out that certain cast members are reading certain fics on AO3:

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Us, every time they kill a BADASS. FEMALE. CHARACTER.

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…or “Destiel doesn’t exist”:

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And this will be us in 35 years when we finally get what we’ve been waiting for:

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Big Role

Warnings: Like one cuss word
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, SPN cast member!reader, Misha Collins(mentioned)
Summary: You’re an actress on SPN and you get a big role in a new show and it comes up in a con
Reader’s Age: Roughly 15/16 years old. It could work for any though.
Word Count: 1049

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This originally had Misha in it too but it became too much of a hassle to include all of them so I just did Jensen and Jared. Enjoy!

You, Jensen, and Jared were all backstage getting ready to do a small panel. Ever since you were no more than three years old you’ve been acting on the show. Sure, a three-year-old doesn’t necessarily have much acting skill, but you had enough to get by. The boys loved having you on the show. You always brightened up their day, and you’ve also got a little bit of Jared, Jensen, and of course, Misha in your personality.

Of course, school was always a problem until your parents decided to pull you out and let you become homeschooled. The set would take breaks every now and then to let you do some school throughout the day, and if you needed any help then you just went to one of the guys.

You’ve just always been there and around them. They’ve become your family. You love doing conventions and meet-ups because it means you get to meet your even bigger family. The Supernatural family.

You’re a pretty popular character on the show. Most girls look up to you since you started acting so young and haven’t gone down a bad path, probably because you have such good influences in your life. Occasionally, you get to do your own panels, but you mainly prefer to have one of your boys there with you.

“You ready, kid?” Jensen asked as he handed you a microphone.

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” you responded enthusiastically.

Jared walked over and flashed you a quick smile before turning towards the stage. The band started playing and you three made your way onto the stage. The crowd cheered as the band played along. You three smiled and waved at everyone until you all realized the end of the song was coming up. You all, hilariously, got into your jumping stances and waited for the right time. Just when the song was about to end you all jumped up and slammed back down as if you were playing an electric guitar.

Lights blinded you as you looked out into the crowd, you smiled and waved back as the screaming never faltered. You walked over to the mic stand and put your microphone in it.

“How y'all doin’?” Jared asked. The crowd cheered in response.

“That’s great because we need you guys to get our energy up. Jensen has been dragging his feet all day,” you teased, looking over at your co-star with a shit-eating grin.

“Hey! Blame the two new munchkins!” Jensen retorted, earning laughs from you and everyone else.

For a few minutes you three told a few stories then went into questions. A young girl, no more than sixteen was next to ask a question. She had short brunette hair and was wearing angel wings with a trench coat. She took a deep breath before blurting, her voice young and shaky, “So, Y/N. Rumor has it that you’re gonna be one of the main roles in the new show Stranger Things. Is that true?” Jensen and Jared both shook their heads slightly with small smiles.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s true,” you responded humbly.  

“Yep. It’s official! She’s leaving us!” Jensen threw his arms up. “After years and years of being on Supernatural, she’s gonna drop us like a little kid playing with an old toy!” Jensen teased.

You slapped his arm with a smile that just would not go away; it never did at these events “It’s not permanent! It’s just for one season.”

“For now. One season will turn into two, which will turn into three…” Jared chimed in, trailing out his voice as he stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“I’m still on the show, ain’t I?” you replied with a giant grin.

Jared walked over and engulfed you into a hug and fake cried loud enough for the crowd to hear, “She’s growing up so fast! Moving onto bigger and better things! I’m so proud!”

“Get off me, Moose!” you playfully pushed him away, hearing the crowd laugh.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you got the role, but just don’t forget about your family here.” Jensen got serious for a moment and pointed to everyone.

“Y'all have nothing to worry about, I could never forget you,” you smiled and hugged Jensen while the crowd awed. “Anyway, next question!” you turned to a man holding a mic.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. Um, are you excited to be on Stranger Things and will it interfere with you being on Supernatural?” a man asked on the other side of the room. You stared at the ceiling as you thought about the conflicting times.

“I am very excited, but sadly, it will interfere with working on Supernatural. I’ll probably show up here and there in a few episodes, but as of right now my main focus is Stranger Things.” The crowd awed, but not from an adorable moment like before, it was for the inevitable chunk in time without you on the show; they did it just to try and keep you staying stuck with them and you loved the family more for it.

“I know, I know. It’s sad, but it’s not forever! Like I said, it’ll probably only be for a season.”

“She’s a big actress now, huh?” Jensen pursed his lips, a smile tugging at the ends. “Soon enough you’ll see her name on every billboard in every city!”

“I think you’re going a little overboard there,” you chuckled.

“Nah, you can never go overboard when it comes to our favorite sister!” Jared pulled you into another warm and familiar hug.

“Anyway,” you huffed after you’d pulled away from Jared, setting your hands on the mic which was still in the mic stand. “Who’s next?”

Jared and Jensen answered a few questions, then came another for you. “I was wondering if we would see a crossover episode between Stranger Things and Supernatural?” the woman asked. You pondered on it with an intrigued smirk at the idea, but then it dawned on you:

“Probably not, considering that Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, way before my time,” you chuckled sheepishly.

“Maybe you time traveled?” Jared suggested with a shrug.

“Maybe,” you replied deviously, deciding not to completely destroy the idea and at the same time making them even more enthusiastic about the possibility.

I hope y’all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you do a fic where the reader is a teen that’s been on spn since she was a kid and they are at a convention and the rest of the cast is teasing her (nice teasing) because she got a really big role in a new show for instance (stranger things) or whatever show”

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@beekeepercain replied to your post “ALSO. bibros??? i’m completely lost regarding literally all of this”

This really isn’t true - most bibros are still just people who love Sam and Dean. The “kill Misha” crew is a loud minority.

Leo you are likely correct! I, by nature of running a blog that’s mostly destiel, do not come across many bibros. The ones I do are, unfortunately, the ones who reblog my posts or my friends’ posts and cause drama. They are, unfortunately, the “kill misha” minority crew. :( There is no doubt in my mind there are a great many people who love sam and dean equally, call themselves a bibro, and are indifferent to other characters.

But in my original post I did say “most bibros that I have seen proclaim that they would prefer there are no other main/frequently recurring cast members other than sam and dean”. I’m wondering if you disagree with this? Even the people I’ve seen who aren’t screaming “kill misha” are still people who hated bela, jo, lisa, people who wanted any other side character off to make more room for sam and dean. I’ve seen many a bibro (again, not just the “kill misha” people but others too) say they want to get back to “the original” spn or “the REAL” spn, sam and dean ONLY, etc.

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Woops, I switch the "ask" and "message" button, anyways just keep all my compliments and promise of wedding and I'll just put my request here "Can you draw Cas (or Dean or any member of the cast) riding Sam while imitating Thranduil (with the incredibly funny and lovely eyebrows, of course) (That may have been already made but since I've seen Thranduil on his sort of big moose in the Hobbit I couldn't help but think about that) thanks darling that would be lovely





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Any predictions for Cockles in 2016?

Yeah … I suppose I could wrangle up a few.

I think, just for funsies, I will list the first ten things that come to mind– and if any of them come even remotely true within the next year, one of y’all better make me a cape!

2016 Cockles Predictions:

(In no particular order)

  1. Picture/Video of Jensen and Misha playing basketball together.
  2. Tweet from Jared implying that Jensen knows what Misha’s lips taste like.
  3. Season 11 gag reel footage of Jensen and Misha practically playing footsie with one another.
  4. A story during one of Misha’s panels about Jensen playing silly games with Maison.
  5. A photo– tweeted by Misha, with absolutely no explanation, but it’s of Jensen and he looks like he just might be shirtless.
  6. One of the SPN cast members saying something along the lines of “Cockles? Who says it isn’t real?” at any given forum, in any context.
  7. Misha wholeheartedly congratulating Jensen on winning a PCA.
  8. A candid photo taken by a fan– witnessing Jensen and Misha shopping together in the bread aisle of a grocery store.
  9. Another intentional/fake-ish kiss during the Cockles panel at JIBcon.
  10. Ruth talking about “that one time” she saw Jensen and Misha holding hands.

Just because now I am hoping for all of these things to come true, I am going to date this for posterity.

                                     -January 5th, 2016-


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Dear Orlando Jones

Since you seem to be so concerned about what people are saying about you on Tumblr, I might as well just address this directly to you. There is a very good reason for anti-tags. We have to tag our posts with something and if we want to complain about something, it’s very rude to tag those posts with the regular tags. We try to keep the regular tags open for people who are fans of the person or thing. That’s the polite thing to do. 

A year ago, I would have never dreamed of using an anti-tag for you. You and Phil Lamarr were my favorite Mad TV cast members. I watched Sleepy Hollow in part because I liked you. Then you started pandering to a very small and controversial faction of the Supernatural fandom and I suddenly stopped liking you. Since you seem to spend so much of your time on the internet, you may have a very skewed idea of the make-up of this fandom. Contrary to popular belief, most SPN fans do NOT ship Destiel. We don’t want it to be canon- most of us don’t want ANY ship to be canon because it would mess up the show and we like it how it is now. We don’t appreciate the so-called fans who try to shove it down the rest of our throats. We don’t like the people who call us homophobes if we refuse to ship it and we REALLY don’t like the ones who call Jensen that and worse for refusing to go along with it. The ship itself is not the problem. It’s just a small portion of the shippers who are toxic. 

If you spend this much time trying to stir up shit in the fandom, you have to expect people to not like you. If you want to go this route, you better get thicker skin about it. I personally just deleted Sleepy Hollow from my DVR because I can’t even watch you anymore. I’m sorry, but that’s just how I feel. Best of luck to you anyway. 

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We all know how you love Rob and Dick, Rob especially, but how did you become to love them?

:O!! i don’t think i’ve ever been asked this! STORY TIME

so it’s 2013. about 2 years into slowly letting spn consume my life, a year out of school, and i decided “shit, i’ve never traveled abroad, so i’m gonna go for it!” so i saved up and attended asylum 10 in birmingham!! jared was supposed to be there, but due to an incident with one of gen’s family members, he was unable to attend last-minute. i was mostly super excited for misha though!


the worst thing happened to me

and that was my first r2m panel.

like, i was excited about seeing the whole cast, but i really wasn’t very knowledgeable on any of their personalities, either on-stage or off. but after that con, to my own shock, the r2m panel effectively became my favorite panel at any con.

not only did they have incredible stage presence, they were goddamn hilarious. matt tends to be a little more quiet during the panels, and it’s mostly due to the banter between rich and rob. i can’t even remember what they talked about, i just remember i was losing my shit because i thought they were so so funny. and they played off each other incredibly well!?

it just felt like i was watching two dudes that have been best friends from childhood have petty arguments–and it’s so weird to know that they only met because of their work on the show?? like dang that’s some insta-friendship!

SO IT ONLY GOT WORSE FROM THERE. in my spare time i would watch the occasional panel that they’d done, and they’re really the only ones i do that with. they go on such hilarious tangents you guys

BUT OK LIKE the reason i have such a strong affinity towards rob is because i really respect him as an artist, for this:

but also for this:


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Do you think Sebastian knows about The Life of Bucky Barnes? 😁

Hi anon ^^

As uncomfortable as it makes me, I’m sure he does. Well, I think. The guy is geek enough to know about this meme and to make a reference about it in one of his latest Weibo posts so I’m sure that, as he loves surfing the internet, he stumbled at a moment or another on The Life of Bucky Barnes on Instagram. My posts are often reposted (even on 9gag xD) and Sebastian loves spending time on Instagram (he randomly answers fan questions and popped up unexpectedly on some fan pages) so I think he knows about the page somehow.

Not to mention people who tag him there and at my personal Instagram. I’m fed up to tell people not to tag actors in my posts. I’m not interested in them knowing about the stuff I do, particularly my slash stuff. I spend my time deleting posts like “@iamsebastianstan Sebastian, look!!” and it’s annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I know that people do this because they love my work, it’s a sign of appreciation but it’s really embarrassing. If I wanted Sebastian or any member of the Spn cast to see one of my artworks, I would tag them myself.

TLDR: I’m sure he does, he’s a geek and…I’m trying not to think about it xD

Enjoy your weekend!

Card for Misha

Hey guys,

As you probably know, Misha was mugged last night in Minneapolis. It’s gut-wrenching and upsetting that this happened, and he is the last person to deserve anything like this. Even so, he stuck it out and stayed at MinnCon for photo ops and autographs. He is one of the most selfless, caring people to walk the Earth, and because of this, a few of us who will be at Vancon next week want to put together a card to give him as a token of how much we in the SPN Family love and appreciate him. 

So please, send in your messages (500 characters or under) to cardformisha@gmail.com. Please include your name (first only is fine if you want), country, and if you want, your twitter handle. 


Every single message will be included, unless they breach any of the rules listed below.

Since Vancon’s in only a week, we’ll have to act fast. We’re trying to get a few cast members on board, namely Osric Chau and ruthieconnell. Please get the word out to as many people as you can, and again, send in your messages to cardformisha@gmail.com. Feel free to tell him briefly about how he’s impacted you, even if it’s just a quick blurb about how much you love him. Send it in. We’re taking everything we can get.

Rules: Messages containing hate (to him or his family), blatant shipping, or any harassment (sexual or otherwise), will not be included in the card. 

Thank you so much in advance, and please, get your messages in!

An Open Letter From A "Casual Fan" To The "Destiel Shippers"

submission from Casual Fan:

Just read that post you reblog about destiel and I was reading all these reasons why destiel is there and how the show has implied it, etc. And I think you guys are complicating things too much. 

(Don’t take this bad, let me explain) 

I don’t think I can say anymore that I’m a “casual viewer” because I do own a tumblr account and I follow some spn related blogs, but also I’m not totally one of you guys or at least not in the same level because I don’t read/write fanfics, I don’t make artworks or gifs, I am not totally up to date with what the cast members are doing (I don’t even follow them on twitter or any crew member) and I can’t think of more stuff but I don’t think I do even half of the stuff you guys do so passionately (which I admire how much you guys love this fandom). 

What I trying to say is that I’m more of a “casual fan” that like the show and really like some of its characters and which involvement in this fandom is pretty much laughing at funny gifs and post about spn that I see in my dash and send them it to my friends, and sometimes (like this one) reading your interpretation and your concerns about stuff related like destiel. 

Which brings my to the point of me writing this: You are complicating yourselves too much. You don’t need to make those long post about how destiel is present or implied at least a small way, because let me tell you it obviously is. I can see it, a few of my friends that watch the show, the ones that I send the funny gifs/post I see here because they don’t even have a tumblr and know pretty much nothing about this fandom, can see it too

We are not from the U.S or any country with a big fanbase on it (english is not even my first language, sorry for any grammar mistake) and apart for the few of friends I know that watch, I don’t know anybody else that watch spn. This is the first time I have interact in this fandom and I think I would have stay some kind of a outsider if I had not had the need to make this statement.

My friends and I started this joke when we’ll watch an episode with Cas and Dean on it and we will be like “look the boyfriends” and like “aww Cas wants to protect his boyfriend” or “aww Dean is worried about his boyfriend” and stuff like that as I joke but I got to a point where we thought “Woah! they really seem to like each other”. We still make those jokes when we see Dean and Cas (which is why I send them the funny gifs or post I see on tumblr) but we definitely see it present now in some way, but a real one. 

So please guys, you are not crazy and you don’t really need to read much into. Me as a “casual fan” and my friends as the real deal “casual viewers” can tell you, destiel is there.

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My experiences at ChiCon 2014 - The #IStandWithEmily Post

Emily Rose’s post about the situation is here: http://exorcisingemily.tumblr.com/post/101015461135/regarding-my-ejection-from-chicon

Emily Rose and I have been online friends for a while and I was excited that I would finally get to meet her in person at ChiCon. She was wonderful to me - giving me the shackles for Tahmoh since I couldn’t find any to do the wookie scene, a box of Castiel Tea, and a Destiheller-A match made in Hell button. I enjoyed chatting with her every opportunity I could.

Later, I was out in the vendors’ room when a Facebook friend pinged me to tell me that Emily was deemed a “security risk” and booted from ChiCon as someone had told Clif (J2’s bodyguard) that she was. I began to cry - and in fact, my con was partially ruined by a half day of crying about what happened to my friend. I was so upset and wondering what to do about the situation - noticing that Misha’s autograph session was coming up next and thinking that perhaps I could talk to him. I bought an autograph with Misha even though I didn’t plan on getting one, and was freaking out about it because I was so bloody scared. I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to talk to him about it because I was in tears and when I am like that my voice is incredibly quiet. I kept talking with my friend about it who was trying to encourage me. I was shaking in anger and crying… and trying to hide my emotions from everyone but I don’t think that worked well.

I was one of the last few people for autographs with Misha. The conversation (slightly paraphrased as it is from memory!) went like this:

Me: “Hi, Misha, how are you doing?" 

Misha: "I’m doing fine, thank you, how are you?”

Me: *hesitates* “Um… to be honest, I’m not doing well, as something happened here that made me upset. My friend was banned from the con because people made false accusations against her… simply because they are against my people, if you know what I mean”

Misha: “No, I don’t - what do you mean?”

Me: *takes deep breath* They made these accusations because of hatred against our shipping Destiel. 

Misha: Oh, I see. Who is this woman and is she still here?

Me: “Her name is Emily Rose; she was sitting in A53, and I think she is still in the hotel.”

Misha: “I will have to investigate this.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(I was lucky that Misha’s bodyguard walked away in the beginning of our conversation as that made me feel more comfortable with discussing what happened)

After that, he signed my photo (the one in my icon) in gold with his heart (which I love) and I said, “This is my favourite photo op with you out of them all” to which he replied “It’s a good one” and winked at me, :). 


Then came the most important photo op of them all: Cockles. It was truly wonderful and a privilege watching Jensen and Misha interact because they play off one another beautifully. Jensen was being silly when a lady kissed him on the cheek and left lipstick marks on him with assistants coming to wash it off. It took them a while because Jensen was playing it up so that meant I got a little bit more time seeing them, :). That made me a little bit happy! 

When I came walking up with my angel blade, Jensen immediately went into “play-fear mode” and I couldn’t stop laughing. Misha recognized me and pulled me aside for a moment.

Misha: “I need to tell you something. The girl you were talking to me about, she posted on her Twitter that she was going to ruin the show” (the latter he repeated because I think he remembered that I have a hearing impairment) 

Me: *stunned and confused* … “ok.” (I didn’t want to waste any more time either)

I then turned to Jensen and Misha, saying that I wanted to have a scene where Misha and I would fight over Jensen in the middle. Jensen “got it” and crouched down slightly with arms raised so we could each grab on to him, but Misha didn’t seem to know what was wanted .. Misha does a “backs away pose” so Jensen followed suit and did the “hey, calm down, Cas” as I grabbed his arm - protecting Misha. Although the photo op didn’t turn out the way I wanted to, it still works and is meta, :). Misha is all “Cas, Cas, it’s okay, you can have Dean” and Dean is all “Back off my Misha” :-P.

Here’s my photo op with Cockles:

A few things I have to say about this experience:

  • Misha looked sincerely worried for me when I told him I was upset about what happened at the con; there was no judgment whatsoever on his side
  • Misha did NOT have to investigate the matter at all but he cared enough about me to do it
  • Misha recognized me during the photo op, took me aside, and passed on the results of his investigation in a matter of fact manner – Clif was in the room and didn’t exactly look happy

Thank you, Misha Collins, for listening to my concerns and keeping your word about investigating the matter. It means a lot to me, what you did, on behalf of my friend.

Here’s my perspective on the Emily situation:

  • I have no reason to believe that Emily is a threat to any cast or crew member of Supernatural, or any TV show or movie for that matter. Emily may be snarky at times but otherwise, she is nice to everyone she meets, even haters. She uses constructive criticism in her discussions about Supernatural and towards bullies in an attempt to get them to think twice about what they’re doing. Emily works hard and tirelessly to eliminate real threats of bullying within the fandom against all cast and crew members via SPN AntiBullying initiatives. She has love for the entire cast and crew, and has been inclusive with SPN10Gifts project - which I happily donated to in protest of a different gifts project that excluded Misha as a series regular. 
  • Emily DID post about destroying the show (so what Misha said is correct), BUT it was one tweet taken out of context and also didn’t specifically name any person or show. The tweet in question used a Dr. Horrible quote and following it, sarcasm about haters who claim that Destiel is “ruining the show”. Emily was simply stating that she will settle for “destroying the show” - a.k.a., haters’ code for loving Destiel. Nothing is wrong with that - there are no threats whatsoever.
  • Clif did his job, protecting J2 by escorting a potential threat out of the con, and I don’t blame him for this initial action. All threats should be taken seriously and removal of the “offender” to occur immediately, at least until an investigation is made.
  • Clif is unfortunately under the influence of a small group of J2 shippers and is being manipulated by them. I have heard that he gave his own number to these people. IF this is true, no bodyguard should become ‘buddies’ with fans or give his number to any of them, for that poses security risks to their charges.
  • The haters involved in her ban have gone too far because their bullying tactics have had real life consequences. Emily is a reporter and her professional integrity has been compromised a great deal by this matter. Now that the tweet in question has been explained and will likely be determined as not a threat by any OBJECTIVE investigators, Emily should have all bans lifted, receive refunds for everything that she purchased for the con, get apologies from Clif/Creation/CW, and her journalistic credibility restored.
  • The accusers should be reprimanded for affecting the professional career of Emily. This means they should be named and be legally liable should Emily choose to go that route.
  • I notice that so far Clif/Creation/CW are quiet on this issue and this may be due to advice from their legal team until official statements have been approved. 
  • I really hope that the accusers are punished and that reconciliatory measures will be taken so that fans can enjoy Supernatural and feel safe going to Creation cons again.

So for A16 I was planning on making a scrapbook for Misha, along with my letter. I originally planned to just write him a letter but then I realised it wouldn’t truly get the message across.
So, in the excitement of my chemistry class the other day I decided I would make him a scrapbook. I need your help though.
The title of the scrapbook is going to be “Just So You Know” as practically all of his fans just want him to know how much he means to us all, and how important he is to the world.
Therefore I need a few things (any or all of which):

• a single sentence in which you would describe him
• one word that comes to mind when you think of him
• fan art
• stories of any escapades that happened on his behalf
• your favourite thing about him (?)

I don’t really know exactly what to include but anything you could contribute would be absolutely brilliant. I will hopefully be giving him this at the event next year or, if he doesn’t attend, asking another member of the cast to pass it along to him.

Please feel free to DM if you want to contribute to this project! Thank you!