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My personal headcanon with Dean having trouble saying "I love you" is that those were the last words he said to his mother before she burned on the ceiling some time later. Something like that can have a massive effect on a child ... I mean, speaking from experience, the last words to my father were "Good night!" and after he died barely an hour later I was unable to say the exact same words to anyone for YEARS!!(1/2)

I mean, I could use variations like “Sleep well” or something like that, but the actual words?? No, I was seriously terrified that something bad would happen after I said them. Just like the last time I used those words with my dad. So yeah, that’s my personal headcanon for Dean … (2/2)

Yes, this could be Dean’s case. Now that Mary’s back, maybe he can say I love you again.

falkor.defense  Our Falkor Alpha 308 ran flawlessly this weekend at the @coreshooting Competition with nearly 300 rounds sent down range. It ran suppressed, and was put through every type of scenario imaginable on the range including long distance, close quarter, and multiple terrain variations. #rangeday

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mom what's the difference between regular and triceps pushups? I've been trying to watch videos, looked at pictures, articles and they all show some random variation, like, i'm sure half of those are actually regular pushups. WHICH IS THE TRUE TRICEPS ONE

Ok so this is gonna get into some mad pushup discourse, but.

Many people consider tricep pushups – these – to be the pushup, because varieties where your hands are more spread outside of your body (often called ‘chest pushups’, but also often referred to as ‘regular pushups’, again, Discourse, depends who you ask) are often thought to improperly distribute shearing forces through your shoulders and therefore be not so great for you, so those folks consider tricep pushups to be the pushup, while others, like I said, consider chest pushups to be the pushup.

I’m the kind of person who knows that exercise science changes literally all the time depending on who’s conducting it and when and where and why, so when I talk about pushups, I just specify position (like tricep) for clarity’s sake.

I mostly do tricep pushups, myself, largely because they’re harder for me than chest pushups, but also because my left shoulder has fairly chronic pain and my left elbow has tendonitis, so I err on the side of caution.

*holds my breath and waits for my inbox to explode with Pushup Discourse and fuck now I’m thinking about Alex, Maggie, Kara, and James having a pushup competition and I’m officially fucking trash*


Avery Gay La fille mal gardee Variation

Awesome day today! I spent the day with a new friend AND it was sunny all day! ☀️ Now I’m planning out my food for tomorrow. Pretty sure I’ll have a variation of this for lunch. I have avocado, lime, and the last of my cilantro but no bread…do you think smashed avocado would do well on some corn cakes? 😋 Since bread delivery is tomorrow I might pop down to Heartspace and pick up a fresh loaf anyway! 🍞🐷😂

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Where did you start with hrt? Like where do you get it from? I'd love to start a serious transition

I order from qhi.co.uk and I take 100mg a day of spironolactone and 4mg a day of progynova (estradiol valerate). They’ll ship anywhere and they don’t ask for a prescription. If you order three months worth at a time it works out to about $30 usd a month (with some variation because of exchange rates). I’ve also heard of people using inhousepharmacy.vu or alldaychemist.com, but I don’t have any personal experience with either of them. Feel free to hit me up if you have any like follow up questions.

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whats the "edd card" you mentioned earlier in your blog

“edd wouldn’t have wanted this!”
“you’re making edds world stop spinning”
and all other variations. it’s the classic fandom guilt tripping tactic.

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Google "no signal" screen, that exact image comes up who variations of it that say "no signal" on it, everyone over a certain age knows hat TOP didn't come up with this because we've seen it on our TVs before when there's no signal. The screen with the bars don't belong to top, no signal doesn't belong to top, and the way jimin was filmed is not exclusive to top. None of these things belong to BTS or top

Well no one ever said that TOP fucking drew that no signal screen, the way he fucking used everything on stage was HIS idea. We’re talking about the fucking idea being stolen not about that stupid ass picture itself. Have you ever seen an artist performing while not even being on stage, only showing that sign? And then only being shown for a few seconds at the end of the song? No, you haven’t. It was his idea. Don’t try to discuss this topic with me, a little bit of understanding would be suitable here. No one is perfect and it would be great to admit that BTS’ producers didn’t do something right for once.

I’ve just realised that every time I reblog some variation on the i lik the bred meme, I lose several followers XD Not sure if it’s a coincidence or if I’m just inadvertently purging the weak.