or a sundae

You at Denny’s: Drunk and cramming chicken fingers into your mouth. Downing an entire pot of coffee. Fighting people by the dumpsters at 2:47 am, then meeting a hitman.

Me at Denny’s: Throwing sugar packets at other goths. Playing the claw machine while simultaneously eating my forth sundae. I am the hitman

kiryuing  asked:

Do you have any other femslash ships besides HaruMatsu? from any of the dr games

I will lowkey ship any two female characters pretty much, though my favorite ships are various combinations of Kirigiri and the Despair Sisters, Kirigiri/Samidare, and Fukawa/Komaru. (Also pretty partial to Junko/Yukizome, Junko/Komaru, Andou/Kimura, Nanami/Sonia, and Hidden Mist Village, which is what @miss-prince and I call Miraigiri/Hiroko.)

Basically I love ships the fandom at large hates, haha. I like a large dose of conflict in my shipping sundae–doesn’t mean I support irl abusive ships or whatever the Tumblr Purity Brigade wants to claim.

For V3 I’m still feeling out what combos of characters fit together in a way I find interesting.




I’ve always given up on whatever I could give up, shared whatever I could share. I never really wanted anything so much that I’d fight over it… as long as it made you happy. But sorry, this time I’m not letting you have your way, no matter what.


Excuse us, guys. You’re free to talk about whatever you want, since it’s really none of our business. But if you make a pass on that girl, we’ll kill you. Are we clear?


I don’t think I ever mentioned it here, but this year I want to try making a Small Interactive Thing each month this year….so!

I’m not quite going to finish this one within the month, mostly ‘cause I was lazy last week ha, but here’s some progress on the first Small Interactive Thing!! I’ve been posting these and some other progress pics on Twitter, if you’re interested in seeing more ~Behind The Scenes~