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"Hi! Nice to see another Ampharos around. My name's Fugue, what's yours?" Fugue asks, grinning. He's holding a deck of cards and wondering if this other Ampharos wants to play with him! @sometimesampharos



Photos by Glen Keller

Behind the scenes of today’s March 23, 2017 shoot for Episode 4.20, which took place at Pribyls Beach, Glen Cove, Long Island.

(I know someone is going to ask so NO I don’t think the mustang has anything to do with Tom based on other info I have that is the subject of a separate post I am working on…..) but the car is part of the shoot.

BTU Challenges (Part Twenty-Seven)

The top three causes of BTU delays are as follows:

1.) Too busy adulting to write

2.) Got a shiny new vidja game

3.) R E S E A R C H

…Just because there are listed from first to third does not mean they are in order of what causes me the most grief.

i’ve been at such a good level of happiness lately, i’ve been a working so much and driving for uber like every spare chance i get but i’ve been enjoying all of it. i actually like my job now which is such a relief since i’ve been like super anxious about it since i started a few months ago, and i’ve been super motivated to earn money lately so that i can enjoy my summer as much as possible. i’m so grateful for this little burst of energy i’ve had for the past week or so, hopefully it lasts a while longer!

About the zine,

Hey! Please don’t feel like you have to pay for it! I don’t need the money, and I’m just making them for fun and venting purposes right now. Of course, if you do pay it’s super sweet and super appreciated and I would owe you my life.
But, please don’t feel like you have to spend money on my dumb little side project. It’s free to download for a reason!!

I’m kind of over both Supergirl and The Flash in general but I just watched “Duet” and it’s not only WAAAAAY better than “Once More With Feeling” but also better than La La Land. 

The End.


Rather Be - Pentatonix