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At the end of the day- this is me. This is my body.
There is no reason to hate it. It carried me through horrible times, it has it’s marks and flaws but it’s mine.
And I will treat it with respect.

This is a promise that I’m making to myself. I *will* treat my body and myself with respect. I will love myself.
Starting now.

Imagine OC1 waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise. As the steely sky shifts to silver, they sense OC2 settling down beside them, a steaming mug in each hand and a quilt over their shoulders. OC2 offers a mug to OC1 and opens the quilt to them, inviting OC1 to share their warmth. They sip their drinks and brace themselves for the dawn.

Your bodily functions are not inherently feminine or masculine.

Even the functions and abilities of your body that are the most fiercely gendered by your culture are still nonbinary if you are.

If you are nonbinary, then every single one of your bodily functions are nonbinary, too.

No exceptions.

But imagine Fitz in a coma until season 2.

It’s been months, and he still hasn’t moved an inch. Fury sends a doctor to check on him every week or so, but it’s mostly a formality, an illusion of progress. Because nothing really changes.

Imagine Jemma spending nearly every minute of every day in his room. She sits on the uncomfortable sofa next to his bed and falls asleep at night when she finally gets tired. She reads a lot—books and scientific journals and sometimes his notes because she’s the only other person in the world who knows how to access them, even the designs he’s never submitted to SHIELD—-but sometimes she just looks at him. His eyes are closed and his back is straight on the equally straight mattress. She remembers what he said when she woke up in the pod, “you looked very peaceful sleeping" and she wishes she could say the same about him. But she knows what a peaceful Fitz looks like, and it’s not a stiff shape with his arms at his sides and his breathing soft and his features looking dead. It’s limbs splayed out with an arm under his head or over his eyes and his mouth slightly open with the rise and fall of his chest as inconsistent as his snores.

It comes to a point where she has her meals in his room and the team has to transfer her bed to replace the sofa. It’s not that she’s okay with being useless or unproductive, but she just can’t bring herself to leave his side. She can’t bear the idea of leaving him now, not until he wakes up, not until he’s okay.

(She refuses to believe that she can’t help him be anything but okay.)

The team comes into Fitz’s room to visit them both. Coulson is busy rebuilding SHIELD, but he comes in to tell her about any progress when it’s made. He brings the newspaper with him and Jemma points out which articles Fitz would want to read so he can read them aloud.

Skye comes in with board games and she hooks up a speaker to her laptop so it can play awful pop music while they play. Sometimes Trip joins them. But he also comes in alone with Jemma’s meals and sometimes he brings a book that she’s asked him to look for. He reads those books to Fitz while Jemma eats and when she leaves the room to change her clothes.

May helps Jemma with the upkeep. Koenig, on behalf of Fury, had offered to hire a nurse, but Jemma refused and insists on doing nearly everything herself. May helps her change the sheets on the beds and replace the IV bag when it’s empty, and when they’re done she sits silently next to Jemma and reads. She checks on Jemma at around 1AM every night because there are times when Jemma can’t sleep. Those are the nights she guides Jemma’s head onto her lap and strokes her hair until her eyes close.

There are nights when Jemma has nightmares—images flooded with dark water and high pressure and the sound of her own high-pitched scream. She wakes up with tears streaming down her face and her hands gripping the sheets. When it gets really bad, when she’s shaking and her head is spinning and she can’t find her breath, she crawls into Fitz’s bed and rests her hand on his heart and reminds herself, tells herself over and over again that it’s there. That’s it’s still beating. That he’s alive and so is she and that’s what counts most.

Sometimes she wakes up in the morning still in his bed and finds her breakfast tray already on the table, but she and Fitz are the only ones in the room.

Trip never mentions those mornings. And if anyone else on the team has seen them, they don’t mention it either.

Why is Luhan casually walking around Russia wearing Sehun’s stuff?

I mean

Sehun’s beanie

Sehun’s jacket

Is it because:

A. Luhan hasn’t done laundry for like a month. I won’t be surprised if the shirt he’s wearing is Sehun’s too.

B. Actually not Sehun’s stuff but Luhan’s. And of course they share clothes. They share everrrything.

C. Coordi-noona: Let’s make the HunHan shippers go craycray. Luhan, wear this beanie because the drama mv just came out and Sehun wore it there, and wear this jacket while you’re at it because everyone’d remember this orange jacket. Voila! HunHan in Russia!