or a 20s cartoon character

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So I was looking at BATIM wiki and saw that Alice is maybe Bendy's girlfriend COMMENTS ON WHATCHA THINK OF THIS IDEA?

well yeah, makes sense

her and bendy are cartoon characters from the 20′ or 30′s, they’re gonna fuck one way or another ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Facts you would never know if you didn't ask
  • 1.) applesauce or pudding?
  • 2.) what was your initial reaction when you first realized that your parents had to have had sex to have you?
  • 3.) if you could create ANY mix-up or mythical animal and have it be brought to life, what would it be?
  • 4.) what kind of bread do you prefer?
  • 5.) describe a moment that is a prominent memory, but didn't have a strong impact on your life.
  • 6.) what is the quote/lyric that you relate to most?
  • 7.) if there was one problem/issue you could wipe off the face of the earth, what would it be?
  • 8.) do you think everyone in our lives serves a purpose, or are some people just there?
  • 9.) Favorite knock-knock/cheesy joke?
  • 10.) how do you feel about getting your picture taken?
  • 11.) most embarrassing poster you've ever owned?
  • 12.) what are the 3 worst movies of all time?
  • 13.) when was the last time you were in a public setting and a stranger annoyed you?
  • 14.) strangest pet peeve?
  • 15.) what is a quirk you find cute in a significant other?
  • 16.) if you could make a guest appearance in ANY show, which one would you choose?
  • 17.) who do you think is the most underrated comedian?
  • 18.) based on your personality, what do you think your spirit animal is?
  • 19.) color combination that you hate?
  • 20.) what is your favorite childhood memory?
  • 21.) what cartoon character do you most resonate with?
  • 22.) what game do you never lose at?
  • 23.) what does your dream home look like?
  • 24.) Honestly, do you love your family, like them, dislike them, or hate them?
  • 25.) pettiest argument you've ever been in?
  • 26.) what is the weirdest article of clothing you've ever come across?
  • 27.) what is your favorite day of the week?
  • 28.) Do you feel offended by swear words?
  • 29.) Stupidest dare you've ever done?
  • 30.) Did your parents ever compare you to your siblings or cousins growing up? Did that affect the way things turned out?
  • 31.) You get to be any person in the world for a whole week. Who do you choose?
  • 32.) one food you hate that should be destroyed at all costs?
  • 33.) What is your favorite past time for each of the four seasons?
  • 34.) what is something that will always make you laugh?
  • 35.) what does your pet look like?
  • 36.) describe your favorite outfit.
  • 37.) most annoying noise you've ever heard?
  • 38.) at what age did you learn to drive?
  • 39.) What is something that you own which you know you probably shouldn't?
  • 40.) last thing you made with your own 2 hands?
  • 41.) Favorite time of day?
  • 42.) Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or any kind of afterlife?
  • 43.) what sports did you do in school?
  • 44.) if you had been voted for a 'superlative' in your last yearbook (class clown, laziest, most likely to become president, etc) what would you have been voted?
  • 45.) reality show idea that you would most definitely watch on television?
  • 46.) do you still own a landline phone?
  • 47.) scariest storm you've ever had in your town?
  • 48.) skill you wish you had?
  • 49.) what is something you wish you could talk more about, but don't for fear of what other people would think?
  • 50.) last book you read?
  • 51.) what does your calendar have on it?
  • 52.) what do you do if you get stopped by a person selling something from a mall kiosk?
  • 53.) infomercial you're beyond tired of seeing?
  • 54.) what was your first stuffed animal/doll's name?
  • 55.) have you ever said something out of anger and instantly regretted it?
  • 56.) how do you feel about raising minimum wage?
  • 57.) how would you spend a perfect day with your best friend?
  • 58.) when was the last time you changed the oil in your car?
  • 59.) did you ever have to do speech therapy?
  • 60.) something you're looking forward to in the future?

I felt inspired to draw my most popular character Jay in the style of 20-40′s cartoons (particularly Betty Boop), due to a recent interest I’ve taken in that ol game “Bendy and the Ink Machine”.

I’m pretty happy it’s getting people interested in old cartoons. I’m a big fan of those.


                                      NEW COMMISSIONS!

• Digital painting-30€

  • Extra character +15€ each
  • Background +15€ (white background, one colour, or something very simple is free)
  • Comic style-55€ (extra character +25€  each)
  • Pets/animals-20€ 
  • Cartoon style-20€ (extra character +10€ each)


  • Headshot-20€
  • Waist-Bust +10€
  • Extra character +20€ each
  • Simple background

 Chibi Commissions–> [x]

I don’t have problems drawing nsfw, animals or whatever you want. If you want something specific we can talk about it (like just the lineart, your OC…) I will need references (in case if it’s from a fandom I don’t know, or your OC or photos of you or someone else if you want a headshot) and a good description of what you want. I ask for permission first before posting the picture in case you want to keep it private.


Via ask or via mail (petimetrepiticli@gmail.com)


Paypal (only in €!!!) and I will need your mail for the invoices (I’m not going to do something weird with your address, and if you want I can send you a WIP and the final with high resolution)

Help an artist in need (I lost 2 jobs in 1 week). Signal Boosts are appreciated. THANKS!

dingothatateyourbaby  asked:

One of my earliest memories in life was when I was watching Scooby-Doo, and my mom saw Scrappy-Doo on the screen. She groaned and said, "Scappy-Doo is the worst cartoon character". Even 20+ years ago people hated Scrappy-Doo.

People have been hating Scrappy ever since his conception, ever since his devilish birth. I am not the first to loathe him, nor will I be the last.

just finished season two of star vs the forces of evil, and even though it’s starting to get bogged down in romance, season 2 really had some highlights! For instance:

  • Moon Butterfly’s ARMOR
  • Hekapoo
  • Future madmax!marco
  • jackie lynn thomas, who wears a prom dress with a skateboard and two helmets hidden underneath
  • janna, who seems like a character i’ve seen 20 times in 90s cartoons, but somehow, it’s not a bad thing
  • ludo’s surprising character development
  • LUDO IN THE WILD. What beauty.
  • Star maturing quite a bit
  • queen eclipsa and all of that potential
  • oskar’s sparkly eyes
  • that one episode with the lady that knits human hair and lives in the riverbed. And the imaginary underwater dragon. good stuff, people

This is my updated commissions post (as of 6/6/2017)!!

Bust digital/traditional art is 15$ and 6$ per additional character

Full Body digital/traditional art is 20$ and 8$ per additional character

Cartoons of Pokemon/animals/furries/ocs etc are 15$

Laminated furry headshot badges are 45$ and around 8-9 inches across w/ glitter and neon colors!

I can do comics and bigger/more complex pieces! Send me an email to discuss prices!

My redbubble (wingedtrumpet) has some fun stuff as well : )

Payments are through Paypal and shipping is free in the US! Email me at Madqpen@aol.com!

Reblogs would be very helpful! Thank you so much!! : D


Steven Universe challenge  → Day 20: Rebecca Sugar Appreciation

I love thinking of cartoon characters feeling really real feelings. And I love to do that, not just as a fan, but as a creator, so if people want to look for those levels, they’re actually there. 

i-am-not-angsty  asked:

That Team Rocket picture you drew is just too fucking amazing. How did you come up with the design for the both of them?


At first I thought Jessie’s canon hairstyle was too silly and I just didn’t wanna draw it haha. So I turned it into a braid and ended up changing the rest of the designs as well, I wanted them to look more casual but still recognizable. Btw, for people wondering: I wrote “after 20 years” but I don’t actually mean they’re 20 years older. Cartoon characters don’t age… at least Ash doesn’t

This sort of “loose interpretation” fan art (here’s another, and here) is actually really fun to do and I hope I’ll draw more of it sometime :)

I am opening two (2) Commission slots!

Logos, business work, and other freelance is not on this list. Prices for Freelance Work are not as listed. Please contact me at eshaff20@gmail.com if you wish to discuss professional freelance work.

I don’t just draw characters- feel free to commission me for prop design, layout, background or writing. I’m happy to discuss variable prices for each of those, you only need to get in touch.

My prices are variable- Complex characters or backgrounds tend to have an extra charge of up to $15 USD. This includes Mechanical characters, armor, and prop design.

$80+- Character sheet (includes character turnaround). No upward limit- every extra drawing includes an extra charge.

$65-80- Full color, clean linework (or lineless), shade and background.

$40-50- Full color (flats), clean linework (or lineless), basic background.

$30-40- Clean linework, no color.

$20-30- Cartoon characters with a simple design (see below): includes basic color and lighting, as well as a free background.

$15-25- Rough linework, no color.

Extra charges include-

Waist up/bust- subtract $10 from list price ($5 for sketch commission)

More than one character- negotiable. Depending on complexity of characters, may range from $10 extra to essentially paying for a second commission.

Please get in touch with me through email, tumblr messenger, an ask, battletag- whatever makes you feel most comfortable. We can discuss your plans then and work things out from there.

photoset of 90s cartoon characters drawn as people in their early 20s

all really tall, skinny, fashionable, great hair, giving you sex glares

humanized drawings of animal cartoon characters

all really tall, skinny, white, fashionable, great hair, giving you sex glares

humanized drawing of toilet in your house that grandpa just desecrated

really tall, skinny, white, fashionable, great hair, giving you sex glare

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You know what? I'm gonna need a gif of Mayor dewey either listing off the gems (you know, The purple one, the tall one, the hot one,) or doing a dreamy "Yes" to pearl. With your icon over his face. If that's possible.

pffft ok

y’know what, I look pretty snappy in a suit

As of today, one thousand of you have found and followed my blog. you’ve all come to the conclusion that i’m worth following and role playing with and i’ve seriously never been this grateful. thank you, i really don’t know what else to say, other than thank you. I promise i would make a bigger promo once i reached my goal, which was 1,000 followers – started from the bottom now we’re here. Y'all know the drill:

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