or am i


2.4.17  ♡  24/100 days of productivity

One of the best things in the world is guessing on a bunch of questions on a test and actually getting them all right. On another note, I’ve been having a crisis over how I’m paying for college. I could probably sell a kidney or two.

anonymous asked:

I would honestly watch a tv show about you and Ducky, you're both great and so cute together! How did someone so hot, clever, and funny, find a gf who is also so hot, clever, and funny?? HOW? The world needs answers

yeah well i’m about to end things w her cause she didn’t reblog my selfie like how do u date me and do that like wow que wow

J2 on Wednesday

Jensen: jared, did you post this pic of lollie with arlo on spn gossip and said she just gave birth while in Seattle

Jared: …

Jensen: Jared

Jared: …………


Jared: SORRY (not sorry)

This morning

Jensen: Jared, did you really tell people the baby was already born and even showed them pictures last night?

Jared: ….

Jensen: jared

Jared: I may have done that yeah


Jared: SORRY (or am I?)

Extended Hiatus

Well, I was delaying writing this message but, truth be told, this week and a half long hiatus has made me realize how much of my time I was spending putting together posts for tumblr, or stressing over my story/posting schedule, and I wasn’t really having much fun with it anymore. So, I’ve decided to postpone posting A Little Mouse, as to prevent myself from stopping halfway through (better at the beginning than the middle, right?), take some time to step away from this blog in particular, and just spend some time enjoying myself and relaxing a bit. I don’t want tumblr to start feeling like a job. I promise I will be back to post eventually (I couldn’t leave this place if I tried), but for now I’ll be pretty quiet here.

In the meantime, I’m playing ts3 and I’ll be posting elsewhere, and I don’t want to make a big deal of it but if you’re a close friend and you’re interested in knowing where I’ve run off to message me for my new/temp blog address. For everyone else I’ll be back soon :D and I am still here lurking, reading, and commenting when I get some time.