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in the 17th century, ell and matilda had some gorgeous dresses

fun fact! in the 17th century, the rich people wore some amazing clothing that looks very uncomfortable, but that i am in love with

anyhow this century wasn’t only fashion, there was the black plague, which continued for another two hundred years, so a new suit was invented for doctors to wear, that neutralized the putrid odor of sick and dead people with a mask with a very strange design, and covered all their body 

here, have a tom example

Metas on the Theme of Loss

Just putting these together for organization reasons.

Aang and Loss
Aang and Zuko Coping with Loss
Aang and Zuko Dwelling on the Past
Katara and Loss
The Narrative Three and Loss 1
The Narrative Three and Loss 2
Zuko and Loss
Zuko, Katara and Loss