or a very late week 8 oh well

- not had a very good few health weeks, mini pill has been kicking my arse a bit but hopefully it’ll settle down soon (i’m quite sensitive to medication). I’ve basically been using all my spoons on just trying to stay awake. a facebook status i made 8 years ago popped up that was like “just slept for 19 hours and still knackered LOL that’s weirrrrrrd!!” oh baby helena if only you knew!

- BUT this week i’ve got occupational therapy, probably going to see guardians of the galaxy afterwards, and london to my specialists appointment. which i’m really nervous about and hopefully will feel well enough by then to do stuff like go to monki and liberty.

- and i’ve been trying to do my medical history. apparently as a baby i was a very late walker and talker, and i just used to “shuffle around on my bum shrieking”. so no change lollll. 

- managed to get some new doc martens for £20!!! so now i can clomp around singing the alexi sayle dr martens boots song he does on the young ones. they’re pretty supportive so far and not like the proper 10 eye leather ones so i don’t need to wear them in so much. 

- not being able to do much when i’m iller that my normal ill self makes me feel so boring, and then extremely guilty if i have 5 minutes of not feeling too bad and not being “productive”. but when people ask what i’ve been up to and i’m just like lolll not muchhh and i mean literally nothing. at least with people i’ve known for ages i can deflect and just be like how are yooooouuu how’s your aunt morag, and ken with the ferrets?? tell me MORE! 

but with new people i’m just thinking please like me, i know i fall over a lot and can’t stand up from a chair quickly unless i want to faint, but i can still be fun!!! i’m not a total dullard!