or *love is blind*

Rose-Colored Lover

Forlorn and helpless,
you left without a second glance,
my existence no different than dust
on a wooden floor, swept away
and piled neatly near the door.
Bitter tears soaked beneath
warped and discolored in stricken
grief, succumb to somber skies
unveiled your ever-changing lies.
Fingers melted into planks,
what difference does it make
when you walked upon my shoulders
with no regards to my composure.
Lost without the faintest stir
of who you really were,
how does one begin to find
how love can turn and
leave you so, blind.


The Purple Chair

This, friends, is Purple Chair. AKA the place where the writing gets done. AKA the place where I wrote Chapters 14-17 of ‘Blinded by Light’ in a span of six days. 

I wrote Chapters 14-17 in a flurry of inspiration and emotion and sheer excitement. 24,970 words in six days. That’s bananas output for me. Beyond bananas. It’s unbelievable. 

Tomorrow, I finally get to post Chapter 17 and officially close out the first arc of ‘Blinded by Light’. I can’t wait to share it. 

  • Harry: HOW can someone not love Draco?! It's as if he's made of kittens and cotton candy oh my god
  • Draco, wiping his bloody knife clean: I know, I'm really fucking cute, aren't I

Magnus: i’m cold

Alec: here, have my jacket

Simon: hey, i’m cold too

Raphael: what? (taking off jacket) I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now (piling scarves on simon) now look, i’ve got to make sure you don’t FREEZE to death and (taking somebody else’s hat) how long have you been cold you should’ve said something sooner, 

Look at this smol baby smiling because of a fanboy screaming his name. I FUCKING CAN’T.

update: I saw some tweets saying that person was screaming KiHyun’s name but you can’t really hear it well, but whatever, still look at his fucking smile, he’s enjoying it.

nevermind, @tiny-nerd63 told me he’s really screaming JooHeon-ah SO LET’S BE HAPPY LIKE HIM.



anyway yeah just because i love Bakugou doesn’t mean that i’m gonna excuse the horrible things he did 

b/c that just ain’t right at all, and it isn’t fair to Izuku, who was hurt by Bakugou for so long, Horikoshi, who’s very deliberately writing Bakugou to be a once horrible bully who’s slowly reforming, and even Bakugou himself, b/c his entire character arc is about slowly redeeming himself and maturing from where he began as a horrible bully

long story short i love my son i love him a lot, but yeah no he fucked up he fucked up bad and still needs to make up for what he did to Izuku


In my time of dying, want nobody to mourn. All I want for you to do is take my body home.
Andy Wood - 1967/1990, & Kurt Cobain - 1967/1994.
Shannon Hoon - 1967/1995, & Jeff Buckley - 1966/1997.
Layne Staley - 1967/2002, & Mike Starr - 1966/2011.
Scott Weiland - 1967/2015, & Chris Cornell - 1964/2017.

Interviewer: How did we get to [the alternate reality] version of Altea. Because with Allura having been the Empress who sort of established all of this, did it start to go that way when she was in charge? …

Joaquim: I would say it did. Definitely. I think her father was struck down and she went on a, like, revenge-laden swath across the universe. 

Lauren: I think the way we looked at it was, what if they had done Allura’s suggestion, which is stay and fight, versus Alfor’s suggestion of send the lions away. And if they had, if anything had happened–If Allura had gotten the power to take down these Galra, then she would have just, I think, maintained doing that. Been like, this is what we need to do. 

Joaquim: She would have given into it, yea. She didn’t have the perspective that Alfor had.

…so what you’re telling me is that not only is Alternate Reality allura just as bad as zarkon uwu but that our reality allura is also just as bad as zarkon, she just didn’t get a chance to take over the universe because her father made her physically incapable of doing so

yeah okay, cool! gotcha! you just really, really, really hate allura