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if you have even okay credit its very easy to get a car with a manageable down payment. we recently purchased a vehicle for 12k (2015 model) with only 700 down and bad credit. not getting scalped on interest rate either. car ownership only gets expensive when maintenance is factored in

I’m unemployed and don’t have anything to put down (or, more accurately, i have only enough to do that), much less anything for monthly payments. i know you don’t throw down thousands of dollars at once for a vehicle, but i’m in a place where even a few hundred dollars is sacred (and fucking around with loans in this economy is a last-ditch; i would only do that if i had guaranteed employment). i only have last year’s tax return to keep me afloat, and even after the donation help i’ll still be putting about ~400 of that into my driver’s training, and then food, and occasional clothing. 

vehicles in my price range would ultimately come down to questionable 1992 toyotas for $2000 at equally questionable used dealerships (which would then, of course, lead into the aforementioned maintenance)

it’s an even more difficult decision because if i do end up moving, even back with my parents for a year, i won’t need the car at all.


f*cking…. captivating……..

Victor Victorious

Can’t believe it’s been 10 episodes and it just occured to me that Victor’s surname is Nikiforov, which comes from the Greek name Νικηφόρος (Nikifóros) and means Bringer of Victory.

So his name is Victor Who Brings Victory or (loosely translated) Victor Victorious.

No wonder he was always a champion. This is character naming on a par with Remus Lupin.

in the french version, during ‘belle’, gaston says ‘my little lefou.’ how cute is that?? makes it sadder when he shows his true colors at the end though :(

also in the gaston song, in the french version it’s significantly gayer…

and lefou says gaston has the body of apollo (greek god of beauty) & steel bicepts, and he calls him “my gaston” …..pls

Hamilton Hogwarts Houses

Hamilton: Slytherin “I am not throwing away my shot!”

Burr: Slytherin “Talk less, smile more”

Angelica: Ravenclaw “So this is what it feels like to match wits
with someone at your level!”

Eliza: Hufflepuff “And when my time is up, have I done enough?”

Jefferson: Gryffindor “These are wise words, enterprising men quote ‘em
Don’t act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote ‘em”

Laurens: Gryffindor “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away”

Washington: Ravenclaw “Even now I lie awake, knowing history has its eyes on me”

I can’t wait to see Yuri!!! on Ice! 

I already love Yuri Plisetsky. I can imagine this angry kid having the flexibility to do a biellmann spin — it would be like watching magic on ice.

I drew the costume from the official art, but since the whole picture is painted in blue, I had to imagine the colors. In any case, I think Yuri looks really good in blue.


If Carla was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

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someone’s trying to start up a round of 4D monopoly

Gun/recoil meta - TST v HLV & S1 (edited/reposted)

i think TST definitely hinges on the unreliable narrator sherlock. here’s one thing that, other metas and readings aside, made me believe this:

vivian norbury, a frail, old woman, is capable of firing a small firearm without experiencing any recoil that would affect the trajectory of the bullet. she fires with one hand, not even stancing herself properly to shoot, yet the bullet is dead accurate? accurate enough for mary to supposedly jump out and take the bullet for sherlock? yes it is admittedly a small pistol, yet for, again, a frail, old woman, the recoil would still be too much to handle. in the episode, when norbury shoots, there is literally no recoil and no physical reaction to a firearm going off.

you see evidence of recoil being depicted when sherlock shoots magnussen in HLV (low framerate, but you can note how his gun hand moves right after he pulls the trigger),

and even when mary, a trained assassin (so someone who has 100% had firearms training), fires a gun in HLV, even with a suppressor, there is notable recoil, and mary has a slight flinch as she fires (sorry i couldn’t find a gif of the actual shooting that showed the whole thing)

and yet another example of recoil when sherlock fires john’s gun out of boredom at his wall from the first season (first six seconds of video):

i think this, coinciding with the blood spray clearly indicating that mary was shot from behind, inaccuracy contributes to the general “wrongness” felt during TST, and it contributes to the unrealism of the episode. there is no evidence given to support the fact that vivian norbury has had experience with firearms, thus it is safe, i believe, to assume that she does not know how to properly handle a gun, so mary must’ve been shot from behind.

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Don’t lie, just love me

WARNING: slightly Stalker-ish behavior. It’s not really explicit, but it’s there. If you are uncomfortable reading stuff like this turn away. Stalking is not a joke, pups, don’t take it like one.
Angst with happy ending? I guess… I suck at giving tittles, fucking damn

A/N: This story is based on this request from a long ago…sorry for the delay pup, hope you all enjoy reading it.
It was a pain for me to write tbh, it hurt me to write Yoongi this way….

You can read it also on AFF

“He’s not a good guy, Jimin.” says Yoongi roughly, almost sounding angry. Jimin sighs for what must be the hundredth time in the last hour before taking a sip from his cup of coffee. He doesn’t dare to look up to his friend. “He probably has another one, who knows how many people he’s fucking while he’s with you.”

“Hyung…” Jimin says, hoping the lonely word is enough to make Yoongi stop. He’s tired of hearing the same over and over again. But the word gets drowned by the slight chatter of the café they are in.

Yoongi wasn’t like this, Jimin thinks as Yoongi starts spluttering angry words, each more and more offensive towards Jimin’s current boyfriend, his face getting redder by the second with rage and such hatred Jimin never thought a human was capable of.

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Hamburr Songs™
  • miss missing you by fall out boy (the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger)
  • bulletproof love by pierce the veil (my love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me)
  • you give love a bad name by bon jovi (shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you give love a bad name)
  • sugar we’re goin down by fall out boy (i’ll be your number one with a bullet)
  • doubt by twenty one pilots (even when i doubt you i’m no good without you)
  • i bet my life by imagine dragons (i know i took the path that you would never want for me, i gave you hell through all the years)
Erased (Part 1)

Part 2

Part 3

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: The Ghost Riders have just arrived in Beacon Hills; everyone is afraid, everyone’s faith is on a couple of teenagers. (Y/N) and Stiles have been best friends for years, and have been dating for the last two. They’re the perfect couple, but the Ghost Riders are here to end the Happily Ever After.

Word Count: 1,200

Prompt: Requested by @squirels-angels-and-moose (love the idea!).

A/N: I have changed certain scenes in Season 6 mainly to fit in with this imagine, so please don’t kill me! As well, I really hope that it is accurate enough with the ghost riders; I feel like I haven’t watched it in years but in reality it has only been a couple of weeks!

Originally posted by dylanobriengirl

“Can I get a photo of you two?” You tore your eyes away from Stiles to smile at Sydney who wore a rather odd grin on her face. “What for?” Stiles asked suspiciously. “For the perfect couple section, obviously.” She laughed, Stiles looked at you for a second and you shrugged before getting into a pose. Stiles wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer, and you snuggled in perfectly to his side. She snapped the photo before skipping off to take pictures of the gathering crowd.

“The perfect couple, huh?” He asked, turning to face you. There wasn’t much space between the pair of you, but you were comfortable with it. After years of being best friends with Stiles to becoming his girlfriend two years ago, you were way past the awkward kisses and hugging stage. “We are though,” You agreed with Sydney before planting a kiss on his lips. “Mmmh, I love you.” He mumbled into your mouth, the vibration causing you to giggle.

The rest of the gang showed up, and this made you separate yourself from him. Gathering around the table, everyone looked at Stiles who clapped his hands together excitedly. “So, who is coming to the house with me?” He looked around the group, each of you holding a blank or apologetic face. “Malia? Lydia?” He questioned, receiving mumbled excuses before they got up quickly and stumbled off. “Don’t ever ask me for help again,” He shouted in their direction causing the pair to let out giggles knowing they don’t need to beg him for anything, he’ll just do it.

“Scott?” “You know I can’t leave, I’ve missed far too many classes.” He moaned, thinking of the work that had to be done to catch up. Stiles let out a huff before he looked at you; his big, hazel brown eyes begging you to tag along. “Stiles..” You warned, he let a sniff as if he was crying. “I can’t, I’ve papers to work on.” He shook his head, standing up from the table and storming away. “What a cry baby.” You chuckled, grabbing your backpack and Scott’s, and walking with him to the next class.

You heard a car pull up to the driveway; after two beeps, you looked out the window to see the familiar jeep and an extremely nervous looking Stiles sitting in the driver’s seat. He waves his hand for you to come out and with a smile on your face, you grab the closest jacket and walk out to the jeep. “Why hello there,” You greet him, giving him a peck on the cheek. “Isn’t this a surprise?” He winked at you before driving away from your house. “Did you find anything at the boy’s house?” He glanced at you, licking his bottom lip before shaking his head. “No, nothing.” He hesitated, a glazed look covering his eyes.

“What happened, Stiles?” You placed the palm of your hand on his thigh, showing him that you were there for him. “Let’s talk about that later,” He stopped the jeep, hopping out of it and running to your side; to open your door. “You’re being awfully sweet tonight.” You noticed, smiling at him teasingly. “I just want to show you how much I love you.” He pecked your lips before grabbing your hand and walking you down a small trail.

“Are you taking me to that park?” You asked, causing him to groan. “How do you remember that?” He looked at you and laughed, “Of course you remember, you remember everything.” He put an emphasis on the word ‘everything’ but he kept walking, swinging your arms with each step.

Two years ago, Stiles asked you to be more than his best friend in the very park that you were standing in the middle of now. “Why are we back here?” You asked, looking around the abandoned park since it was nearing nine o’clock in the evening. He pulled a blanket out of his backpack and lay it on the grass, “I just want to spend time with you,” He looked around nervously before laying down on the blanket bringing you with him. He turned you so your back was to his chest and he wrapped his arms around you so tight that you thought you were going to pee.

“Stiles, what has gotten into you?” You asked, not making any attempt to turn and face him. You felt his chest rise and fall, before he sighed and rested his chin on your shoulder. “We went to the house earlier, and I say one of the Ghost Riders,” “The what?” Stiles let out a sigh, before sitting up; you felt the warmth leave your body. “The Ghost Riders, it’s the Wild Hunt (Y/N). Once you see them, you’re next. People start forgetting about you, your personal possessions start disappearing – you’re erased from everyone’s memories.” He looked down at you, worry swirling in his eyes. “I’m next, (Y/N). I need you to remember me, okay? I need you to help Scott and Lydia.”

You sat up, you felt sick; you wanted to throw up but you had to be strong. “I won’t let anyone take you, Stiles. I can’t live without you,” “I’ll be back,” He whispered, kissing your lips gently, “But you need to remember me.” The wind started to pick up, and Stiles stood up abruptly, pushing you behind him.

“(Y/N), you need to run.” He whispered, the leaves brushing against your toes through the sandals. You heard a noise, you looked to the side and your eyes widened. “Stiles, is that the Ghost Rider?” Your throat went dry, you found it hard to talk, never mind scream. “You can see them?” He asked in shock, turning you to face him. You nodded, “Run! Run! Run now, (Y/N)!” He shouted, grabbing your wrist, and running in the direction of the jeep. You heard the horse’s feet galloping along the grass; one right behind you and the other coming from the right. “Stiles, I can’t run, my feet.” You looked down the blood seeping through the sandals.

“Stiles, you go! Run, get help. You know more about them than me, you’re the smarter one.” He turned the corner with the jeep just two minutes away, “They won’t stop following us until they get one of us, please go.” You whispered, tears flowing down your cheeks. “I’m not leaving you.” He said, his hand grasping your cheek. “I can’t,” He whispered, kissing the tears away. “If we both get caught, no one will ever remember us but if you stay here, you’ll find me – you always do, Stiles.” He looked deeply into your eyes before roughly kissing you. “I love you okay? I love you so damn much and I will find you.” “I love you too,” Stiles let out a sob before the sound of a horse got closer, “Go, remember me.” You whispered, pushing him towards the jeep.

His hand slipped off your face just as you turned to face the Ghost Rider who was now standing walking towards you, a gun pointing to your chest. You heard the jeep’s engine start, before you couldn’t hear it anymore. You let out a sob as the shooting of the gun could be heard, and the cloud of green smoke was all you remembered.

Lazytown Theme ukulele chords

(For the anon who requested it. These are not official, I just thought these were accurate enough. Enjoy!)

Welcome to lazytown

A place where you want to stay

You’ll meet Robbie with his rotten plan

And Sportacus saving the day

Stephanie is new in town

And soon she and Ziggy are friends

With Pixel, Stingy, and Trixie too

They’re gonna have a blast together

Go, go, go, get ‘em Lazytown

It’s the start of a brand new day

Am D
Things are upside down here in Lazytown

G7 C
Adventure’s just a moment away