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Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 1)

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Stiles x Reader 

(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now? 

Word count: 2547

Next part: part 2 


“Have a nice day,”  my mom said with a smile. I ignored her and rolled my eyes behind my dark sunglasses.

“We’ll see about that,” I finally spoke out. Before my mother could respond I opened the door of the car and quickly shut once I was outside. My mom didn’t try to go after me. She had already failed enough to know that it wouldn’t help anyone. Instead, she drove away, leaving me in front of the big and old building of Beacon Hills High School.

I rummaged through my bag until I found my white cane. I grabbed it and unfolded it. Once I was sure it was on complete length, I made my way to the entrance. I could feel the eyes on me. But I was already used to it. It only happened for whole my life.

I was born blind. I will always remember when I was four and heard my mom crying the day before my first day of school. “Why couldn’t she be normal,” she cried to my father. It crushed my little heart. Fortunately school itself wasn’t too bad. The bad thing was that when I was 13, my dad had gotten a new job which was a result of a lot of moving around the country. Beacon Hills High would be my… 8 school. But my parents promised me that it will be the last one before college.

So, yeah. I was born blind, but I can see actually now. A few years ago, I was in the woods with my parents when I got attacked by some wild animal. It resulted in me going to the hospital and staying there for three weeks in the intensive care. At least that’s what people told me, because I was unconscious for most of it. The weird thing was, that when I woke up, I could see. I could see the hospital room, the bed I was in, everything. I never told anyone about it. Not even my parents. I knew that it would rise up weird questions and they would probably send me to a secret lab to get me checked out. ´

I walked until my cane hit the stairs. I sighed just when a female voice behind me asked if I needed some help.

“Oh no, I’m fine. But thank you.” I smiled to the girl. I looked at her through my glasses. Fortunately she didn’t see that. How could I explain why I - a blind person - was eyeing her down.

The girl was shorter than me. She had long fiery hair and she was wearing a light sundress. She gave me a kind smile.

“Well, let me at least help you get to your locker.”

“That would be great.” I smiled. We walked together up the stairs and when we got to the door and she held it open for me. I ticked around with my stick and thanked her again.

“I’m Lydia by the way.”

“(Y/N)” I introduced myself. Lydia guided me through the busy hallway and talked about the school and her friends: “I’m sure you’ll love them.” We walked for a few more seconds before Lydia finally realised she was missing some major piece of information.

“228,” I said before she could even ask me.

“How did you know?”

“I assumed you will ask me sooner or later.” I smiled and I saw her let out a small laugh.

“Well, here it is,” we stopped in front of a locker.

“Lydia, could you tell me on which number the lock is positioned?”

“Uhm, it’s a five,”

“Thanks.” I touched around on my locker for the lock and once I got it, I started to twist it to get my combination. It finally unlocked and I started to get my books out. One by one, I felt for the letters and started to think when I was gonna need them. In the meantime, Lydia had to get her own books, so she said goodbye and that she would meet me at lunch. So I was, again, all alone. I had no idea what to do now. I closed my locker and unfolded my schedule paper. I felt the small dots:

I turned around from my locker, on the other side of the hall, right opposite of me, there was a boy. He was trying to stuff in his already packed locker.

I though. He was also my only option, because for some reason, this hallway was completely empty.

I took my cane and started to walk towards him. I waved it around slightly until I lightly hit his ankle. He immediately turned around. He seemed confused at first, but when he saw my cane his expression changed to a softer one.


“Hey,” I smiled, “I was wondering if you could, maybe, guide me to my lesson.”

“What gives me the honor of this,” he laughed, but I could hear that he meant it in a kind way.

“Because, from what I could hear, we are the only people in this hallway.”

“Right.” his wide smile dropped a bit. “So what class so you have?”

“Uhm, Econ from a certain mr FInstock.” I told him. His smile returned as quickly as it vanished.

“Great, that’s where Iḿ heading off to too.” He offered his hand for me to shake, “My name’s Stiles.”

“(Y/N), nice to meet you.” I held out my hand a bit more to the left than his hand was. Stiles quickly realised his mistake and took my hand from the direction I was pointing it at.

“Nice to meet you too.” he shook it.

I have been here for less than 15 minutes, I have already been pleasantly surprised by a few people. It almost never happened that somebody opened the door for me. Or didn’t correct me when I didn’t hold out my hand in the right direction. Obviously I do it not to look suspicious, but I will always remember when it wasn’t just an act and when I was really blind. I couldn’t see a damn thing in front of me and people always used to talk about it like it was nothing. But here, it was already different. Especially the next thing.

“Here, take my hand. Than you can get rid of that cane.”Stiles offered. He out his hand on mine and I gladly grabbed it. With my other hand, I folded my cane and put it in my bag. For a second I thought if he maybe had a blind relative, but I couldn’t really figure it out. He was a big mystery, just like me…

“Ladies and Gentleman, this will be the last stop, please step out.” he badly mimicked train conductor but I still couldn’t help but laugh. We walked into the classroom, still hand in hand, and he only let me go when I was seated. Stiles took the seat next to me.

Soon after, the bell rang and the rest of the class walked in, followed by a man who looked like he was electrocuted and after that still had drunk a couple of cups of coffee.

“Alright, everybody, get your books out.” he said as he sat on the corner of his desk. I felt around in my bag for the book with the dots that spelled out

and after some time, I finally found it. I put it on the table, together with a small recorder to record the notes. It would be a bit hard to write for me, I figured.

Once I had all my stuff ready, I realised that the teacher had not said on which page we should open our books. He had written it on the board. Clearly, he did not know about me, or he was too stubborn to care about it.

I was about to get a small panic attack, when from beside me, Stiles whispered: “page 63.”

“Thank you.” I replied just as softly as he did.

“Who can summarise last lessons reading. No, not you Greenberg, everybody knows you can.” mr Finstock practically yelled into the classroom. He looked around the classroom, until his eyes spotted me. My heart skipped a few beats. I knew what was coming.

“You, knew girl. What’s your name?” I stuttered out my name and, again, I could feel all eyes on me. Except for Stiles’. He was switching his look from me to the teacher as if he was watching a tennis match.

“Okay, new girl. I assume you didn’t do the reading. So, come upfront and tell us something about yourself.” I stood up, shakingly. Right when I was already standing, I realised that I didn’t have my cane. Then I heard something: “Just walk straight on. There are no bags. You’re safe.” it was Stiles. Very slowly, I made my way to the front of the class. Then I turned around and all those eyes made me sick. Everybody was staring at me.

“And take those glasses off, weŕe inside.” a boy in the back said loudly. Some people started to laugh, but the majority had seen me already in the hallways and knew why I had them. But still, that prick wanted a show, so I would give him one.

I took of my glasses and this was followed by a girl screaming. Apparently no body expected the gruesome scar that was splitting most of my face in half. The boy that seemed so happy with himself just seconds ago, looked as if he was going to puke. What was surprising to me was, that Stiles didn’t look bothered at all with my appearance.

“Well, My name is (Y/F/N), I am 16 years old and as you have figured: I am blind.” it was completely silent. “But the funny thing is,” I laughed a bit, “is that this-” I pointed around on my face, “is not the reason of it. You see, I was born blind and a few years ago I got attacked by a wild animal in the woods and this is how I got it.” the girl that screamed before, was looking paler and paler. I smiled widely, maybe a bit crazy looking with my top half of the face totally messed up. “Hopefully we can all be great friends.” at the end, I turned my head a bit in the direction of the prick that was still looking as if he was gonna be sick in a matter of seconds.

“Alright.” mr Finstock said after a moment of silence, “let’s get you back in your seat. Stilinski, get over here.” Stiles stood up and walked over to me. I had put on my glasses again and he helped me get to my seat.

“That was amazing,” Stiles told me once we were seated.

After that class, I decided to just keep holding my cane the whole time. If the teachers would see that, they would understand why I have my glasses and I wouldn’t have to traumatize more kids… as fun as that was.

“Let’s go get some food,” Stiles said as we walked out of English classroom. We passed a lot of people. Through my glasses, I could see them looking at me and whispering. I decided to play a little game myself, so every time I saw someone whispering I would turn my head towards them and look straight into their eyes. Obviously they didn’t see that I was looking at them. One girl even screamed and ran away.

We turned a few corners and walked through a couple of hallways until, we had reached the cafeteria. It was packed, which made me a bit nervous.

“Alright, so hold my hand and just follow me,” Stiles reassured me, as if he knew how anxious I was. I reached out for his hand which he quickly took and we made our way through the space that was filled with screaming teenagers, until we stopped at a table in the far corner. There were already some people sitting there, including Lydia.

“Okay, (Y/N), let me introduce you to everybody. First we got Scott,” he pointed to a boy that was sitting at the table. Scott was tall and actually quite muscular, but he hid it under  baggy sweatshirt. His hair was short and black. He gave me a kind of a crooked smile.

“Next we have Kira, she’s Scott’s girlfriend.” Stiles explained. Kira was a skinny girl with long dark hair. She waved a bit awkwardly as she was eating her lunch and had taken a huge bite of her sandwich right when Stiles introduced her to me.

“Then we have Lydia.”

“We have already met,” Lydia interrupted my guide.

“Okay, so that leaves Malia,” he introduced the girl that was sitting opposite of Lydia. She looked much taller than any of the other girls (including me) and also a bit wild. She looked at me with a confused expression.

“You smell weird. What are you?” I was taken aback by her question, just like everyone else at the table. Lydia clearly kicked her because Malia let out a small yelp and gave Lydia a look.

“I’m… blind,” I said a bit uncomfortably.

“Well, that was everybody here,” Stiles said after a short moment of awkward silence.

“Hey!” a voice came from behind Malia. It was a boy, that was clearly younger than anyone at the table.

“Oh, right. That’s Liam. He’s kind of an idiot.” Stiles whispered the last part to me as he let me sit down next to Liam.

“And that’s Stiles. He’s a total dick by the way.” Liam said as I sat down next to him, what made me giggle for a bit. From the corner of my eye, I could see that Scott was looking at me a bit weirdly. Just like Malia did before.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. Definitely better than I had expected. Even though I kept on getting strange looks from both Malia and Scott, everybody was very nice to me.

After the last lesson had ended, Kira offered to take me to the exit. I found out that she was actually a really funny girl. A bit awkward, but also very funny. And apparently, she was half Japanese, half Korean.

“Well, I love sushi.” I said.

“Great. The rest don’t really like it.” she said.

“They don’t know what they are missing.” I told her. Kira smiled and then started to tell me a story about her “first date” with Scott. Apparently they had dinner at her place (with her parents) and they ate sushi, when Scott ate a whole mouthful of wasabi, because he thought it was guacamole. We both laughed about it until we had reached the car of my mother.

“I will se- talk to you tomorrow.” she had quickly changed her words. I smiled.

“It’s okay,” I assured her, “It would only be weird if I said it.” we started to laugh again and then I got into the car. Kira waved to my mother and then left.

“I see you made a friend.” she said.

“Yeah.” I said happily and she drove off.

I am SUPER bored of my hair right now, which has been in some variation of this cut for the past three years, more or less, an almost absurdly long time for me [WAIT, correction: with the exception of 2 pixies, I’ve had the short-sides-and-back, curly top look since 2011 SIX YEARS, jfc]. So I’m giving a little bit of a grow-out a try, and while I’m searching for inspiration my mind keeps stumbling back to Seb’s kind of greasy, shoved-back, not-quite a bob hair like this:

It’s perfect! It’s great! There’s still a little volume, and I could tuck it behind my ears, but the back isn’t too bedraggled. But then I remember that given the opportunity, my hair will look like this even after hours pulled up in a bun:

and I think, self, you’re probably better off aiming lower, say just-back-from-the-dead Jon Snow.


@pheuthe I get the appeal of mage!Len but honestly, I can’t imagine a Len that doesn’t know how to pick a pocket or a lock. I mean could you imagine him relying on SOMEONE ELSE to do all the thieving? (Like I’m a completionist and it KILLS me in DAO and DA2 when I don’t have a -properly trained- Rogue to unlock stuff. My friends have honestly watched me game rage over it much to their amusement)

Plus a ridiculously enchanted bow is pretty much the thedas equivalent of the rogue guns.

I do like the idea of Lisa being a mage though and corrupt Templar!Lewis using her welfare against Leonard.

Though maybe @kickingshoes will convince me of mage!Len with art.

I would actually make the argument for Elder Scroll mage!Len with his best skill trees in ice magic, lock picking, and sneaking.

Why can I read people’s souls like their bodies are made of glass, but I am completely blind to my own? How do I become visible to my own eyes? How do I understand myself beyond just what I’m feeling intensely in the moment?

I understand everything in this world except myself. How incredibly alone and misunderstood I feel, and only feel… like I feel everything – an uncontainable wildfire burning up my soul. I am even alienated by myself. My emotions consume and abandon me like waves crashing and receding against the shore; leaving deep clawmarks in the sand. Will I ever come to experience any feeling not in excess? Will I ever be still? Will I ever know who I am?

She is the only one I know with mind
But I am almost completely mindless
She left me unharmed, all except for blind
Sadly I now realize she was kindless

She acted out of pure and utter need
I acted out of lust and simple spite
Down a disastrous path she did lead
Although I fell, I have the gift of flight

She was given a pink room, now blood red
This one I called Ruby now sees me lost
She was her name all over her white bed
Right then and there she knew my life was tossed.

Ruby is now gone, watched her leave myself,
This story unknown now sits on a shelf.

Text log #12

I think everything is fairly normal now. Morro still has a bit of short-term memory loss. Our pet is behaving nicely. It’s just the yf hour cullings that are a problem. Our neighbor likes to stop by and tease us, saying we’re like an old married couple. He’s got one of those words right. (we’re old). 

I seem to have misplaced the watch Morro gave me..I am very distressed. 
Oh, as well, I can no longer see into the future. I am completely blind in that regard. And Morro, as well, has lost his powers. I am unsure of what this means, and to be honest, I am worried. I am sure that they will come back soon

A Sight for Blind Eyes

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Blind!Namjoon AU

Genre: Some smut, ANGST :(

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

***WARNING: Language, sexual content, mentions of death & blindness***

Playlist (If you really wanna get emo ;; there are repeat songs)

A/N: Although this is fiction, I am completely aware that blindness is very real. If you feel triggered or uncomfortable with this topic, as well as with death, please DO NOT read this story. 

Also, I understand that some of the instances in this fic may not be entirely possible, as of today’s technology, so please bear with me! This is fiction!  

It would kill him, too.

Keep reading

Kaisoo Blind and Deaf Fanfics part 3

Yep, still at the airport. So, here is part 1 and part 2


All this and heaven too-One shot- Kyungsoo is best friends with blind Jongin, and they are kind of skirting around liking each other until Kyungsoo moves things forward by going on a date with Chanyeol

White eyes white lies: Complete 11 chapters. Jongin and Kyungsoo meet in the hospital because Kyungsoo is a nurse taking care of Jongin’s grandfather. Kyungsoo is all messed up about how he looks because of his ex boyfriend, and Jongin is “blind” and pursues him

A pair of blind eyes- Ongoing- Jongin is asked to deliver homework to a student who has had an accident

The light at the end of the tunnel: Kyungsoo is best friends with blind Jongin, who has a crush on Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo likes Hyunsik, and this gets between them for a little while, until Kyungsoo gets it together

The blind Prince
: Complete 2 chapters, but I am not totally sure if it is happening or not.  Jongin is Kyungsoo’s bodyguard. Kyungsoo is cold.


Between Heaven and Hell (I found you)- ongoing-Jongin is hiding that he is a hit man from his deaf husband Kyungsoo

My heart beats for U: one shot plus epilogue- This is more about Kyungsoo’ heart problem than Jongin being deaf, but I do what I want. Also, sorry for what is to come

Chocksi prompt 0.7: one shot, Kyungsoo gets to know deaf Jongin because he knows sign language

A sea of grass and flowers: drabble fluff

kegsterking  asked:

Do you think it's possible that Steve wasn't born color blind? That we don't really hear a lot about it is because it was caused by severe trauma to the head from a bout with a really strong bully or injury and he was just so ashamed/embarrassed he didn't talk about it? Perhaps it was caused later in life and that's why it didn't seem to phase him the slightest. Does this seem at all possible? Or am I completely wrong?

It actually is possible that he wasn’t born color blind. According to Colour Blind Awareness, there are a few things which can cause color vision defects, including certain illnesses, accidents, medications, contact with certain types of chemicals, and age. The site doesn’t say anything specifically about severe head trauma, but if Steve was hit hard enough, I think it’s possible that he could have lost some of his color vision.

Blind as a crotchety old Bat

So I’ve worked at the same retail store for three years now, and I’ve pretty much memorized the layout. I am also legally blind without my glasses. Like, completely helpless in an unfamiliar setting, blind. Everything is like a really shitty watercolor after one foot. So I wear glasses or contacts whenever I’m awake. However, to cope with this, I’ve developed a damn good visual memory to help compensate.
One day, my glasses snapped in half at work, right at the beginning of an 8 hour jewelry shift. We couldn’t fix them, but I didn’t want to leave them short one person. So, my manager let me help customers at the jewelry counter, but everything had to be bought at the main desk. If it was over 40$, I would personally have to walk it, which was no big deal. This went on for a bit without much hassle, because our customers are usually regulars who have more shopping to do anyways.
But this one lady showed up. Older lady with a chip on her shoulder the size of Alaska, and a sense of entitlement twice that size. You all know this customer. They’re here to spend their precious money so we have to be their servants.
I was super friendly, did everything she asked for twenty minutes, but then I told her that I had to walk her 180$ ring up to the main counter. She starts going off about how inconvenient it is and that I have a computer right here to use and to call my manager.
I call my manager, K, over, and the old lady starts going off again about how she spends good money here and it’s a horrible and new policy and I have horrendous customer service, especially refusing to process her purchase at my counter.
K responds, “she can’t use the computer. She’s blind right now.”
I swear to god all those years of terrible customers finally paid back because this lady went silent for about thirty seconds. But then,
“But she can see where I am! And she walks around the store! And she found me my jewelry!”
K explains that this is an unusual circumstance (she had my glasses right there) and that I’m good enough at my job to have memorized where merchandise is, and to see very faintly where customers were, but it’d be irresponsible to make me work with money and credit cards.
The lady didn’t apologize, but stayed quiet and followed the manager to the front counter.
Only issue I had all day. Besides finding a ride home. But fuck you, old lady.

anonymous asked:

just wondering: can you take estrogen like some people in transition or would that not work??

well most everyone can take estrogen except for me, because my body doesn’t tolerate it at all. I’ve been visually impaired since last February because they put me on estrogen, and I am almost completely blind 90% of the time for over a year. So yeah, my body hates me tbh

Without the water, the lilies cannot live, as I am without art.”
“I will paint almost blind, as Beethoven composed completely deaf.
—  Claude Monet
It is enough if you do not imagine yourself to be the body. It is the ‘I-am-the-body’ idea that so calamitous. It blinds you completely to your real nature. Even for a moment do not think you are the body. Give yourself no name, no shape. In the darkness and the silence, reality is found. Behave as if you were fully convinced and the confidence will come.
—  Nisargadatta Maharaj

Hey guys!  Quick update post–

I’ll be gone from tomorrow (the 26th) through June 2nd– I’m headed to Canada to visit @shoelesscosmonaut (and I’ll also get to see @qknc while I’m at it!)

So I PROBABLY won’t be on tumblr too much unless I get wifi somewhere cause roaming data’s hella expensive.

So yeah, any questions/tagged posts MIGHT not get seen during that time.




Send me ANY pokemon Sun/Moon spoilers on the 2nd!!!

I know they’re going to be releasing more info about the games, but REMEMBER I AM DOING A COMPLETELY BLIND NUZLOCKE RUN because of the announcement of rowlett as a starter!

So yeah– Canada to see mah peeps and then I’ll be back!  

Toodles! <3

who svt is: a guide

scoops: hes Thique. was born with a bowl cut probably. 

 vernon: uncool, possibly the Least cool

 mingyu: tall. but grimey. getting his ass kicked by minghao 24/7

 wonwoo: Xx_mcrf4n_xX. wake me up inside(cant wake up). buys eyeliner and studded bracelets in bulk

jeonghan: Clingy™, Needy®, shops at claires for his hair extensions 

joshua: he shoved his whole acoustic guitar up his ass. its still up there

 seungkwan: Whitney Houston pretty much

hoshi: a clock.  eats the marshmallows from the lucky charms and blames it on dino

 woozi: evil. soulless. a demon. just a complete monster.

 dk: i am going blind because of how bright his smile is

 dino: still sleeps with a nightlight and a teddy bear probably. 

 jun: is better than everyone, knows he’s better than everyone

 minghao: a sweet rottweiler puppy. can and Will kick anyones(mingyus) ass.


Here’s what I mean. The Inquisitor is standing there.

This is the frame the mark explosion happens.

Here’s when the explosion clears slightly.

And here’s the aftermath… no Inquisitor.

Where’d they go? They didn’t fly anywhere, because the party is still standing (despite the attacking qunari getting knocked back forcefully), so what happened? Did they get pulled into the Fade!??? Or am I just completely blind?