or am i being a delusional shipper again

The double standards of this fandom. Rant.

So here am I being annoying once again, and I’m sorry but I had to say this.

As you guys might know if you follow me, I’m a massive Jikook/Kookmin shipper and no, I’m not ashamed at all to say that I do think there’s a huge possibility of Jimin and Jungkook being a couple, I’m not afraid of being called delusional or whatever, I do believe that what I ship has a lot of possibilities of being real.

And that is the reason I’m doing this rant, not to force any of you to believe what I personally believe in or even ship what I ship because what you guys like or dislike, support or not support isn’t something that has to do with me. But the thing is that I always see shippers (Kookmin, Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin, etc…) saying that “they know shipping is for fun and that the possibility of the boys dating each other is slim” and that’s where my face goes like this:

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And hear me out on this, my face goes like this because this is the same fandom who freaks out every single time Jungkook looks in the general direction where any girl is, they freak out whenever some strange girl has a similar bracelet than Jimin or Taehyung or any of the boys which, do I have to say why that is stupid?

You guys really do think there’s more possibility of any of the boys dating a strange girl that they saw once than dating each other? considering that they spent ALOT of time together, that there’s a HIGH possibility of them being gay, and that there is a high possibility of them developing romantic feelings for each other?.

And no, I’m not saying that all of them are gay and dating each other , I’m simply saying that the possibility of Jimin and Jungkook, or maybe Suga and Hobi, or maybe V and Jimin, or any of the boys are dating It’s not as “impossible” as you guys want to make it seem like. 

Let’s be realistic for a second, there is a high possibility of a couple existing inside BTS, there is also a high possibility of the boys being in relationships with people we’ve never even seen in our lives, there’s high possibilities of our boys being gay, bisexual, and you know why?


So please, I’m not saying you have to believe Kookmin is real because I do, I’m not even saying you have to believe the boys are gay and I want my message to be clear:

All I want is for you guys to open your minds and accept the possibilities of the boys being human, accept that only because you don’t know it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, hell, the boys might be in relationships with girls or boys right now, or there might be a couple inside BTS, but please don’t ignore those possibilities and simply accept the fact that they’re human, that things that happen to most young adults happen to them also, that NOT every single girl that interacts with them is dating them, that they’re human, they have the right of having a different sexual orientation than “straight” they have the right to have friends from the opposite sex without you thinking they’re fucking, that it wouldn’t be strange if any of the boys are dating each other and you know why? because those things happen and are more common than you guys think.

So yeah, end of the rant, ship whatever you want to ship but please be open minded.

There is nothing I hate more than Stemily shipper, than delusional stemily shippers.

These two claim to be Stephen Amell fans, yet they can’t wait until his movie comes and goes, and they already hate it. Because? Well because these fans believe that it’s all a PR stunt, That Stephen’s PR people are keeping him from confessing his love to Emily. It’s all PR. 

They even go on to speak about Megan Fox, Stephen’s co-worker on TMNT. 

Again, these little girls are nothing but delusional, I am actually starting to feel sorry for them. They have no proof whatsoever of Stephen and Emily being linked other than their factional characters Oliver and Felicity. That’s the only time these two are linked, Stephen doesn’t even hang out with the rest of the cast when he isn’t working. 

This girl is an inch away from losing it all together, she literally believes that Stephen Amell and Emily Bett are having an affair and that Stephen is an ‘asshole and gross’ her words. Because he wont be a man and come out and tell them all that it’s the truth, he’s been having an affair with Emily behind his wife’s back. They think what is holding him back is PR.

I really think these little girls have a case of delusional disorder. Because this is getting beyond a joke now. It’s getting downright disgusting. Then they have a nerve to call Cassandra, Stephen’s wife names all because he posts a picture with his wife and child. 

So all you stemily shippers need to read between the lines. “Home is whenever I’m with these two.” Meaning Cassandra and Mavi are his home, meaning his marriage isn’t in tatters, meaning he’s very much in love with Cassandra. 

So, enough with believing other people’s bullshit, enough with he said she said bullshit, unless you have some sort of proof then sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Because now you all are becoming the laughing stock of the Arrow fandom. delusional

A shipperholic’s confession

Since everybody has voiced their opinions about last night’s clusterfuck and their feeling towards this,  i’ll give it a try too..it is said that ‘a picture says more than 1000 words’ and  therefore my post will be mostly visual - also because so many of you have said it way more beautyful that I will ever be able to in a foreign language - so here we go:

When i woke up this morning i was still in ignorante bliss (as european citizen i was long gone to sleep when the apocalypse started), so I happily went to tumblr to have my morning update

and then i saw all the sad gifs on my dash and I started to get really confused…i had only been away for seven hours, what the fuck had happened??

i went straight to @jamesandclairefraser blog to see what was wrong… because clearly ‘there was something rotten in the state of Denmark’ ( i do live in Denmark byt the way )and soon i found the KDS clip…and i felt like somebody had just left a load of shit directly at my front porch…I couldn’t quite get my sleep deprived brain to comprehend this clusterfuck apocalypse that had just ruined more than my day…

and then, dear readers I panicked…yes i must confess, i panicked and my brain screamed to me

because there it was…i couldn’t handle the truth laid right out in front of me even if it bit me in the arse… the SC ship had brought me so much hope, joy and happiness the last couple of months - and suddenly it sank faster than Titanic…and i felt pathetic and miserable because no matter what I had said previous (that only Samcait could throw me of the ship, i clearly wasnt ready for that at all…)

I went back to the awful clip again - not because i like to torment myself but beacuse i’m the type who needs to know…had i misread , misheard or misunderstood something???…  and then i became quite angry because this wasnt a gracefull or gentle let down - it was brutal, mocking and on the verge of distastefull - not worth an Oscar - or an GG for that matter…

and for rest of today i have been pendling between feelings like denial, confusion, helpless, comfortably numbness ( the Pink Floyd song perfectly pictures my feelings), anger, shame and sometimes a glimpse of hope and optimism but most of all i’m so fucking tired right now…

i really dont want to think more about it, hear more about it, read more about it or care about it but obviously i cannot help myself because here i am….still..not going anywhere…

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anonymous asked:

I feel like today is a sad day in fandom. Maybe because it feels like Jess has given up and moved on, that she stop fighting the good fight. Not that she's done or not that she's not S/C lover but something has shifted. Am I just delusional? Has something shifted in fandom as a result of vicious attacks this week?

Something has shifted and you know what it is? Turns out shippers are, in fact, the bigger people in this fandom, Jess in particular. We’re taking our little section of the fandom back. Nobody’s given up so you can all stop asking me if Jess has; read her post again and tell me if that sounds like she’s giving up. It sounds to me like she’s being a leader and taking the high road. They go low, we go high. We’re all sick and tired of feeling beaten down and miserable when we shouldn’t have to. We’ve been treated horrendously over the past few months and we don’t deserve it. We have as much a spot in this fandom as anyone else. I want to be happy being a shipper again. I became a shipper because Sam and Cait together made me really, really happy and I haven’t been happy being one in a long long time. So, regardless of what happens on Sunday, I’m following Jess’ lead and I’m going to be happy with whatever Sam and Cait decide to give us. So yes, you did detect a shift in the fandom but it’s a positive one because shippers are fucking badasses.