or a variation on it

I dunno man, i felt like Zion would look pretty cute with Ram’s ears?? but at the same time, i think i might try and find a more creative way to show her ramlyness, because i don’t want all the variations in Canyon Jive’s races to just be that they all have different animal ears you know??? maybe hooves or slant eyes??? 

(also rip me, trying to color a sketch from a phone picture) 

Why is meme culture on YouTube so shit nowadays? All of the popular ‘meme’ videos are “OFFENSIVE DANK MEME CRINGE COMPILATION #15 CAILLOU COMMITS SUICIDE” or some variation thereof. 

I honestly miss the days when CD-i YTPs were the funniest thing on YouTube, and the most popular videos didn’t consist of loud Eurotrash screaming at Generic Horror Game #521


Rope brush I made in #clipstudiopaint because I needed one and none of the ones I tried really did the job. I plan on doing more variations of it and uploading them to Gumroad for free with the possibility of donating if you would like to 😉✨ #clipstudio #clipstudiobrush #clipstudiopaintbrush #ropebrush #digitalbrush #custom #comic #inks #instaart #artistofinstagram #video #instavid

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Why have been posting a lot of Overwatch recently?

Cuz I like overwatch 

like don’t get me wrong undertale is great but whats wrong with some expansion yknow? Like I try to cater to what yall ask for but it’s been really hard to get excited for undertale stuff just cuz its been done so much, there are only so many variations on the universe one can do before they all start to feel samey and it’s just been difficult to feel any motivation for undertale

I really wanna push more overwatch stuff in the future and I know a bunch of you are gonna bitch at me because I’m not doing AU compilation 17 but its like I have interests and things I wanna do that aren’t undertale yknow? I made a kobayashi comic dub in japanese about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t posted it because I know in my heart its gonna tank and people are gonna scream at me that ‘this is weird this isn’t undertale WHERE IS DRUNK CHARA EHHH” and I dont even read the comments anymore cuz with everything happening to Camila and Ania and everyone else I’ve come to the resounding conclusion that yall just care about our work and not our interests and lives and maybe thats why I’ve been so depressed lately

idk, sorry for the rant yall I haven’t been in a good place recently )_) I’ll try to keep it positive here after this lel

What am I? Who should I become in life? I am sick with aspiration; toiling back and forth between several personalities, all of which do not even seem to be remotely what I’m supposed to be. I am so wicked and so distorted and so absorbed within myself that the present dissolves completely in front of my worthless eyes, and I find myself begging for what I fear most.

Cutie Kat has a minute counter for her to be teased for the following things:

•Every time she says “FRICK” or any variation of the word: Add 1 minute more of teasing
•Every time she’s lies: Add 5 minutes more of teasing
She needs to control herself better~

Please let me know when she does any of these things and I’ll keep track!
@danmiller @speaknowtillmay @awanderingpizza @anyone else in that’s Kats friend and wants her wrecked

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Exactly! Harry and his label and his whole team all know what they're doing and know the business. It would have been so easy for him to make something similar to Ed and just sit comfortably at the top of the charts where all the songs sound like variations of each other. He's doing something different and it's laying the groundwork for long-term success. There's no real space for his sound in this market right now, but he could carve one out over time, how awesome would that be

It’s going to be awesome. I was super thrilled to see Cameron Crowe say the best was yet to come with his album!!!

yall really like to nitpick every fucking post I make and send in those sweet nasty ass bait asks dont you like
1. There’s more than one mod here dumbass
2. sick Bait
3. the fact that you dont seem to comprehend that making a “pride flags!!” post but not including the traditional LGBT rainbow flag but 3 variations of the asexual flag is kinda Fucked just goes to show how stupid you are

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Gun manufacturers need to make more interesting firearms. Every time I see some company announce a new gun I go in exited and come out dismayed that it's a variation on an AR15 or uses an AR platform.

I know right? And it’s either that, or it’s cosmetically modified to look like an AR.

But on the other side of the spectrum, you get guns that are so out there they look like cheap plastic toys, like the XM-8 or FN F2000, or in the case of the G36, literally behave like cheap plastic toys.

I dunno man, we hit peak advancement somewhere in the 70′s, and ever since it has been just a matter of reinventing the wheel.