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aviatrix88 replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

Satsuki = Conan Ryuko = Ran Soichiro = Mouri Soroi = Dr. Agasa Iori = Haibara Mako = Sonoko Ira = Genta Houka = Mitsuhiko Nonon = Ayumi Mikisugi = Kaito Kid Sanageyama = Hattori Tsumugu = Akai Nui = Gin Rei = Vodka Ragyo = Vermouth Senketsu = Kansuke

Correct! You were the first one, so if you want you can drop a request in my inbox!

Sorry at the others who also got it right but were a bit late, you can still send me ideas and headcanons though, maybe I’ll draw them too!

Kōzuki is just another way to read 皐月 (Satsuki’s name in kanji), Satsuki didn’t have time to think about a good name when Ryuko asked her, so she just used the alternative pronunciation of her real name. And it starts with “ko” like “Conan”, I thought it was perfect! Of course Satsuki doesn’t write Kozuki in kanji, instead she uses Hiragana, otherwise it would be too obvious. You usually don’t pronounce 皐月 as Kozuki, so it’s not suspicious!

littnayoko replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

it is tragic tho because ryuuko is waiting for satsuki to come back she is heartbroken and worries about satsuki poor ryuuko! she is suffering its sad after all you are lying hosaki this is tragic

Satsuki calls Ryuko every day so that Ryuko won’t worry for her! It’s a bit annoying for Ryuko that she can’t see her precious Satsuki every day but she is not heartbroken, she is not suffering, and she has Kozuki instead, whom she also loves very much! (In a non-romantic way of course.) Looking at how my other AUs end, I really don’t consider this one tragic.

kaijuzilla replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

What’s in the letter I wonder? XD

A love letter for Kozuki! She is very popular with the first graders, because she is so cool and knows everything! Nonon is not amused!

greensaru replied to your photoset “Kill la Kill x Detective Conan AU in which mystery nerd and master…”

does this mean sanageyama is satsuki´s detective rival? :^D

Yes, just like Sanageyama considers Satsuki his kendo rival in the canon, he considers Satsuki his detective rival in this AU! He is always challenging Satsuki to deduction duels, but he always loses…just like in the canon :DD

haha yeah Aikuro Kaito Stripping Kid xD 

Thank you very much for your message! I love Kansuke too, he is the only inspector I like tbh^^ I’m so happy you like this AU, I like it too! It’s silly and perfect at the same time! 

Omg that’s such a great compliment!!! I AM NOT WORTHY THOUGH SAKIMICHAN’S GIJINKA SENKETSU IS TOO PERFECT AND SEXY!!! But thank you so much!!! 

I love his beard too, I thought it would make him look more like a ossan^^

Yes, she does! Satsuki the sneaky bastard gets to bath with Ryuko every time without needing excuses now! She actually loves playing the innocent kid! 

isn’t it weird to think the way we as a fandom talk about adrien agreste (sans all the chat noir stuff) is probably exactly the way people in the ladybug universe talk about adrien agreste

i mean, he’s a celebrity, there have got to be people making cute pastel photosets, listing a million things which make him a perfect angel, creating hundreds of gifsets of his tiniest movements whenever he’s been filmed, weeping over beautiful pictures of him, pretending they’re interested in fashion now just to watch the shows he’s in, posting “raise your hand if you feel personally victimised by the Gabriel fashion model” statuses and photos tagged with “WHO IS HE, WHO IS THAT BOY”

someone come and help me headcanon more about the adrien agreste fandom

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