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prompt: 5 times Eliot cooked for the team + 1 time they cooked for him :D


“You know, we never really got to taste your treats at the wedding,” says Sophie, out for some kind of reaction. Nate’s in the room, so probably from him. Usually she doesn’t flirt with Eliot this much.

“I made you all dinner after the wedding.”

“But we never got to try any of what you’d been working so hard on.” Sophie looks around for support. “Who else wants to taste Eliot’s delicious food?”

Parker seems to live off sugar cereal, so she probably doesn’t really care, but Hardison looks interested, and when he and Sophie start badgering Nate usually gives in to shut them up, and Parker will eat it anyway. Eliot sighs. “It’s not going to be a full wedding menu, and I’m not making cake. The only baking I do is bread.”

Sophie beams at him. “I’ll take it. Perhaps we can all have lunch next week sometime. Will that be enough time to put together a menu?”

Eliot rolls his eyes. “I think I can manage that.”

He only realizes when they’re in the middle of lunch the next week that it’s the first time they’ve all spent time together outside of getting ready for a con or debriefing for one. Judging from how smug Sophie looks, she knows too.

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there’s more yan than dere in this post, probably

Title: It’s a Secret, Pt. 2
Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Mahiru, Sakuya, Koyuki, Ryusei, mentions of others
Summary: Memories have a funny way of playing tricks on you.
Warnings: Yandere themes.
Notes: Because @pleasantdreamsart inspired me to get in gear and get the second part finished~ Here it is! Ahhh, I left off at a bit of a cliff hanger, but uh. At least there will be more?

Pt. 1

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Pokemon Sun & Moon - Team Skull Grunt Battle Theme (Chiptune Cover)

By: Zerocakes