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Another Humans are Weird post

So, I’ve seen all of the stuff about aliens being confused by smiling and laughing, and that’s cool, but… what about when it’s just… not used to denote happiness? Just bear with me here.


Just when Xealten thought xe had humans figured out…

Laughter was for happiness, as was smiling, but the deep, low chuckle coming from Human-Selena’s mouth was sending every survival instinct in xir body on high alert. The invaders looked thrown off, too. It was predatory, almost, primal and scary beyond all reason. Which is why none of them reacted fast enough to avoid the heavy pipe in Human-Selena’s hands.

She looked down at their unconscious forms, the pipe swinging loosely from her fist. “Guess they didn’t read the human guide, huh?” She turned back towards Xealten, muttering something that sounded like “Weakest ones, my foot,” though judging from the illogic of the statement, xe supposed xe could have misheard.

Human-Selena smiled at Xealten, a hint of that predatory smile still lingering, but faint enough it probably wasn’t directed at xim.

“Let’s go find where the rest of these bastards got to, shall we?”

Xealten followed, making a mental note to update the guide when this was all over.

Buggy Brownies and Thigh Highs (Smut)


A/N : First ever smut!! This took me a good few sessions to write and also Harry’s legs make me weak.

Word Count : 3500+

Summary : Y/N spends the morning doing what she loves most, making brownies and riding Harry’s thigh. 

                                                       * * *

Leaning against the kitchen counter, a cup of tea laced between my fingers, I watch Harry with a fond smile as he grips a bag of self-rising flour in one hand, and a regular bag of flour in the other. Even though half his body is turned, I can see the small frown of his lips as the corners of his mouth sink deeper and the confused expression across his face tightens.

“Y/N,” He begins, turning his body to face me and I can’t help but bite my lips to stop a chuckle from escaping them as I stare at what he’s wearing. A pink satin pyjama tank top is wrapped across his chest, his nipples evidently straining to break free from the suffocating material. The unmistakeable sound of clothes ripping silences Harry who is halfway through asking which flour he is supposed to use, and he sends me a bashful grimace as he prepares himself to be scolded at knowing he’s ruined my favourite pyjama top. To be honest, if it wasn’t for how cute Harry looked at the moment I would’ve whined but Harry is too adorable to chew out so I just shake my head instead.

“Sorry babe…” Harry starts, “I’ll buy yeh another one but a size or two up so a can wear it too.”

I raise an amused eyebrow questioningly.

“What?” Harry asks defensively, “The silk is comfortable and soft around my torso and yeh wear my shirts all the time!”

At that he gestures accusingly to my body and I glance down to see my attire. A long silk shirt hangs from the frames of my shoulders, vibrant colours and swirls lace a pattern across the predominantly black background and I tug at the rolled up sleeves so the material falls and pools around my wrists.

“I wear your shirts because I look hotter in them.” I tease, reaching down to pop open another button. Harry swallows roughly, eagerly agreeing as his eyes don’t tear from my fingers which softly toy with the button. Unlucky for Harry, my plans for this lazy Sunday morning consist of baking, only baking… for now.

“But you just look like a drag queen in mine.” Harry’s eyes snap up, any sexual aura in the room now evaporated, and he greets my teasing grin with an equally challenging glint in his eyes.

“At least a look fabulous in this top, darlin’,” Harry says, loosening his wrists and consequently spilling a little flour. “Yeh couldn’t pull this tank off even if the colour did suit yeh.”

Harry jumps and raises his arms in a victory hoot at the ‘sick burn’ and the straps of the top completely tear apart. I break into fit of giggles at his guilty expression and soon enough Harry too gives a small chuckle before apologising profusely.

“Sorry sugar.” He says before pulling the tank top off completely; leaving him standing in the kitchen with only a pair of tight boxer briefs adorning his legs.

“S'okay love.” I sigh, but Harry shoots me a very cheeky grin and shakes his head.

“No, Y/N. A was apologising to the sugar.”

Heat rushes to my cheeks and a wave of embarrassment washes over me as I realise Harry knocked over a bag of sugar when he lifted his arms victoriously. Using a hand to cover my face, I groan, frustrated that I fell for such an obvious trap and Harry giggles as he scoops the sugar back into its bag. With his back turned to me, I dare glance through the gaps in between my fingers and I rake my eyes over Harry’s bare back as it ripples and tenses. I can’t help but stare, he’s gorgeous. Though his body is not particularly muscly, it is toned and touring abroad has done wonders for his skin; leaving him deliciously tanned, almost like a caramel apple.

I sit back abruptly as Harry finishes cleaning up, determined not to give him the satisfaction that I was staring but the quirk of his lips reveal he knows I was ogling him and he winks irritatingly.

“Seriously babe?” He asks, “If yeh done harassing me with yeh eyes, a’d like to know which flour I’m su'posed to use to make these goddamn brownies.”

Fighting back an eyeroll, I stand up from my stool and join him beside the bowl with ingredients.

“I don’t know…” I reply, eyes fliting between the packet of normal flour and the packet of self-rising flour. “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to use self-rising flower for baking.”

“Even for brownies?”

I shrug and Harry must reckon that’s a good enough answer as he drops the bag of normal flour before eyeing the self-rising flour and pouring about half the bag in. As he cracks a couple of eggs and adds some butter, I realise we probably should’ve invested in a set of scales because brownie mixture is not supposed to look so powdery. Also, aren’t you supposed to use coco powder? Harry and I used hot chocolate powder as a substitute but that in itself poses an issue because the tub said it’s use by date expired four months ago.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

After we add some water to bring the mixture together, Harry takes the role of cleaning up the kitchen while I spoon the mixture into a baking tray (of course, making sure to leave a tiny bit of brownie mixture for myself and Harry to lick while we wait for the brownies to bake). Just as I draw away from the oven after placing our soon-to-be brownies in the oven, Harry’s strong arms wrap around my middle and he pulls me close into his chest. He buries his face into the crook of my neck and snuggles close, dipping the tip of his freezing nose right into the warm pool of my skin and I elicit a small yelp.

“You’re freezing, Haz!” I squeal, touching the spot he just nuzzled. “You need to put something on.”

Harry cocks his head to the side. “Put somethin’ on?” He toys, taking a step closer to which I take a step back until he traps me between his arms against the kitchen island.

“A’d like to wear this sunshine,” He tells me, amusement clear in his voice as he fiddles with the hem of the shirt between his thumb and forefinger. “Can a have my shirt back baby?”

His lips are dangerously close and with such a short distance between us, I struggle to think straight. Reciprocating his sultry change of mood, I slide one of my hands into his dry hair and place the other dangerously close to a carton of nearby eggs. Harry swallows harshly and his eyes flutter closed as I pull him closer and latch my teeth onto the lobe of his ear. I nibble gently and soothe the skin over with the flat of my tongue before tugging on his hair roughly to expose his neck.

“Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry…” I daunt, placing wet kisses down his neck softly. Suddenly, Harry juts his hips into mine and I bite my lips to stop a shaky breath. An overwhelming desire to properly kiss him floods my body, and I almost give into my primal instincts but when Harry tugs on the hem of my shirt I’m reminded of my mission.

“You’ll have to kill me for this shirt.” I whisper before quickly grabbing an egg from the carton, circling my arm up and around, and smacking the shell right down on top of his skull.

Not waiting for his response, I shove him back and run to the other side of the island. Harry, completely shocked, whips around sending egg yolk flying everywhere and I slap a hand to cover my mouth as I begin snorting at the sight of my furious, shirtless but most importantly egg-soaked boyfriend.

“"Oh Y/N… Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.” Harry taunts, mocking me similar to how I did before. He places a hand on the bag of self-rising flour and runs his other through his dripping hair. “Yeh should not have done that.”

In seconds, whatever remaining flour we had left is thrown right at me and I’m left coughing and spitting out flour as Harry creases in the corner while I mentally scold myself for being such an idiot and leaving my mouth agape.

“You suck.” I grunt, after spitting out the remains of clumpy flour and Harry’s grin grows wider if that’s even possible.

“And yeh swallow, my dear.” He winks before lunging for me. Harry’s long fingers find my sides instantly and he tickles me ruthlessly, taking every opportunity he has to blow raspberries into the crook of my neck. I squeal and slap his forearm but Harry only laughs, places a soft kiss on my shoulder, and slides his fingers up my body as he slowly peels his shirt off my body, leaving me completely bare besides the pair of cotton knickers hugging my bum. Harry shoots me a triumphant toothy smile as he pulls the shirt over his head and pushes his arms through the powdery sleeves; I, in contrast, pout and Harry ceases the chance to lightly trace my bottom lip with his forefinger. I don’t even think about when I automatically drop my lower lip further and gently suck on the tip of Harry’s finger.

The mood of the room flips dramatically.

Suddenly, I’m all too aware of Harry’s other hand caressing my hip and how his hooded eyes don’t even glance away from my lips that pucker around his finger. His eyes flutter closed as he gently pumps it into my wet mouth and I hum softly while reaching my hands up and running them through his sodden locks. The cold metal of his rings send waves of shock through my body, causing me to shiver as my body begins to shake at the temperature change.

“Are y- are yeh cold, love?” Harry stutters, pulling his glistening finger from my mouth - a string of saliva following. My eyes snap open and I nod quickly, letting a small whiny ‘yes’ slip past my lips.

“Maybe we should do somethin’ to warm yeh up then love? A don’t want yeh getting a cold…” Harry winks and he pushes himself up onto the kitchen island so that his bum and thighs rest on the surface but the rest of his legs dangle down. With a playful glint in his eyes, Harry pats his bare thigh invitingly and offers me an outstretched arm as he pulls me up on top of him.

Taking his hand, I climb up. My breasts swing as I move and my lack of clothing gives Harry easy access as he dips his head forward to suck and bite and leave marks all over them. He takes his time to treasure my body, nibbling lightly on my left nipple and rubbing the other; Harry uses his large, masculine hands to cusp and knead the rest of my breast and I automatically arch my back to give him more area.

Eventually he pulls away and Harry looks up at me through his darkened gaze. In a split second, I grab the sides of his face tightly in my hands and slam my lips onto his. A low, deep growl erupts from Harry’s throat and he drops his fingers to my thighs. Gripping them firmly, Harry groans into the lustful kiss and pulls me closer, determined to eliminate any space between us. My hands fly to his biceps for leverage as he hauls me up his thighs, my fingertips gripping his arms so tightly that little crescent moons are left in my wake.

“Ride my thigh, baby.” Harry pants, his damp breath fanning over my lips hotly. The lust in his eyes send waves of shivers through my body and the hairs on my arms stand up as goose bumps texturise my skin. “Ride me.”

His hands part my thighs and I happily oblige, following his movements and removing my panties as he plants his hands on my hips to steady me. From this height, I have to duck my head so that it doesn’t smack against the ceiling and the position is not all that comfortable but in seconds Harry has me back down into the comfort of his arms.

“Ride me baby, ride your daddy.”

I don’t need to be told twice.

Lowering myself onto Harry’s thigh, I grind lazily against the soft cotton of his boxer briefs. My lips part in a silent moan and Harry snakes one hand to the crook of my neck and captures my lips once again, while the other clutches the fleshy fat of my bum causing me to jitter forward and rut my hips right across his thigh.

“Harry…” I moan loudly, finding a rhythm and hazily grinding down on his structured thigh. The feeling is incredible, the friction rubbing against my nub providing a perfect sensation that flows in the blood around my body and makes my toes curl. Coupled with Harry’s wet tongue and perfect fingers, I really can’t imagine how I managed to live without this stupidly idiotic but all the same amazing boy for so long.

“Harry!” I cry out as Harry stretches his lanky leg across the kitchen and rests his foot against the corner of an opposite counter. The new position allows Harry to bounce his leg and a sob escapes my lips as his muscular thigh greets me halfway and heightens the pleasure.

“Don’t stop, fuck Daddy! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck…” Harry grunts, swiping a hand across his face trying to fathom how he got so lucky. There’s too much for him to handle as his eyes jump from my jiggling breasts to my euphoric expression to my bare pussy jerking across his thigh. Worse yet, Harry’s internal struggle only grows worse as I finally tug him free of his boxers and wrap my petite hand around the base of his throbbing and rather sore looking cock.

“Daddy, you’re so worked up.” I tease, instantly dropping his cock and moving my hands to fondle his balls. Harry groans loudly, throwing his head back as he fights the urge to thrust into my hand.

“Don’t tease me, Y/N.” He warns dangerously but I giggle and rub the skin of his balls between my fingers anyway, deliberately ignoring his leaking cock. This time around, Harry physically can’t stop his hips from levitating and I bite back a triumphant grin because there’s no better feeling than having your boyfriend like putty in your hands.

“I’m not teasing Daddy, just having a little fun is all.” Sending him a confident wink, I pinch his sac and Harry almost sobs, the pressure almost too much, too perfect to handle. Quite frankly, Harry isn’t finding the situation as humorous as I do and so he grabs my hips dominantly and presses me down harshly on his thigh so that I’m practically scraping against his skin. A high pitched moan escapes my chest and a few tears find their way down my cheeks, the pleasure absolutely indescribable.

“Yeh speak to much, love. I think yeh need something to keep yeh quiet.” Harry says in a raspy, rushed breath. I watch as he whips his head around, egg yolk clumping his curls together so that they fall in front of his eyes. A thin layer of sweat has formed around our bodies like cling film so I swipe my forehead with the back of my hand, but leave Harry untouched; the perspirant only highlighting his naturally toned body and adding another element of rawness to the whole ordeal. Suddenly, Harry turns back around, the bowl of raw brownie mixture in his grasp.

Harry gradually submerges his middle and forefinger into the mixture, then raises his hand and beckons me forward. I obey without hesitation and open my mouth enthusiastically as Harry slips his two fingers in. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to taste test the mixture first and so within seconds of pushing his fingers into my mouth, I gag and spit them out trying with all my might not to dry wretch on him or myself.

“Shit Y/N, did a push yeh too far?” Harry rushes, an atmosphere of concern complimenting his words. God bless the poor lad; worry floods Harry’s face as he fears he may have been too forceful and noticing his guilt, I immediately rush to correct him, hoping he hasn’t already fallen into a turmoil of distress.

“No, no of course not.” I exclaim. “It’s just those brownies are going to taste like utter shit.”

I can’t help myself from letting a few chuckles loose and when Harry catches on, he too begins giggling (though there’s still a hint of nervousness in his voice, concerned still laced in his knitted eyebrows).

“Yeh okay then? A haven’t poisoned yeh have a?”

Shaking my head no, I tilt my head to the side and stare at Harry for a moment. Reaching up, I use my thumb to iron out the creases in his forehead and I place a kiss upon his lips.

“No Daddy, I’m perfect.”

At that, the mood certainly returns to its musky and lustful atmosphere and I grab Harry’s cock tightly - but not so tightly that it hurts him; just the right amount of pressure to keep him crazy.  I begin moving my wrist, flexing my fingers around his cock and base trying to draw another whimper from him and I’m eventually rewarded when he cries my name.

“Shit, Y/N! Keep doing tha’!” He begs, his leg bouncing like crazy. This only spurs me on more, and I jerk him off lazily, both of us moaning and kissing each other in unison. Harry’s eyes are screwed tightly shut and he rocks his hips into my hand urgently, chasing his release with breathy grunts and moans. My chest tightens with pride as Harry’s fingers dig deeper into my skin and he begins shaking his head because he just can’t comprehend how good it feels. Sweat drips from his forehead and I use my hand to push back his falling curls to free his face. The expression he sports is one of pure bliss and I almost wish I could freeze time, just so that I could stare at him like this for however long I want. I realise though, Harry orgamsing is a better sight to see.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me - are yeh close?” Harry struggles, the hope in his voice clear as day. Relief shines in his eyes as I nod excessively and he clenches his fingers around my hips even more.

“So close!”

Without warning, Harry’s fingers have suddenly slipped under me and he rubs my clit furiously, rolling the nub between his fingers. It’s more than enough to send me over the edge and I squeeze Harry’s cock as I slump heavily over his body, coming loudly. My final moan triggers Harry’s own orgasm and he thrusts into my hand one more time before long spurts of come are landing on my arm and belly, sticky and slightly warm.

After coming down from our highs, we take a moment to lie there together, limbs sloppily intertwined and damp skin sticking.

“I love yeh so fuckin’ much.” Harry whispers, carefully drawing his hand out from underneath me and using those exact fingers to free my eyes from stray strands of hair. He places a soft kiss on my lips, ever so gently caressing my jaw juxtaposing the animalistic and crazed lustful self he was only a minute ago.

“I love yo-” A shrill ring abruptly cuts me off as the oven timer sounds, alerting us the brownies are done. Harry jumps immediately, and lightly places me down on the island before hopping over to the oven and opening it. The metallic device produces a tin of sickly grey looking brownies and my face twists at the sight of disgusting lumps of butter swimming in the tin.

Although both our standards where low, the brownies end up succeeding our already awful expectations and land themselves the title of the worst brownies we have ever tasted. Harry sighs and I can tell he’s a little disappointed.

“Am sorry these are shit, Y/N.” He huffs, chucking the entire batch into the bin with a grimace displayed on his face.

“Harry, love, don’t be upset.” I coo, delicately cupping his chin with one hand and with a confident wink, I run my fingers through his drying come on my stomach and stick the digit into my mouth. “I much prefer tasting you anyway.”

Needless to say, those buggy brownies were soon all forgotten about.

                                                          * * *

PS. Let me know if you enjoyed and send in any requests!

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Hi there! I just saw your post about soulmate fic ideas and I love them too! An idea I've seen somewhere years ago is that everyone is given a necklace at a certain age and when you get closer (in distance not emotions) to your soulmate, the pendant on the necklace heats up. Maybe Bughead meet while travelling and their necklaces get really hot?

I love a good soulmate au!

Jughead sighed, Saturday nights were exhausting in The Southside of Riverdale. Gang meetings always took place in the sleazy beat down dive bar, with about a hundred drunken men in leather jackets trying to make sense of the latest deal they had to get done while simultaneously playing pool and hitting on the Serpent bangers. So yeah tonight had been long.

“Hot dog, I’m home.” He called out to the empty trailer, smiling when he head the familiar thumping of scruffy white paws, the dirty sheepdog standing before him with a goofy grin and slobbery tongue.
“Hey there boy.” Jughead pulled off the heavy leather jacket and flung it over the makeshift kitchen chair plopping down on the couch in the center of the room.

He was tired…all the time. being sixteen wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, he had more responsibilities now that his father was locked up, Jughead had been born a Serpent it was all he knew, but deep down he felt something, something no one else he knew had felt. He wanted more, wanted to be more. He had a friend Archie Andrews, he had met him at the Riverdale Public library one day when he was hiding from a particularly nasty gang fight. Archie had been researching music books and they had bonded over their mutual love for video games and their penchant for fried foods. Archie was the boy next door, bright red hair and a letterman jacket two sizes too big while the tshirt he wore under it was two sizes too small, but he was nice and he didn’t judge Jughead, and that in itself was a feat.

Jugheads fingers wandered up to the clear crystal pendent resting beneath his plain black Tshirt, it was the one thing in his life that was steady, constant, always hanging around his neck, a security blanket almost. He couldn’t believe it when Archie had shown Jughead his own pendent.

“It’s finally cooling down, I just came from Veronica’s house and it was pretty much on fire.” Archie had explained, toying with his pendent, dark purple and black swirls coursing through his.

A soulmate, Jughead squeezed his eyes shut. Archie had been the one to explain the soulmate necklace to him.

“When you find the one you’re meant to be with, the necklace glows, it gets hot, hotter than anything you’ve ever felt. But it doesn’t burn, it feels amazing, its right over your heart, it’s almost like sitting by a bonfire, you can feel the heat but it’s safe and warm”

He wanted it, deep down inside he knew someone like him would never get that, he wasn’t the soulmate type and he was certain his necklace would stay crystal clear his entire life, but… sometimes.. if he stared hard enough, he swore he could see green, he swore there were swirls of gold and meadow green. He was probably kidding himself, setting himself up for disappointment and failure. Wrapping his fingers around the pendent he felt his eyes drift closed, it had been a long day, he didn’t need to be thinking about things like soulmates and silly wishes.


“Dilton Doiley? Really? For Cheryl? You’re sure?” Betty was leaning forward on the lilac and lace comforter, the phone snug against her ear as Veronica spilled the gossip of the day.

“I sure am, apparently they never got close enough to each other to find out, but then today, in gym class, they got paired to be partners for tennis and you know where it goes from there, their necklaces lit up like fireworks and soon enough they had each other nearly naked on the gym floor before coach Clayton broke it up.” Veronica giggled from her end and Betty sighed dreamily.

“I’m happy for them, I think Dilton will be good for her… it’s so crazy how we’re paired in this universe..” Betty trailed off, her fingers playing with the edges of her comforter

“You’ll find him B, I promise.” Veronica soothing said, comforting her best friend.

Betty bit back the bitter tears and cleared her throat, speaking in an incredibly small voice
“I just want something like you and Archie have ya know? I just want someone to love me like that.” She whispered.

“And you will. I know you Betty Cooper and you won’t stop until you find him.” The raven haired princess spoke in a tone that left no room for argument.

“Okay Ronnie, I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Veronica said her goodbyes before calling out for Betty one more time

“Don’t forget, tomorrow is that integration mixer with the Southside Students, I’m thinking leather pants and no shirt, what about you?” Betty could practically hear the smirk on the heiresses face.

“You’ve been watching too much Grease Ronnie.” She giggled before hanging up on her best friend.

Betty plopped down on her bed, eyes drifting closed as her hands found her pendent. she would find him, and hopefully soon because all this waiting was making her head hurt.

Veronica couldn’t control her laughter when Betty walked up to her locker before first period.

“What?!” Betty asked defensively.

Veronica settled finally and looked up at Betty out of breath
“It’s nothing, it’s just.., everyone agreed to dress a little more scandalous today, in honor of the Southside coming and you…. I didn’t even know something could be that white”

Betty looked down at her baby blue dress, the skirt grazing mid thigh, her bare arms covered by an impeccable, wrinkle free white cardigan, she wore tiny nude ballet flats and a simple gold chain on her wrist.

“I wore my hair down.” Betty tried, her hands coming up to touch the tips, she wrapped her arms around herself self consciously when she spotted all the girls in mini skirts and tube tops.

Veronica’s eyes softened and she squeezed Betty’s forearm
“You look beautiful, you always do. I’m just teasing, you know that.” She kissed her best friends cheek and Betty smiled.

Suddenly Archie came running through the halls, his eyes set on The two girls as he swooped in, pressing a kiss to Veronica’s cheek. Betty glanced down at their necklaces, feeling the familiar ache of jealousy as they glowed beautifully.

“They’re here! I saw a bunch of bikes pull up, you’re gonna love Jughead guys, he’s so funny man and he’s totally cool.” Archie rambled on and Veronica shot Betty an “is my boyfriend in love with another boy?” look.

Betty rolled her eyes and watched as the Southside teens started filing in, each one bigger and scarier then the last. Betty’s guard went up instantly and she ducked behind Veronica.

“There he is! Jughead! Hey man! Over here!”
Archie was waving to a leather jacket wearing boy in the back, Betty couldnt make out his face but she knew the prominent S on his back meant that he was a Serpent, she had written a research paper on why Serpents should be treated equal and as normal as everyone else in Riverdale. The whole Serpent culture amazed her.

He was walking towards them and Betty could just make out stormy, raindrop blue eyes. Something in her stomach twisted and she stepped closer, trying to get a better look.

Suddenly he had stopped in his tracks, His fingers instantly coming up to grip the necklace hanging on the black string around his neck, Betty did the same and as the two stared at each other a gradual heat was rising in the crystal pendent. A series of blue and black swirls racing through her pendent while his had Gold and green.

He walked closer to her, the pendent becoming unbearably hot but it didn’t bother either of them, Betty could vaguely hear the frantic whispers of Veronica behind her.

They were standing chest to chest at this point and cautiously Betty reached her hand out, stopping quickly and looking the dark haired boy in the eyes, silently asking for permission. He nodded slowly, what she didn’t know was that she could do anything in the world to him and he would just nod. She had him. That was it, he was hers now.

As soon as her tiny fingers brushed the pendent a shining bright light illuminated both of their necklaces, an almost primal growl came from deep inside Jugheads chest as his hands gripped The perfect and proper blondes waist

“Finally.” He whispered before dropping his lips to hers.

She followed with equal fervor, her hands winding in his hair as he held her tight to his chest. After what felt like hours they finally pulled apart.

Neither of the teens said anything until Betty broke the silence

“Betty Cooper, my names Betty Cooper and I guess I’m your soulmate.” Her smile was perfect and her fingers were still playing with the now filled pendent.

Jughead laughed heartily, his own long, slender fingers coming up to play with her necklace
“Can’t believe I got someone like you, you’re pretty as a picture Betty Cooper. I’m Jughead Jones and I am so happy you’re my soulmate.” He smirked crookedly before dropping his lips to hers.

The necklace pressed against each other as a warm glow of sunshine bathed the teens in light. They still had so much to learn about one another but right here, soft white cardigan pressed against worn black leather

They might just be okay.

This is my niece. She is 27, I am 44. We first started our flirting about 7 years ago when she came to stay with me for two months for Job training, as she lived in another state. During those two months she slowly started to dress more revealing in the evening. Started day one with full blown pajama set, but by day 8 she came down from showering in a white clinging tank top (no bra) and only wearing her women’s underwear. As you can see she is a big girl. As we prepared dinner , I couldn’t stop staring at her ass and tits. She caught me a few times and smiles. This happened for her whole stay.

about a 8 months later she calls me telling me she is moving to the city and needs a place to stay while she looks for an apartment. My cock literally throbbed as she was speaking. On our car ride back from the airport, I immediately knew this time was going to be different. As we get in the car, she leans down over and kisses me on the cheek, saying thank you? But also caresses by cock in my pants. I froze and acted like It didn’t happen.

Then that evening I get out from taking a shower , and she walks by wearing nothing, but says nothing. I go to straight hard on as I stare at her juicy ass walking away into her room. I go into my room ready to yank a load out, thinking about her, as I had done more than a few times. As I just lay on my bed and probably stroked my cock about three times, she walks right in and says, “That won’t be necessary”. She grabbed my shaft and just picked laced herself right on top of me. As I entered her, it was as so soft but Joker said tight enough. I loved Watchogue Ng her big tits sway as she rode me. To be honest I didn’t last long, but that was the first time for that night. Since then, we have lived together for 6 years under the guise to our family that it’s a chance for her to save for a home instead of renting. But we live as a couple have a physically intense attraction so many years later, almost primal like.

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Hcs about Momo and Vampire Todoroki please TToTT

I just want to start off by saying Todo is already super handsome and when I saw the Vampire costume he wore for the official art I was like rip me...TY FOR THE ASK BRONZE XD


VAMPIRE TODOROKI AU (this is a modern vampire au) ENJOY!

-Momo, a renowned neuroscientist, is part of a middle class family in london; hearsay has it that vampires live amongst them but Momo doesn’t believe that. She’s all about science and rationalizing every thought that comes through her head so nope— no way will there EVER be vampires in this world.

-Momo works near Kings Cross and obviously everyone knows about the famous Harry Potter platform thing majig there; she ignores it ‘cas she sees it everyday and its just not anything special to her anymore unlike the first time she saw it being constructed

-But one Friday morning, in the midst of crowds trampling past each other at the station, she saw a man, not much older than her, probably the same age, stand by the Platform 9 ¾, looking super concerned

-She stared at him for so long people probably thought she was a creep. He had on a blue dress shirt and black dress pants, leather loafers with little tassels and his hair was a beautiful split of white and red (momo was immediately intrigued, more so than the research on retinal astrocytes that she was currently working on)

-He’s a tourist, probably, Momo thought, and she found herself walking to him, crossing her arms, studying the way he was examining the structure. Suddenly, he fanned his gaze over to her, the pressure so intense she felt as though she was engulfed in flames. 

-Todo gave her a scan; up and down, eyes hungry. She wondered if he was a perv. 

-The first thing he said to her was “you smell delicious’. His eyes were captivating; two different  colours, like two gems matched together.

-With her heart pounding, she ran off.

-The second time she saw him, he was at her doorstep. She was completely alarmed, hands scrambling to find the pepper spray in her purse and when Todo saw, he took a step back, and introduced himself. He reassured her that he was only here to chat; his eyes didn’t change though, still sincere but almost with a primal need.

-”You don’t need to invite me into your house.” “I wasn’t going to.” He grinned, fangs showing, “You’re an intelligent woman.”

-Momo wanted to scream, were those fangs for God’s sake?! But she didn’t. Within her, somewhere, a strong magnetism is pulling her to him.

-He walked over.“200 years ago, I was told my mate would be there exactly at that spot on Friday, September the 22nd and they weren’t wrong.”

-Her blood smelled like honey and her lips probably tasted just as sweet; Todo sat her down on the asphalt and Momo wasn’t sure what to take of all of this but nothing could describe the way he’s luring her; a polarity so powerful, she could only gulp every time his eyes bore onto hers.

-They meet on and off for the next few weeks.  Momo hiding his identity from others and she falls for him, hard and fast.

-The  first date they had was on Halloween and Momo, for the first time, let him feed on her.

-After dinner, wine and cheese to end, Momo sat on his lap, hair cascading on one side of her shoulders, the nape of her neck exposed, and his fangs dug into her. Momo held onto his arm tight, somehow pleasure mixed with pain so immense she let out a whimper.

-This was in his house, a mansion under a hill, and it was quiet with no crazy dressed-up kids around.

-When he was done, her forehead rested on his and they stayed there for awhile. He was wrong; she tasted even better than honey. She was panting.

-Todo knew it’d hurt, so he wrapped his arms around her waist and cooed. 

-”Now that I’ve finally found you, I’m not letting you go.”

-Todo is scared shitless everytime Momo tries to kiss him after she eats garlic bread; “ITS SCRUMPTIOUS” she tells him and he’s just 5 metres away.

-Momo once took him as a date for her coworker’s wedding, and he’s was sweating like crazy ‘cas it was held in a chapel.

-”All these…stakes and crosses…..” He cringed and Momo finds it funny. 

-Todo’s petrified every time he passes by a bookstore and sees ‘Twilight’; “Momo, have you ever read the book?” “No, why?” “ Just to let you know, we aren’t sparkly like the vampires in there.” “Yes, Shouto, I’ve noticed.” 

Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 8

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 8

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You find yourself in a confrontation after Negan brings you back to Alexandria.

Warnings: NSFW

Original Idea by: @babyblues915

Note: Yay, back with a DDHTK update! Can’t thank you guys enough for the endless support!!! Hope this update’s good enough to make it up for my absence lol. Any ideas what’ll happen next? Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Also, if I missed tagging anyone please please let me know via ask so I can immediately add you. :)

DDHTK Masterlist

Negan’s face fell for a brief second upon hearing yet another rejection from you. If it wasn’t for the smirk that tugged at his lips, you would’ve thought that he was genuinely disappointed with your decision. He chuckled and buried his face into your neck, breathing in your scent before lifting his head back up to gaze down at you.

“I fucking knew it.” He said and shook his head before laying down on his back beside you.

“You are somethin’ else, y'know that? So fucking stubborn.“ He added with a slight laughter.

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Rhythm of the Beat- Part 2

Based off a request by @thelittleredwhocould​ for gender swap Wincest.

Summary: Sam and Dean get trapped in a vault after being turned into women by an ancient Egyptian god. Because of course they did. There’s only one way to get free. Because of course there is.

Part 1

Word Count: 2350ish

Warning: Wincest, gender swapping, smut,

A/N: This one just happened. I’m not sorry. Hope you all enjoy it, and thanks for the love you showed the first part! One more part coming soon! XOXO

“Sammy?” Dean’s long hair is starting to curl as he sweats, and Sam tries not to think about how it would feel wrapped around his hand as he pulled it.

This is too fucked up. Too weird. And they will just have to find another way.

“I know, Dean.”

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The Line Between Right and Wrong // Vampire!Wonho x Chubby!Reader Smut

Warnings // Voyeurism, male and female masturbation.

This is also kind of takes place in the 1950′s (well it’s not modern)

This couldn’t be that wrong, could it? Sure, a vampire watching an unsuspecting human through her window was an invasion of privacy, but I was her mate. Surely that made it a little okay, right? She just needed a little protection, whether she liked it or not. This was a dangerous neighborhood, fraught with muggers and sleazy vampires, and there was no way that I was going to leave her alone in that environment. She smelt too sweet and warm, corruptible, taintable. An absolutely devastating scent to a vampire and an unfortunate scent for a human to have. Terrible creatures are drawn towards the most innocent and pure; their blood is sweeter than sin, forbidden and untouched. She had caught the eye of every single vampire we came in contact with while on our date, making me feel obligated to stay and watch over her a little bit after I gave her a short and sweet peck on the lips and she thought I left. I couldn’t leave a lady in danger, that would be far worse than what I was doing now.

So I wasn’t doing this for my pleasure. I wasn’t staying just to see her longer, to admire her when she didn’t know I was watching. I was just making sure that she wouldn’t get hurt and that she was safe. My stomach didn’t flip when I saw her walk upstairs and into her room, flicking on the light and setting her purse down on her desk. I didn’t smile when she twirled around her room with her arms spread and a smile on her face, or when she flopped down onto her stomach on her bed, burying her face in the pillow and letting out a cute excited little shriek. I didn’t feel flattered knowing that I was the cause of all of her adorable excitement. 

When I first came to pick her up I had been stunned by her appearance, I looked her up and down (She would never know, it was far too subtle for a human to pick up), not quite used to her unapologetically beautiful and soft features. She was round, curves everywhere, chubby flushed cheeks, puffy lips, doe eyes; all put together with a creamy white dress that fell around the middle of those luscious thighs. Her neck was exposed as was a lot of her chest, her cleavage tastefully displayed. Truly a magnificent creature, representing the best her kind had to offer. We had gone on a simple date, walking through the park arm in arm and chatting about this and that, talking about our weeks as we hadn’t seen each other for a bit. I told her about the antics of my coven mates, how Minhyuk had tricked Hyungwon out of a bag of blood just by saying that the pretty girl at a local shop that he had had his eye on had been hurt, causing him to run out of the building frantically. We continued the date like that, strolling through the darkening paved path. I of course noticed the eyes on us, the way we were being watched by many vampires, wondering why I hadn’t just killed her yet. I had decided to take her back home after one vampire had tried to lunge at her and kill her, and had he not have been held back by his mate whom could see the bond between us, he would have. I walked her all the way to her front door and before leaving I had lightly tilted her face upwards and pressed a soft kiss to her pretty lips. Her heart had sped up before my action, she knew it was coming, and when I actually did it her heart skipped a beat and fluttered in her chest as she let out a breathy laugh. An absolute angel.

I suddenly caught the tendrils of a sweet scent that vaguely reminded me of hers, but it was different in some way. It was warmer, more primal and almost more tempting than the scent of her blood. I furrowed my brows and studied her form, trying to figure out what it was. She was staring up at the ceiling, her bottom lip tugged between her teeth and her chest was heaving, making her breasts slightly bulge out of the top of her dress that she had yet to take off. I trailed my eyes down her form and the source of the smell became more apparent. She was grinding those beautiful thighs together, her hands hovering unsurely above them. She slowly opened them, trailing her fingers gently on the inside of them, getting close to the seam of her pretty lace panties.

I should turn away. I should really turn away. But I couldn’t find my resolve, not when she was standing up out of the bed and slipping the zipper down on the back of her dress, slowly slipping it down her body and tugging it off her hips when it clung to her supple skin. Not when she crawled back onto the bed and laid with her legs spread and her feet planted on the bed. Nor when she glided her fingers down the swell of her bra clad breasts, down the swell of chubby skin on her tummy, stopping right at the top of her panties and repeating the circuit over and over again. Why would I look away from pristine art? 

This was inappropriate. I shouldn’t be seeing this, not when we aren’t married. It didn’t matter that we had been exclusive for almost 8 months. It didn’t matter that I had been alive for almost 140 years. It didn’t matter that I had seen the bodies of naked women on numerous occasions. This was Y/N. A completely different woman, a completely different dynamic. I needed to go. 

“Hoseok…” She sighed, causing my head to shoot up, thinking that I had been caught. Her eyes were closed however, and there was an obvious wet spot in the center of her underwear. She shot up in bed and reached behind her to undo her bra, sliding it down her arms and throwing it off the bed, exposing her gorgeous breasts. She grasped one firmly and kneaded it, leaning her head against the wall and gently scratching the fingernails on her other hand against her clothed center. She let one of her fingers slowly circle her little nub, tearing a whimper from her throat and causing her hips to cant upwards, indulging in the simple action before quickly pushing her underwear down her legs. I slowly palmed over my now straining erection, feeling little pinpricks of pleasure that usually would not affect me too much, but when I was bombarded by the lewd images of my lover, my mate, indulging in one of the most primal acts that a human could participate in and reducing herself to her rawest form, I was a mess.

She was thinking of me. This precious little angel was thinking of me in order to pleasure herself. And her body? Her bare body was more exquisite than one I had ever seen before, skin smooth as silk with stretchmarks and dips of cellulite that only added to the imperfect perfection of her being. I knew I could get closer. I needed to. Before I had time to overthink my decision I quickly crossed her yard and climbed up to her little balcony. I made myself comfortable on the ground in front of her window, hiding myself in the shadows despite knowing that she wouldn’t even feel my eyes on her unless I let her. I could hear her more clearly up here, could see the way her tender and swollen folds glistened with her essence and her little hole clenched around nothing but air. Little hums of pleasure were passing through her lips, her form wiggling against the sheets and her heart was hammering away in her chest, reminding me of the presence of blood in her veins, her fragile humanity. Reminding me how easy it would be for me to hold her hips down on the mattress and to taste her, give her immense pleasure, not stopping until she was an absolute mess, wrecking her pretty little pussy until my tongue, my fingers, my cock, were the only things she thought of. Spilling inside of her, filling her up with my essence, my scent, marking her as my own. 

“So good. Why does this feel so much better when I think of you?” I held my breath, going deathly still and not even daring to breath.

This wasn’t the first time.

The thought of her getting off to me every night, the thought of me being on her most erotic fantasies, caused a hot and overwhelming burst of pleasure to shudder through my being and my desperate attempts at freeing my aching shaft from my pants were hindered by my now shaking hands. A little human, a helpless little girl compared to my age, was overwhelming me. I barely managed to conceal the snarl that threatened to tear out of my throat, my instincts telling me to pleasure myself while I knew my mate was receiving pleasure. I took a deep breath to calm my racing thoughts, focusing on the first task at hand; freeing my erection from my pants. Once that was taken care of, I turned my attention back to my illicit and immoral affair. She was whimpering now, visibly trying to restrain herself from quickly rubbing her little clit, slowly trying to work her way up to prolong the pleasure. She was dripping wet, her musky scent now permeating throughout the crisp night air possibly attracting every single vampire in the near vicinity and my hand lazily pumping my cock to the pace of her slow circles would probably delay my abilities to protect her from them, but I didn’t care. Not when her heart was hammering away in her chest and her whimpers were turning into keens of pure want, she was begging for things to speed up, begging me even though she was only fantasizing and she had complete control over the situation. 

“Come on kitten, a little faster.” I was aching for things to speed along too, the very sight of her was too much teasing for me to handle, the rest of this was unnecessary. I was embarrassingly close, I couldn’t remember the last time that I got this close this quickly. I could see her sopping little hole clenching over and over again, practically begging for something to nuzzle its way inside and fill her up, giver her something to nudge her little spot, to push her into an orgasm that was obviously desperately needed, either that or she didn’t have a lot of experience with putting herself on the edge and forbidding release. With an almost heart wrenching sob, she jerked her hand away from her swollen lips, her hips desperately bucking up to find the missing stimulation and she pinched and tugged at her nipples, keeping her hands busy so she could calm down. It was obvious to see that just slowing down the little circles wasn’t enough to keep her off the edge, and her frustrated little pout was adorable. I removed my hand from my shaft as well, instead rubbing up and down my thighs, wanting to keep my hands busy as well. 

“Hoseok please. Please.” She mewled and I smiled, The fact that I was still on  her mind making me feel giddy. 

“Aish… Why are you begging me? Precious girl.” I bit my lip, almost giggling at the absurdity of this situation. I was watching my little beauty masturbate to thoughts of me, on the verge of begging her to continue so we could both get off, and she was in her room begging me to let her continue, as if I would have a problem with that. 

She continued touching herself again, now rubbing quick circles, just trying to get off, not wasting anymore time on teasing or prolonging the pleasure. I matched my pace easily with hers, feeling the familiar clenching in my lower gut, and I hoped that I could hold off my release. I wanted to watch her reach completion, what was the point of all of this if I didn’t get to see it?

“Hoseok I’m close. Really, really close.” She was proving to be a quiet lover, not letting her voice reach any higher than a breathy whine. No matter, I could still hear every single noise her body produced, from her pounding heart to the slick sounds of her fingers grinding over her clit. A truly sinful symphony, one that only my ears will get to hear. Her legs started to shake and her mouth was parted open with her eyes clenched shut, no sound being made by her mouth.

And then, she was cumming.

Her back arched off the bed and her thighs closed around her hand, grinding her pretty pussy against her chubby hand, little hums of pleasure escaping her lips along with tiny whimpers of my name. Her little mewls sounded so pure and gentle, made her seem so small and helpless, like she couldn’t handle all of the pleasure she was going through. It almost made me want to curl up in bed with her, replacing her hand with my own, making sure she got the absolute most out of her orgasm. Her fingers would curl up in my shirt and she would try to yank me closer, and I would let her, allowing me to hear her pleas and whimpers directly in my ear, her breath fanning across my collarbone, the warmth of her breasts pressing into my chest. I would push her, make her take everything I could give her, until she was crying, until the inside of her thighs was an absolute mess and she was almost raw from the friction, until she was begging me to stop and I would just give her one more, and I would gather her shaking form into my arms and I would love her. Rub her back and sides, tell her that she was such a good little girl, her little hands somehow sneaking into my pants and grasping my shaft…

“Oh fuck.” I threw my head back and softly hissed, my hips slowly thrusting my cock into my fist, the thin ribbons of white allowing me to comfortably ride out my high, my whole body tensing and I harshly bit my lip to contain the snarls of pleasure, my fangs coming out on instinct and nipping into my skin. Instinct to mate, instinct to claim, didn’t matter. I wanted my teeth in her. As I came down from my orgasm, I steeled my resolve and barely resisted breaking in there and taking her, sinking my teeth or cock into her I wasn’t sure, fighting against primal instinct. When I judged that I had myself under control again, I slowly opened my eyes and lowered my head from it’s upturned position, noticing that she was in the bathroom now, cleaning herself up and I decided to do the same, tucking myself back into my pants and taking a folded hankie from my pocket and wiping the cum off my hand, looking around for any that landed outside of her window and wiping that up too. I eased back into the shadows, preparing to stay there for a little while longer. Until she had been asleep for at least a couple hours. 

“Good morning, Gorgeous. Did you sleep well?” I gave her a gentle smile, holding open her front door and ushering her out.

“Like a baby. How did you sleep?” She giggled at this, and I sent her a sly wink, telling her that I slept just as well, deciding to play along with her joke. I was plagued by the lewd images of her arching her back in pleasure, her whimpering my name in ecstasy. She was chatting away while locking up her door, but I wasn’t listening, I was completely captivated by her soft and warm gaze, the warmth of her cheeks, the pillowy softness of her lips, and when she made to walk past me I gripped onto her fleshy hips, effectively holding her in her place, directly in front of me. I tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, letting my hand glide down her neck and cup her chin. I gave her a second to take in my features, much like I was doing to her, also allowing me to take in her quickening heart beat as I slowly leaned down, pressing my lips against hers in a sweet kiss. Her hands slid up and down my arms, causing my lips to twitch up into a smile, but I pressed on, trying to hold the kiss for as long as possible, until I lightly drug my fingers up and down her neck, eliciting a light giggle that made her pull away. She was panting and blushing, her heart hammering away in her chest. There was so much love and devotion in her eyes and I had no doubt that if my heart still beat, it would be louder and faster than hers. She tucked herself forward into my chest, nuzzling into my neck and inhaling the scent of my cologne and skin. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, inhaling her scent as well. I tried to pull her away from me, afraid that I was the one keeping her there, but she whined and dug deeper into my chest.

“You sweet little girl.” I held her for a little while longer until she pulled away, blushing and fixing her hair and dress.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to touch you.” I giggled and pressed another kiss to the side of her head and I guided her off of the steps, amazed by how much love one could hold for another, and after the events of last night, my love did not change. It only grew deeper.


Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s favourite things challenge.

Prompt: leather jacket

Dean x reader (established relationship)

Words: about 1300

Warnings: smut, sorta rough oral (male receiving), unprotected sex.

Beta: the ever lovely @mamapeterson

You loved everything about it; the rich smell, the way it felt between your fingertips, the way it hung over his broad shoulders. It was a bit old, you’d agree to that, but Dean was born to wear it. That was why you were so stunned when he came home with another. It was nice, black and soft, with a rock n’ roll edge to it. That being said, it could be as nice as it wanted to, it wasn’t Dean’s leather jacket.

“You got a new one?” you eyed him curiously and walked over to him. You let your fingers glide over the new, black leather. “Aren’t leather jackets sorta expensive?”

“Let’s just say I got a bit of a discount, sweetheart,” he said, winking at you, the green of his eyes twinkling in the light seeping into the motel room from the window. “You like it?” Dean puffed his chest out, trying to give you the full effect of his new purchase.

“Sure,” you said and tried your best at a convincing smile, “but you didn’t throw the old one out, did you?”

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: The reader and Sam are involved in a secret relationship.

Word Count: 1482

Warnings: smut, swearing

A/N: I posted this a while ago on my Wattpad account and decided to post it here as well!

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

You watched as Sam’s eyes quickly flicked through the big lore book in his hands, as he countinuously tapped his foot under the table, his tongue occasionaly sticking out of his mouth, showing that he was trying hard to focus and pay attention.

You were currently stuck in some shit hole of a motel, somewhere in Louisiana, hunting a Chuck-knows-what kind of monster with the Winchester brothers. Two of the most, if not the most, admirable people in the hunter community.

“Ugh! This is pointless! We should be out there, searching!” - huffed Dean, while Sam just looked up from his book momentarily and rolled his eyes at his older brother. - “Dean, we don’t even know what we’re after here, man. We need to research more.” - he stated with his infamous ‘bitch face’ gracing his feautures, before going back to his book.

“Well, I say let’s hit up the bar and ask around, find out more.” - suggested Dean

“You do you. I’ll stay here and research.” - said Sam.

“Yeah, alright, then me and Y/N are going to the bar,”

You were so deep in your thoughts, you didn’t even hear Dean call out to you. - “Y/N? Hello, Earth to Y/N?”

“Uh, um-sorry, you said something?”

You watched as Dean’s eyes rolled almost all the way to the back of his head as he let out a loud huff, before answering - “I asked if you wanted to hit up the bar with me. You know, interview some people?”

“Oh, n-no, you go I’ll just stay here an-and… uh, research.” - you stuttered out, mentally slapping yourself.

“Alright, you two nerds suit yourselves.” - said the older Winchester, pulling his jacket over his flannel shirt,

“Don’t wait up, kids!” - and with that, he was out the door, slamming it shut.

Moments later, you heard the Impala’s engine purr to life, indicating that Dean had already left the parking lot.

You looked up from the spot on the screen of the laptop, you’ve been glued to for the past 10 minutes and were met with Sam’s eyes across the table.

“God, I thought he’d never leave.” - the younger Winchester let out and closed his book shut as you quickly made your way over to him, placing your legs on each of his sides and dropping on his lap.

“Yeah, me too.” - you said as you smashed your lips to his, engaging in a hungry kiss, each of you demanding control, your tongues dancing with each other passionately. One of his hands was on your lower back and the other on the back of your neck, while your own hands found their way into his brown locks and started tugging slightly, resulting in Sam moaning into the kiss.

You wanted, craved each other. Every kiss brought more and more of that primal need, almost like adding gasoline to a raging forest fire.

You and Sam had been 'sneaking’ around for over two months now, waiting, anticipating the next time you could be together, since the last time you two had some 'alone time’ was almost two weeks ago. You both needed to release all of this pent up frustration.

You decided against telling Dean, because having to put a label on what the two of you had would just complicate and make things awkward between you. And you certainly didn’t want that.

“Fuck, Sam…” - you moaned as his growing erection poked at your inner thigh. You ground your hips down against his, desperate for some friction, earning a deep growl from Sam.

Sam’s hands roamed your body, finally setting down on your ass, giving it a firm sqeeze, before picking you up with your legs immediately wrapping around his waist. You grabbed a hold of the collar of Sam’s shirt and started pulling it off his shoulders eagerly. You managed to yank it down just halfway before Sam threw you onto the bed, your body bouncing off the mattress a few times.

By the time you looked up at Sam he had already removed his flannel and was now pulling his white v-neck shirt over his head, revealing his toned abs and peck muscles.

Your mouth started watering and were pretty sure you were staring at him, judging by the laugh that escaped him, snapping you back to reality.

“Oh, uh, what?” - you asked, tilting your head to the side a little.

“I asked, if you are going to take off your clothes, or am I going to have to rip them off of you?”

Your eyes widened and a gasp rose up from your throat - “I, y-yes, um.”- you fumbled with the hem of your shirt before awkwardly tugging it over your head. You started unbuttoning your jeans, but he was quick to stop you - “Let me.” - he said, placing his hands over yours.

I one swift motion Sam had both your jeans and your panties off your legs and was throwing them across the room, your bra following after.

Suddenly something came over you and you felt a little too exposed and you found yourself wrapping your hands over your exposed chest, feeling a blush rise to your cheeks.

“Don’t hide from me, beautiful.” - he said, bringing his mouth down on yours. You reached between the two of you, undoing his belt, then unbuttoning his jeans. Sam ground his jean-clad croch against your bare core, making you shudder.

“Fuck, Sam.” - you whimpered beneath him - “Please, I need more.” - you didn’t care how desperate that might have came off, all you cared about was that primal urge inside of you. Sam was quick to oblige and pulled his jeans down, along with his boxer briefs.

He traced a finger down your clit, before puching in, almost all the way to his knuckles. - “God, so fucking wet, Y/N.” - he grunted as you ground your hips against his hand. “Someone’s a little needy.” - Sam teased, a smirk appearing on his face. He curved his finger inside of you, barely touching your g-spot, before pulling it out of you completely.

You gasped at the sudden loss, but soon the finger was replaced with his mouth, hot against your clit, his tongue pumping in and out of you lazily and his hands placed on your inner thigs, keeping your legs wide open for him. “S-Sam, I’m gonna…”

You didn’t get to finish, before your orgasm ripped through you full force, goosebumps rising on your flushed skin, your mouth falling into a perfect 'O’ shape.

You hadn’t even gained fully your composure, as Sam was already lining his tip with your entrance.

“Wait!” - you yelped, making Sam jerk back a little, “I want to ride you, Sam.” - you managed, your throat suddenly going dry. “Please?” - you added,

“Fuck yes, baby.” - said Sam, a huge smile plastered on his face. He quickly flipped the two of you over, so now you were straddling his lap, his cock just mere inches away from your dripping heat. You leaned over and gave him one last kiss, which lasted just a couple moments, before pulling back and reaching between the two of you, lining him up with your entrance perfectly before sinking down on him, going almost all the way to his base, before pulling yourself back up.

“So fucking tight.” - he said, his eyes squeezed shut, his head rolling back on his pillow.

You started moving back and forth, rolling your hips against his, adding just the right amount of friction. His hands found their way to your hips, then your breasts, rolling your nipples between his fingers before giving each one a firm sqeeze.

“Sam!”- what was meant to come out as a whisper, was actually a full blown scream as you felt your lower abdomen tighten for the second time. Stars clouding your vision as your body shot up one last time, before you fell forward on Sam’s chest and his hands hands wrapped around your body, his hips snapping up into you fiercely over and over again, before finally releasing his seed deep inside of you with a loud grunt.

Both of you stayed like that for a little while, wrapped in each other’s embrances, breathing heavily, chests raising and falling.

When you rolled off him, neither of you spoke for a while, you just laid there, holding each other.

“We should tell Dean.” - Sam broke the silence, making you look up at him, your brows furrowed “Sam, do you really mean that?”

“Of course. I want us to be official. I want to be able to do this and wake up next to you afterwards. And I definitely don’t want Dean flirting with you anymore…”

“So, what do you say?”

Stuck on Repeat - Part 2

By popular demand, and also because I cannot resist birthday present requests… I give you the morning after! You can find part 1 HERE, which I forgot to put the title on it so…oops. It’s bar fight!Everlark. This is for @jennagill, who also provided the inspiration for my favorite line of dialogue in this piece. MUAH! darling! Don’t read it before or at work!!! I mean it!

RATED E for you guessed it, the smut…and also some excessive fluff.

Somewhere between midnight and dreaming, Katniss wakes with a groan. She throbs with the ache of bone deep satisfaction. But her arm is twisted at an odd angle and something hot and heavy pins her leg to the bed. She kicks at it and the body beside her shifts. Lifting her head, she registers that it’s Peeta sprawled out beside her, but that’s all the time she gets before she has to zip into the bathroom. When she’s done, she slides back beneath the sheets and takes a moment to let her gaze wander over him.

The sheets have tangled around his right leg, his left is completely uncovered, truncated close to what would have been his knee. His arm is flung up over his head and his face is turned into it. As she lays there, she thinks about biting the muscles she can just make out in his relaxed state. It never occurred to her that she might be one of those girls, the ones who go all cross eyed over a muscle-bound guy. Peeta’s not exactly burly, but there’s no denying the underlying power in his quiet strength. Maybe it’s just the way he leaped to her defense last night. Or maybe it’s just him. Either way, by the time her perusal reaches his hips, her muscles magically feel a thousand times better, soreness replaced with a different kind of ache. One that only Peeta can appease. She feels a sharp tug in her middle aimed in his general direction. And she gives in to it.

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I love your writing so much! Your Yoosung X MC X Seven headcons are soooo amazing. When are you doing more? If I can could I suggest doing some fluff like a date night with the three maybe a bedtime with the three.

(I got too excited when I got this message, first of all, thank you so much anon you’re so sweet <3 second! I’m currently working on a date night that’ll be done soon so I hope you’re okay with me going for the bedtime prompt~ I’m going to keep this sfw but if anyone wants a…not so sfw version let me know ;) )

-3AM ticked over on your computer as you continued to click away on whatever it was you were looking up
-Yoosung had finished playing his game awhile ago and decided to lazily lay down on the couch beside you
-It didn’t take long before he was dozing off, the soft feeling of you stroking his hair, head laying just beside your lap
-You looked over and smiled softly before leaning down to give him a small kiss
-You probably woke him up but he wasn’t complaining
-He smiled and let out a hum to spur you on so you kissed him a bit deeper, drawing the kiss out for a few minutes
-You both turned to look at Saeyoung who had turned his chair from his desk to look at you both, that smirk of a smile on his face
-”What about me~? You didn’t think you could get away without kissing me did you~?”
-You both roll your eyes, Yoosung being the first one to get up and go towards Saeyoung, putting his hands on either side of his jaw and giving him a deep kiss, pushing Saeyoung back in his chair
-They kept going and you rolled your eyes seeing Saeyoung lift a hand to motion you to come over as well
-You get up and stroll over, his hand coming around your waist and tugging you closer towards him
-When he pulls away from Yoosung you can see he was noticeably red, how Yoosung managed to fluster himself when he was the initiator, you had no idea but it was absolutely adorable
-You smile and push your lips gently to his, so soft that there’s hardly contact and he lets out an incredibly annoyed sound, trying to push up to deepen the kiss, only for you to pull away
-You can hear Yoosung chuckling beside you, and it only makes you want to do it more
-He pulls away and pouts at you, finally, his face stained with a beautiful soft pink now as well
-”Yoosung~ Could you please show ‘____’ how to please their god”
-Yoosung doesn’t waste much time basically jumping back into Saeyoung’s lap
-There was no end in Yoosung’s sight as he happily pressed deeper into the kiss
-You can’t help but giggle, it was such an adorable sight 
-With Yoosung still happily in his lap, Saeyoung starts pushing the rolling chair towards the bedroom, waving good bye to you as he runs off with Yoosung
-You of course chase after them, grabbing onto the back of the chair to halt it, bending over Saeyoung’s chair and cooing “Yoooosung~” 
-The boy finally pulls off Saeyoung and happily reaches over to pull you into a deep kiss
-The whines of annoyance and cries that this totally wasn’t fair were making you both smile against each other
-Yoosung pops off of Saeyoung and you both plop onto the bed and coo for him to come over 
-”No need to whine~ We’re all yours”
-The growl from Saeyoung is almost primal as he pushes himself out of the chair and jumps onto the bed and starts tickling you both to the best of his ability
-You all bust into laughter and jokingly try to break free from him
-After a couple of minutes you’re all panting from laughing so hard
-Yoosung and you nuzzle up to Saeyoung and start kissing him all over his face and neck
-You both loved spoiling him so much
-You also finally give him the deep slow kiss he wanted, he always says it’s so much sweeter when he has to work for it
-Of course after that Yoosung was wanting another from both of you as well
-You all pass out together snuggled up on the bed
-Yoosung passed out first, you and Saeyoung watching and whispering about how adorable he is
-You watched Saeyoung pass out next, head rested atop Yoosung’s, smiling softly with both his arms wrapped tightly around you both
-You happily drift off feeling so grateful for the two wonderful men beside you


TMNT Raph x Reader: Sorry For The Pain (Part 1)

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“Can you do a thing where like Raph accidentally hits a semi-shy reader and it was completely by accident but when she avoids him he just cracks from guilt? Can you make it kind of long please? Thanks ^-^

I kind of like the concept of a really really guilty Raph *cackles* and I’ll try to make it as long as I can I’m splitting into two parts:)

WARNINGS: Occasional Curses, Violence

“It says you have to put the sugar in the pan,” you mutter, your voice laced with confusion as you lift the cup full of sugar towards the stove. Before the contents of the cup could spill into the pan you’re startled by a panicked cry from beside you. With amazing speed and precision the cup is snatched away from your fingers and you’re pulled to the side counter away from the stove. 

Mikey scratches his head with relief, eyes crinkled with mirth as he laughs at your near accident. “Aha, maybe cooking isn’t your thing after all,” he nervously chuckles, “but we can order pizza and I’ll show you how to make a pizza smoothie! It’s easy, there’s no way to stuff it up. Unless you shove your fingers into the blender and turn it on,” he rambles, eyes clouding over a little and you can almost imagine him picturing the horrific scene in his mind. You shudder at the picture he’s painted for you and wring your hands together. 

“Um, okay. Thanks for that mental image, Mikey,” you grimace as you turn towards the bowl he had guided you to. 

“No worries! So, just mix that stuff up and then dump it into the pan and I’m pretty sure that will make the pancake,” he exclaims, clapping his green hands together and turning back to the stove, humming a tune beneath his breath. You raise an eyebrow and grip the whisker laying on the counter, about to get to the task he had set for you. 

You briefly wonder about the other brothers, where were they, they must have come back from patrol by now. Mikey was tasked with entertaining you as it was deemed to be a quiet night by Leo and he thought that some quality time between Raph and himself might serve to patching up the rough relationship between the two. Raph. A blush crawls up your neck as that particular turtle appears in your mind. 

He was so rough, angsty, mean, tough and untamed and he was an enigma that fascinated you to no ends. You were quiet to the outside world, slightly shy and unable to engage in a proper fight with the fear of being ripped apart by your opponent. Polar opposites to Raph yet you were drawn to him like a moth to a flame. You knew that he wouldn’t pay you any heed. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” A voice roars from the lounge area, startling you into knocking the bowl full of ingredients off of the counter. A dull but loud thud and a grunt of pain sets your heart into a panicked fluster of beats. Both you and Mikey share a concerned glance before you race to see what had happened. 

You enter the room and your eyes widen at the chaos that has broken loose. The entire area is completely trashed, broken objects scattering the floor everywhere and hazardous glass shards strewn across the carpet. Your gaze is drawn towards the centre of the room in which two figures are beating down upon each other, punches raining from left, right and centre. Loud grunts and curses are clearly heard along with the brutal sound of violence echoing throughout the lair.The breath leaves your body as you recognise the two fighters: Leonardo and Raphael. 

Leo is brought to the ground after a direct hit to his jaw and is pinned to the ground by the leading warrior. You think that maybe Raph will stop after seeing he had brought down his opponent but your mouth falls open with horror as he continues to raise his fist and bring it downwards upon his vulnerable brother. Leo struggles with blocking the hits, unable to find an opening to retaliate with his own. 

Donnie rushes forward, appearing from within his lab in an attempt to break up the death match. However, although it is a valiant effort, an elbow to the face from Raph swiftly launches Donnie backwards. 

Mikey, who had followed you out of the kitchen, shares a hesitant look with you. “Stay here and stay back!” He warns you before launching forward, nunchucks drawn. Leo grunts in protest as Mikey is knocked backwards and away from the fight. 

And then there’s you, armed with only a cooking whisker. Raph would never hurt you, despite his aggravated behaviour. If he saw you he would never intentionally hit you. The idea that Raph won’t see you doesn’t cross your mind. 

You propel yourself forward, hoping that if you get the element of surprise you may be able to knock Raph off guard and get him to come to his senses. You weren’t quite sure what had come over you, Leo’s safety was your first priority you don’t even register the amount of danger you subjected yourself to. 

You land on Raph’s shell and you see Leo’s eyes widen as far as they could, his mouth opening to yell a warning. In an attempt to stop the fight or at least make it pause you begin to tug on Raph’s shell with all your might, trying to throw him off balance.

It happens as if it is in slow motion. His body twists, muscles rippling and clenched teeth bared. Raph has had enough of being interrupted.  A large arm is pulled back into position before being launched in your direction, a balled fist directed to make impact on the side of your face with all the force he could muster from within his being. If you were one of his brothers this would put you down for at least a couple minutes to recover. If you were human it would break your jaw. Your eyes widen as you realise what is about to happen and you’re too late in raising your hands as his fist meets its target like a sledgehammer. The sheer force behind the blow sends you spinning and airborne, landing on your back as the impact takes the air out of you. Black stars cloud your vision and your left gasping for air as you lay in shock, eyes blankly staring at the ceiling. Everything is silent for a split second and you’re almost numb as the hit registers with your body.

 And then you feel it. 

It was slow at first, a stinging ache blooming throughout the right side of your face. Then it registered and the onslaught of feelings washed over you like a tidal wave as an agonising pain rips through your entire being. You curl up immediately, clutching your jaw as you keel over onto the floor, a gurgled cry ripping itself from your throat. It was almost primal, you never intended to scream but the pain itself took over your body, you had never felt this much agony in your entire lifetime. 

Violent sobs rack from your body and everything seems entirely surreal, it felt like this was just a bad dream, a nightmare. This couldn’t be reality. Arms wrapped around your shoulders as chaos ensued in your surroundings. Voices were screaming and you knew that the fight had stopped. 

“Fuck! I’m so sorry, I’m sorry! I’m sorry, are you okay? It’s okay!” The words repeat themselves in your ear like a broken record and somewhere in the unaffected part of your mind you realise that the person speaking has gone into a form of shock. Almost as if they were unable to register what had happened. 

“Move away from her, Raph” One voice shouts, fury burning through their tone. 

“Is she okay, Donnie?” A distressed cry from another. 

“I need to see if you’ve broken her jaw,” An almost clinical voice claims as the arms holding you slip away. Your moment of disorientation is gone and you can finally register your surroundings. Your eyes land on the figure before you through your watery gaze. Your jaw is hanging loose and open, you were unable to close it without feeling extreme bouts of pain. It almost feels like it had been unhinged.

“It’s been dislocated but not broken, I’ll need to pop it back into place.” 

At Donnie’s words, your eyes roll into the back of your head and the black stars once again consume your vision. 

Cliche ending yeah I know but I needed to end it before I ended up writing a full fanfiction XD Part 2 will be up soon. I’m not very happy with the quality of this but it’s all i can give you right now my friend :)

Practice makes perfect

Hi guys! Just a little thigh riding smut just because! Hehe :)

“I can’t do this, I’m so screwed! I’m going to fail this exam!” Jo sobbed, going through her notes.

She paced around the condo, Shawn watching her as he was lying on the couch, half asleep because it was almost midnight.

He rubbed his eyes and turned the TV off where a hockey game just ended and walked over to her.

Jo was wearing a comfy sweater and yoga pants, wavy hair up in a ponytail, looking sexy yet adorable, wearing her glasses.

“Babe… babe!” Shawn said, taking her hands in his. “You got this! You studied so much, there’s no way you are not going to pass!”

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#25 Not usual clothing/dress up (Cas x reader x Dean)

Summary: For my 100 kinks list!

Pairing: Cas x reader x Dean

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: smut (fingering), language

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The V card || Draco Malfoy

This is my first ever smut of draco; i’m really excited because i always wanted to write smut about draco. that sounds wrong doesn’t it. Oh well, hope you enjoy it anyways. xo requests are OPEN.

draco x any house reader.    

warning; smut!       

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“Draco” I mumbled his name when I caught him standing still staring into space. Feeling confused I approached him and placed my hand on his clothed shoulder making him jump in slightest.

“Y/N, w- what are you doing here?” his voice cracked at the last part when he gazes met mine. His whole body was trembling, making him look more scared than he was before.

“It doesn’t matter, the main question is are you okay?” I asked emphasising on the ‘are’ to make sure he notices that I’m worried.

“I don’t know. I don’t know.  Everything is just happening so quickly, that it going way to quick past my eyes. I’m scared, I’m really am Y/N. I don’t want to lose you, but I have a feeling I might do if I do something that isn’t right” he cried a single tear ran down his cheek.

I immediately embraced him in a tight hug. He gladly accepted him and nuzzled his head in my neck, I could feel the dry tears on my neck and his cold lips touch my soft neck.

It felt like we stayed in each other embrace for centuries, but was most likely, only for few minutes.

I pulled back receiving a quiet whimper from Draco, making my heart melt in an instance. I glanced up at his face regretting it already; seeing his exquisite grey eyes that are always so full of life (even though it seems like always has hatred in his eyes, I can always look past that) are now dull and emotionless. His quivering lips that looked so lonely without mine;)

“Come on, let go” I whispered and took his hand in mine and held our hands together and led him into my dormitory which I’m sure no one would be there; as to what been happening in Hogwarts right now.

“Where are we going? You do know what I have to do, right?” he asked looking around like a lost puppy to catch on where we heading.

“I indeed do know what your task is Draco but - just wait please?” I pleaded and carried on leading him into the girls Y/H dormitory.


I shut the door behind us casting a spell that no one would hear us. I turned around to see Draco standing to rock on his heels back and forth. I ambled towards him. Him standing towering over me. He tucked a stray curl of my hair behind my ear.

“Why did you take me here?” he asked a small smile danced on his lips now.

“I - I just wanted to spend some time with you” I stuttered looking down at my shoes. I felt his hand reaching down to my chin lifting up so I would be looking up at his eyes.

“I love you so much, you do know that right?” he says whiles gazing at my eyes searching for something?

“I do Draco and that is why I led you here,” I said looking up at him, attempting to memorize his features. His image is burned into my brain, and as hard as I might try he is simply unforgettable.

“Good” he mumbled lowering his lips to gently kiss my forehead. He laced his fingers through my hair, pulling my head back, kips lips meeting mine slowly and softly.  I wrapped my arms around his shoulders attempting to get closer to him.

Is this really happening? Am I going to lose my v card to Draco Lucius Malfoy? I’m not complaining, but this is nerve racking. Oh god, this is actually happening. Okay Y/N just breath; in and out in and out.

I just couldn’t get close enough. I moulded myself to him as he continued his assault on my mouth, moving down to lick up my neck, nibbling on the pulse point that was pounding beneath my skin. He told me he was a virgin but he never told me he was that good. Y/N shut up and relax!

I ran my fingers through his short, platinum hair. He pulled away, reaching over his shoulder and in one quick motion discarding his t-shirt.

My breath caught in my throat just as it always does. It not that we slept together well we have, but not in a sexual way. So I of course seen him shirtless before, but it always amazes me. Perfection.

I stepped forward, stretching up on my tiptoes to drag my tongue across his collarbones and down across the hard planes of his smooth chest. I moved to place hot, open-mouthed kisses down the smooth stomach of his, stopping to graze his hip muscle with my teeth before moving north again, dragging my tongue back up that glorious stomach.

He caught my roaming hands in his grasp and pulled them from his body. He quickly caught the bottom of my shirt and jerked it over my head, his gaze falling in the black satin bra I was wearing. He flicked his thumbs over my rock hard nipples.

“Y/N are you sure you want to do this? I mean we can stop now if you want” he asked looking at my eyes searching for anything that said to stop.

I nodded my head to let him know that I do want to do this. So with a quick movement, my bra slid off of my arms and to the floor.

He bent down catching my nipple between his teeth, sending shock waves through my body. I heard a moan and realized it was from me as I leaned into him, begging for more. I was caught up in him, unable to focus on anything else. I felt my skirt slide down over my hips and I heard him groan at my lack of undergarment.

He stood before me, letting his gaze roam up my body. The look in his eyes was almost primal, and exactly what I wanted and craved.

I reached out and unfastened his trousers, pushing them along with his boxers over his lean hips. I trailed my fingers up his thighs, around his cock. I grasped him tight at the base, marvelling at how he fit into my hand.

I don’t even know what took me, it just felt right. He took me by the shoulders and pushed me gently to one of the beds. His lip came down softly on mine, his tongue invading my mouth, stealing my breath.

He groaned feeling me beneath him in no control what so ever; burying his face into the side of my neck. My breath caught in my throat when I felt him pressing against my wet entrance, his mouth wreaking havoc on my skin.

Nerves crawling up my body, causing me to bit my lip. Is it going to hurt? I heard that it hurts for the first time ever. Should I say something?

“This is going to hurt but it will be okay after. Do you want me to stop? We can stop if you want, I don’t mind. Really we ca-” he rambled on clearly scared himself.

“Draco it fine. I trust you with all my life. I want this, just please” I told him whiles closing my eyes ready for the pain.

He entered me slowly, inch by excruciating inch, allowing my body to adjust to the sheer size of his. I hissed at the uncomfortable feeling, he tried to keep an eyes contact with me to know immediately when to stop.

“Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” he asked looking worriedly at me.

“No one, it fine just a little bit uncomfortable. But I will be fine” I assured him gripping into the bed sheets prepared.

“Okay, I love you” he whispered before moving in and out trying to be slow as possible not to hurt me.

By the time went by I adjusted to his size and the pain I once felt turned into pleasure.

“Draco, please. Faster” I begged for more. He looked a bit immediately before making his pace quicker than it was before.

I cried out as he filled me completely, reaching up to lace my fingers through his hair and drag his lips back to mine.I sucked on his tongue, bit his bottom lip, and traced his full lower lip with my tongue.

He began to move inside of me and I felt as if I was coming undone. ““Oh god” I moaned, scraping my nails across his back.

“You want more?” he rasped into my ear.

“God yes” I breathed. I felt him smile against my neck.

“I will give you all you want” he promised. A shiver slipped up my spine. He pounded up into me, pushing me into the bed. My heart was racing and my whole body hummed. I felt a bead of sweat drip down my spine as my body slammed.

He pulled his head up, his gaze affixing itself to mine. His eyes were filled lust, passion and utterly beautiful. I grazed my teeth across on his jaw line before catching his lips with mine. Something inside of me snapped in that moment. The orgasm that swept through me startled me with its intensity. I screamed his name and grasped him tighter as my body quivered.

Before I realized it I was spring out of control again, panting hard, I tried to move my hips to meet his. Clutching to his shoulders as if he were my lifeline at that moment.

“Come again beautiful” he ground out in a hoarse voice. I grasped each side of his beautiful face with my hands. Staring into his eyes as another unbelievably intense orgasm washed over me. His thrusts became more urgent and I met him thrust for thrust. Within moments I felt his body quake against mine and he groaned my name as he found his release.

Still holding me onto the bed he pressed his forehead to mine and gave me a lopsided grin. He kissed me lightly, such a contrast to just a few moments ago. He slowly slipped out of me, falling beside me. I turned my head to the right to look at him catching him already gazing at me with a grin playing on his lips.

I felt my check blush becoming warmer and warmer by the second. I hope he enjoyed it because sure hell I have.

“It was amazing, thank you for making my first time so special” he beamed like he read my mind.

“You made this even more special Draco, I love you so much,” I said before kissing him lazily on the lips. His hand slowly tracing my stomach and my right side.

“After I’m done with my task, hopefully, we are able to run away from here. All I need is you in my life to feel complete,” he mumbled caressing my hair.

“I hope we can Draco, I hope we can,” I whispered and cuddled into his chest my head resting on his chest; as our steady breaths filled the room.

The Significance Of Carl Grimes... To Me At Least

I’ve tried writing this note so many times. I’ve tried to put into proper words and constructed thoughts just why Carl is so important to me but I always fail. I’ve often wondered if I have a full understanding myself; to be honesty I’ve often wondered if I actually have what could be defined as a partial understanding. Don’t know if I do but maybe it’s time to push ahead and try.

Normally I have tried to do this by explaining the character, or myself but seeing as those never succeed perhaps it is time to try a hybrid of the two and hope for success.

The usual reasons we end up choosing those we do as our favorite characters comes from the fact that they are the most relatable of those available to who we were, who we are, or who we wish we could be. The more in sync we are with the character in one of those three ways the closer we get to phrases like “Carl Grimes is my spirit animal” which I may or may not say from time to time.  

Gah! It’s happening again! I spent all morning planning this out in my head and now that I am sitting here writing everything is all jumbled and jammed up again. If this ends up sounding disjointed or flat I apologize because I am going to push through.

While Carl in the comics and Carl in the show have been portrayed very differently I think at their core they are the same character who is perfect, now I don’t say that lightly nor blindly. I know the character has a lot of negative traits and done undesirable things which to me makes him more perfect. He is perfectly flawed perfection caught in three dimensions. As opposed to other character even within the Walking Dead that are so flat and one dimensional that they really do look like paper cut outs living in a world that lives and breathes with depth and distance all its own.

I guess I should tackle the elephant in the room first which is that Carl is a role model and champion to many who have been abused or suffered in their life. The show one more than the comic one because of reasons I will get into later as to why the amount of effort Chandler Riggs put into Carl was important. I consider this an elephant in the room because if you are in certain circles or communities you tend to know that this is one of the main reasons a certain percentage of Carl fans gravitate towards Carl in the first place and if you know that and I don’t address it then it could paint everything else I say with a brush I don’t want it painted with.

Now then time to let my inner fanboy out and really jump into what makes Carl who he is.

Carl Grimes is innately good; he is innately good even though quite honestly there is a mountain of reasons; perfectly understandable reasons why he shouldn’t be. “Everybody can’t be bad” is his mantra, his way of life despite Shane turning out to be a monster, dealing with the Governor, the cannibals, the rape, the betrayals…he still keeps his belief alive.

Sure you could argue that he is just trying to live up to his dying mother’s last words or the ideals he believes those in his life have instilled or placed upon him but let’s be honest if there wasn’t an indestructible core of goodness in him there’s no way. I think I can be honest enough with the fact that I have trust issues and I haven’t been hurt, tortured, almost killed, raped, left to starve or threatened by 80% of the people I encounter in my life.

Now I know I shouldn’t bring religion into this as doing so is damaging to the discussion  for those that have issues with religion but the Walking Dead is what lead me to be Christian. Which must really be egg on the face of Kirkman and Gimple as they both have always tried to drive a quiet and small anti-religious sentiment into the show form the start but it wasn’t just Rick praying in the church, or Hershel talking about how Rick should be able to see God’s hand at work in his life. It wasn’t any of the Christian stuff that made me Christian, in a way it Carl had a big influence on that.

To be 100% honest I think I was looking to find religion and this was more a result rather than a catalyst so don’t think I’m saying that Carl is a converter because he’s not. He’s an example. When I was questioning and searching I wanted to see an example in action and there is no better example of Christian ideals mixed with mortal flaws I have ever found.

Carl is a tremendous example because of how good he is, how giving he, how he tries to help people, he tries to trust people and support the good in them. No matter the risk, no matter how little he has, no matter how much he has been hurt he will always try even if it ends in a bad way. Even if he ends up having to pay a high price…

If helping a stranger would risk your life would you do it? If it costs you your life would you regret it? There have been times where both versions of Carl have had to pay high prices for their kindness though I think it’s safe to argue the show one has paid a higher price but the comic version has also not gotten off easy for the high crime of thinking of others.

Yet there is never any regret; never any doubt about having to try to help the next person, to try to trust the next person. Yes even when doing so is in actuality a stupid idea that the character’s goodness and determination blind him from seeing for what it is.

I talk about how in the regard of helping others, and of trusting others he never has doubts or regrets which is true. In every other regard of himself though? Not so much. Carl is so…human. No matter what good he does, no matter how much he changes people’s lives for the better he can only see his flaws, his mistakes and his need to change them, to make amends.

If you think I’m going to try to spin this as a positive trait you don’t have to worry I won’t be but it is certainly a very relatable trait. To see him struggle with it is watching myself struggle with it and we both have the same amount of success.

His doubt and how he deals with it though is an inspiration to me. Again he has far more reason than many to give up and just give in but going back to that indestructible core I was talking about before he still has the strength to try.

To doubt yourself to the point you question your own humanity…yeah it’s  more than relatable and over the years watching him do that but push on has given me the strength and ability to try as I may to do the same. He has had more success than I but he is stronger than I am; he’s fictional he gets to have the writers help him cheat. Though not once has he ever overcome in a way that is beyond who he is, or in a way that seems forced or contrived.

In addition to his beliefs Carl has managed to hang on to his ability to feel joy, feel fear and to be human. Carl is honestly never at his best when he is being ‘Carl, The All American-Boy’ or King Carl, or the bad ass kid. At least not for me.

There is a certain hope to be found in the moments when like the one above and below this paragraph. As a person who has lost his ability to feel certain concepts at time these little reminders that despite it all you can, should and will be able to retain these abilities naturally and if you feel that you haven’t that you should try.

This is the concept I always have the most difficulty putting into words as on one hand you could simply state that it is simply retaining your innocence but that isn’t what it is. Carl knows he isn’t an innocent and he doesn’t act like he still has his innocence because he doesn’t nor does he act like he does.

Some would say he is a kid who has been able to retain the qualities that make up what we see as childhood but even that isn’t true because he has a level of maturity beyond childhood. Though the immaturity of youth sure shows up a lot in some of his more …aggressive… decision making.

I guess I could summarize everything above as; because of his tribulations and his natural ability to never lose who he is; to be strong enough to retain his sense of self and his humanity is this beautiful thing I desperately strive for. The example I always reach to when I feel too lost and adrift; when I think I have failed or fallen too far.

Why bother explaining it out the way I have? Because I’m hoping that I am saying more than I realize I am. I’m hoping that my phrasing, thought construction and the general feel of the piece is saying all the emotional stuff I can’t say.

So I’ve shown Carl as this flawed, yet almost angelic character so far but there is another side of him the side of me that revels in the violence and blood. The side I latches onto when I need some inspiration or comfort that is more visceral. King Carl. The beast.

I know I should have chosen a more iconic moment to show this off; like when he tries to kill Negan on his own. Most of my examples haven’t actually been iconic moments save the second but it is never an iconic moment that makes a character great or shows off their traits the best. Everyone can have one shining moment of quality or flaw X.

It’s the small moments, the consistent moments that seem to happen naturally and play out organically that show a character for who they are. Even when he is good, even when he does the right thing Carl can have this dark, dark edge to him that I won’t lie makes me hug the book or want to hug the screen.

The beast aka King Carl to me is what happens when the weight and effect of the dark things he’s been through have merged with who he is and who he tries to be.

There is almost a primal aspect to this side of Carl and its something I can relate to completely as it is exactly how I am. It’s how I’ve always been, I try to either help or ignore you but once you’ve crossed that line or I think you will cross that line then I will destroy you. I am also very upfront about it when the time comes, and I am never satisfied with just blood, I never just get someone in trouble at their work, never just punch them I always go to quote Veronica on Riverdale ‘Full dark, no stars’.

Well old me did, new me is usually not well or strong enough to really free the beast these days and I tend to now just cut things away. Less for what they did and more for my inability to deal with it the way my feelings and instincts wish to.

King Carl is never without cause, without warrant but when he feels it’s necessary he both feels like a completely different person and the natural conclusion to his own life’s experiences mixed with who he is.

Not only do I remember when I was like King Carl but he stirs within me and satisfies my own desire to see these types of actions and reactions in the world by allowing me to live vicariously through him.

This is going to sound weird or maybe like I’m making it up but it finally has clicked to me why I Carl is my favorite fictional character of all time. Remember at the beginning why I said we normally pick our favorite characters? Carl for me is all three; I’ve had the dark edge of King Carl (and still do as best I can); I right now very much have the same thought and flow as ‘I’m another monster too’, and I always want to try to emulate and strive for that unbreakable core of strength, determination, and kindness though much like the horizon I always feel like I can keep trying to get there but I will never reach it.

Carl Grimes is my spirit animal.

I’m hoping that by reading this it will help you understand what I’ve been going through; and why I feel the way about the character that I do. The more we understand each other, the better we can relate. Also there is always a chance that by reading this I have gotten you thinking about yourself a bit and maybe by understanding me more, help you understand something more about yourself which is always important.

Before I end this I do want to take a moment to talk about Chandler Rigg’s portrayal of Carl on the TV show specifically and why he helped so many in the way he did.

Television has a huge power that a lot of people never think of; a couple actually.

First is that when you are so broken all you can do is sit and stare you can still experience television. Especially in the age of everything being available pretty much all the time. Loading up a scene on Youtube or an episode that gives you inspiration or makes you happy or gives you strength is so easy that few really can’t manage it. Also there is comfort in the fact that you know what happens once you are watching it for the second or more time so you will very rarely have whatever you are looking for or trying to draw from television actually pulled out or ruined for you.

Second is that television is secret. Have a sexuality that you think will get you in trouble with others in the house? Feeling suicidal and found a character or story that helps you through but don’t want anyone to know? You can watch a television show that feeds, helps or supports you and no one will know. Television, watching and liking television is so ingrained in our culture you can watch a show that empowers or helps you escape from things you aren’t ready for others to know about without risking them knowing.

Chandler’s acting wasn’t always perfect, and to say otherwise is a disservice to him as well as yourself but he had never read the comics before auditioning; he didn’t even think a zombie show would do well.

Yet he managed to capture everything about Carl Grimes so perfectly; he…in every scene he showed off and gave us all of Carl’s aspects for better or worse. He put so much heart into what he was doing, and it showed.

For years in a show that at times didn’t seem like it cared or was trying he did his best to never waiver. Carl is a character that can give so much to those who need it and vibe with him  in the subconscious ways needed to potentially connect with a character.

I remember at times I couldn’t think, barely move and when I was at my darkest unable to read at the time due to health issues I could watch Chandler Riggs as Carl clips and be pulled out of my darkness, out of my sadness and be given hope again.  His portrayal was just so great. I won’t lie he literally saved my life a couple of times doing what he did.

Losing continued additions to that well on a going forward basis because as I have stated elsewhere I have so little that I can connect to; that can pull me up, that can save me when I need saving is a huge concern. One I haven’t really figured out an answer to yet aside form ‘at least I have eight seasons of material to draw on when I am unable to draw on new material from the comics.

I know he will never see this but I want to thank him not only for what he did unknowingly for me but for some many others. There are testimonials popping up all over the place about how Chandler’s Carl helped them, about what he gave them it breaks my heart.

Conclusions are always so hard for me; they’ve always been a weak spot. All I can do is thank you for reading and hope that if you haven’t yet found the character that does as much for you as Carl does for me that you do soon. If you have; well I then hope they don’t fall prey to a lazy writer or management of a company that doesn’t seem to understand what it’s doing.

Yes, the setting is indeed a bubble tea store. I chose that due to one (1) dominating reason: i love bubble tea. As always thanks for the request and your support! Hope you enjoy!

“Hey! Sorry I’m late~”

You just walked into the bubble tea shop where you were supposed to meet your friends (and boyfriend!) around twenty minutes ago. They were there, sitting at a table with their half-finished drinks. You sauntered over to them and leaned down to greet Bakugo with a kiss.

“Really? Twenty minutes?” He grumbled, but you knew him well enough to tell he wasn’t mad at you - teasing, more like.

“Nah, don’t worry about it, [___].” Kirishima grinned, and Kaminari nodded, laughing, “We’ve kept Bakugo entertained.”

You returned their smile, imagining how that went down - Bakugo wasn’t necessarily the most patient person you knew. In any case, you were here now! “I’ll go order my drink now.” You told them and made your way to the counter. The boys nodded and waved you off - they’ve waited twenty minutes already, they could wait while you ordered your drink, too.

“You know,” Kirishima began, thinking out loud, “this is probably the first time I’m seeing [___] out of her school uniform.”

“Ooh, you’re right! She looks really cute today, doesn’t she?” Kaminari agreed. They looked in your direction over by the counter. You were far away enough not to hear their conversation, but they boys definitely weren’t trying to keep it from you.

“Yeah! Ah, you’re so lucky, Bakugo~” Kirishima hummed.

Indeed, you were dressed up really cute today! A colourful blouse and shorts instead of the usual grey school uniform gave you a completely different vibe. And honestly, it didn’t take long for Bakugo to notice the stares his friends were giving you. Even your expression - a pout as you tried to choose what to order - was so completely adorable! They watched you as you finally decided on a flavour and ordered. As you waited to get your drink and pay, you turned to your friends and, noticing they were looking your way, you playfully stuck out your tongue in their direction.

“I’m almost done!” You reminded them, causing Kirishima and Kaminari to chuckle.

Bakugo glared at them, “You bastards.”

“H-Hey! We’re not doing anything weird, c’mon. No need to get upset.” Kaminari said.

Kirishima agreed, “Yeah, we’re your friends! And [___]’s our friend, too. Don’t worry so much!”

And that was true. Part of Bakugo knew that as well - his friends wouldn’t do anything inappropriate - but another part of him couldn’t help it! It was something almost primal in that he didn’t want anyone, not even his friends, to keep eyeing his beloved like this. 

Bakugo got up from his seat and walked over to you by the counter. An arm immediately slithered around your waist, pulling you closer. You looked up at your boyfriend and huffed playfully, “I told you I’m almost done!”

“Still,” Bakugo said, “I missed you.”

You rolled your eyes, but smiled, “You waited twenty minutes, but you couldn’t wait five more?”


You laughed. Leaning up, you gave Bakugo a small kiss, one that seemed to take the tension out of his shoulders. He glanced back at his two friends, almost as if to show dominance, but they just laughed and gave him a thumbs-up.