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Ok but have u ever considered: human mob and Reigen doggo??? P.S. ur blog is really cute!!

The ultimate ‘Boy and his dog’ duo!

Reigen is basically like those dogs that sniff out cancer or rising sugar in your blood- but instead he sense Mob’s emotions so that he doesn’t go 100%. 

this isn’t a big issue I just needed some place to vent my feelings

I feel like nt’s using stim/fidget toys is just really gross unless they’re using them to focus, and not like make a distraction out of them, play w/ them ect.

I guess this is mostly because they’ve become a ‘trend’ something ‘cool’ to have, where as before all of this, if I had any stim item I would get made fun of.

Some nt’s don’t understand the concept of stimming at all, and I still get laughed at for flapping my hands/sleeves, picking at my skin, grinding my teeth, even yelled at for shaking my leg bc it was ‘annoying’ someone.

I wish y’all would stop saying shit like ‘it’s normalizing stim items, and stimming !!111!! it’s really helping autistic/nd ppl” bc it’s really not, it’s just a trend and most ppl don’t even understand why we have fidget toys in the first place, or understand stimming at all, it’s just something ‘cool’ to have