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anonymous asked:

So did Ouma enjoy telling lies? I remember reading one of your older metas saying that lying wasn't something he necessarily enjoyed, but him doing it as often as he did made me sorta think otherwise? Also could you go into detail about "gentle lies"?

I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about this particular subject later, so I thought I might answer them altogether like this!

The short answer to “did Ouma enjoy lying” is—well, yes and no. The long answer is a bit more complex, because it all depends on what kind of lies, who he’s lying to, and his own desire to construct and maintain a very carefully crafted façade so that no one would ever get close to him or figure out “the real him.”

One way to put it might be that Ouma very much liked the idea of lying, as long as it was used the right way, for the right purposes. He’s very much a prankster at heart, and like any good prankster, he’s pretty open about enjoying deception in the small scale. Tricks, jokes, pranks—all of these things when done right are relatively harmless and they’re all various forms of lies. And most importantly, from Ouma’s perspective, they’re all fun.

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Inuyasha’s Mothers


Day four: Family

(A/N: I know this isn’t so much inukag centric, but I’m rolling with the idea that came to me. :) It’s sort of inukag if you squint maybe)

Inuyasha had three mothers in his life over the course of it. While many mothers came and went, and little had any impact on him, there were only three women in his life who held the title of ‘mother’.

The first woman was the woman who had brought him into the world. She was his honest mother. She was proud he was her son, but she kept little from him. He learned from her that the world could be an unforgiving and un-accepting place, but he should never stray from who he was. 

Her love was a fierce and blazing kind of love. As an infant, he felt the radiant heat of the love she carried for him in her heart.

That heat would be all that warmed him once she was gone.

She was bound by the time and place of her life and his birth situation from speaking freely and preventing anyone from harming her child. While he was always safe in her arms, the world was cruel and unrelenting, and she could not keep him safe when he left them.

Her love for him was eternal, but so was the sadness she bore knowing that her little boy, the one she loved so much, would never be loved by the outside world.

While he was young, he began to understand he was different and different was bad, but he held fast onto the fact that he had a mother who loved him with all she was.

When he was older and without his honest mother, who never hid him from the world or shied from showing her love for him as best she could.

The second woman was the mother of a girl who crashed into his life and bound herself to him. This woman had no reason to love or accept him, let alone treat him as if he were her child, but she did. She was new mother, the woman who welcomed him into her home, fed him, and took care of him without question.

Her love was unwavering and powerful. It burned brighter than any flame he had ever seen or felt, and lit up his life in ways no love had done before.

He first walked into her home, making demands of her daughter that he had not business doing, and she spoke to him as a mother would. She halted him in his tracks, and touched his ears-something no one had done since his honest mother.

Every time he saw his new mother, she had something for him, whether a task or a meal, and gave him love willingly. He was expected to join the family for dinner, expected to take a bath and spend time with the family.

His new mother wasn’t his mother to have, and yet he was the son she took as her own. 

The woman he would come to simply call ‘mother’ wasn’t a mother to him at all. She was the mother of his children. He had a hard time calling her ‘mother’ over her given name, but once his first born had screamed her name just as he typically did, he started to instantly. 

The type of love this woman had was difficult to pinpoint. It was fierce, like his honest mother’s, and unwavering, like his new mother’s, but it was also gentle like a summer’s breeze, that drifted across his face and brought comfort and peace. 

Her love was a constant, and willingly given to him and the children. Her love did not have any sorrow under it because she believed all of the world would accept and love her family. 

She was the mother he was glad his children had, and mother he was grateful to have in his life. 

“Mother,” he whispered to her one night once the children were fast asleep.

“Father,” she whispered back, a light giggle on her voice, most likely from him calling her ‘mother’.

“We have a wonderful family, Mother…”

“We really are blessed, Father… But soon the little ones will be awake, and I would like to have some sleep before that happens.”

He smiled as he pulled her closer and watched her drift to sleep.

Inuyasha had three mothers over his lifetime. And he felt blessed.