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  1. Stop roughhousing with him!
  2. “How bad?”
  3. “Worse than I first expected.”
  4. She rubbed the scar on her palm, hoping that the pain would substaine.
  5. “I know what happened in Kabul.”
  6. “Oh you do? Because I don’t. Care to fill me in?”
  7. Hide the car, and this time remember where you hid it so I won’t have to steal another one on the way home.
  8. “Okay, which one is my mother’s favorite?”
  9. “The purple one.”
  10. “Oh God.. Why’s the ugly one almost her favorite?”
  11. Why can’t your hobbies be something not so dangerous?
  12. I can happily overdose, you know. Whatever gets me out of this job.
  13. “Did you found her?”
  14. “All I found was a shoe.”
  15. She glanced up the ceiling, trying to not let tears fall down her cheeks.
  16. Slept under the overpass again?
  17. “What happened to the hand?”
  18. “I slammed my hand on a elevator. And it hurt.”
  19. You still have connections on family court?
  20. We have two days to still fuck this up. So put Frankie under surveillance.
  21. Did he hurt you? Hey? Are you okay?
  22. “Why are you standing on the table?”
  23. “Well I was sleeping but then I woke up.”
  24. ‘Stability stab’ is not something you’re allowed to say while stabbing somebody
  25. “What are you doing?”
  26. “Might be committing an arson, robbery or a general illegal activities.”
  27. She had the key to survival, but not the willingness to do so
  28. “I though you were dead.”
  29. “And I need you to think that longer.”
  30. Don’t you know that she trains monsters to act like humans
  31. They can’t help you now, you know that. So why keep hold of the hope that they will?
  32. Only if I could tell all the dreadful things we’ve done.
  33. While my mother worried about me waisting my life, my father teached me to steal cars
  34. Don’t sit down, please. I would have to throw that chair away afterwards
  35. I’ll pick you up tomorrow kid. Don’t do stupid things without me
  36. I’m not qualified to be a vice president. I’ve no moral compass whats so ever.
  37. Do I need to pull a google on your ass or will you shut your dumb ass mouth?
  38. It’s not something we’re proud of
  39. I’ll do the fighting, you do the talking and decision making, okay?
  40. I’m not sure if I’m okay with murder
  41. “Is there someone in the truck?”
    “Why do you assume there is?”
  42. You could have stab me in the back like normal friends
  43. Shut up or I’ll choke you out. Wait you’d actually like that never mind
  44. I thought you were locked in the office?
  45. So for lunch we have either gummy bears or protein bar?
  46. “Who she escaped?”
    “Ripped a metal pipe from the ceiling and smashed her way out.”
  47. She’ll jab her eye out holding the gun like that
  48. So ma’s got a new job?
  49. Who buys a 5,000 dollar suits? Oh wait you
  50. Only guys I know that like oysters are rich as motherfuckers

anonymous asked:

How do I decide what story to write if I have upwards of ten ideas, all in roughly the same stage of development, that I am equally excited about? Every resource I've found or person I've asked has suggested methods that I can't use, either because I have too many ideas or because there aren't any that I'm more excited about or ready to start writing yet. What can I do to narrow down my options? This is especially difficult for me because I've always struggled for ideas and now I have so many.

Hi anon!  Thank you for your patience as I was delayed a couple days from answering you.  Honestly that’s a great problem to have, because whatever you choose, you’ll have multiple backup options in case one doesn’t work out or you need a break.  And I mean… 10+ ideas.  Personally, it’s hard for me to come up with one idea of what to write.  That’s frickin’ amazing.

Originally posted by allreactions

But if you feel that all these 10+ ideas are equally exciting and planned, that does make it a more difficult choice.  Still, those are only two aspects to a good story idea; there are many more things to consider before your plot bunny becomes The One Story To Rule Them All…

1. Emotional Connection

The strongest source of continual inspiration throughout the first draft is your emotional connection – to the characters, the plot, and the themes of the story.  Think about which of your story ideas will interest you in the near future.  Think about your future.  For example, I’m a few months away from adulthood, graduation, and then college.  So this year, I plan to write an adventure novel filled with characters who are filled with fear, of being unsafe, of running out of food and supplies, of losing their way through these hugeass woods.  I’m channeling my real emotions into these characters, which makes the story more believable and also gives me an emotional outlet.  SO BASICALLY: think about what you’re experiencing right now or in the near future, and find the story that connects to you most.

2. Plot Thickness

You’ve stated that your story ideas are all in the same stage of development, but even so, they will differ in plot thickness.  Some stories will be heavily character-driven, and some plot-driven – that’s fine.  But some of these ideas are likely excitement-driven.  You may have one story that’s set in this magnificent world, with all these deep and interesting characters… but the only plot is that they meet and all start falling in love, or they all have to survive the apocalypse, or something like that.  It’s a general idea, but not a developed plot with an arc and a theme.  So narrow down your options to the most developed, most thicc 👀👌 plots and you’re doing yourself a favor.

3. Characters

And I mean simply: look for the plots that have characters.  They don’t have to be fully fleshed out yet.  They don’t have to be super interesting or deep yet.  But if you don’t have even an idea of your cast, you’ve got no story.  Story comes from characters, no matter how interesting their setting or situation is.  Every plot-directing decision is made by characters.  If you don’t have any characters for one of your plots, then you don’t have a plot at all.  So put it away for later.

4. Surprises

Don’t get me wrong – you can totally write a love-triangle vampire story with a happy ending and still make it quality.  Writing is not a battle of the most unique storyline.  You don’t get points for being different (clearly; look at Treasure Planet’s box office earning.  I’m still bitter about that.) but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  Surprises = unexpected writing decisions.  This includes non-stereotypical characters, divergent story arcs, complicated plots and complicated resolutions, and basically anything that isn’t boy-meets-girl or boy-saves-world.  Find the stories that will keep readers guessing, and focus on those.  Predictable writing is worse than erroneous writing.

5. Iconic Hook

At the end of the day, our favorite stories are drawn back to one iconic idea, big or small – the White Whale, the Great Gatsby, the One Ring, the Scarlet Letter, the Hunger Games – basically, the Something that sticks with you after you’ve read it.  The character, object, place, or event that exists as its own idea outside of the plot.  Find the story that has the most memorable idea, the most presence, the most authority.  That undefinable quality – that one focal point that ties everything together.  If nothing sticks out of your story, the reader doesn’t know where to look.  They don’t know where everything’s headed.  Even in mystery/thriller novels, where the reader is given very little information, they get a hook – someone died, someone went missing, something was stolen, something’s out there, someplace is haunted, and so forth.  So find your strongest hook, put it on your fishing reel, and start fishing… for subplots and characters and stuff.

I hope this has helped you a little bit at least!  If you have any more questions, hit me up and I’ll hopefully be able to respond a bit faster ;D  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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it's weird before i found your blog i really disliked junkrat for whatever reason but you have shown me the light he is Good and deserves no hate

thank you!!!!! I honestly don’t blame a lot of people for disliking rat a lot of the way he gets characterized is very,,,,,,Horrible Cishet White Boy lmao……but I do my best to make these junkers just some good ol gay anarchist boys

Ballsy:   I feel another summary coming on …  

Probably a bad idea.   Oh well.  

We have …  Season Four unveiled before us in its - whatever the hell that was - glory.  The JohnLocker meltdown was as epic as expected.   Because the totally canon JohnLock KISS™ did not happen according to the ancient prophecies.

Never fear!  There is a secret fourth episode … I can hardly wait.  ;)

Moftiss did not disappoint those who like their Sherlock melodramatic and OTT.  They even managed to turn it all the way up to 11.  As you do.  In the process, Moftiss thoroughly dissed the casual fans.  The rest of the fandom?  Frantically shovelling whatever they can find into the plot holes that you can drive - I’m going with those big-ass things that transported Space Shuttles onto the Launchpad for this one - thru.  And I’m behind the wheel.  Not clever.  And having tantrums accusing anyone who found it confusing of being children?  Yeah, maybe you should just write better scripts.  Saying.   

Jumped.  The.  Shark.    


I even put up the Fonzie gif. 



Now where are we? 

Fuckery wise.   Someone is laying low (because he can, when he wants to), and the “totally not for PR” wife and child/ren are quite a tad absent of late.  

Sherlock wise.   We have … oh dear.  The ratings are a bit … shall we say “low”.  And the articles are - I’m seeing a lot of negative.  There’s quite bit of nastiness going on.   Bit not good that.   

And now we have The Sun, then The Fail, then The Mirror (and a few others) putting it out there that the relationship between Martin and Benedict is “frosty” and the likelihood of Season Five (despite the desperate quoting of this article) is in question beyond “schedules”.   Whack those hugging gifs up!

Speaking of “schedules”.   For the past couple of weeks we’ve had Ryan Gosling as Doctor Strange floated.   And now we have quite a few articles and subsequent twitter spam of a body double (let’s point out that he’s also a Broadway Actor) being used to stand-in for Benedict for the next Avengers film … because …  let’s see if there’s a precedent for this.   Checks if RDJ ever used a body double.  Oh he did!  Oh, it was because of an ankle injury.  So.  Why is this being shoved out there?   Begs the question.   Is someone, trying to imply, that Benedict is (gasp!) replaceable?     

And now that Sherlock is over, we can look forward to, finally - ALL that amazeballs, SO excited for, sqqqqquueeeeee, set-pics of - the next biopic of boringness that it seems TWC are pushing for the next awards season.  I cannot yawn wider.  My jaw might break. 

PR?   This is one disaster after a mess after a disaster.   How about a nice little fix to all this Fuckery finally?   

Well.  Past.  Time. 

Even Enty is getting bored with this.

get to know mutuals tag

Thanks @sanaknows! 💙

Name/nickname/whatever you prefer to be called? Fille (Filip)

Pronouns? He/Him

Age? recently turned nerdy 30 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

Fav Skam character?

This is such an unfair question because I love so many of them!! But if I’m hard-pressed to pick one it’s Isak! His journey and struggles resonate with me, and I found myself relating to certain aspects of his journey to self discovery. I also love how despite initially being quite prejudice (oftentimes due to uncertainty and having internalized so many things), he’s open and humble enough to change his opinions once hearing the other side of the argument. He showed immense capacity for growth in S3 and I’m so damn proud of him for it!!! He genuinely cares about the people around him, and can see when he’s hurt someone… even if it takes him time to apologize he ultimately owns up to his mistakes. I mean this boy has such a big loving heart, he’s compassionate and really tries to understand, care and support those he loves. Plus he’s smart and wants to live real! I couldn’t be prouder of him!

That said I also have a special place in my heart for Eva, Jonas & Even.

When did you start watching Skam?

Started watching around the time “Evolusjonsteorin” was released, but only properly caught up around the weekend of “21:21″ (3.04), and then started following along live @ skam.p3.no with “Hjernen er Alene”. 🙌🙌

When did you make your blog?

September 2011, shortly after coming back from Japan.

Who are you cheering for to be s4′s main?

I’d be super happy with Sana, Jonas or Even (doubtful of him though…😢), and I’m hoping we’ll get Vilde for S6! But honestly, I know whoever they choose will be awesome so I’m not too worried!

Who do you think is most likely to be s4′s main?

Sana! (gonna link to @sanaknows‘s reasoning here, bc I basically agree with her. Feel free to poke me if you want me to elaborate/speculate though).

What are your main interests?

I have the most eclectic and wide variety of interests, a nerd-of-all-trades ✌

It’s really hard to boil it down but I tried: media, fandom, tv-series & movies, gaming, text based/tabletop roleplaying, HEMA, LARP, medevial reenactment, reading, tumblr, creative stuff (drawing, gifmaking, crafting, graffiti), playing baseball/softball, airsoft, technology & gadgets, japanese, music, horseback riding, skateboarding, and working with film.

Something you’re always up to discuss?

NERD STUFF; fandom stuff, like Skam (obvs 👌). but honestly I’m pretty laid back and curious so try me and I’m sure we’ll find some interesting topic.

Something you refuse to discuss?

I don’t like speculating about real people or their private lives.

Other favorite shows aside from Skam?

Fringe, Sense8, The Get Down, emmerdale, Orphan Black, HTGAWM, Generation Kill, black sails, star trek, torchwood, all mcu shows!

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It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


I am your weird relative now.

If you have a rough holiday, I’m your weird relative now. Pass whatever is being served, take this handful of candy and don’t tell anyone. You are all my favorite. Don’t tell anyone that either, but I’m not sure it is a secret.

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Summer is coming and here is for you, all witch artist/writer of this world, a Challenge with only witchy stuff to draw or write about! You can do whatever you want with it, whenever you want! It’s just a list of witches I really wanted to design and bring to my story or I really wanted to draw just for fun~ 

You can mix it with some color palette meme found on the web, there is a lot of it around deviantart and Tumblr! It doesn’t have to be done in the order, you can just reblog it and ask to you followers to suggest you some of these! And you can suggest me some of these too! I’ll do it in July or August anyway ;D

This is a character design challenge~ You can do anything, any body type, any skin color, any disability, any religion or any gender you want, it’s totally free, so be creative ♥ That’s the only thing that counts! 

Lots of love *:・゚✧

DeanCas coda to 12.04 “American Nightmare”

“So, you’ll never guess what happened to me today.”


They do this now; sit on separate beds, miles away from one another, and talk. It’s uncomfortable—Dean’s face is always hot where it’s pressed against his phone, and Cas’s voice is a ghost of itself over the tinny line, but they make do. This isn’t the first time they’ve been apart and it won’t be the last. A little time apart is healthy, right?

That’s hard to remember when, ridiculously, all Dean wants is to have someone hold him.

“The wiccan I thought was a witch—Beth, you remember me talking about her? She gave me her number.”


“Uh, Cas? You there?”

“I’m here.” Dean frowns at the far-away sounding response, listening intently to the rustle of fabric as Cas settles and re-settles on whatever starched motel bed he’s found himself for the night. The angel still doesn’t need sleep, but apparently, having his own space is the only way he’s managing to stay sane on his weird little roadtrip thing with Crowley (which Dean is totally not bitter about, by the way). “Um…” Cas clear his throat. “What will you do with it?”

A frown. “Like, what’ll I do with the number? Nothing. Why,” he asks, cautious. “Do you… think I should call her?”

They haven’t had time to talk about it. Between Amara and Chuck and Mom and Lucifer, Dean’s barely had a second to wipe his ass, let alone have a Grown Up Conversation about where exactly he and Cas stand. They touch a lot, and they kiss a lot, and sometimes they fuck, but they’ve never actually said the words dating or relationship. Not that Dean’s necessarily complaining; that shit’s always ended in tears, but… he kind of thought he and Cas were on the same page for this.

“…If you want to call her,” Castiel finally says. “You should.”

Dean grits his teeth. “Wow, Cas, way to make a guy feel special.”

The freaking angel has the gall to sigh on the other end. “What are you talking about.

“What’m I—” the hunter cuts himself off, shaking his head as his hands turn to fists. “I thought we were both knew what we were getting ourselves into, here, but I guess not. I guess I didn’t get the goddamn memo.”

Excuse me? You’re the one who told me about a woman giving you her phone number!”

“Yeah, Cas!” Dean exclaims. “I told you about my day. I shared something with you because I thought it was something we could laugh about—haha isn’t this so hilarious because I’m 100% committed to you. But here you are fucking telling me to call her so I guess I really missed the mark on that one.”


“No. You’re always wanting me to talk? Fine. This case was so fucked Sam and I had to down six fingers just to stop fucking shaking. I was so friggin’ stubborn a social worker thought I was flirting when I went to her office to kill her, and I was so fucked up over the mom thing, I almost fucking lost Sam. A kid fucking died because I wasn’t there. Hell, the only light at the end of the tunnel was one kid got away safe, and Mom texted me back, but even though I get why she left she’s still gone. You’re still gone. And I know, okay; I’m an asshole who doesn’t treat you half as good as I should, but jesus I thought we both knew what we were doing, here.”

Dean,” Cas says weakly.

Dean stubbornly wipes a hand down his face, taking the moisture on his cheeks with it. “Fuck, I just… I fuckin’ miss you, man. But if this ain’t gonna work out, you tell me, here and now, because I don’t think I can—” his breath hitches and he swallows the rest of his sentence, biting his lip in an attempt to keep it together. How the hell did this happen?

Dean, I’m not—I don’t—” Cas’s breath rattles through the speaker, and Dean’s chest turns cold. “…I’m sorry about your case,” the angel finally says. “I’m sorry about your mother. I’m sorry I misunderstood, but I.” He pauses, collecting himself. When he speaks next, his voice is a low croak. “I don’t want to overstep. I don’t want—”

To get kicked out again, Dean’s mind finishes. He feels his heart sink.

“Listen to me,” he says—firm, brooking no argument. “You can’t overstep. Cas, I-I want you here, for every beginning, middle and end of every day. I wanna fuckin’ make you breakfast in the morning and go to sleep with you at night, and I want people to stop giving me their numbers ’cause I can’t help holding your hand while we’re on cases. I just…”

Me too,” the angel murmurs, suddenly all sweet and shy.

Dean bites his lip, ducking his head in a nod while his ears flare red. “Um,” he mumbles. His heart is gonna crack his ribs for how hard it’s pounding. He licks his lips. “So, uh, find that SOB so you can come home, huh?”

Cas is smiling so bright, Dean can practically hear him over the phone. “I will,” he says.

“Great. Cool. I, ah. I love you.”

I love you, too, Dean.”

1. If you have people that really care about you, don’t you dare let them go.
2. Some days, your emotions may rise to the surface regardless of how hard you try to act like you don’t have them. You might even find that tears want to fall. Let them.
3. Taking time to be with yourself is essential. Go ahead and skip that group outing, stay home and binge watch whatever you want, read that book you’ve been putting off. It’s cool to get to know yourself, the person you are when you’re alone.
4. Music can help get you through anything.
5. Don’t overwork yourself. Your grades don’t matter as much as you’ve been taught that they do. What really matters is doing the best you can. 
6. Sometimes you’re going to have to lose people you thought you were close to. It might hurt, but that’s okay. That’s way better than holding on to people that only seem to manage to break you.
7. Smiling is good for you.
8. Laughing is even better.
9. Spreading love is a must. There’s more than enough hate in this world, and you never know what someone is going through. A kind word may change someone’s life.
10. You matter.
—  10 things 2016 taught me. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (366/366)
Real talk

Does Lin-Manuel Miranda know how much hope he has given so many people with Hamilton? I mean, I can’t speak for anyone else, but my family isn’t very well off. I never thought I would go anywhere, despite my good grades or passion or detemination, I knew that my parents just did not have enough money to send me to my college of choice.
Then Hamilton came along.
Hamilton, as you all know, is the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton. Our buddy Hamilton was also hella not rich, just like me!!! But he was so persistent and he was so eloquent and he achieved so much even if he didn’t have the money to do so!!! Like!!! Buddy!!! I can also do that!!! I can make a difference!!! I can go to whatever the fuck college I want to!!! Thank you, Mr. Miranda, for writing something that gave this determined cinnamon roll hope!!!


Have some journal pages from October and November! Still haven’t found a firm style to stick to - I guess my style will be whatever stuff I have to hand at the time whether it be paint, magazine clippings or other stuff. 

More of my journal pages: 1 | 2 | 3

I HAVEN’T SEEN IT BUT I’LL DO MY BEST also the roommate sitch heavily inspired by @bullysquadess’s roommate au

  • because, you know, of course it’s Ikea
  • they found out each other’s identities years ago, when they were like 15 or 16, and now they’re 22 and they really deeply crave independence
  • or, well, Marinette does
  • Adrien moved out the second he turned 18, and now lives off his trust fund in some ridiculous high-rise condo all alone and living off takeout
  • both of these facts come up in a conversation on patrol
  • the conversation goes something like this:
  • Marinette look… I can cook…. I will cook you whatever the hell you want if i don’t have to pay rent… I will be your live-in servant of I don’t have to pay rent…
  • Adrien: you don’t even have to cook just keep me company god they won’t even let me keep fish I am so alone
  • Marinette: ……when was the last time you ate something that wasn’t takeout
  • Adrien: ……………um…
  • Marinette: ….I’ll cook.
  • and so it begins
  • but the thing is, in the four years Adrien’s lived in that apartment, he never managed to buy a couch
  • he doesn’t even have box-springs for the mattress on his floor
  • he has a mattress, a refrigerator, a kitchen that came with the apartment, a desk, and a chair
  • Marinette just looks at him
  • you cannot live like this, her eyes say
  • yes, mistress, say Adrien’s
  • so
  • Ikea
  • they have a condo to furnish (9’-’)9
  • the first pun sneaks up on them while they look through the selection of bed frames
  • ………………..you’re going to have to imagine the puns because I’ve never seen the video and I don’t remember which language Ikea product names are in and by god I am terrible at coming up with puns
  • but yeah
  • chat puns
  • bugaboo snickers
  • they move on
  • the second hits when they pass by the little kids slide and Adrien needs to attempt to slide even though his legs alone are longer than the tiny slide
  • it’s probably some pun on the Swedish word for children and Ladybug’s better nature but I wouldn’t know
  • Marinette is left covering her face with her hands and torn between pretending she doesn’t know the asshole in the kids area and laughing helplessly
  • those puns really are much more funny when she’s not worried he’s going to spend more time thinking of them instead of thinking about staying out of mortal danger
  • somehow, Adrien comes into his own in the midst of trying out the recliners
  • Marinette has to remind herself that they are in the middle of a store and someone has to keep them on track, or they’ll just end up giggling their way out of the door with no more furniture than when they started
  • or, worse, it’ll be uncoordinated
  • Marinette will not abide by an uncoordinated living space
  • his pun game steps up around the shelves
  • with the shelves come the examples of living spaces and, as much as she loves him, Marinette can’t resist a few jibes
  • “would you look at that?” a mock gasp. “so much furniture! wow Adrien, maybe you should close your eyes. i wouldn’t want you to get overwhelmed or anything.”
  • “my lady, you don’t need to put me on a shelf. I might look free-floating, but I assure you I’m quite well-braced.”
  • oh my god you doofus”
  • look basically they’re the most ridiculous newlyweds-slash-best-friends to ever go furniture shopping
  • and they’re not even together yet
  • when they finally get to the warehouse, it takes them too many trips to get it all out the door
  • and then they have to drive it all back and take it up to Adrien’s seventh-floor apartment
  • they give up halfway through and pass out on Adrien’s floor mattress
  • it ends in cuddles

AU where Persons A and B are roommates and A is a vampire and doesn’t even hide it but B just thinks they’re joking all the time.

“Is that wine? Can I have a sip?”

“It’s blood.”

“Haha, whatever you say.”

“Where did you get these sweet fake fangs?”

“They’re real. I’m a vampire.”

“Sure you are, and I’m Bigfoot.”

haikyuu!! mundane superpowers: Seijoh edition

(since karasuno was so popular)

Oikawa: Oikawa can shut off or enhance (by a factor of about 1.5) any of his senses at will for as long as he wants; not just the main 5 senses, but all of them. Sense of balance, sense of direction, sense of urgency, sense of foreboding, even sense of humor. Only one sense can be altered at a time. (he used to suppress his ability to sense pain while he played so his knee wouldn’t bother him. this did not end well.)

Iwaizumi: Iwaizumi can make flowers grow. He still has a hard time controlling it, so whenever he steps on grass or dirt flowers will just spring up out of the ground.

Hanamaki: Hanamaki can make whatever he eats have any taste and texture he wants it to. You see him chowing down on a raw head of lettuce, but to him, it’s ice cream or some shit. He has the healthiest diet on the whole team. Probably in the whole prefecture

Matsukawa: Matsukawa can always detect if someone is lying. They can omit information or be sarcastic and he won’t pick it up, but if someone tries to tell him something that is completely untrue, he will know. Sometimes, if he concentrates very hard, he can make it so people are incapable of lying when speaking to him. he’s only done it a handful of times tho bc it’s an invasion of privacy

Kyoutani: Has inhumanly powerful teeth and jaws capable of chewing through solid steel. Very few opportunities call for someone to chew through solid steel, so his gift is only good for when a teammate forgets their locker combination or cracking nuts. On the plus side, he’s physically incapable of getting cavities

Yahaba: Yahaba can walk on water. However, this does not mean that his shoes can walk on water, so if he tries while wearing shoes the soles always get soaked through

Watari:  Watari can fit anything comfortably in his pocket, so long as each item can fit easily in his hand. There’s always room for more. Likewise, Watari can pull any palmable-sized object out of his pocket if he’s encountered it before. 

Kunimi: Kunimi can hypnotize entire swarms of bees by humming

Kindaichi: Kindaichi can talk to trees. He can sit in the woods for hours on end, listening to the stories the oldest ones can tell. Kindaichi will sometimes  talk about his own problems and insecurities. They can’t offer him a lot of advice, being trees, but it often just feels good to have someone listen

Sticks, Stones, and Bones; Divination Through Casting Objects

My wonderful friend @peacock-witch and I regularly Skype and have fun divining with found objects. This means, whatever is at hand! One night I picked up a pack of cigarettes and started tossing them in the air to see how they fell. Thus was born my love of casting objects to divine. Casting objects is simple, easy, and super “witchy” and in my opinion quite fun and accurate as well! All you need is a selection of two to ten power objects.

What are power objects?

In this context, a power object is whatever has special significance or meaning to you. Just as a deck of tarot cards has 78 distinct meanings to it, your collection of power objects will each have their own distinct meaning. When you cast them on your cloth, the way these objects fall in relation to each other will determine what the reading is.

Here are some ideas of what power objects could be and what their meanings might be:

  • Crystals, stones: Use traditional magical meanings (love, strength, wisdom, protection, etc.).
  • Runes, ogham: Include a full set of runes or ogham sticks, or include certain ones that have special significance to you.
  • Matches, lighters: Guiding light, technology, civilization, fire element.
  • Feathers: Air element, communication, travel, motion, movement.
  • Cigarettes: Sickness, indulgence, hedonism, disease.
  • Ring: Family, bond, friendship, trust.
  • Key: Answers, wisdom, truth, opening, awakening.
  • Coin: Wealth, prosperity, earth element.
  • Glass beads: Creativity, glamour, manipulation, water element.
  • Pills: A state of being unwell, problems, where healing is needed.
  • Battery: High energy, energy blockage, energy containment, energetic flow has been altered.
  • Pen or pencil: Society, lawfulness, rules, order, regulations.
  • Skittles: Sweetness, well-being, happiness.
  • Animal figurines: Use animal lore and meanings to determine what the animal should represent.
  • Walnuts: Brain, intelligence, mind, cunning.
  • Popsicle stick: Bridge, pathway, path, route, solution.
  • Pins and needles: Pain, attack, aggression, fear, worry, unease.

You can really pick up any object around you, assign it a meaning, and cast it with your power objects. Over time you will gain the discernment to tell when an object adds meaning and depth to your readings, or when it becomes clunky and unwieldy. At the start, just cast 2-5 power objects; as time goes on you should experiment with adding more and seeing how it affects your reading. Don’t be afraid to add or especially remove objects that aren’t working for you.

It is a good idea to search for object that are equal in size. For example, casting 5 cigarettes may be a more balanced reading than casting a dime, a lighter, and a crow’s feather. When objects are similar in size they fall similarly and may provide with a more balanced reading to start with, or at least, a reading that is easier to read! This is in my own experience however, perhaps to you the size of the items doesn’t matter at all.

So where do you find power objects? Anywhere! @peacock-witch​ and I pick up whatever is in the room with us and figure out a way to divine with it. To make that list of objects above I just sat still and looked around my kitchen. Even carrots and celery sticks will do if you’re really short on objects to toss around.

Remember that you can mark on or alter your objects! I draw meanings on the filters of cigarettes. You can draw symbols on coin with permanent marker, write words on Popsicle sticks, or dab paint on figurines to give them extra meaning.

Put meaning to your objects

The way your power object collection looks will reflect what type of questions you want to divine for. If you want to do love divinations you may have five different objects each representing a subtle form of love. If money is your concern, you may have extra objects representing the economy, cash money, debt, savings, wealth, and financial players.

Assign one object to represent the person you are reading for. Suppose you are using Skittles to divine. Red can represent the person you are reading for; Green stands for love, yellow for wealth, purple for spirituality, and orange for success.

Experiment with different meanings for your objects. See what group of meanings works well together. You should be quickly able to tell what meanings work as a group, and what are clunky, redundant, or nonsensical.

Trust your throw

Just as you trust tarot cards to come up correctly, you need to trust your power objects to come up correctly. What works for me, and for many other readers, is to have a ritual you follow each time you cast for a question. One such example ritual is to hold the power objects, focus on your question, then cast in the same way every time.

Observe the fall

Once you have focused on your question and cast your power objects, the real fun begins!

Let’s go back to our Skittles example. Suppose you want to divine a person’s love life, so you cast the red candy (the querent), the green candy (love), and the orange candy (success). Now, you read the position of the candies to determine whether or not love will soon be in their life. Suppose the person is closely touching love but is far away from success. Maybe this means they will get very close to their goal but never be successful. Or, what if it means they do not need to be successful to find love? As a reader it is your job to interpret how the candies fall.

  • Look at how your power objects are oriented on the board. Do they appear to make a shape or picture? Do all the power objects appear to be pointing towards one side of the board? Do they give you a feeling of active motion, or a feeling of stillness? Do some seem to be clustered together as if they are stuck in a gravity well, or are they spread outwards as if there was an explosion? Take time to consider the board as a whole and the entire picture made by the objects.
  • Look at how your power objects interact with each other. Are some objects touching or even stacked on top of each other? Do some objects seem to mirror each other across the board? Are two or more objects pointing at each other or facing away from each other? Consider everything!! This is the true fun and excitement of casting power objects :3 Take time to consider the objects individually and how they interact with each other.

Casting power objects is an especially useful form of divination to use when you want to determine the nature of relationships between things. It is a powerful system because you can select as many objects as you want and give them their own meanings, as opposed to runes or tarot where there are a set number of meanings for a set number of objects. It is also impressive because you can pick up literally anything and cast it, and you will be able to divine (once you get the technique down of course!)

My advice is to be careful about how you label your objects and pay special attention as to how the objects interact until you get a good team of power objects working for you. Also make sure to keep looking for new levels and depths of meaning. Group readings are a great way to get new levels of depth in your readings, by having multiple friends each read the same spread and share their interpretations.

Retail Etiquette

AKA a few ways you, the customer, can help make a retail worker’s life easier.

1. If you don’t want something, put it back where you found it. Not sitting on a shelf nearby. Not halfway across the store. Right where you found it. On the peg/ however it was displayed originally. Please. I know it’s super easy to just drop that thing where you are, especially if you’re across the store, but imagine having to put that one thing back times a hundred. That’s what we have to do. Every day. It’s like the world’s worst scavenger hunt that takes literal hours. All work that is avoided if you take five seconds to put that thing back where you found it.

1.5. Don’t trash the shelves looking for that one perfect package in the back or whatever and leave it. Fix what you mess up, or what your kids mess up.

2. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave trash lying around - cleaning the store and keeping it clean is a monumental task itself without people leaving empty cups on shelves. We have trash cans, use them. Wipe your feet. If you spill something, alert somebody.

3. Do not come in right before close, unless it’s an emergency and you know exactly what you need. In, grab the thing you need, and out before close. If you come into a store 10 minutes or less before close, you’re being (albeit mildly) rude. The staff has closing tasks they need to get done, often before the store actually closes and you’re keeping them from that. If you’re fast, no problem. If you linger and shop around, you’re being rude.

3.5. Do not linger after close. Know when a store closes, and get out when it does. Every minute you stay after close is a minute later the staff actually gets home. You are literally keeping the staff from going home to their family if you stay after close, and it’s deeply rude. Your time is not more important than theirs, especially AFTER the hours they’re obligated to give you their time.

4. If you break something, just tell the staff. They’re not going to make you buy it, it just goes into the ‘store damage’ bin in most places. Don’t try to hide it (world’s worst scavenger hunt part two) or just set it back on the shelf for someone else to find it and complain. Please.

5. Listen to the staff. They know what they’re talking about when they say they don’t have it in the back. They spend almost every day in the store - odds are they know even without looking. Listen to recommendations. Listen to them on policy. They know this stuff, you don’t no matter how long you’ve been a customer. They’re TRAINED, you’re not.

6. Be kind. Be polite. We all have bad days, but if a service worker can be polite and accommodating for 6-8 hours despite that, you can be for ten minutes. Don’t lose your temper if staff messes up. Service workers can only do so much; they’re the bottom of the entire corporate chain, and have literally no authority. Is that two dollars really worth demeaning another human being over?

Re: the Usual Comments:

“But it’s your job to put things back/clean up after me!”

It’s not. It’s deeply strange how people suddenly feel so entitled inside a store. A staff member is there to assist you shopping, not be your nanny. We shouldn’t have to clean up after you. You are not a child - clean up after yourself.

“I’m creating jobs when I -inconvenience store workers in some way-”

No, Cheryl, you’re not making jobs by leaving your empty starbucks cup on my shelf. I would have this job regardless of you making it more difficult, and my company isn’t going to hire more people just because you do. They just expect me to deal with it.

Preference "How they react when they hear you sleep talking"

(Firstly sorry for posting so late, I got busy :( and secondly sorry if some seem similar I just couldn’t find other ways for them to react XD So i really tried my best to make them all different. PS. They’re talking to themselves XD Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d have the reflex to always answer you immediately whether you say something weird or not. However, he’d then realize something off and shift to your side to look at you super closely. He’d then realize his mistake and start laughing to himself. “Fucking shit…Y/N…you’re at it again…talking in your sleep…Here I thought you wanted to keep me company…whatever that doesn’t mean I can’t hug you…”

Daryl-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he wouldn’t be too sure of what was happening. He’d wondered if you were awake and turn to your side of the bed to wave his hand in front of you and spend quite some time inspect you. When he’d realize you were asleep, he’d end up smiling and tuck you in even more. "Seriously, Y/N…what kind of grown up talks to themselves in their sleep…you’re a weird one…but I still love you…”

Rick-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually wake up just to listen to whatever you have to say. Sometimes it made him laugh, even making it hard for him to control it but sometimes it was just sweet it and melted his heart. He’d then just turn over to your side and wouldn’t be able to keep himself from smiling and getting closer to hug you and kiss your cheek. “Even in your sleep you’re sweet Y/N…and you love me so much…I must be lucky to have you…”

Merle-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d end up not sleeping for most of the night. As soon as he’d hear you he’d turn over to check you and grin to himself as he’d get closer to you. He’d start to talk back to you, questioning you about whatever he wants to hear, usually questions about your feelings for him or just about your sexual fantasies. “Oh…so what else do you like about me? Actually no…Y/N…I want you to be real honest here…what’s dirtiest thing you want me to do to you…”

Glenn-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and just try his best to keep it in. He’d find it adorable that you did that in your sleep and would just want to pinch your cheeks but hearing you say weird things would just make him laugh more than anything else. “What the hell Y/N…How can you be as hilarious asleep as you are awake…Great now I can’t sleep because of you…”

Carl-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually be asleep as well. You would usually be both sleep talking to one another and it seemed to always happen when one of you start it. It would make everyone else around laugh and try to join in so you’d both just say weird and regretful things. “Y/N…you’re just jealous…of me…cause of my hat…I see you looking at it…But i’m not giving it sorry…”

The Governor-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d find it adorable and just shift on the bed to get closer to you. He’d listen trying to figure out what was happening in your mind and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling whenever he realizes your having a dream about him. “Even in your dream I love you that much…good…it’s how it should be…”

Abraham-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smirk to himself and try to carry a conversation with you. He knew it could get weird talking to you when you’re asleep but he’d just love it that way. He’d then end up spending most of the night propped up on one arm and just stare at you sleepily. “Goodness Y/N…how can you get this weird in your dreams…I always thought you were a sane person…”

Eugene-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get startled and try to figure what was going on. He’d turn to you but still kept his eyes shut and just start to ramble along with you when your sleep talk just seems natural. However, once it gets weird he’d then just stop and awkwardly just wrap his arm around you. “I should’ve guessed you were asleep…man i’m such weirdo thinking you were talking to me at this hour…”

Ron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d be able smile and laugh. To hear you, it was just another reason for him to feel a little happier and he’d end up whispering nice things about you in hopes you’d end up waking up as well. “I like you Y/N…I like the way you smile at me…the way you look at me…and I like everything else about you…”

Jesus-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up and start to chuckle. He’d get closer to hear you and hug you from behind resting his head on you and sleepily answer back to you only to wake you up. “Yeah…I like you…I like you a lot actually…I mean there’s a reason we’re together…so yeah…oh you’re awake now!”

Dwight-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d slowly wake up smiling and jokingly cup your face as if to talk to you. He’d end up just staring at you, enjoying looking at your lips slightly moving to form words and he’d end up laughing at himself for doing what he was doing. “I’m sorry Y/N…I seem like a freaking weirdo…gosh why am i apologizing, you’re asleep and probably can’t hear me…”

Morgan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d genuinely think you were awake talking to him and casually just start to answer. Sometimes it can get strangely deep but sometimes he realizes your answers were starting to get weird and that’s when he’d slowly turn to look. “Y/N? Y/N…damn it…again…i’m talking to you in your sleep…why do I keep doing this to myself…”

Shane-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually smile and turn over to you. He’d prop himself on one arm and start to stroke your hair hoping you’ll have a good sleep. However, whenever he realizes you were having a rather dirty dream he’d casually slip his hand under the blanket and into your pants. “Oh Y/N…I know what you need…”

Milton-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he’d tense up thinking you were angry about something as it was late at night but once he realizes you were saying sweet things about him, he’d get flustered. He’d try to stay still as much as he could and just want to listen to everything you have to say. “Y/N…really you think all that of me…even in your sleep you’re so kind…”

Aaron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t be able to stop. Eventually it would end up waking you frustrated and him grabbing you just for a hug. He’d start to apologize and try to explain what had happen. “I’m sorry Y/N! It’s just really funny what you said! If only you could hear yourself you’d understand!”

Gabriel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually seem to wake up whenever you were saying dirty things. He’d get startled and turn away from you, closing his eyes. However, realizing you were mumbling to yourself about him he’d smile and just turn around to get closer for a hug. “You might be saying strange stuff Y/N…but at least it’s about me and not someone else…”

The Wolf-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up in surprise and get up from the bed. He’d go to your side and look at you and start laughing when he realizes you were truly asleep. “What is this?! What kind of person sleeps and talks at the same time! You’re really weird Y/N…”

Noah-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get a little worried thinking you had a fever or something and would always end up getting up checking your temperature. Once he realizes you’re fine, he’d feel at ease and be able to start laughing. “Well as long as you’re asleep it’s better than you being sick…”

Simon-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t even want to hide it. He’d sometimes even get up and go get every of his friends who were still awake and just get them to listen to whatever you had to say. “Hey guys! Y/N’s at it again…listen…yeah she’s hilarious even in her dreams…I got lucky like that…”

Ezekiel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to chuckle and wouldn’t be able to resist just wanting to hug you and kissing you all over while trying his best to not just wake you up. “Y/N…You are unbelievable…How can an adult be as lovely and innocent like this…”

Benjamin-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smile and scoot closer to you to hear you better.  He’d listen to everything you’d have to say and just feel at peace and at ease to hear you that no matter what you were saying he’d be able to fall back to sleep. “It’s good to hear your voice Y/N…I like it…”

Caesar-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d go check on you making sure you were fine and then chuckle realizing you were just asleep. He’d then just kiss you and go back to sleep. “Goodnight Muñeca…You should be asleep and sleeping…not keeping me awake…”

Michonne-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d approach you and wrap her arms around you. She’d be a little worried but hearing you saying silly things she’d smile and kiss your head before going to sleep. “You should be fully asleep at this hour Y/N…not rambling on…about little ridiculous things like this…”

Maggie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually turn to look at you and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and grinning. It made her laugh to hear you speak so much in her sleep and she’d end up falling asleep to the sound of your voice. “Even in your sleep you make me smile Y/N…if only you knew…”

Andrea-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually be sleepy herself and would end up talking to you. She wouldn’t even be sure if your were awake or not and just end up talking to you. “So that’s what I told him…Y/N if you were me..what would you do?”

Jessie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile to herself and turn to check on your for a while before turning back to sleep. 

Beth-When she hears you sleep talking, she wouldn’t even realize it and just talk to you about everything and anything. She’d open up to you and slowly fall asleep. “Yeah…I don’t like it here…it’s not as comfortable as home used to be…you feel that way too, right Y/N?”

Sasha-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d turn over to you and look at you for a little while. She’d then smile and just get closer and stroke your hair before falling asleep next to you. 

Rosita-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d chuckle and feeling clever she’d start to ask you about your thoughts. She’d want you to tell her the dirt and your views on her and the others around and wouldn’t want to stop. “So what do you think of him? Do you like him? or do you like someone else? Tell me Y/N…:

Enid-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d get startled and wonder what was going on. She’d slowly look over to you and just start to chuckle and go back to sleep.

Tara-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile and chuckle. She’d get closer to you and hold you tightly against her and listen to everything you have to say. 

Carol-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d be able to genuinely have a good laugh about it and would have a hard time keeping it in. She’d then calm down and just look over at you ruffle your hair.