or Okabe himself

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Are you playing S;G 0? Do we get angsty okakuri? From the looks of it the game sounds painful and everyone is miserable ;;

I am! Oh my gosh you don’t understand how emotional this game is! Angst is the very LEAST Okakuri we get from this stuff guys, this game is about=

((SPOILERS)) !!!!!

OKABE’S LOVE FOR KURISU AND WHAT REALLY DRIVES HIM TO FINALLY SAVE HER. It is so beautiful and dynamic omg I can’t EVEN right now! (>人<)“’ I’ve gotten two of the possible endings so far (I’ve had the game for three days…) and neither have been the true ending, but both have been heartbreaking. Of course, everyone knows that the game is about Okabe himself and not necessarily “okakuri” but the entire driving force of the thing is him deciding to save Kurisu on both the alpha and beta worldlines and what his motivations are to do so- SURPRISE! It’s all about his feelings for her. Simple as that. Yes, you have to factor in the future of devastation that prevails lest he not save Kurisu, and every other characters involvement in the plot, but the fact of the matter is he loves Kurisu and will ultimately never really be able to forget her. His words not mine. We all know how our favorite mad scientist gets when he can’t shake something. (^ω^)I’ve been quoting various smut that Okabe has been spouting. They’re so canon it hurts. Like this pain is unreal. MY OTP!!!!
((((;゚Д゚))))))) but yeah. I’m sorry I’m so into this rn. ❤️💚💙