or a sundae

me flirting with the guy i like who works at the custard place by my house
  • me: can i get a chocolate Reese's sundae?
  • him: small or large
  • me: small, thank you
  • him: do you need a receipt?
  • me: no thanks
  • him: can you sign this?
  • me: huh
  • him: can you sign the receipt
  • me: oh yeah.. thanks
  • him: name for the order?
  • me: what?
  • him: name for the order?
  • me: amy
  • him: ok we'll have that right out
  • me: ok

I don’t think I ever mentioned it here, but this year I want to try making a Small Interactive Thing each month this year….so!

I’m not quite going to finish this one within the month, mostly ‘cause I was lazy last week ha, but here’s some progress on the first Small Interactive Thing!! I’ve been posting these and some other progress pics on Twitter, if you’re interested in seeing more ~Behind The Scenes~