or a variation on it

Other fact about the TARDIS team. The shippping. The shipping. Like, I don’t see a lot of young, conventionally attractive white people you can pair up with the Doctor, or together for that matter. (My apologises to Bradley Walsh, it’s nothing personal, maybe people will disagree.)

Even with fandoms’ usual tendencies to ignore sapphic ships - some prominent examples excluded - and villainise or push aside POC, there’s such a good chance that a lot of our main ships will be interracial. That the Doctor/Yasmin will have more than 4 works on AO3. That after 12 years of the fandom treating the show’s black male characters even worse than the show often already does, the Doctor/Ryan might be something people will make 56893467 gifsets about. Or hey - that Yasmin/Ryan will be the next big thing.

We don’t know who these people are yet, of course, right now that’s just probability. But I’m here for that.

season two steve: don’t talk to me or my son or my other son or my daughter or-