or am i the devil

When your getting closer to the ending of an anime

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Not the Paladin

I am sorry, 
that i am not the Paladin you wanted 
that i dont wear shining armor
or wield a mighty sword
that i dont charge into your battles
without a second thought
that i dont smite your enemies
whenever you say the word.

I am a lawyer, i wear suits and ties
I twist and turn your problems, 
Looking through everyone’s eyes
I am the devils advocate
Understanding of them all
I may act slow
But true is my judgement

I will make you understand
The cause of this trouble
Give you a helping hand
And work it all out

It might’ve made me cynical
This blessing and curse
And i hope you still can see
That under the mistrusting suit
And ever-calm tie
A loving and caring heart beats

Just for you.


  • Yuuri is a journalist major who wants to be a fashion journalist more than anything in the world
  • He looks up to Victor Nikiforov, editor of History Maker Magazine, a very very famous and prestigious company with millions of subscribers
  • Unexpectedly, he gets a job as Victor’s secretary, he’s super excited but he discovers that Victor ROASTS people when he doesn’t like their ideas
  • (and by roast i don’t mean he yells at them, i mean he smiles and tells them politely that it’s terrible and everyone is like??? is he nice??? is he evil??? omg i am horrified of him)
  • (He has a soft spot for his poodle, though, so after destroying several people’s hopes and dreams and telling them to come up with something else he’s like ‘MAKKACHIN!’ and happily jumps away to pet his dog)
  • Yurio is Victor’s little brother who he has a soft spot for and who loiters around the building and gives Yuuri a hard time by throwing spitballs at him
  • Anyway, Victor sees Yuuri as his new secretary and thinks he’s super cute but he has no idea how to express it so he tries to give him really hard jobs and Yuuri is like oh my god what the heck I am overwhelmed
  • He also gives him a lot of opportunities, though, and Yuuri does his best with them and keeps succeeding and Victor is internally super proud but externally like ‘hmm keep going. here’s another assignment.’
  • (But Victor keeps selecting him to go on different trips w/ him and Yuuri is like ???????? ok why am i getting all this special attention this is hype)
  • Somehow Victor works out how to express his feelings and tells Yuuri and they fall in love happily ever after

Round 2 Guys. And maybe the last of this kind.
So, after the Stans travelled through Canada, Iceland and Sweden, I would kinda image that maybe…Ford wanted to see the old man’s grave.
So back to New Jersey, the Mystery Twins investigated about the famous Jersey Devil. (the thing was a  anger-issue fellow and Ford lost his favorite gun in the process).
After so many feelings they go to Mexico, in time for Dia de los Muertos celebration. There they encountered La Llorona (thanks @yemiprotector for the infos and the idea <3 )

And then, after a royal hangover, they go back to adventure and met a Selkie (the design is greatly inspired by @fluffy-raccoon awesome Selkie) 

After that. 

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I honestly haven’t think about it. Maybe…I dunno…I’ll do a comics about it-

And then…i drew pages. Again. Of course.

So again, thank you all for the reblogs, the awesome tags (which entertained me more than I could have imagined.) and the love.
This fandom is awesome. You are awesome.

EDIT: omg…I made typos…so many typos…Why oh god why

  • Atsushi: I think there's a monster under my bed I'm scared...
  • Akutagawa: That's me you idiot we share a bunk bed! Now go the fuck to sleep!
V is a Devil Worshipper

Do you guys remember when Jumin said that V converted his religion for Rika? What if he didn’t convert to Catholicism? Maybe that’s why he wears that minimalism necklace instead of a cross? Rika is literally the devil, and V gave up his religion to worship her like he so obviously, canonically does.

TL;DR: Rika is the devil.

“This is probably a bad idea” I said as I continued drawing this disaster.

Inspired by this fic of @dubsdeedubs! Warning for angst!

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