or a dip in the ocean


Written by Jen Michael McCurry

To touch your words would be pure grace of beauty 
On my fingertips 
And i would trace the lines of your lips around mine 
Reminding me a thousand times 
And a thousand times after that 
That we speak the same knowing femme language 
That the whole of you resides in me as woman 
That we are sapphires of poetry 
A true gift of natural shine 

You make my thoughts deeper 
Wider than the ocean apart from you 
Oh M 
My dove 
Please, i beg dip your pen 
In the cherry red blood 
Of my heart 
And write my story 
And i dip mine in you and ink 
You out of me in amazing glory

As the waterfalls continue to drip-
—  I found another reason to dip my pen in ink made from holes I can’t fill with my poems. I found myself lost within your words because you never liked to mix feelings with regrets. I found the water to be calm, but if you swim against the currents don’t be afraid to get a few bruises. I found the ocean to be alarmingly shallow. There’s enough poems in this sea of pity that I can’t die more than a million lifetimes just to see you once again. There’s enough salt in my eyes & my wounds that I might dry up to speak to you soon. If I told you about loving you, would you believe it to be true? There’s a blue appeal to your white paper smile. You always loved to color the sky. Let’s dive into more waterfalls and catch the stars that escapes our dim nights. I know I’ve said it before, but where would I be without your support? My backbone is fragile and I’m weightless in this deep cyan inkwell. Let’s not drown tonight. // @noceurous, thanks for the idea. <3

Sometimes all we need is to get away, listen to the waves, feel the wind and dip our toes into the water. 💜✌💧

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Could you do an Ashton blurb, it can be about anything! Please and thank you!

okay but imagine the golden sun dipping into the horizon with rays cascading across the tired waves crashing against the shore as surfer!ashton trudges through the cold, wet grains of sand in his bare feet with a turquoise- and honey-colored surfboard beneath his arm while his black wetsuit was unzipped and left his tanned torso dripping with salty ocean water and exposed that glistened beneath the orange skyline with faint stars twinkling above and his blond hair wet and wavy and clinging to his face - which glowed a bright, rosy hue - before plopping down on the beach, his elbows balancing on his knees and his chin tucked in the palm of his rough hand, to admire the setting sun as his chest rose and fell with every deep inhale while a faint smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

I asked her once,
with light fitting perfectly against my palms:
Where do the dandelions grow?

She told me:
Where the sun touches, its slithering body
a blooming bouquet of glittering gems,
wrapped with the cord of ruthlessness,
and pierced with gold-dipped arrows.

I asked her twice,
bringing a flush of rain into our house:
Where can I find the memories?

She told me:
The ocean will wash away everything,
including you and I imprinted in the fragment
of a half-broken seashell marred by sand,
me breathing sea foam into your heart.

I asked her thrice,
with candlelight burning in my eyes:
Why do you love me?

She told me:
Pyrrhic wars in love heaved upon my throne
a treasure trove full of loveless empty gold,
but a boundless song from the sea sings upon
the dusty altar of your shattered name.

—  nebulous love // [p.v.]
//eye aesthetics

[grey] ; hands reaching out to a grey wall; grey, flat pavement. grey converse with fraying laces; silvery white hair in a high ponytail. grey glitter falling from soft hands, shining on grey eyelashes. overcast skies with moving grey clouds; wet pavement full of grey umbrellas and puddles.//

[blue] ; blue paint dripping on a white wall; blue light shining on hands. rippling oceans and reflective skies, with soft hands and fierce gusts. blueberries, blackberries and purple grapes dipped in light blue paint. xanax, levi’s darkwash and blue mustangs. blue teapots spilling blue crush into baby blue swimming polls with blue bubblegum.//

[green] ; plants growing up castles vines roping up around trees. houseplants in front of black and white walls; green, reflective glass and green stall doors. leaves falling down, dripping to the earth; green paint painted over a green canvas olives and other greens tossed in a salad, lily pads and grass floating on a green lake.//

[brown] ; melting chocolate dripping on a rich, dark chocolate cake; freshly-cooked brownies with warmth. sunlit rooms and dark rays reflecting dust; unwrapped furniture with light brown tarps. light brown puppies jumping about; dark earth and soil growing plants. the smell of nature; the warmth of the sun. maple syrup and trees; hot chocolate and warm days, rain pouring outside.//

[dark ‘black’ brown] ; black night. black slides and black shining balloons shining at night. galaxies, sliding on saturn’s rings, jumping from star to star. dark shadows cast on glass. city lights illuminating the sky; stars dimming the brightness. galas and night parties; black fur coats and fur stoles. elegant ballgowns and secrecy.//

[hazel] ; the sun shining through green trees, dewdrops on light green grass. pine glades with brown pinecones; the morning rays on lime green leaves. blueberries placed in a smile in hot oatmeal; dark cups of green tea. autumn leaves on fraying grass; brilliantly-colored leaves on stray, dead grass and yellow corn.//


We stumble hesitantly, clumsily, through uncharted territory;
hands become eyes as they feel the warm walls of this hidden dark room.

Words fall on an ocean of cold empty air I’m hesitant to dip my toes in.

As waves wash over my bare ankles, I hear them pulsing in time with the raw rhythm of your soul.

You press your ear against my sandy breast and I’m afraid.
This intimacy, thoughts breathing so closely together, haunts me.

Je suis au courant

I’m charmed
Enchanted by sights
And calling your eyes
Something simple
Like blue
Seems a trifle
To the genuine
Mesmerizing colours
They reveal

Comparing your oculars
To stars
Or the moon
Any moniker
Their breathless beauty
Failing to honor
A priceless appraisal

Your fields
Of perfect visions
Your depth perceptions
Gazing fearfully
Yet magnetically
Into indescribable apparitions

I cannot conceive
How to articulate
Your pallid
Ocean dipped
Aqua marine charisma
Know this
I have seen many things
Yet nothing
Quite like you

About Staying In Your Lane

For so much of my life I’ve felt pressure to pick a single path and stick with it. I would spend countless days lying on my bed with my feet dangling off the edge, watching dust particles float in the midday sun, wondering.  Why must I decide on something so early in my life?  Why couldn’t I just dip my toes into a bunch of different areas and test the waters? Why couldn’t I swim in more than one ocean?  Why, once I decided to study psychology and economics, was I no longer expected to study art? And when I did, why did my professor skim over the underlying mathematics in Renaissance artwork like it was taboo for the two to mix?

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Could you maybe write a Blutara rescue/kiss scene? kthanksbye *flees*

Hope this is what you wanted:D


The chains no longer cut into Katara’s dark skin. They clatter onto the ground as the sharp metal tip of a blade seemingly splices the cuffs open. The blade is air dusting against her skin; she feels nothing.

Katara messages her sore wrists, lightly rubbing at the puckering red skin. She turns in her cramped cell to find a blue lipped, white toothed smile.  Darkness swirls behind the eye slits, and a black clothed finger presses over her lips, silencing her surprised gasp. Katara dips her head slightly as his arm swiftly maneuvers under her stomach and hooking her over his shoulder.

She will make no sound as a ghost smile plays at her lips.

The smell of urine, that had been penetrating her nostrils for two days, is replaced by a fresh breeze of the ocean. Salt wips at her face, stinging her eyes and irritating her small wounds, as the Blue Spirit lowers her into his escape boat.

He rows all the way to the shore before she speaks. “I was wondering how long it would take you.”

His feet splash in the water as he holds out a hand for her to take. He doesn’t speak; she doesn’t expect him to. He cocks his head at Katara as her arms sling around his neck instead. She wraps her bare legs around his torso, holding herself up until his fingers clutch her thighs in support.

“I’m glad you found me early this time.” Katara imagines that he is glaring at her. “And no, I did not purposely get myself captured to see you this time.”

She stares into his black eyes, wondering– and not for the first time –who the man is behind this mask. She taps on the wide grin that is probably not emulating his real features. “I owe you something, remember? That was our deal.”

His heart thumps against her chest– ah, he has been waiting for this, she thinks. Katara grins as she lifts the mask to uncover his lips and only his lips. His skin is pale and unblemished. His lips are a brilliant pink against his complexion. He’s frowning, but his lips twitch upwards as Katara runs a finger to outline them, searing their perfect shape into her memory.

Her own lips part as she kisses him. He hikes her up higher as his lips happily respond in a similar rhythm. Their hearts are beating in sync.  Her thoughts yearn to know his name, but for now Katara is content with this progress.

Day Dream

I would rather be free
on the back of a truck
reading Dostoevsky 
road tripping my soul
with a cigarette
burning all my materialistic longings
skinny-dipping in the ocean
salty water healing my bleeding heart
drinking in shitty bars
strangers opening to me
hitchhiking their souls
fucking pretty waitresses
having the smell of greasy grilled meat.

I would rather stay in my bed
not dreaming of a way
to climb out of the burden
of you loving me.

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes <3 LOVE YOU LONG TIME.

I’ll start with the goon that sent this loveliness: 

@killians-dimples : It’s always been funny to me how utterly distrustful the world can be of kind people, so often they are accused of presenting a false persona or having ulterior motives. The cynicism is truly shocking. No wonder they seem to be in such short supply these days when that is how their kindnesses are received. Yet, even in the face of this, they just quietly keep on, being kind and caring and working to make others happy and being supportive and filling the world with light. This is my darling BK. She has a heart bigger than the ocean and creates beautiful things with it, whether that’s stories or friendships or maybe the best dips you’ve ever tasted. I’m real lucky to know her.

@ohmyohpioneer : I have never been in awe of someone’s brain like I am Sarah’s. I know that sounds kinda weird, but it’s true. She is a marvel. I’m convinced her brain basically operates like a symphony orchestra, a million brilliant moving parts all operating at once, each bit special and unique and utterly brilliant and then when you put it all together it’s just like this awe-inspiring thing of wonder. Her writing makes me forget to breathe, and her sense of humor makes me weep with laughter (especially, as BK noted, when she falls asleep sitting up still clutching her wine). She also has an amazing eye for style and gives the best advice. My soul twin.

@sweetestinthegale : Kate, my soul mate. Very few times in life do you meet someone that you instantly click with and feel like you’ve been friends for 100 years, and I am lucky enough to have that with my noble and brave Cheesemaiden of the North. Kate is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met, she has almost a sixth sense that sniffs out just when you need a shoulder and then POOF, she’s there with a blanket and whiskey. She is also funny as fuck, has some of the sharpest sarcasm skills I’ve ever witnessed, and can sing like a goddamn angel. She knows exactly who she is, takes no guff, and I admire the hell out of her. She is the best. I mean, you don’t just get matching tattoos with just ANYONE. 

@captainhand : My sweet Dana Anne, little Arya Stark of my heart. DA was my very first friend on here, and three years later I am still so thankful for her friendship. Her sassiness, creativity, and heart are things of beauty. She is one of the most loyal people I know, and I’m not joking when I call her Arya Stark. She is adorable as button but watch out for her Needle haha. She’s a total romantic, and her amazing relationship with her husband gives me hope that True Love is out there somewhere. I love me some Dana Anne, love her a lot.

@wedlakeserenities : Goose is who I want to be when I grow up. Even though I am older that her, she is who I aspire to be. No one has a bigger heart than Giss. It’s breathtaking. The way she goes through life, with unwavering optimism and hope, the kindness and thoughtfulness in which she treats people…just. How? She is the best of us. I love to read the things she writes, because for that moment I get to see the world through her lens, and what I beautiful lens it is. She makes the world a brighter, better place and is basically just a huge fucking delight and I adore her.

@jenmmorrisons : I’ve never had a ton of desire to go to Australia, probably because I rudely generalize it is hot as fuck and full of things that are trying to kill you. But I would go to Australia to visit my lil kookaburra, Cait. I would brave it to be able to see her shining J-Mo twinny face. (Though, being the kind and thoughtful person she is, she is saving me a trip down under and coming to the US this summer! HUZZAH.) Cait’s one of the funniest dorks I know, and she has the keenest sense of style in the world. Her eye for fashion is insane and unfair when the rest of us are lucky to put on proper pants in the morning.

@universallongings : Sweet Katie. Her dedication and insight inspires me to no end. Katie can somehow make me fall even deeper in love with things I already thought I was super in love with. If that makes sense. Take Once. I watch a great episode, die all deaths, flail and spiral with happiness. I then pop over to Nerdy Girls Notes and read Katie’s damn reviews, and whoops I’m crying and dying all over again. She sees things I would never even notice, her eye for nuance and theme is unbelievable. She also cares. Truly cares. And she is making the world a better place because of it. 

I also just want to just say thanks to all you lovelies that follow this silly blog. I, like all people, have times when the world really bums me out and frustrates me and makes me turtle face like Nick Miller. You should know that through all of that, you all never cease to make me smile and feel better. Even if we never talk, sometimes just being online surrounded by you goons and sharing the things that we love is balm to my soul. You’re super great. So thank you, sincerely thank you. I appreciate you all more than you know. <3

New plan for M-Ocean View subway line unveiled

SFMTA unveiled the newest design of the subway — one that would see the M-Ocean View train dip down from West Portal Station into the earth. The train would remain underground through the rest of its route to Parkmerced.

Earlier versions of the plan had the M-Ocean View making a short subway crossing under 19th Avenue (avoiding the traffic congestion entirely) with a subway station at the Stonestown mall before coming back up to the surface near SF State.

A partial subway would solve the problems crossing 19th Avenue, but would still leave it subject to all the other surface delays and problems. The full subway solves that problem by running entirely underground from end to end. Longer subway platforms will also let the SFMTA run trains up to four-car train. But it comes with a price tag.

The project is estimated to run $2.5 billion to $3 billion. The last time San Francisco ventured to build a new train tunnel of this magnitude was the Central Subway, the hotly contested linkage between Union Square and Chinatown.

Still, tunneling throughout is a hope of many in The City, including Supervisor Scott Wiener, and his much-touted Subway Master Plan. He strongly supports bringing the M-Ocean View underground.

hmmn im at that point in the fandom world where i’m just not sure where i want to travel to next. i’ve left some pretty big cities far behind me and sometimes i return to the old towns for nostalgia’s sake, but then i get up to leave again in a few days because my sense for adventure aches for new places to see. but when i do find those new places, they’re like these oceans with big waves and i’m overwhelmed by the sight of them and how dozens of people are having so much fun, yet i can only dip my toes in the water a bit, then gaze up at the evening sky and sigh heavily, my heart still yearning for a home i can’t name

[ @xcreaturesofhabitx ]

After the mess of two days ago, Bandit decided to grab his bike and drive to the pier to get some time for himself. People have been bothering him the whole time, asking about the event and who the guy was that died or if they should ‘strike back’ - that death meant nothing to him and he was sick of having to hammer it into these guy’s head.

So he drove to the Domino pier at sunset, parking the bike in between two garaged, he leaned against a wooden pole, smoking and watching the sun slowly dip into the ocean. He didn’t expect anyone else to be there until an unfamiliar scent mixed with the salty wind from the ocean.

He turned his head to find a small figure, standing there like one of the long shadows cast upon the wood.