or am i hallucinating again

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South grumbled out a fuck you, but it wasn’t in time for Tex to actually hear. god, why do stealth missions always turn out like this? She took a heavy breath, just in time to see a glimmer of the cloaking technology from Tex.

She let out a choked ow when she got pressed into the wall, What the fuck..?She started, expecting to just see a blur of grey and white, but she actually saw the orange-yellow on Tex’s visor. Staring in disbelief for a moment, she spoke again. Am I hallucinating.Her wound wasn’t anything major, but she was losing too much blood far too quickly. She then glanced down, seeing the two colors of her armor and grimaced, Ew.

Having a history of psychosis sucks, mainly because u suffered from psychosis but also, because it doesn’t leave u…am I hallucinating again? “Can u hear that?” “Can u see that?” “Was this person real?” “Why are u looking at me like that?” “Am I delusional?” “I don’t remember that” etc.