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Behind Her Mask.

A Fire Emblem, Awakening Comic. Final Chapter, END (5/5)

Well… here it is. The end. Or perhaps the beginning? In any case, this is the story I’ve been wanting to tell ever since I started this project about a year ago…and ever since I experienced the game’s story and characters firsthand.

For those who have been reading it since– or those who just hopped on and plan to read the entire story from beginning to end– thank you, Thank You deeply and sincerely for joining me along this ride. It’s the most dedicated I’ve been to a single fan-project– 107 pages total, 48 on this chapter alone.

I genuinely hope it was enjoyable for you as well. :)

Feedback, if any, is appreciated! In meantime, excuse me as I can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Thank you!

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Arcade trying to hide his Enclave origins is the most hilarious thing ever because he is so bad at lying

  • Did I say something? Sorry. Don’t pay any attention to me. Just babbling. {becoming more quiet} Nonsense, really. {drifting off} Babbling nonsense.
  • Oh, uh… {trying to cover} of hearing stories. About energy weapons. {drifting off} They’re… pretty crazy. {quietly} Yeah. 
  • Huh. {trying to think of a plausible lie} Good question. Must have been in a book. 
  • Uh, what does anyone know about them? Big… flying machines, right? Crazy helicopters. {quietly} So weird.
  • Stop thinking so much. Thanks.

Hola ~

|| Hello there! Ever since I saw the AU about Prince Altean!Lance and Galra!Keith, I have been addicted to it and couldn’t stop drawing it- Which then led me to drawing FemAltean!Lance. I don’t really have a name for her yet but I would love if you could help me think of one.
I created this character just for the love of Lance in general- So please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions and please don’t be afraid to send me love letters~ ;)  

Anyways thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy future posts to come!

People will try and find ANYTHING that they can use in order to increase Tony Stark hate. Even if it MAKES NO SENSE LIKE IT USUALLY DOES.

It’s okay to hate a character and yes, it’s even okay to talk about hating that character with other people who hate them. But do not come up with things that definitely aren’t true about said character and go around spreading it as if it were canon. I now see that people are now calling him homophobic and I’m sitting here going, ‘since…when has tony ever shown any type of homophobic behavior???’ Never have I once seen or read him showcasing such behavior and it’s amazing at how far people are willing to go in order to make a fictional character look bad. 

We get that Tony isn’t the most perfect character in the world but he’s great because he showcases character development, he has flaws which is so important if you want a character to be real, to be relatable. It also seems that people are simply hating on him because of those flaws that he has. 

You don’t have to like him but please stop making things up that aren’t real because it does hurt the people who care for him and view him as their favorite character, like I do.

Just think about it if people were attacking your favorite character like the way they attack Tony Stark. 

You wouldn’t exactly be happy. 

I remember once during a conversation about fan fiction someone said something about original characters that I once believed - “no one reads fanfiction for OCs.”

Now here I am, 29 chapters into Eight Years, my original story, original character-only Digimon fanfic story and not only have I had a decent amount of hits; I have 5 kudos, 2 bookmarks and one of the nicest comments I’ve ever had on any piece of writing I’ve done.

Maybe a lot of people don’t read for original characters. But enough do to make me happy that I’m sharing it with an audience. I’m forever grateful for that.

now i’m thinking about lord of the flies again. i actually read it twice, once because i had to, but again because i wanted to. while i certainly wouldn’t say that it’s a fun book to read, given its pretty graphic imagery and repeated depictions of child murder, it’s definitely not a drag by any means. the upside of having a lot of really effective descriptions of violence is the sheer amount of vivid imagery throughout the rest of the book. the characters actually have personalities you can get invested in, and the story is such that it rarely, if ever, gets distracted by its own details. plus, everything is symbolic – there’s a huge amount of stuff to talk about.

heart of darkness and lord of the flies are both meant to make you uncomfortable for more or less the same reason. you’re supposed to look at em, think “man that’s super fucked up” and re-evaluate your own humanity. but while heart of darkness is unpleasant on top of its themes for way too many reasons, lord of the flies manages to stay focused on the discomfort you’re supposed to feel, and it stays a pretty damn good book on top of that.

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Sorry to bother you but do you have any book recommendations? I've seen you posting about books and they looked interesting but it's hard to keep track of stuff on Tumblr

The books I post about are Throne of Glass (badass. Just. Bad. Ass. Goals. If you love princesses as much as I do, dream come true), Six of Crows (a heist book with AMAZING character representation and BEATHTAKING plot. Beware: your heart will break) and The Lunar chranicles (comedy, princesses, action, princesses, best YA characters and romance I’ve ever seen). Oh and also Heartless, but I think the impact of this book is NOT READING ANY SUMMARY OR SHORT SENTENCES ON THE COVER OR ANYTHING just go into it from page one and read without spoiling yourself the plot.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

that moment when you accidentally spend hours rereading should have asked for directions and feel all the feels bc i doubt there is any story more beautiful and wonderful and ultimately cathartic than this one. and because love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love and i’m simply not sure a better love story exists, frankly. 

(does not matter literally at all if you’ve never seen glee. does not matter if you don’t identify with the characters’ orientations. this is literally the some of the best shit you will ever read. ever. go forth & read & suffer & be happy about it, friendz.) 

He’s... Odd *Deadpool x Reader*

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Summary: So can I get a Wade imagine where reader is a single mom and Easter is when you introduce wade and your son and maybe the readers son is really shy and doesn’t want to talk to him but then ends up warming up to him and they hunt for eggs together (hunt for eggs part is not here, I have three other requests with that, sorry hope you like this though)
Warnings: Swearing and poorly written Deadpool because I’ve only ever seen the movie once and know nothing about him!
Admins Note: I have only ever seen Deadpool’s movie once, I haven’t read anything on him, and he is a character I am unfamiliar with. So, if this isn’t to any Deadpool fans standards, I am sorry, he’s extremely new to me. I tried… I really did, I am never writing him again after this, I’m sorry you suffer through this. I tried breaking the fourth-wall, didn’t work, I am sorry in advance. (I am so creative I used the name Manny, I watch Modern Family, leave me alone).

“He’s… a little odd” you explain to your son, he nods lightly as you wash up, him still sat at the breakfast bar “you’ll like him, he’s extremely funny, a tad crude and rude at times but he promised to be on his best behaviour” whether he is, is a different story, but you didn’t want to scare your son away before he even met your boyfriend. 

Your boyfriend is Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, the assassin; how you both met is a long and slightly awkward story, best saved for another time. 

You decided after six months together to introduce Manny to Wade, you had talked about your son a lot, explaining to Wade how… apprehensive he can be, plus a little shy around new people; Wade was surprisingly eager to meet him.

Also, today is Easter, you decided to actually cook and have Wade get to know Manny, it had been a while since a man was introduced to Manny. This was a massive step for both of you, ever since his dad passed away, men never really stuck around long enough to meet your son; which you felt was a shame since they are missing out. You turn and see Manny looking slightly nervous, you sigh gently walking to him, wiping your wet hands on your jeans with a small smile. 

“Hey, I can call him and tell him to take a rain check?” you asked, he shakes his head at you, you grin “if… he is a little much, tell me and I’ll sort him out, or I’ll send him home” you nudge, he chuckled as you kissed his forehead lightly, ruffling his dark hair; he looked so much like his father.

The door knocked, Manny peaked from over the sofa where he was doing how homework as you peeled potatoes, you quickly walked to the door and flung it open. 

Your smile faltering as you look over Wade, in his Deadpool suit, he did say he wouldn’t wear it but a part of you figured he would anyway. He was about to step in but you placed a hand on his chest, he looked down at you slightly,

“He’s a little nervous, so I mean it, be nice” you glare at him sternly, he holds his hands up in defence,

“Who isn’t nervous when meeting me?” he asked, you narrowed your (E/C) eyes at him and he nods lightly to silence himself

“No, cussing or rude remarks, no talking about assassinating people, capish?” you asked,

“I got it, I got this, we’re all good in the hood” he says removing your hand and walking inside, you rolled your eyes and shut the door, walking to the kitchen through your open-plan living home.

“Manny, that is Wade Wilson” you point he nods, looking over Wade “and Wade this is my son; Manny, shit I left the potatoes” you mutter.

“HEY” Wade shouted “no cussing” he mocked in a girly voice, you glared from the kitchen, holding a steak knife up to him and you knew under that mask he was smirking and had a raised eyebrow.

“I will cut you” you mouth to him, he chuckles and looks down at your son, who was looking up at Wade with a nervous but curious look.  

“I bet you’re wondering why the red suit…” Wade begins and you see Manny nod once, still unsure of what to think of him “it’s so the bad guys can’t see me bleed” Wade shrugged, you sighed lightly, Manny raised his eyebrows and nodded going back to his work. 

“Why’d you name him after the Ice Age character?” Wade asked you stopped and glared at him, the carrot finely cut and he sat at the breakfast bar. Hands into fists and placed on his cheeks as he looked at you, awaiting an actual answer.

“I named him after my great-grandfather, not an animated elephant,” you tell him.

“It’s actually a mammoth” he corrects “can someone remind me why I am dating her?” he asked to no one, you frown at him, he groaned loudly “the people reading this, duh” you nodded once, eyes wide as you go back to chopping vegetables, he does that a lot; you’re learning to get used to it. 

“Why are you wearing a mask?” Manny asked, finally finished with his homework, turned to look over the sofa at Wade; he was spinning in the chair, he stopped and looked at Manny for a few seconds.

“I look like an old testicle under here, that’s why” he answered, you smacked his arm but you hear Manny chuckle, you grinned as Wade snickered.

“So, what are you into, kid?” Wade asked standing up and walking to sit on the sofa, Manny looked at you, you smiled briefly and encouraged him to talk to Wade some more. 

“Um, I enjoy school” that made Wade groan “I’m good in Science, even Math, I really enjoy it” he shrugged, Wade looked at you, you just grinned back at him. “the stuff I’m good at isn’t the stuff that gets you popular” Manny shrugged lightly,

“But… Science is the shit where you blow stuff up” you yelled at Wade, who just waved at you, Manny nodded “who doesn’t want to be friends with the kid who can blow stuff up?” he asked “I want a friend who blows stuff up” he continued “oh, wait… I am that friend” he corrected, Manny had raised eyebrows but was smiling lightly.

Somehow, you don’t know how Wade got you and Manny into playing some console game; you left the food to cook slowly. The game was killing each other, it was Call of Duty or something, you were shooting at Manny and occasionally nudging him so he would miss you. 

Of course, Wade Wilson was amazing at the game, somehow getting the most kills and knowing where you were at all times. You were only a couple kills behind Wade, you were also a very sore loser, you were shouting bad words but neither told you off because of the determined look in your (E/C) eyes.

“DAMMIT!” you shout “If I lose I’m burning this house down” you shout to them, eyes ablaze, firing wildly at Manny who had opted into letting you win; knowing how you can get at times, Wade stared at you and even with the mask on, Manny could tell he had raised eyebrows in shock. 

“HA! Fuck you,” you scream as you win, standing up with a grin, Wade chuckled as you begin to trash talk some more,

“You won” Wade smiled “but you are still gonna burn the house down,” he tells you, you frown at him, he nodded to the kitchen “you’re cooking remember?” he asked, you widen your eyes before running to the kitchen.

“Your mum’s hot when she’s angry,” Wade tells Manny who scrunches up his face, causing Wade to chuckle at him “especially on the holidays” he muttered lightly. Helping Manny play the actual game as you somehow saved the meal.

(Okay… I tried, I really did, so cut me some slack here. I’ve only seen his movie once, hardly know anything about him, so this was a lot of hard work… I know it’s probably shitty. Although I did have fun writing it, I may do some more, writing with Deadpool and Manny, I feel like there could be a nice few things to write of those two. Let me know what you think on that. You can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

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I'd love to hear (read?) you talk about Kagura/Kagome, since you mentioned that recently. Kagura is my all-time-favorite character in any fandom, and I feel like I don't ship her with nearly enough people.

I have to admit I’ve never actually managed to find a Kagura/Kagome fic anywhere that was what I was hoping for. (AO3 has a PWP + Sesshomaru. Ffnet has a one-shot. Welcome to hell.)

If I were ever to write it, I’d probably set it somewhere in the beginning-middle of the plot, and maybe Kagome gets separated from the others and finds Kagura and they work out a deal? Idk, I really love plots where someone helps Kagome become a badass, and I think Kagura would be the perfect person to inspire her and infuriate her into working harder all at once. And, at the same time, Kagome would be enough to soften some of Kagura’s edges. Idk, the possible dynamic really appeals to me. 

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I love your Padme/Sabe art! It is all sooo beautiful and they are two of my favorite characters ever! I don't know if you ever read any fic, but there's a beautiful one on Archive of Our Own called 'i have been spared to mourn' about Padme going to kill Anakin and going to Alderaan with Sabe. It's super beautiful and sad and lovely, and it made me think of your art!! Anyway, I hope you're having a great day!

Omg anon I love you :’’’’) I haven’t read that one but I love Padme-centric fic recs and I’ll definitely check it out!!! Here’s a link for anyone reading this who also wants to give it a look!

The My Shadowhunters Blog Tag!! Answer all the questions, then tag 5 of your followers. I was tagged by @softmags thanks babe <33

What is the title of your blog? I’m going to ‘encanto’ you (bc Albi <333)

What is your age? 18 but in june i’ll be 19

What is your gender?  female

How many followers do you have? rn 2,653 

What Shadowhunters character(s), ship(s), or actor(s) does your blog focus on? everyone tbh? i feel like it’s mostly saphael and malec tho, i’m usually reblogging everything sh/cast related

What post(s) got your blog noticed?  my shadowhunters + incorrect quotes if we’re talking about sh only

Have you read any of the books in shadowhunters universe? yeah..

If so, which one(s)? only the tmi series bc i liked sassy/sarcastic jace and cute jewish boy, idk if im ever gonna anything else that cc wrote, maybe if you guys recommend it?

Which book/series was your favourite from shadowhunters? idk man?? i hardly remember anything from books? 

Who are your LEAST favourite characters? locelyn? valentine?

What is your favourite thing about the cast? they’re such a great cast and amazing actors and they love their fans and they get along so well i just love them so much

Who are your BROtps? PARABATRI, domberto ofc, matt+dom (sherdario?)

What are your top 3 favourite episodes so far from both seasons? 1x12, 2x07, 2x08 

What is your favourite fan event that the cast has attended so far? holy shit how can anyone answer this? do y’all remember all those events? idk man

Do you write Shadowhunters fanfictions nope

If so, what is your name on a03? i do have an account but i’m not posting anything, made it to support all those amazing writers

Im tagging: @thedownworld @jugheadlightwood @catharinaloss @thirstyalec @kitkatmcnamara

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1) Who is your favourite author? Why?

2) Who are your three favourite DA characters?

3) List three poems I have to have read at least once.

4) If you could go to any century besides the 21st, which would it be and why?

5) Have you ever been part of a different fandom (as a writer, in case that applies to you)? Which one?

6) What’s your favourite thing/ theme to read about?

7) Name three things you can’t resist.

8) Do you have any daily rituals? Which ones?

9) Early bird or night owl?

10) Favourite instrument to listen to?

11) Name one thing about your (imaginary) partner/ husband/ wife/ SO that you love. (Can range from very significant things to ‘the way he/she/it wrinkles their nose’.)

Rules: Answer the 20 questions, and tag 20 amazing followers that you’d like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @macdennisreceipts thank you!

Name: Hilal

Nicknames: I don’t have any

Zodiac sign: virgo

Height: idk I think about 5"10 or “11 I’m not sure

Ethnicity: Turkish

Favourite fruit: cherries and blueberries

Favourite season: autumn

Favourite book series: I don’t think I’ve actually ever read a book series lmao

Favourite flower: lilies and daisies

Favourite scent: I like mint and lemon scents. Also florals

Favourite color: red

Favourite animal: dogs

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea. I’m Turkish so 

Average sleep hours: 5-6, sometimes less…help me

Favourite fictional characters: Darlene and Angela (Mr. Robot), Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me), Lindsay and Kim (Freaks and Geeks), Dee (iasip), Annalise (htgawm)

Number of blankets you sleep w: 1. 2 if its very cold

Dream trip: Iceland

Blog created: in 2011 i think? I started using it properly in mid 2012 though. I know……..

Number of followers: 3,460 (it always goes up and down I keep losing followers and gaining new ones lol)

I tag: @superunknwn @ffruzsiinthebox @fluorescentgaylescent

Mills and Boon Misunderstood?

I recently finished this book:

And whilst I was reading I started thinking about how Mills and Boon is misunderstood or I guess stereotyped is the word… The amount of flack I used to get (still do sometimes) for reading them is unreal and yes, they publish tropes but there’s a reason Mills and Boon is still popular, tropes work and people read them. I know I do. When I’m in the mood for a particular trope my first thought/port of call is the Mills and Boon website, they’re a trope-opolis and my trope-loving heart, well, loves it 😂

Anyway, I digress, say what you want about them, but their book was the first one I ever came across with a main character who had a disability and honestly? It was like an epiphany… Like ‘Hey, there’s books out there with characters who have disabilities!’ Up until that point I had never seen a character with disabilities in any books I read. After that book, I actively sought out books with any/all kinds of disabilities (and after a time, have even started writing one of my own).

So I’ll always remain a Mills and Boon fan no matter what and hopefully Mills and Boon will continue to publish characters with disabilities in their books (and keep featuring them on their covers because that cover above? I LOVE.)

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G H M O #Fanficaskgame

G: Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?
See previous answer!

H: How would you describe your style?
I probably wouldn’t? Haha. I suppose (or at least, I hope) that my style is simple, if that makes sense. I tend not to use a lot of flowery language unless the moment calls for it, and I try to have characters’ interactions, especially in dialogue, feel realistic, even if it isn’t always the most dramatic or interesting choice. 

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?
Here’s my answer from the other day. 

I don’t know when I’ll get around to this, but I read an interview where Chrissy Teigen said she and John had sex in their seats in first class on a plane, and I’ve been thinking about this for Richonne ever since then, haha.

At some point, I also really wanna write a story that includes Rick stopping Michonne’s wedding, Dwayne-and-Whitley style.

But I also have my This Is Us/TWD crossover that I’d like to get started on within the next few days. I just have no idea what I’m gonna do yet, haha.

O: How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?
I guess both? Although more the plot than anything. Everything starts with Richonne, but the premise often determines which other characters are going to be prominent. And for AUs, the storyline gives me a blueprint for how the characters exist in a different world. What are their careers, their other relationships, their daily lives, etc. 

tacticalgunner replied to your post: squalleonhardt replied to your…

i dunno, maybe i’m gross. i’d do it …. i mean ship with ultimecia. … maybe not adel … have to seen that hair. and that face. and that … that abomination. 17 years of looking at that abomination in space more like why.

I can see a ship. I do. With other characters. I read a convincing UltimeciaxQuistis once upon ages ago.But I just don’t see Seifer ever shipping with Ultimecia/Adel/Edea/Any Sorceress (except Rinoa because of the whole ‘they dated before’ thing.)

Like, love and chemistry aside, Ultimecia didn’t care about Seifer. She used him. Totally and entirely. When she was done with him she discarded him because she had Adel, and she had Rinoa (and in a way, she had Ellone there too, if she had been quicker about it.)

Idk. I can see it with Ultimecia but not for Adel. Like you said, Laguna’s stared that thing down for years. It’d be like staring at an ugly painting for 17  years waiting for it to finally look good and it just never does. Just… ech.


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What is the title of your blog? The Morning Star is falling

What is your age? 18

What is your gender? female

How many followers does your blog have? 2,924

What Shadowhunters character(s), ship(s), or actor(s) does your blog focus on? mainly Jace and Clary, Clace, some Malec, Dom and Kat 

What post(s) got your blog noticed? I’ve made a bunch of shadowhunters & text messages posts and people thought they were funny

Have you read any of the books in the Shadowhunters universe? Yup I was in the middle of City of Glass when it was rumored they were going to make it into a show

If so, which one(s)? I’ve read all of them. I’m planning on reading Lord of Shadows just to see if Clace get engaged because I honestly don’t care about most of the new characters lol

Which book/series was your favourite? City of Lost Souls and which ever short story from Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy was about The Circle. I would love a whole series about The Circle when it began if I’m honest. 

Who are your favourite characters from Shadowhunters? Jace and Sebastian (Don’t judge okay I love a good villain and his dynamic with Jace was interesting to me)

Who are your LEAST favourite characters? Jordan Kyle, Simon, Magnus kind of annoyed me too

What is your favorite thing about the cast? I love how close they are and I love how funny they all are

Who are your BROtps in the cast? Dom and Kat are probably my favorite. (secrets out: sometimes i drop the “br” at the front with the two of them ) But I love the parabtri too. 

What are your top 3 favourite episodes so far from both seasons? In order, 2x10, 2x03, 1x07 I think???

What is your favourite fan event that the cast has attended so far? The first comiccon was cool mostly because I loved the panel. I hope they get to live stream the next one. 

Do you write Shadowhunters fanfictions? yeah I’m working on an actor!Clace fic right now instead of doing my research project

If so, what is your name on ao3, ff.net, etc? LegionofShadowhunters on Ao3 and ff.net