or am i the devil

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God that men of color over white women thing really resonates with me because I'm mad into Star Wars and I think Rey is cool and all but pero like,,,,,,,,,, compared to Finn and Poe? I could literally not give less of a shit about her and I am The Devil™ for that lmao

Remember when Rouge One came out and nobody gave a shit about Jyn or whatever tf her name is.

Got my Critical Role tarot cards in the mail.

And I shouldn’t be surprised that Percy is The Devil card yet here I am.

Also heads up for folks buying them. Be careful because some of the cards kinda stuck to each other in the tight packaging. Took me forever to find Vex’s card because she was stuck to the Vax one. Which was pretty funny actually.

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I honestly love this blog sm and I especially love your headcanon for the Devil liking larger gals more since I am one myself; it was a nice esteem boost~! <3

((Bruh I’m a big gal too so I’m all here for that chubby validation. devil’s here for gals he can rly sink his teeth into))

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Hi Pen! I was wondering whether you had any other ships outside of the HP fandom? Curious to know whether any other pairings provoke similar stirrings as LV/HP does for you ^_^ PS; to last anon: I panicked thinking DH came out more recently (shows my age! 👵) & thought that made you a young teenager now 😂 So I was going to forewarn you the dark call of Pen's glorious NG (preservation of innocence & all that jazz) Alas you're old enough to decide for yourself 😜 (come to the daaark side, anon!)

Oberyn/Just about anyone and Daenerys Targaryen/Yara Greyjoy from Game of Thrones

Riku/Sora from Kingdom Hearts (I am WAY behind on that storyline though)

Sam/Satan or Dean/Satan/Sam from Supernatural (DONT JUDGE ME OKAY I LIKE SHIPPING THE DEVIL)

Uhhh… I am sure there are more but those are the ones off the top of my head.

(also quite trying to corrupt the pure, gentle souls; there are precious few of them left… though why they’re on my blog I will never know…)

I am SO HUNGRY and need to get my dinner on. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to do the prep, but a little bit. It’s 5:15 now, so let’s pick back up at 6pm PT, and we’ll go for the remaining two and a half hours.



i know we’re all big fans of calling Steve Rogers a drama queen and calling out his extra ass, but I think it’s time we focus our attentions on Matthew Murdock who is the only one of the Defenders to show up in full fucking costume, Jessica, Luke and Danny are all in jeans and a jacket and then there’s Matt “I am The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Feel My Wrath” Murdock standing there horns and all