or all of the above really

hold my hand and we can run for one year
while we laugh to the clouds and the birds
who soar above, beaks open in song

we will run through forest and brook
feet trampling across the grass in haste
rushing towards a goal we imagined

and at the end of the year I will let go
of your hand, and you will cry
as I run through the grass alone

and your feet take you home
—  Miriam K, just one year

Art Style Appreciation!

I’m calling it that because the art styles I have attempted to imitate are by people who are amazing and fantastic artists whom I look up to and as well as I consider my friends. 

By all means this is not everyone who I look up to and/or are my friends. I only had time to choose a few. Perhaps when I have the more free time, I’ll attempt to draw in more artists’ art styles.

I really hope I did your art style justice! The art styles are as follows:

1) @red-eclipse-moon
2) @fnafandmore
3) @confusedbutcreative
4) @ickyrainbows3245
5) @rosepetalbones
6) @inverted-mind-inc

The one on the far left is my own art style that I placed for comparison.

I don’t own the art styles that are numbered above, they belong to their respective artists, but I do own my BTD OC Teo Dominic Lucia.

Day 1: The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

I’m not prepared for Reyes week at all, but if there’s one thing I can do, it’s hit my keyboard until a drabble falls out.

He’s not sure what to call this, really, and Reyes has more options than most people. Maybe there’s just no word for it in Spanish or in English - or maybe any language at all. It’s sweet, almost, but harsh; like the aftertaste of a tequila shot handled poorly. It hurts, too, but it’s a good hurt. Reyes isn’t the kind of man that romanticizes pain, because he’d rather just avoid it.

But this.

This is something else.

There are twinkling lights below him and twinkling lights above; an ocean out there in the darkness, and another ocean behind the stars. He hadn’t been planning on coming home before they froze him, but he’s been outwitted by his stumbling feet. Maybe it was calling him. Maybe he just wanted it to be.

Either way, the lights are soothing. Either way, the air is warm. It’s strange to think that he’ll never see these stars again.

But there’s a patch of sky out there he will see - and this is definitely a call. It’s a tug. It’s a summons. It’s hope.

And there it is. He’s got it.


omg!!! i’m 5 people away from my next hundred??? Omg guys thank you so much!!! i really don’t know why you follow me because all i do is post my dramatic discourses, my crappy gifs and phanarts and paintings, and greek mythology moodboards that are all phan related bc i love them so much. but you guys are so lovely to spoil me so much with compliments that it flutters my heart and often bring me to tears and for that, i really am thankful for each and every single one of you for appreciating my work. it may not look like a big thing for some, but for me, it’s more than enough! i really am happy! i love you all to bits and i hope that you get all the love you deserve and not let the negativity of something get to your beautiful self because you are loved! you all are one the source of my happiness here in tumblr as well as phan; and you are all one of the best parts of my 2017 and as well as for the years to come. i’m sorry if i forgot to mention some but you all are special to me ❤   ・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.

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Not Even the Stars Above

If there was one thing Alfred regretted, it was not spending enough time with Arthur.

He tried to, he really did, but between all his work as King, Arthur’s own work, and the two of them skirting around their feelings for each other, it was difficult to find a time and place that worked for both of them.

But today, tonight really, was or of those rare times when they were both free. Alfred had invited him out on a date. He had planned to finally confess today, let Arthur finally know exactly how he felt. Even though Alfred really shouldn’t be, he was anxious.

Alfred took a deep breath. You can do this. It’s just Arthur. He knocked on the door, and waited, knowing it was best not to suddenly barge in and disturb the God from experience. Even though it had healed quickly, it was a wound he will not be quick to forget. Alfred nervously shifted from foot to foot, waiting for Arthur to open the door.

After a bit of shuffling, the door opened and Arthur stepped out in his usual robe and cape. Alfred smiled. “Are you ready?”

The God of Magic huffed. “Wouldn’t have opened the door if I wasn’t.

“Awesome, then follow me M'lord, and close your eyes. No peeking!” Arthur rolled his eyes but complied, letting out a small gasp of surprise when Alfred grabbed his hand.

Alfred led the two out to the courtyard, underneath the stars that he was sovereign of. Alfred guided them to a specific pre-picked spot, where a blanket and a picnic basket were waiting. “Ok, you can open your eyes now.”

Arthur opened his eyes and gave an audible gasp. Sure, he was privy to Alfred’s stars every night, but tonight they seemed brighter, more…. magical. Arthur reached a hand towards the sky. “They’re beautiful….”

Alfred beamed. “I’m glad you like them. I prepared them tonight especially for you.” Arthur contained a blush. How sweet of him. “Now Arthur, listen to me.” Arthur snapped out of his trance and met Alfred’s eyes. “No worries tonight. I don’t want your mind to be focused on your duties or the civilians or anything else. I want you focused on only me ok?” Arthur nodded, intending to keep that promise.

Alfred grinned. “Excellent.” He gestured to the blanket and the food. “Now sit. A wonderful evening is ahead of us.” Arthur complied, and Alfred sat next to him, opening the basket and bringing out small sandwiches and some beverages. He offered both to Arthur and he accepted them gratefully. They both ate in silence, admiring the view, Arthur quickly leaning on Alfred’s shoulder.

Alfred soon broke the silence. “If I wouldn’t get backlash from the other gods, I would make a constellation of you. I’m constantly trying to capture and preserve your beauty in the stars.”

Arthur pinked, letting out little wisps of rose-colored magic. How many hours had he spent of his free time trying to magically construct something for Alfred? Too many to count. All he had so far was a necklace, in the middle a star-shaped amethyst charm that glowed the same soft purple that dusted Alfred’s cheeks. Imbued with his favorite scents, a smiling picture of himself inside. Why he had brought it with him tonight he didn’t know, but he was glad he did. Retrieving it from his cloak, Arthur pressed the necklace into Alfred’s palm. “Here.”

Alfred looked at the charm quizzically. Amethyst was his favorite gem, but…. “What’s this..?”

“Open it.

Alfred obeyed, and was hit with all of his different smells. The best part, however, was the smiling picture of Arthur inside. A gem within itself.

“May it bring you comfort, and serve as a reminder that I am always with you, wherever you may be.”

Alfred was touched. “I’m sure it will. Thank you.”

The two interlaced fingers, sitting and admiring the stars in companionable silence. Eventually Alfred lifted Arthur up, leading him to the walkway. “Let’s dance.”

Alfred took Arthur’s hands in his own, leading him into a simple waltz. “It’s nice to finally waltz without someone correcting your every move.”

Arthur chuckled. “Or have the whole ballroom staring at you.”

“Or worry about crushing someone’s feet!”

They both laughed at that, smiling wide. “It’s nice to not feel so pressured for once,” Arthur admitted.

“Yeah, it is. Look, Arthur,” this was the moment! We often don’t spend time together like this often, and there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.“

Arthur was completely focused on Alfred, wondering what the news could possibly be. He couldn’t deal with another issue. He was stressed as it was.

"You see…well, um….” Oh fuck it. Alfred leaned in, placing a quick kiss on Arthur lips, breaking away, he grinned, a soft blush on his face. “I love you Arthur. Have for a long time.”

Arthur buried his hands in Alfred’s hair, kissing him, and the God followed suit, returning the kiss sweetly. “I love you too.”

Writing this is always a struggle because my instinct is to go for funny, but like, has anybody in this show ever made a joke? Ever? People write Octavia and Raven as these goofballs and while I love it, it doesn’t really fit in with their canon characterization. Sometimes they’re sarcastic, I guess? (While I’m on a tangent about portrayals in fic, why do people think that Clarke would have been popular/party girl? She spent all her time drawing and playing chess with her one friend.)

Read this fic

The above is an author’s note and I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure most of us have read enough fics to know that there are gems we wouldn’t ever think the read. Whether it be the description or the fact that it doesn’t have a ton of hits, comments, kudos, etc. This 100k+ fic is one of those gems. And it isn’t even my speed, like, at all. Nothing about it is my kind of fic. They even use the “commander” and it doesn’t bother me at all. It just fits. The writing style is not my cup of tea either. But I’m in love with it? It has this melodic, poetic rhythm to it and it’s just dope. It’s also witty and funny and not a lot of ppl have read this. Give it a try. If for no other reason than this line: 

“And thinking of Starbucks makes her think of Lexa again and it’s not her fault, okay, if there’s something about the Commander that makes Clarke want to trim her fingernails. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Having the last night with the person i love most above all. My friends, spend as much time as you can with your precious ones. When they leave it hurts, but they are never really gone.

i was at target today and i saw a guy probably 20 some years old wearing a shirt that said “the gayest” in the godfather font with a rainbow above it and here are some fun quotes i overheard:

“gay people don’t eat [i couldn’t hear what he said right here oops], they eat skittles”

“i’m fat i need food”

“if you’re gonna lick somebody lick me”

“you guys lied to me there’s no pride section here”

and i tried really hard to keep a straight face through all of this because at one point he and his friends were in the same aisle as us and i didn’t want to seem like i was laughing at him i just love seeing other queer people and this is exactly what i needed today holy hallelujah

i’m off work now so i can elaborate more re: homeless hotdogman

max g is a shitty dude and has made a lot of terrible shit and i don’t support his work at all. in general i think he’s a douche and a weirdo, all that aside i still believe 100% that everyone has the right to a roof above their head and a bed to call their own. it’s a very unfortunate situation he’s in- the irony hasn’t passed me by, i made my joke. but ultimately i really do need to sympathize with him. i hope his situation becomes more stable. i wouldn’t wish homelessness on anyone, it’s a really rough world we live in. 

Perfect Pear not really spoilers

Tagged as spoilers just in case.

I’m easily emotional when it comes to my entertainment.  If my emotional range is 1-10 I tend to get misty or cry when I’m below 4 or above 7.  Even the silly episodes of Pony sometimes get me.  I was getting misty-eyed by about the halfway point in this episode, outright crying for the last 4 or 5 minutes, and then when it was all over I just bawled into my pillow for a good 2 minutes more.

The previous Most Emotional Moment in MLP for me was in Magical Mystery Cure.  If you haven’t notice, I love Pinkie Pie.  When things are finally being set right during True, True Friend, and Pinkie returns to her old self and gets a huge cheer because she means so much to the residents of Ponyville, that was an emotional 10.  Every time I watch that episode I start sobbing at that part, but no episode has ever made me cry until I couldn’t breathe until this one.

zakamore1  asked:

what do you think Eri does while everyone is at class? Does she hang out in the classroom with everyone? Does she just stay in the dorms? I mean I doubt she'd wanna be any distance away from her new parents obviously. Does Aizawa let her take naps in his sleeping bag when he's not using it? Does she hang out on the sidelines and cheer for everyone when they're out training? You think she ever just wanders into the teachers lounge and sit on All Might's lap and no one bats an eye? I HAVE MANY Q'S

ALL OF THE ABOVE…kinda, I guess it depends on the day and how she’s feeling.

If she had like, a nightmare or something the night before she might just stick close to the class so she can stay within sight of Izuku and Ochako. Also I think that after a while Aizawa get Eri her own sleeping bag…only for her not to use it because, “I like uncle Zawa’s better.” And really, what can he say to that? He washes his sleeping bag more thoroughly these days.

Also she definitely cheers the class on when ever they train and the class works extra hard whenever they hear her cheer for them specifically. Every now and again Class 1-B has a joint training session with Class 1-A and Blood King is surprised to see that his class always works the hardest during those time, and isn’t sure why…untill he hears this little girl cheering on Testutesu which is immediately followed by the boy letting out a mighty shout and sending out a punch with twice his usual power towards Kirishima during thier spar.

If she had a pretty good day she’s actually rather willing to spend her time elsewhere. Or if the class went off somewhere she can’t go like the training camp. Meaning that yes, her walking into the teachers lounge and sitting on All Might’s lap is a pretty regular thing. It’s gotten to the point where Nedzu makes sure there are some extra sweets just for when she decides to show up.

Nedzu wonders out loud when his position as UAs mscot was taken from him by a little girl, the teaching staff laugh, though not too loudly, they don’t want to wake the little girl sleeping on the couch in the lounge.

On The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel, Blue Taako, and Representation

 Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako’s coloring. This artwork reveal came some months after the first reveal of some of our characters, for which we also received criticism of our three leads, all of whom were white in these initial designs. Us and the graphic novel team realized that, yes, that is extremely bad, went back to the drawing board, and had several long discussions about how to best rectify this situation, resulting in the artwork revealed yesterday.

More or less all of the criticism we’ve received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we’ve heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character. There was concern we had failed to follow through on an opportunity to get better representation for Latinx listeners, instead opting to take a safe route, and make Taako a fantasy color without any kind of real-world connection. Much of the criticism also focuses on how that color (or, to be more specific, green skin) has anti-semitic connotations.

This conversation was happening in certain corners of our fandom long before the graphic novel art reveal took place yesterday. We’ve heard criticism from some folks over our policy of not having canonical visual representations of any of our characters — a policy that has resulted in a genuinely humbling ocean of fan art, but also some instances of in-fighting between members of the community who take umbrage with one another’s disparate interpretations of these characters. Another criticism of that policy is that it inherently does not foster good representation, and in fact represents a noncommittal way of handling racial representation on this show.

Here’s the truth of the matter: I think all of this comes from this underlying friction between where The Adventure Zone and us, its creators, were when we started doing the podcast, and where we, the show, and you, the community, are at now. 

Keep reading

Take a break. Enjoy these LGBTQ+ themed Tumblrs.

Originally posted by upandoutcomic

Up and Out (@upandoutcomic)

This self-described “serious autobio series” depicts the day-to-day of the artist’s gender transition. Some of the posts will make your heart ache, others will put a smile on your face. It’s super real, it’s very honest, and it’s almost always done in three panels or less.

Originally posted by dicksandascension

Pricks and Pretension (@pricksandpretension)

Here is a thing you never knew you wanted: an LGBTQ+, dual-authored comic adaptation of Pride and Prejudice set in Canada. Randi Hamel’s (@rannibuns) contributions are all tinted red, Tajliya Jamal’s (@heyimtaj) are awash in blue, and the Tumblr is updated every Friday.

Originally posted by slimycactus

Queer Graffiti (@queergraffiti)

Whether it’s a really well-painted Bambi or just some hastily written permanent marker on concrete, all graffiti is welcome on @queergraffiti. It’s a submission Tumblr, and it accepts photos of graffiti all over the world.

Originally posted by lgbt-moodboard

LGBT+ Moodboards and Art (@lgbt-moodboard)

Mood boards have been everywhere the past year or two. This is just one Tumblr out of a few that are serving up LGBTQ+ themed mood board goodness as their followers request them. The sky is the limit. No, actually—the sky isn’t even the limit. See the space themed lesbian mood board above. Hell yeah? Hell yeah.

Originally posted by lukeethornhill

Lukee Thornhill (@lukeethornhill)

This graphic designer is illustrating one important person in LGBTQ history every day in June for Pride. Day 5 of the aptly titled 30 Days of Pride series featured Miss Major, a trans woman activist and Executive Director Emeritus of the Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project. Miss Major, who was at the Stonewall uprising in 1969, is ready to retire. You can donate to her GoFundMe, if you so choose. (And yes, it’s legit.)

Have a nice Thursday, Tumblr. 🌈


Happy Valentines Day! <3

Have some Fatalberry :3

This ended up way more adorable than I had anticipated, haha XD See Fatal this is what you could have if you didn’t go around twisting people’s arms but nooo you gotta be all rude and ish

Also I realised I messed up the feet so the dancing is…kind of off, but I don’t have time to fix it and I like it all the same <3

Also when streaming this we all…got ideas for future streams, haha. Stay tuned for that <3

so i just wanted to make a post with all of my favorite Bakugou moments

(this was gonna be a post about bakugou-isms. like. moments where bakugou has said/done something inspiring or wise. but. ended up getting carried away jkl;agha)

anyway i apologize because. this is gonna be long

1. Bakugou declaring that he refuses to lose to anyone again, recognizing that there are other people who are stronger than him that he needs to surpass.

i just really enjoy this moment, because it was a big wake-up call for his character to realize that he isn’t the best, there are people in the world who can surpass him, and that he needs to work harder to reach his goals. the world isn’t as black and white as he thought, and it’s his first step to his major development later on.

2. Bakugou calmly analyzing the situation at USJ 

i really like this moment b/c it’s s fascinating to watch Bakugou explain that none of their classmates are in danger, and that they should instead go and capture Black Mist, because he’s how the Villains got in in the first place. 

it shows that he’s far more than just a violent, angry, rage machine. underneath it all, he’s actually far more intelligent than he seems, and this scene is one of the first that really showcases that

(this is also the moment where Kirishima finally begins to trust him; before this, he was really wary of Bakugou because of how violently he went after Izuku during the Heroes vs. Villains exams (he was seriously worried that Bakugou would kill Izuku). it’s only after this moment where Kirishima changes his initial opinion of Bakugou and begins to trust him)

3. Bakugou explaining that a quirk is nothing more than an extension of a person’s body

i just really love that, of all the characters to do this, it’s Bakugou that explains that even quirks have their limits. it’s a very introspective moment that reminds the audience that these amazing powers aren’t limitless, and that even Bakugou, despite his pride and stubbornness, knows he has limits to what he can do



5. Bakugou acknowledging Uraraka’s strength 

PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY, TBH. i love how he refuses to cal her weak in any capacity, defending her against Kaminari’s words. he fought her. he knows better than anyone here that she is anything but weak. and this is the first moment where he’s vocally defending another person, which i love b/c it’s another step in his character development

6. Bakugou telling off Todoroki for standing before him without the intent to win

this scene really shows a lot of what motivates Bakugou’s character. He wants to win against Todoroki–who’s one of the strongest in the class–and prove himself as the best. But Todoroki isn’t really fighting back, because he’s going through personal issues, which is understandable and under no fault of his own.

tbh, i think it’s an interesting point to think about, because everyone at the Sports Festival is here to win. they’re all trying their best–Bakugou, Izuku, Uraraka (who Bakugou even alludes to in his rant above), Momo, etc. and it is kind of insulting to fight someone who isn’t even really trying to fight back against you in a tournament where that’s the entire purpose of it all. 

that’s why Bakugou fought so hard against all of his opponents, because they all got to this level. he’s showing them respect by not going easy on them. and Bakugou finds it extremely insulting that Todoroki isn’t. i just find it a fascinating aspect to his character. it’s kind of an off-shoot of a ‘warrior’s code’ sort of thing

7. Bakugou refusing to accept his win at the Sports Festival 

again, i think it shows an interesting aspect of his character, because he feels like this win wasn’t deserved, because Todoroki didn’t give it his all. it’s a hollow win, and Bakugou knows it, and he refuses to accept it. 

8. the strength of Bakugou’s ideal of what a hero should be and his SHEER GODDAMN TENACITY DURING THE END OF TERM EXAM

I just love that his ideal of what a hero should be is based on All Might, the ultimate hero, who NEVER loses. this his why he became a hero in the first place, this is what motivates him in everything he does. to Bakugou, real heroes never lose, so he absolutely has to win. always.

and i love how he just refuses to give up–maybe it’s not always the greatest thing (pushing himself too far and all) but i find that really admirable too. no matter what, he just refuses to give up, and i love that (even if it isn’t exactly the best thing sometimes). he’s gonna do everything in his power to win, because that’s what heroes do, and nothing short of being knocked unconscious is gonna stop him.

9. Bakugou absolutely fucking REFUSING to join the Villain Alliance, practically BLOWING SHIGARAKI’S FACE UP WHILE DOING SO, because no matter what they say, he’s going to be a HERO, and goddammit. 

he was inspired by All Might, that’s the person who motivated him to become a hero in the first place, that’s the person who he’s admired since he was a child, and the person he wants to become like. and nothing in this world is going to change that.

10. Bakugou refusing to lie, even when he’s been kidnapped and surrounded by villains. 

i just find it fascinating that this is one of his personal morals, and that he (like All Might) doesn’t lie. he may be in denial more often than not, but he never lies. 

11. Aizawa defending Bakugou against the reporters

i just love how Aizawa understands Bakugou, how he realizes that Bakugou is no way in danger of becoming a villain. how Bakugou’s motivations come from an different place entirely. how it all comes from his ideal of strength, and of what a hero should be. i just really love that. 

12. Bakugou thanking All Might for saving him.

this is the third time All Might saved Bakugou. the first time, in chapter one, Bakugou was in complete denial. he didn’t need saving. he didn’t need anyone. how dare anyone think he needed rescuing?

the second time, at the Villain’s Alliance base, he was, again, in denial. he didn’t need All Might to come save him; even if he was happy and relieved that All Might was there, he wasn’t gonna admit to it. no way. absolutely not.

the third time… All Might saved him (and everyone at Kamino) by fighting against AFO. by refusing to go down. by using the last of his strength to defeat AFO, revealing his secret to the world, giving up OFA, and retiring for good. 

Bakugou feels guilty for this. he feels like the cause of All Might’s retirement. for getting kidnapped in the first place. for not being strong enough to save himself. so this time, he’s without denial or bluster. instead, he quietly thanks All Might for saving him, because he knows what All Might gave up to do it.

it’s a big moment of character growth for him. prior to all of that, Bakugou never would’ve done that. but the weight of All Might’s sacrifice was just too much, it humbled him. he couldn’t deny it anymore. so he sincerely thanked All Might for saving him, for the first time, quietly admitting to his weakness.

13. Bakugou giving Kirishima back the money he used to buy the night vision goggles for the rescue mission (learning about it from Kaminari), while also cheering the class up after Aizawa scolded them, by making Kaminari fry his brain and making them all laugh. 

just… what a fantastic moment of character growth from Bakugou. he felt guilty for Kirishima using his money to buy those goggles (which ended up getting destroyed during the mission), and he feels bad for being the reason why class getting reprimanded in the first place. so he fixes both situations as best he can, while still being his gruff, grumpy self. 

he gives back the money, and cheers the class up at the same time. and Aizawa totally catches onto it, too. “A farce like this has it’s place once in a while, I suppose.” it just shows that Bakguou actually does care about his class, Kirishima in particular. 

it shows that he cares his friends and his class, and i love that

14. Kaminari talking about Bakugou during the Provisional License Exam 

Kaminari mentions how the insulting words Seiji is throwing at them stings, and Sejii assumes Kaminari is talking about himself. he isn’t. Kaminari corrects him while throwing one of Bakugou’s grenades, which gives a visual cue of who he’s talking about. Bakugou.

Bakugou got angry at Seiji’s words. he charged in recklessly because he couldn’t stand the insults to UA anymore. he got upset at hearing the people he cares about be insulted. and then Kaminari goes on to say/think about how Bakugou wasn’t using the full force of his attacks. 

he was purposefully using lower-powered blasts in order to keep Kirishima and Kaminari safe. he purposefully put himself at a disadvantage just so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt them with the force of his attacks. 

Kaminari realizes this and praises Bakugou, defends him against Seiji’s words. he may not have the kindest or sweetest personality, but he’s serious about being a hero. he’s serious about keeping them safe. he’s serious about everything, and he can’t stand hearing Seiji insult him, the people he cares about, or UA.

15. Bakugou’s guilt at causing All Might’s retirement.

oh my god, save this child. save him. he completely, totally blames himself for causing the person he admires the most, the person who inspired him to become a hero, the man who’s motivated him since he was a child, to fall.

he’s just 15. he’s just a child. and he feels guilty for this, he’s feeling the full weight of it on his shoulders, breaking down from it all, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. he’s scared. he’s terrified. he feels horrible. the number 1 hero in the world was forced to retire and it’s all his fault

he’s been blaming himself for this for weeks. he’s just a child. he isn’t responsible for any of it, but he feels like he is. if only he were stronger, if only he got away on his own power, if only he did this or that, maybe All Might would still be a hero. if only he wasn’t so weak.

i love this moment, as painful as it is, because it shows just how human Bakugou is. it shows that he really is just a child dealing with horrible guilt, among other emotional issues (feeling like Izuku was looking down at him for all these years, being terrified that Izuku could one day surpass him, realizing that All Might acknowledged Izuku over him, having a superiority and inferiority complex that just exploded, feeling desperate for an answer over what he should do, and who was right in how they admired All Might (Bakugou for how he always wins, Izuku for how he always saves people with a smile, etc)).

in the end, he’s still just a child. a child dealing with so much more than he ever let on until this fight, where it all exploded out of him, because he just didn’t know how to handle them. he couldn’t bottle it up anymore. 

(i will never, ever excuse or justify any of the horrible things Bakugou did in the past. what he did was inexcusable. but god.. he’s still just a child.)

i love this moment because he’s so scared, terrified, upset, confused, desperate and just so damn human in this moment, and i love it. he’s not just an angry kid. he’s not just a violent, rage machine. there are so many emotions that drive him and i love it so much.

16. Bakugou supporting Izuku after their fight

i just…. really love this. Bakugou has had so many issues with Izuku in the past, many of them stemming from misunderstandings. as mentioned above, he thought Izuku was looking down on him. he was terrified of Izuku’s growth, feared that one day he could actually surpass him one day. but now they’ve talked. now they understand each other better. now Izuku has the support of All Might… and he can’t be losing. 

(and again, none of those reasons justify what Bakugou did to Izuku for those ten years. but they explain why he did it in the first place. i just want to emphasize that) 

to Bakugou, real heroes never lose. Bakugou is applying that to Izuku, now. he’s got the greatest hero in the world helping him, and he can’t be losing. Bakugou, in his own way, is supporting Izuku. it’s one of the biggest moments of character growth for him. for the longest time, he was terrified of Izuku. scared he’d be left behind while Izuku grew stronger. but now he’s putting that aside. 

Izuku has All Might’s power. he has All Might’s support. they both admired him… and now Izuku is being supported by him. so now Bakugou will, too.

Izuku has the greatest hero in the world looking after him. he can’t be losing now. not anymore.

17. Bakugou encouraging Kirishima

i just…. look at how far Bakugou has come. he went from being terrified of others being better than him–of not being as great as he grew up believing–and now he’s supporting Izuku (the person who scared and frustrated him the most), and now he’s actively giving encouragement and helping his friend. 

hell. Bakugou has friends now. he didn’t have any at the beginning of the series; he was to full of pride to see anything but  himself. but now he does, and he’s giving them encouragement. giving Kirishima encouragement. and he’s doing so by drawing from the Kamino incident, the very incident that gave him so much guilt and confusion and pain. the incident that probably gave him nightmares for who knows how long. 

he’s bringing up that incident to comfort and support and encourage his friend. he’s talking about how there are different kinds of strength out there–that just refusing to go down is it’s own strength. this from the kid who’s entire philosophy on heroism is to never lose. 

he’s not scared of being surpassed. he’s got friends now. he’s helping and supporting them in his own way. he’s not afraid to think of the very incident that caused him so much pain; he’s healing from it, slowly. he’s learned from it. he’s slowly accepting that it wasn’t his fault. he’s admitting that there are other kinds of strength out there, besides just winning. it’s about refusing to go down (like All Might did at Kamino). 

this is one of my favorite moments, even tho it’s so short, because it’s a culmination of Bakugou’s character development so far in the story. it’s a small moment, but it wouldn’t mean anything without the hundred or so chapters proceeding it, showing all of Bakugou’s complexities, and all of his personal issues, motivations, emotional struggles, etc. 

this moment is great because it shows just how far Bakugou has come since chapter one. he’s almost a completely different character than who he was, where he began. and that’s why i love it so much

long story short Bakugou is an incredibly complex kid and i love him a lot

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Impeach Him Now

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is already drafting articles of impeachment related to Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, believing there’s enough evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice to begin an impeachment inquiry (not to mention Trump’s blatant violation of the Constitutions emoluments clause by profiting off his presidency, and much else).

But Democratic leaders are pushing back, warning there aren’t enough facts to justify an impeachment inquiry at this point, and, in any event, such an inquiry would politicize ongoing congressional investigations. 


Historically, the three previous impeachment inquiries in the House (involving presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton) rested on less evidence of obstruction of justice than is already publicly known about Trump.

Comey’s testimony to Congress is itself more than enough – confirming that Trump demanded Comey’s loyalty, asked Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn, repeatedly told Comey the FBI investigation was a “cloud” on his presidency, and asked Comey to declare publicly that Trump wasn’t an object of the investigation

In addition, we have Trump’s interview with Lester Holt on NBC and Trump’s subsequent meeting with Russian officials in the Oval Office. In both instances, Trump connected his firing of Comey with the Russian investigation.

Also bear in mind the obstructions of justice that caused the House to impeach previous presidents concerned issues far less serious than Trump’s possible collusion with a foreign power to win election.

Democratic leaders say they don’t want to talk about impeachment now because they’re worried about politicizing the current congressional investigations, which aren’t impeachment inquiries. Hello? Republicans have already politicized them. 

The real reason Democratic leaders don’t want to seek an impeachment now is they know there’s zero chance that Republicans, who now control both houses of Congress, would support such a move. So why engage in a purely symbolic gesture? 

Democratic leaders figure that between now and the midterm elections there will be even more revelations from non-partisan sources – future testimony by Trump operatives like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, early reports from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and leaks to the press – that will build the case, and fuel more public outrage. 

That outrage will give Democrats a strong chance of taking back the House and maybe even the Senate. Then they’ll really impeach Trump.

I can’t argue with the political logic of Democratic leaders. And if their strategy will lead to Trump’s ouster sooner than any other way, I’m all for it.

But here’s the problem. It’s not clear America can wait for the midterm elections, followed by what’s likely to be a long and drawn-out impeachment investigation, followed by a trial in the Senate. (Note that none of the presidents listed above was ever convicted by the Senate and thrown out of office.) 

With each passing day, Donald Trump becomes a greater danger to America and the world. We don’t have time. 

The advantage of introducing a bill of impeachment now – even attempting to do so – is that such an action might itself galvanize the vast majority of Americans who want Trump out of office. It could mobilize and energize people around the most important immediate issue facing the country. 

Never underestimate the power of a public aroused to action. It is worth recalling that Nixon resigned of his own accord before the House had even voted out an impeachment resolution. The American public demanded it. 


18. Harry Styles, “Meet Me in the Hallway”

Producer: Tyler Johnson, Alex Salibian, Jeff Bhasker
Album: Harry Styles

“Meet Me in the Hallway” is the perfect opener for Harry Styles’ solo debut because it hallmarks all the aspects of what the former One Direction member wants us to hear in him now. It’s a little rock, a little sad, a little twangy. Above all else, it’s vaguely confessional—as is much of Styles’ album—who is this mysterious woman who has got his heart all tangled up? Who does Harry Styles “gotta get better” for? Is it really about drugs? I mean we’ll never find out, but it’s a great listen, one that evokes the ghosts in our own hallways that we never got better for. - Complex