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So i was afraid watching old Power Rangers episodes, afraid that without nostalgia tinting it, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Apparently the thing I’m most critical of, rewatching it as an adult, is food

Ernie: Is this a cake, or is this a cake?

Me: It’s a mass produced yellow sheet cake with too much cheap icing. That is nothing to be proud of 

Princicpal: The Cultural Food Fair is coming together wonderfully. All the food looks delicious

Me: That food looks like it came from a  grocery store bakery or a cheap catering event.


Chapter 16: Episode 6

           Chelle slipped into a smirk. One I hadn’t seen on her face since I’d taken the publishing job. When she looked at him, it was as if they’d known each other their whole lives. I realized just how far removed I was from their relationship, and that fact that it still existed. They might not have been lovers anymore, but they were still whatever they’d been before they’d put a label on it. And I was the new addition.

           “Do tell me,” she said easily, sending me a glance before returning to him. “How embarrassed was Uncle Zvnoko to find out you’d been dating the pagegirl?”

           “Shut up.” He hissed at her. “You’re just like him. Spoiled, egotistical snobs.”

            Chelle laughed. “Maybe that’s why your father and I get along much better than you. And to think, he offered to pay for our wedding.” She turned to me, and I tried not to let the shock of it show on my face, but it was no use. “You really ruined it for him, Miss Kerrigan. He truly must love you, giving up his inheritance like that.”

          “W-What?” I breathed.

          “Mm. Arranged marriages are a funny thing. So many stipulations.” She pointed at the bag in my hands. “Enjoy your lunch. Really, I hope it’s wonderful.” She sent one more glance back at Roen. “Goodbye darling, I hope you’re so happy without me.” She cackled all the way out the door and I stared at the place she once stood for so long, until the whole world, it seemed, went silent.

          The hits. They never stop coming.

          Finally, I turned to him. “What did she mean?”

          “Laney please—”

          “Roen, what did she mean?” I asked, pleading with him. “Just tell me the truth this time.”

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You know what while I’m at it I’ll just show ya’ll some of my favorite YT channels in general:

MST3K, the official channel for Mystery Science Theater 3000, the original bad movie riffers. You can watch full episodes here and annotated episodes which explains some of the more obscure jokes


Cinema Snob, Brad has talked openly about his depression and epilepsy. Here he does reviews of older horror flicks and creepy Christian movies and does in-car reviews with friends of current movies. He also has an adorable cat named Lloyd


Angry Joe. Joe is a man of Puerto Rican descent who does video game and movie reviews. He caught a lot of shit for going against gamergate and for mainly focusing on the pc platform instead of consoles.


Bruva Alfabusa. If you like Warhammer 40k you’re pretty much required by Imperial Law to watch If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device


Channel Awesome. Home of Nostalgia Critic and Tamara’s Never Seen. Movie reviews and Tamara is such a sweetheart


Todd in the Shadows. Reviews of songs including one hit wonders. Todd is pretty chill to listen to and he hates that damn “7 Years” song as much as I do


Weebl’s Stuff. Go watch Cat Face. Just do it.


anonymous asked:

Hiiiii i just wanna say I love your blog and I love that you know what you're talking about you're not just like "oh I love hanyu so he should won" you have valid reasons and they're so wow I get surprised anyways I love it and thanks for existing

Thank you :D

I try! (:

Discussing over a result doesn’t change anything, but I think it’s useful to try and understand better what is happening on ice. I find particularly useful to re-watch programs taking away jumps and spins, ie, and I think it’s a good exercise for those who want to analyse a program and take in all details :)

I’ve been told that “it doesn’t matter since general public can’t see any difference between what skater X does and what skater Y does” and while it may be true, I’m snob enough to think judges are not general public (and I’m not blind either ;) )

Okay this is something that’s been bugging me for a little while. I’ve seen a couple of pieces of McHanzo art and fic floating around with the punch line of “Hanzo likes tea and hates coffee. McCree likes coffee and hates tea.” And while these are good and funny, I feel like fandom is missing out a brilliant opportunity when it comes to Hanzo vs. coffee headcanons.

You see, tea is definitely super popular in Japan. And not just green tea but black, barley, oolong, jasmine, the works. Hell, you can buy giant liter bottles of tea at the grocery store and those basically get served up with meals, when guests come to visit, or whenever you need something to drink.

The thing is, in Japan coffee is just a ubiquitous as tea. 

In the same vending machines on every corner where you’ll find tons of hot or cold green tea for sale you’ll also see at least three different varieties of canned coffee. Convenience stores and grocery stores sell pre-mixed lattes. If you thought Pumpkin Spice Latte craze was bad, Japanese Starbucks not only go PSL but they also have cherry blossom flavored lattes and a ton of seasonal flavors.

Also Japanese people can be complete and utter snobs about coffee. You see this? That my friends is a Kyoto-style slow-drip brewer. It is $250 of some of the fanciest coffee brewing known to mankind. It can take up to 24 hours to brew a single cup.

So rather than the tried and true “McCree likes his coffee, Hanzo likes his tea,” please consider that while McCree might like coffee and settle for some percolator brewed mass-produced store brand stuff, Hanzo loves his coffee and is insulted by McCree’s unwillingness to understand the true depth of flavor in a diluted cup of 24 hour brewed caffeinated art.

Please consider
  • Keith actually being really easy to talk to
  • But nobody approaches him because he gives off an unfriendly vibe
  • People always get the wrong impression
  • But sometimes people actually have to talk to him and when they do they realize that he’s not such a bad guy???
  • People getting flustered and embarrassed when they see what Keith is really like
  • Cause he’s actually really nice and sweet and “wow I can’t believe I ever thought this guy was an asshole”
  • “it’s been an honor flying with you boys” yeah how can this guy possibly be an asshole
  • Him giving people advice and genuinely wanting to help but people taking it the wrong way
  • Being really confused when people he doesn’t even know not-so-subtly try to avoid him
  • Oblivious Keith who doesn’t realize people actually do wanna talk to him
  • And when people try to talk to him he thinks it’s a joke because rarely anybody does that????