or I could draw it out and make it very long and plotty

thebadddestwolf  asked:

heyyy i heard you have some great 'fear her' ficrecs?? :D

Weeeell, I know of a few :D 

I’m including fics on the list that I have personally read and liked. There are more out there, though during my search for them, I realized that there aren’t nearly enough! 

Assume these are all smutty, unless stated otherwise xD

Pre Episode

Adventures in Multi-Taskingthebadddestwolf - yeah, yeah, I know. rec’ng your own fic to you, but I can’t make a FH fic list and leave it out! Especially when it is the only one I know of that explains why the Doctor parked the TARDIS the way he did.  (also console sex and tie blind folds. nuff said)

Incurable, Rosa Acicularis - Actually takes place just after Love and Monsters, so it doesn’t really belong on this list, but it’s a gorgeous fic and I really like the conversation that they have about love, plus I think it puts them in a believable mindset for Fear Her ;) Rated T


Fear This, unfolded73 - Takes place both during and after the episode and explores the Doctor’s view of sex, as well as Rose’s thoughts on their changing relationship (that description doesn’t do it justice - it is a wonderful fic and one of my favorites).   

Permission to Follow Up Sarge, Dryadalis - What might have happened if they’d kept going with the role playing during the episode. Cracky fun and hot too.  

On Paper, Olfactory-Ventrioquism - What if Rose had gotten stuck in the drawing too.  There’s cartoon smut to be found here.  


Reprieve (Rest for the Wicked), nocookiesjustbooks - Some adorable fluff in Trish’s guest bedroom that leads to…other things

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Grey’s 12x06 Review

Finally watched Episode 12x06 of Grey’s Anatomy and here are some thoughts:

Meredith may be being groomed to take Richard’s place in the hospital – Meredith is the one we now see teaching the new class of students. And now she has her own “Meredith.” Richard actually compared Penny directly to her since he didn’t want Meredith to come to his hospital and bring up all of his old feelings.

April and Jackson could still divorce – I know. Jackson is clearly softening. I think April won a major battle. Jackson clearly admires April’s tenacity. April’s belief in Jackson helped him be a better doctor. All great things. But there was a line that jumped out at me about God and divorce. For April divorce is anathema. Is April fighting for Jackson or simply for her marriage because she thinks divorce is wrong?

Maggie is a special snowflake – I just love her. She lights up the screen and makes everything better. Why aren’t she and Deluca talking right now? That should change. But well, the new guy is also a cardio-thoracic surgeon. Hmmm…here comes trouble and competition.

Wow, Owen is capable of being an ass to a dude – I think it was smart for the writers to add characters that ramp up tension. But McScreamy is McScary and I keep waiting for him to bring in a gun and go on a rampage. It is one way to get me to root for the new guy without knowing why Owen hates him. Owen tends to hate doctors who take risks and succeed. 

Arizona needs a hug – I’m bummed that the cafeteria scene was cut. I feel like that would have added some context to her scene with April. But wow, it was really nice to see Arizona cut the bull shit and speak truth to April. I hope we get more sooner rather than later. I am tired of waiting to peel back this fascinating onion.

Callie – I liked her throughout the episode. I think it’s interesting that she called Meredith out for being a bully. That’s the second time this season that word has crossed her lips regarding other people.

Callie and Penny – Honestly, had we not had the end scene, I would have worried more about Callie and Penny’s future. The writers had a perfect chance to show us, rather than tell us, why these two felt a spark. Imagine them drawing it out with shared glances and laughter and comfort, but keeping it all platonic until boom, Callie couldn’t contain herself anymore. That would have been terrifying. This? It’s something I do not want to see on my screen. I hate watching Callie treat another woman this way. But I know that these two are new. I know that they don’t really know each other very well. I know that they are in the first moments of infatuation. And I know that it feels fake and false and plotty. It doesn’t feel organic. 

Shame – This was a big theme of the episode. We had the minister who was drowning in current shame. Richard who was being confronted by his long ago shame, and Penny who was awash in shame she seems to have no way to escape from. But she offered the minister hope so maybe there is hope for her. 

But I couldn’t help but think about Arizona’s shame. Her line to April was ambiguous. It could have referred to taking the fellowship or how she is feeling right this second. But for some reason, I connected it to her feelings about cheating.

The Minister, Richard, Penny – All three of these people experiencing shame in this episode had others immediately support them. 

The Minister had the choir director running to his side.

Richard’s wife forgave him and she didn’t leave him. Not only didn’t she leave him but she kept his shame private. She didn’t tell her friends. It was between them.

Penny’s shame is present for everyone. But April shared her own similar shame in episode 5. Callie apologized for not coming to her defense immediately because Callie’s a surgeon, she understands. By the end of the episode, Meredith said that DEREK would be on Penny’s side and that he’d probably even like her. (He was the one who gave April the second chance, so it’s even likely true.)

Arizona works in a hospital with her ex-wife’s friends. All of them know her shame. Her ex-wife has never truly forgiven her for it. She takes the blame for having had True Love and screwing it up. Two years post divorce and she doesn’t appear to have moved on at all. She seems stuck and still a bit sad. She’s going to jump back into the dating pool, but it doesn’t feel like she’s ready. 

Out of all of them, Arizona is the one still paying the price for her shame. Her price appears to be her True Love. I can’t help but feel it’s not a price she should be forced to pay forever.

Fanfic Author Appreciation Day

Today was, as I’ve mentioned a few times recently on my page, my last day of work for the year/season. Furlough is - as always - strange, exciting, and terrifying. Knowing I’ll have more time to write? So very exciting. Knowing my income will be practically non-existent? Totally terrifying. But, that’s the reality of seasonal work. That said, I’ve been honestly surprised and touched at the comments I’ve gotten today. I can’t quite begin to explain how much that’s meant to me throughout the day (it would mean a lot any day, but today… I needed it today). So thank you

I fell in love with fan fiction before I knew what it was. I used to hole up in my treehouse out back and write stories about the crew of the Enterprise in my sparkly, kitten-covered Lisa Frank notebook. By the time I discovered the internet a few years later and realized that I wasn’t the only one who did this and that other people had shared their stories and I could read them… I was beyond hooked. Fan fic reading and writing has been one of the few true constants in my life, from about the age of eight. 

I will never give it up. I will never stop championing it. I will never cease to be thrilled and amazed and enthralled by the sheer talent and dedication of fanfic authors. 

This is by no means a complete list - I love so many fics and so many authors - but I’ve been working on it for three hours and at some point I just have to stop adding more awesome writers. SO… here’s a few I’d like to recognize for inspiring or moving me… 

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