or a prayer

Sana is going to end up breaking down at some point in this season. Because she doesn’t fit in anywhere, not even in her own skin. Because other people don’t fit in her equation either, because love doesn’t fit in her equation, because she doesn’t fit in her own equation, an equation she doesn’t even know how to solve. It’s all too familiar. There is only so much hurt you can carry, so much pain to heal before it becomes too much to handle.

Please pray that I get this paper done tonight

It’s apparently supposed to be 1700 words to 2000 words (but I swear the professor said previously it was only 600) and it’s due by midnight tonight. My brain is so fried right now that I almost physically cannot think of what to write. I need your prayers guys!

Prayer request

I don’t know what’s wrong. But something is. I just feel like everything keeps going wrong, like everyone’s out to get me, like everything is falling apart. Not to mention I’m just so mentally exhausted to the point where I feel on edge, and I can’t stop crying.

Please pray for me. I don’t exactly know what for, but please.

These days my prayers sound a lot like a person who can’t really speak clearly because they’re having such bad anxiety because really, that’s me, and I’m the one trying to communicate with God… praying that my shaky voice and gibberish is clear enough for God to understand… but just the thought of all of this as I type it out in this post has me thinking about how God already knows. HOW DID WE GET SO BLESSED with a God who knows our hearts inside and out, and who knows our words before we even articulate them. Lord, you know me. You know the future. Help me to lay my worries at Your feet, for only You can calm the storms raging inside me.

Prayer request tonight for a pet (4/27/17)

My father has taken our cat Eliza to the vet hospital after she appeared to be in pain and wouldn’t eat. She’s a dear thing to us. Please pray for her full recovery, and a lengthy and happy kitty life.

hey look shad’s asking for petty prayers again

thank you to everyone who prayed for my sore throat!! it’s basically gone now and i’m only a little congested

however, i’ve unfortunately found myself trying to majorly crunch tonight and finish my dress (yes i’m making it, no i wasn’t intending to wait this late). if i don’t then i do have a back-up dress, but i’m hoping nothing major goes wrong and i can have it done for tomorrow.

so please continue to pray away my sniffles and that i can succesfully finish my dress tonight!!

The only thing you should do behind someone’s back, is make Dua for them.

The Prophet (pbuh) defined backbiting when he said:
“Do you know what is meant by backbiting?” They said, “Allah and His Messenger know best.” He said, “To say something about your brother which he dislikes.” One asked, “Even if what I say is true about my brother?” He replied, “If such defects you say are true about him, then you have backbitten him, and if he doesn’t have what you say, then you have committed slander against him.”
(Related by Muslim, Abu Dawood, and Tirmidhi)
Hence, it is not allowed to talk about somebody in his/her absence, even if what was narrated was true. If it was not true, then it would be a bigger sin and it is called Buhtan (false accusation).

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day, LET HIM EITHER SPEAK GOOD OR KEEP SILENT”

It is important to note that to find other’s faults or to talk sarcastically or to defame a person is called ‘Lumz’. In the Qur'an, Allah (SWT) states: “Do not defame one another.”
(Surah Al-Hujurat, 49:11)

May Allah (SWT)protect our tongues from backbiting and defaming one another.