or a proper snog

  • Tracer: Watch me back, love.
  • McCree: Heh, I do love watching your back.
  • Tracer: Oi, love, you fancy me bum yeah? Wanna give me dark ring a proper snog? You're ledge and madman, McCree. I'll see ya at 2030 bring a rubber Johnny.
  • McCree: [starts hyperventilating]My ears and brain hurt

Do you ever take a moment to imagine Arthur and Molly dating?

Arthur asking her out first, but Molly being the one who grabs him for a goodnight kiss at the foot of the Gryffindor stairs, never minding the very full common room, which erupts into wolf whistles.

McGonagall telling Arthur that he’d be best suited to a wireless shop since he liked tinkering so much. Molly scoffing when he tells her and saying he belongs “in the ministry, doing important things, like helping wizards understand Muggles.” That night is the first time Arthur says “I love you.”

Arthur taking Molly to a muggle cinema on a date and spending the entire night in a state of utter delight.

Molly bringing Arthur to her parents’ house and chasing her very smug older brothers out of the living room by informing them she plans to have a proper snog and they aren’t invited to spectate.

Arthur being the first person to tell Molly that she has immense creative potential because she’s been coming up with practical every-day use spells since her second year, and suggesting she send her spells in for approval by the ministry.

Arthur and Molly, guys.