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SUPERNATURAL in the “CW’s 2016 Fall Extended Sizzle Reel” (x)

okay so in the  Season 6 premiere, we all know the scene where Regina narrates and says ‘To others I’m a hero’ and Emma is shown and literally the ‘True Love’ music only plays when the Emma’s part comes up. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijTBkKOv268 at 1:31 ( Once Upon a Time Season 2 Soundtrack - #2 True Love - Mark Isham )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waJth0L71Bc at 0:52 ( 6x01 Regina’s Life has Many Stories - Narration Scenes & The Feather “The Savior” )

I’d also like to add that in the Episode ‘Lilly’ in the gun scene  right at the end of it the same theme plays. It’s really short though but its part of the ‘True Love’ song. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS5h19MyoFA at 3:36 (Emma and Lilly fight)

So, I also noticed that that exact ‘True Love’ theme song is played in the background in the final of season 1 right before Emma saves Henry with TLK.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93MPDV9CH_g at 1:16 (Emma Breaks The Curse 1x22)

Within that scene the very memorable picture : 

Emma shown on Regina was done purposely in that scene I'm pretty sure Adam and Eddy said so. Also, this whole scene involves only ‘Swan-Mills family’ at least.

So to me, the ‘True Love’ theme song really is about Swan Queen/Swan Mills family and it’s been that way since season 1.  And the writers have subtly shown that by  playing that theme in scenes that involve them… maybe hinting towards SwanQueen endgame

P.S pretty sure there are other scenes where it’s played. Just add onto this post. :) 

BONUS : Just realised in the scene where Emma goes ‘Don’t Miss Swan Me we’ve been through too much’ in Season 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvlGuMoMLx4 the theme plays at 1:21 and when Emma looks up at Henry at 2:24. Again the TL theme involves Regina and Henry!

page code five by vcnilla savages


  • two icons
  • a title space & a name space
  • a hover twitter feed, latest snap & hover instagram feed
  • a click box that reveals a stats box & connections !


  • top/bottom icon ♢ 100px x 100px
  • snap image ♢ 140 x 174px
  • instagram icon ♢ 50 x 50px
  • instagram images ♢ 55 x 55px
  • twitter header ♢ 250 x 50px
  • twitter icons ♢ 50 x 50px
  • connection icons ♢ 60 x 60px


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I think that vision and how it was framed as deliberate, honestly. Emma fights the villain while her family’s in the background being protected. Supposedly, no matter what she does, it’ll end there. And maybe it does.

But maybe, by the time it does, Emma’s figured a few things out. So maybe by then, it won’t be Emma fighting by herself to protect those she loves. They’ll be beside her, not behind her, fighting with her. That’s the key to breaking the “curse” of the Savior - stop carrying the weight of the world by yourself, stop trying to fix everything, let people in and let people help you.

Right now, even with what Archie said, it all seems negative - Emma let her walls down, stopped protecting herself, it let all the bad stuff in… But no mention of the positives. Of the fact that she’s not alone anymore. Of the support she has now. No mention of “love is strength”. I’m assuming that’s deliberate, because that’s what she’s forgetting, that’s what she needs to remember, or learn.

And of course she immediately goes on on her own, looking for answers on her own, trying to fix it on her own. So maybe, by the end of all this, she’ll do the opposite. She’ll let the others help rather than try to protect them by keeping them out of the fight. They’ll face it together, and they’ll win.

Theme Set : Loneliness
  • Looking at old photographs in your wallet until your throat aches and your eyes sting with longing for the past.
  • Lying on your bed for hours on end, staring at the ceiling without really seeing anything but simultaneously seeing every single memory that you hold close. 
  • Feeling heavy and sick to your stomach when you hear about any of your friends making plans together, watching them go about their lives without you. 
  • Creating conversations in your head that you know will never happen, but getting emotional about them just the same because to you they’re real somehow.
  • Wanting to slip out of existence for a brief moment, just to see who would notice your absence. 
  • Holding too tightly to little scraps of memories, ticket stubs and dried flowers and scribbled notes that you passed back and forth in school. 
  • Mentally begging someone not to let go when they finally hug you, burning the memory into your brain so you have something to keep you warm at night.