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Hey guys, I’m hopping on the theory train at least two weeks late because that’s how I roll. Anyway, a lot of people here have a headcanon that Dark is manipulating The Host for his power and loyalty. While that does fit within Dark’s character, I have a different interpretation. I believe that the Host is equally powerful, or even more powerful than Dark is. Hell, as the Author he could CONTROL THE FUTURE TO HIS WHIMS. That’s some power right there. My personal headcanon is that when he lost his sight he lost the ability to control the future directly, but he gained the ability to predict and “see” future events perfectly. That is what makes him an important asset to Dark. Who wouldn’t want to have a right hand man that can legit tell the future? But, I also theorize that Dark isn’t manipulating him into it, because he knows the Host wouldn’t fall for it. Sure, he’s the master manipulator, but it’s pretty hard to manipulate someone who can see the future AND any secret intentions you might be hiding behind sweet talk and fake friendship. The Host is an extremely powerful entity who may have been set back by losing his sight but is still invaluable to Dark’s plans. I see them as less of a situation of forced servitude and more as a partnership and mutual respect, true respect, unlike what I think is happening between Dark and Wilford. Tell me what you all think!

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Alter Ego... you're such a cutie. i wanted to ask you something besides that lol. firstly, i was wondering if you identify yourself as any gender? just to be clear. it's okay if you don't want to tell of course, just tell us what pronouns you prefer. and secondly - that one is for both you and Souda-san - how's the AI Nanami project? i don't think i've heard about it for a while now. anyway i want you to know that're you both doing a great job and i hope you'not struggling with it too much!

Thank you !

Well as a program I don’t have a defined gender but I was created to be the virtual alter ego of my master who despite everything identified himself as a male.

So I guess you can use “they” or “he”. But if you really want to I won’t mind it if you call me “she”.

Souda isn’t here for now so I will answer for him. Things are going great but we had to put the project on hold because Souda is working on Yuta-kun’s new arm.

Breathtaking in Black (Part 2)

Part 1

A/N: This is part two of my short fic “Breathtaking in Black”.  Since it was their birthday just the other day, part two of this Marichat fic is dedicated to the extremely wonderful @starkid-starkat .  They are one of my closest internet friends that I have had the pleasure of speaking to thanks to tumblr.  I really hope you enjoy it Sage :)  Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

P.S. If reactions are good there will be more parts yet to come :).  I was going to just skip to the dance scene, but then I realized I didn’t want to skip over Marinette’s constant freaking out internally while attempting to go to school and act normal.  Plus, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to show Adrien’s point of view since he is the only one who knows why she is so flustered in class.  Buckle up guys, gals and non-binary pals.  This is gonna be quite a ride!


Marinette had gotten almost no sleep after Chat left her room late last night.  She had lied awake for hours, but couldn’t get the sound of his voice as he asked her to make him one final promise out of her head. His eyes had been full of so much desire and admiration when they had made contact with hers. The rasp in his voice made her heart leap up into her throat. She could still vividly remember the way his touch felt as he gently caressed her hand and pressed his forehead against hers. She was in deep trouble.

“Come on Marinette! I know you’re tired, but you have to go to school,” Tikki insisted as she hovered inches from her chosen’s face. “This is why I told you to be careful about how much you let Chat into your civilian life! Not only did he give away a huge part of his identity to you, but you also promised to let him dance with you while both in civilian form!” Marinette blinked at her Kwami. She could barely hear Tikki’s little rant as she tried to pull herself together and collect her thoughts.

A dance. All she had promised him was a single dance. However, Marinette knew this was all about a lot more than a simple dance with her partner. This was a school sponsored event. He promised her he would be there. He had basically confessed to being one of her fellow classmates. Her head was filled with so many unanswered questions. Had they had classes together? Had they ever spoken while both in civilian form?

Most importantly who was he? She hated being in the dark.

Marinette took in a deep breath and let it out as she sat up and threw her covers off. She swiveled her legs around and let her feet touch the wooden floor.

She pressed her feet into the floor as she stood slowly and began to walk down the steps into the lower part of her room. “Sorry Tikki,” she finally mumbled as she walked towards her dresser. “I know I should have been more careful, but what’s done is done.” She sat down in her chair and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked absolutely awful. Bags had formed under her eyes. Loose strands of hair were tossed in several directions. She sighed as she turned her face slightly to examine it from different angles.

How could she have let this happen? She had let herself get carried away and that was so unlike her. More memories of the night before flooded her mind as stared at her own reflection.  His eyes, voice and gentle touch had all left her speechless. He had never had this affect on her before, so why? Why was last night so different?

Was…was she falling for him?

She shook her head lightly in an attempt to clear the thought out of her head. She couldn’t possibly be falling for Chat Noir. Marinette was so sure that the only blonde haired classmate she could ever have eyes for was Adrien. Sweet, kind Adrien. She glanced over to the framed picture of him she kept on her dresser at all times.

A new sense of determination filled her body as she turned back to face herself in the mirror. “Nothing a little makeup and a hair brush can’t fix. Right Tikki?” Tikki smiled at Marinette’s new found courage. The teen brushed her hair into her two regular pigtails and managed to cover up the dark spots under her eyes. Chat Noir may have won last night’s little game, but Marinette was not giving up just yet. This was one mind game she simply refused to let him win.  He was going to pay for making her lose precious hours of sleep and for making her doubt her feelings for Adrien like that.

She was going to school, and she was going to find him.

* * * * * *

Adrien had the best night’s sleep he’d had in months. How could he not be at peace? Marinette had made a dress completely inspired by his superhero alter ego. She had tried it on just to show it to him and it looked incredibly gorgeous on her.

All he wanted to do at first was let Marinette know how stunning her work truly was. He hadn’t meant to get such a reaction out of her. The way her brilliant blush appeared to light up the whole room. The way she laced her fingers together with his when he reached out to touch her hand. He couldn’t help himself. He needed to see her blush that way again. He wanted to leave her speechless one more time. Mostly, he wanted to see her twirl in that dress again. And so, he had asked her to dance. It seemed pretty logical to him. To Plagg however, it sounded utterly ridiculous.

“A dance? What on Earth were you thinking? How could you possibly think this would be a good idea?” Plagg was flying back and forth in Adrien’s room as if he were pacing. Adrien didn’t regret his actions one bit and continued to get ready for school as if a literal god wasn’t scolding him. “So what is your plan exactly here Agreste? You gonna just walk up to her at the dance and say ‘Oh hey Marinette, it’s me Chat Noir! Kiss me!’” Adrien rolled his eyes. Of course he had realized that dancing with Marinette at the Halloween ball would most likely mean revealing his identity to her, but frankly he didn’t really care. He knew Marinette well enough to know that she was trustworthy. He was confident that she wouldn’t tell anyone his little secret.  To him, all that mattered was seeing her dance in that dress.

He was confused about one thing though. Ladybug. He knew he still had feelings for his partner. How could he not? She was beautiful, brave, confident and smart. But the one thing she wasn’t was in love with him. He knew she didn’t return his feelings, and that was okay. Adrien had come to terms with this fact a while ago and had been slowly falling for Marinette ever since. How could he not fall for her after all? Marinette was extremely talented, passionate, sweet and adorable. He knew it was wrong for him to pursue her while he still had feelings for his lady, but one simple little dance couldn’t possibly hurt.

“Plagg, nothing you say is going to change my mind. You should have seen the way she looked at me last night. She never looks at me like that in school.” Marinette had always seemed really uncomfortable around him in school and it bothered him a lot. She often kept her distance from him. Whenever they did interact, she always seemed to mumble her sentences and refused to make eye contact with him. Maybe that was the reason he visited her room so often. When he was chat, she was completely comfortable and confident around him. She didn’t mumble or stutter at all. In fact, she often made witty remarks or even showed signs of sass when speaking to his other half. He hoped that, if she learned the two were actually one person, she would be more comfortable around Adrien.

“What about ladybug?” Plagg pried as Adrien continued to walk around his room getting ready for school. The teen pulled his jeans up over his hips and looked up to meet his kwami’s intense glare.

“What about her Plagg? Do I still have feelings for her? Of course I do, but it’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t feel the same way about me and I want her to be with someone who makes her happy,” he stated as he buttoned his pants and began to remove the shirt he had slept in that night. “Besides, all I asked for was a dance. It’s not like I asked for Marinette’s hand in marriage.”

“No that’s not what I meant.” Plagg snapped harshly. Adrien dropped his shirt to the floor and looked up at Plagg in surprise. The kwami wasn’t normally one to raise his voice. “What I meant was,” he said at a volume Adrien was more used to. “Don’t you think it’s wrong for you to give away your identity to one of your classmates while Ladybug still has no idea who you are?”

Adrien sighed. Plagg was right for once. It would be wrong of him to go giving his identity to a girl he was only beginning to become close with without telling his partner as well. At the end of the day, ladybug was truly one of his best friends. He trusted her with his life.

“Alright then it’s decided,” he stated with a nod and a brilliant smile.

“You’ve realized this is ridiculous and decided not to tell her?” Plagg asked hopefully.

“Nope!” Adrien said as he looked up to flash a wide grin back at his little companion. “I’ve decided that, after I reveal myself to Marinette, I will tell ladybug everything as well.”

Plagg wanted to lose it and yell at his chosen so badly in that moment. However, he knew that smile all too well. Nothing that he said would ever change Adrien’s mind now. Whether he liked it or not, Plagg knew this was going to happen.

“Alright kid looks like you win this argument. I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

Adrien’s smile appeared to double in size at Plagg’s cease fire. There wasn’t a single doubt in Adrien’s mind when it came to his complete trust and faith in the two most important girls in his life. All he wanted was for Marinette to be comfortable around him. He wanted her to be able to have a regular conversation with his civilian form. He wanted her to see him as a friend she could be herself around. Was that really such a bad idea? Of course not. He parted his hair and combed his bangs out of his face.

He was going to school, and he was going to talk to her.

* * * * * *

The odds of Marinette showing up to school on time hadn’t been very good ever since she first put the earrings in. The odds of her arriving with enough time to visit her locker before class? Unheard of. And yet, something even more unlikely happened when Marinette arrived at school that morning. Not only did she have time to go get her books from her locker, but she also looked up to see a tiny green envelope taped to her locker door. She reached out and gently pulled the envelope off of her locker door before turning it over in her hands. On the back of the envelope, in cursive gold writing, was the word “Princess”.

The world seemed to stand still as Marinette read the word over and over in her head. Only one person had ever called her princess. Not only was Chat Noir a student at her school, but he had come to school early and left her a note. Chat knew which locker was hers. Marinette stared at the envelope for what felt like a year before a familiar voice finally moved her from her trance.

“Hey Mari!” Alya yelled from the other end of the hall. Marinette looked up to see her best friend running towards her. “You’re actually on time today” the brunette exclaimed as Marinette quickly stuffed the envelope into her back pocket and flashed a casual smile at her friend.

“I know right?” Marinette joked. “What are the odds?” Alya threw her arms around Marinette in a friendly hug which Mari quickly returned. The two pulled away and Alya gave Marinette a very questioning expression.

“Did you really think I didn’t see you stuff an envelope in your pocket girl? Are you hiding something?” Alya reached around to grab the letter out of Marinette’s back pocket, but Marinette spun around just in time to block her hand.

“It’s just some money Papa gave me for lunch today,” she lied. “If you keep messing around, we’ll both end up late to class this time.” Alya rolled her eyes and gave in. She knew Marinette was right and she didn’t feel like making up an excuse for the both of them. Marinette turned to grab a few books out of her locker and the two girls hurried off towards class.

They entered the classroom together just a minute before the final bell sounded. They quickly went to their seats behind Adrien and Nino and Marinette began spreading her books out on the desk in front of her. She could feel the note in her pocket. ‘What could it possibly say?’ she silently contemplated as she began aimlessly doodling on her notebook.

A friendly voice broke through her thoughts. “Good morning Marinette. Your hair looks really cute today.” Marinette was so lost in thought that she had only barely processed the sentence. Without thinking, she responded to the familiar voice without even a hint of hesitation.

“Goodmorning Adrien, you look cute today too.”

Marinette dropped her pencil flat on the desk in shock. She slowly looked up to see a blushing Adrien staring at her with his jaw hanging slightly open. Alya had almost stopped breathing and Nino had even taken his headphones off in anticipation of Adrien’s response to Marinette’s sudden confidence.

“Thank you!” he exclaimed with the brilliant smile she had fallen in love with years ago.

Marinette managed to stutter a quiet “you’re w-welcome,” before Adrien turned his head to greet Alya and Nino. Chat Noir playing with her brain was either going to do wonders for her relationship with Adrien or land her in the nut house. As she listened to her friends talk, Marinette quietly reached into her pocket to pull out the green envelope. She turned it over in her hands to read the gold lettering once again before bending over to place it inside her backpack. Marinette zipped it shut and sat up to begin doodling in her notebook once more. Little did she know that Adrien had seen her hide the note out of the corner of his eye and his heart was doing silent somersaults in his chest. Marinette had received his note. Marinette was so distracted by the note that she had dared to tell him he looked cute without a single flaw in her speech. These next three days were definitely going to be interesting to say the least.        

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Let's imagine that the Host is really badly wounded, like someone stabbed him in the neck so he can't talk, because I'm not sure how mortal he is. How do the other alter egos react?

They know he can’t die, know that eventually he’ll heal and this’ll just be another scar to add to his collection but. 

There’s so much blood and the attacker doesn’t have time to strike again because Wilford is there, faster than lightning with an even faster bullet. Wilford wasn’t there for the transformation from the Author to the Host but if there was this much blood then as there is now, he’s relieved he wasn’t

Dr. Iplier isn’t happy about the new set of bandages he has to wrap around the Host’s neck. The Host is silent, will be until he heals and garners control of his vocal chords again. Until then he’s blind, unable to go anywhere without a guide and while the others, mostly Bim and Google, don’t mind taking his arm and leading him, the Host hates it. It’s the first time he’s felt so helpless since he first became the Host and he loathes it with every fiber of his being. 

Everyone else is just happy to see him alive. 

Well, what really happened was I was coming back from a trip abroad with our roadie, Mal Evans, just the two of us together on the plane. And we were eating and he mumbled to me, asked me to pass the salt and pepper. And I misheard him. He said [mumbles] “saltandpepper”. I go, “Sergeant Pepper?” I thought he said, “Sergeant Pepper”. I went, “Oh! Wait a minute, that’s a great idea!” So we had a laugh about it, then I started thinking about Sergeant Pepper as a character. I thought it would be a very interesting idea for us to assume alter egos for this album we were about to make.
—  Paul McCartney

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Can u tag that Darkiplier post as factkin pld

anonymous asked: Idk this blogs policies on fact kin but technically darkiplier/antisepticeye  are sorta real people


“As of late, the fan base has come to acknowledge Darkiplier as a separate being, rather than one of Mark’s many alter egos.
Darkiplier makes most appearances in fan fictions or fan games. In these circumstances, he is depicted as being Mark’s bad to the bone evil twin brother. … Darkiplier has appeared in several videos, sometimes alongside Mark himself.”

Implying the oddity known as ‘Darkiplier’ is a separate fictional character and unless you can link to a video of Markiplier stating ‘darkiplier is me and not a fictional character I created with my own two hands’ we assume them to be fictionkin. A rare, unsual fictionkintype, but a fictional one nonetheless.

Antisepticeye is apparently in the same vein in that they are a fictional creation of the youtubers and are a separate entity from them. Some might even say that they are ‘OCs pls dont steal!’ :p If you have info stating Antisepticeye is the same person as the real life person, please do let us know.


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There was a man named Tord.

He was Norwegian, trigger-happy, and had 90gb of hentai- and had an alter ego to be otherwise known as The Red Leader. One night, after a particularly long evening of training, Tord decided to take a walk to relax, and…get something. The sky was beginning to turn pinkish-orange from the setting sun but Tord took no notice of the dying skylight. He had things to do. And when Tord wanted something, he got it. 

After a bit of walking, Tord began to sense some familiarity in his surroundings. And, then, lo and behold: there it was. At last.

Before the man, stood proud and tall, was a section of his former friends’ new apartment. Their home. The home they settled into after he mutilated their old one, and everything in it and around it. The wounds still stung freshly on his arm and face. 

Told allowed himself a grim smile. This wasn’t something he wanted to do, particularly, but it had to be done. Reaching down into the satchel hidden beneath his uniform, he pulled out a can of red spray paint. As he reached doorway front of their flats, he shook it carefully, avoiding making any noise. Then, he clicked the button at the top of the canister, and the red paint shot, marking across each of the doors. “N0RSKI”.

Graffiti. Vandalization. Making a mark. Making a threat. It was all the same to him. Nodding  in satisfaction, Tord took one last look at his handy work, and then turned to leave. Until next time.

Old friends.

(Continued Story #2)

The Flash 3x23 Liveblog:

  • Fuck, why must they make us relive -
  • Totally indifferent to HR this whole season, but holy fuck - opinion just went up, way way up
  • Happy for WestAllen but C I S C O
  • Ya know, I could have understood and accepted an evil alter-ego thing with Caitlyn and Killer Frost if the show had done it right but they didn’t
  • What is this, an Evil Team Flash?
  • I may not be the biggest Cisco/Caitlyn shipper but wow, my want for them to be canon gets bigger each time I see Julian 
  • I’m still pissed about the necklace thing
  • Emo Barry is just gonna kill them when he’s done using them so you know, don’t do it, Cisco
  • There is no good in Emo Barry so why are you fucking try, Barry lmao
  • Was there ever an explanation for Emo Barry’s face???
  • She’s brave as fuck, I would not have touched that side of his face
  • Please tell me Tracy punches him
  • Y’all, who the fuck is letting Emo Barry and Iris be in the same room
  • Iris West is too good for Emo Barry AND Regular Barry okay
  • Okay, why was Iris left behind? She definitely should have been the first one to be rescued?
  • I can’t believe they actually fell for Emo Barry’s fakeness
  • Gypsy!!!
  • “We are connected…jackass!”
  • Two-Face i3fheruifherfh
  • the fuck is that 
  • Black Flash??
  • Cisco is the true hero of this show
  • I will give props to Killer Frost for her fashion choices, at least
  • …okay, fine. KF saved his life so I will give her that
  • I love how red is normally evil but not in this case
  • still creepy tho
  • I take it back
  • Cisco AND Iris are the true heroes on this show
  • “..when we needed him the most”
  • what is this, avatar? lol
  • Julian, you fucking stay where you are
  • I have very mixed feelings about KF, I want to love her but I also hate her because there was no differentiation between her and Caitlyn - ever
  • Again, the show handled this very poorly if they wanted Cailtyn to be sympathized 
  • “I’ve always been Iris West-Allen” sobs
  •  fuck the speedforce
  • Don’t be stupid now, Barry
  • DO 
  • NOT
  • BE
  • I say this with love, but why can’t the old man go in the speedforce again
  • Like…he serves no purpose in this world
  • LET
  • IRIS
  • BE
  • FUCK

In conclusion:


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Tbh if they went by the comic books and he had a multiple personality disorder, and also went by what Tom wanted, we could of had some sick ass gay villian, that in one personality had the hots for Barry, on the other (Alchemy's personality) hated Barry, if ya get ma drift

Omg yes i do, and i love this ! I’m actually a scarecrow girl and i loved imagining crane having the hots for bruce during the day while his alter ego was making schemes at night to kill the batman.

This whole multiple personality trope is soooo complex and interesting and i’d love to see a gay!julian with a sweet but intense crush on barry helping him to stop alchemy while his alter ego - unbeknownst to him - is trying to defeat the flash and undermine all their plans.

Maybe I should write this? 🤔😁

wheres the fic where Clark Kent gets caught kissing Batman, and then gets hounded by the media every waking moment because “average civilian is dating Batman!!” and Clarks mourning the loss of his anonymity, meanwhile Bruce thinks its fucking hilarious, enjoy dealing w the press in both of your alter egos now, pretty boy, so Clark waits several months for the whole thing to die down before showing up as Superman to some party Bruce is attending and flying up to Bruce and going “paybacks a bitch” and just full on makes out with him in front of like a million reporters