Facing the Past

Set in the Underworld–Regina and Robin pay a visit to Cora, looking for answers and a way out, but that’s not what Cora’s interested in talking about.

For the anons who requested:

  • Cora tells Regina exactly what she thinks of her thief
  • The line, “I just don’t want to lose you.”
  • Cora tries to drive a wedge between Robin and Regina by bringing up something from her past, preferably something about Marian
  • After seeing Cora again, Regina gets a little much needed reassurance from Robin that she is loved exactly as she is.

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youguysaretoocute asked:

Prompt: or OQ middle school dance. That'd b cute. :)

Thank you so much for request! As always, sorry for taking so long to write it!

(I changed middle school dance to high school dance, hope you don’t mind) 

Hope you like it!! 

She looks beautiful. No, not beautiful, she looks gorgeous.

He cannot take his eyes from her. Her long dark hair is bound into a long ponytail and he cannot remember the last time a ponytail looked this good on someone. But on the other hand, she’s always an exception, everything looks amazing on her. She’s wearing a long light blue dress that hugs her curves in all the right places, her shoulders are bare and he feels the need to cover those shoulders with kisses.

Even though she looks gorgeous to him, she doesn’t feel very confident. He can tell from the way she’s looking around the room, making sure that people are not staring at her, and it’s no surprise to him – usually she dresses in black, avoids dresses, pants usually and a black t-shirt, but this night is different, it’s high school dance, and he had convinced her that she should wear a dress, just this one time (it took him hours to convince her).

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Possibly an unpopular opinion but: I’d love to see Jill play one of the backup GKs for the OQ final. Remember, the top two teams make the Olympics, so if we’ve made it to the final then we’ll already have the qualification clinched, the win/loss of OQ finals is a matter of glory and it isn’t super meaningful.

And unless something super weird happens with Group B, our opponent for the final will  be Canada, who are a respectfully good team. The backups not only have been given a paltry number of caps, but lately games starting the backup GK have been complete cupcake matches. Give the backups some proper experience by making them go up against Sincy.

As it stands right now our backups have a combined 12 caps.

(And yes, I know that this actually won’t happen, because the US hasn’t had a backup GK with any decent number of caps since Barnie)

Just cause I’m annoyed by false hope….and because quality is important too…5B filming reports (mostly Lana only):

5x12 Regina centric

Lana filmed as EQ

Lana, Jen, SM, Henry, Snowing

Lana, SM in Steveston:
Lana, SM and Black Tooth
Lana, SM, JMO, Gosh, Jared, Robert
Lana, SM, JMO, Gosh, Jared, Robert, Barbara

Gosh, Lana, Barbara, and Dwarves filmed in FTL clothes

Lana filmed 4 days out of 9 (probably more indoor), all Regina scenes are with RH.
+ Evil Queen flashbacks

5x13 Snow/Hercules centric

Hercules/Megara/Young Snow filmed
Lana + Young Snow
CS reunion, “true love scene” theme (when there’s no OQ, there’s CS to ruin it…)

5x14 Rumple centric

1Dec2015 in Steveston:
Lana, SM, Ginny, Josh, Jared
Milah, Rumple, Emma

Rumple, Milah, Young Bealfire
Hook filming with Ades

Lana on set (indoor)

Lana was not working, but travelling to/from LA
JMO instead was on set with Colin

CS on set

Lana, SM, JMO, Snowing

Lana on set (indoor)

Lana filmed 4 days, her outdoor scenes were all with RH. Indoor…?

5x15 Hook centric

JMO, Colin, Lana, Jared, and Bernard
JMO, Colin, and Bernard

(lol when there’s not RH, there’s Hook….)

Lana is filming


5x16 Zelena+RH+baby centric
(of course Lana’s around to film this story…*rolleyes*)

Belle, Blue Fairy, Zelena

Lana, SM, Belle filmed outside Zelena’s house

6Jan2016 in Steveston
Snowing at phone booth

Lana, SM, Bex filmed together

Blue Fairy
Lana on set

5x17 Belle centric

16 and 15Jan2016
Belle, Gaston

Lana on set for 2 days only. She spent the rest of the week in LA

5x18 Token lesbians

Lana on set for 2 days only, she spent the rest of the week in LA

5x19 Regina+Zelena centric

4 Feb2016
Lana on set

I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of infos and I have a few more for a couple of episodes. The “Lana on set” reports are based on the pics she tweeted from her trailer, but the point is: She did not film much, expecially compared to 4B (check last year’s filming) and everything she filmed in location was with RH.
It’s easy to assume a lot of what she filmed indoor was with RH too. Expecially cause her “heavy” episodes are the #100 (where again, RH is always there) and the RH+Zelena one.

There’s no much to look foward to for a Swan Queen fan, I say.

anonymous asked:

SA's tweet being "shirtless on an exam table fighting for [his] life" sounded like OQ's head wasn't in the game; thereby, he got hurt. Wonder if it was the result of FS breaking off the engagement. This reminds me of 408. However, he recovered splendidly bc he was at the funeral being physically well. Also wonder if FS and he had some truce but not to the point of being engaged again. Seems she is his Achilles heel.

Sorry Anon. Stephen says “shirtless” and I sort of go blank. Cause… shirtless.

i-like-what-challenges-me asked:

oq é a lei da atração??

Lei da atração é basicamente assim : Tu és responsável pelas coisas que atrai através dos teus pensamentos. Irei usar as palavras do filosofo Mike Dooley para explicar.

O princípio da lei da atração pode ser resumido em quatro palavras: Pensamentos transformam-se em coisas. A Lei da Atração é a base de tudo. Atraímos para a nossa vida tudo o que plasmamos na nossa mente. 

Mike Dooley

a-faekindagirl asked:

I'm not like, CONCERNED concerned, just more of a "what the hell are you going to put that poor man/OQ through NOW" kind of concerned. But seeing as the arc appears to be heavy on the Zelena, I figure he's got to be in peril at some point, seeing as the writer's like to do that to him, and with an apparent emphasis on the Mills sisters in 5x19 (and probably 5b in general), it could make sense.

Oh, I totally agree. I do think there’s a chance someone’s going to get left in the UW, as a sort of payment for Killian’s life, but I don’t think it’s going to be Robin. 

Robin has obvious links to both Zelena and Regina. With 5B focusing more on the Mills sisters (especially given their one confirmed centric ep) what you wrote does make sense. Last season, the Zelena/Robin/Regina drama was 4B focused, so from a structural perspective it also works. It would also provide opportunity to focus more on the baby storyline that was mostly brushed aside in 5A. 

With the recent pic of Lana at Zelena’s house, I wonder if Zelena has Robin trapped that like she did with Rumple in 3B. If so, Robin’s scenes would be mostly filmed indoors, which would necessitate studio filming, thus explaining why we’re not seeing him.

anonymous asked:

fiquei c uma amiga, e bom eu nunca havia ficado c garotas e tal, eu sou virgem e fui pra cama c ela, n rolou nada "sem roupa" pq eu n queria pq minha mae tva no qurto ao lado , ela me masturbou e nos beijamos muito e teve aqueles arranhões e tals, bom, eu nao perdi o interesse por garotos mas toda noite tenho vontade de ir ate o fim c ela, sem pudor e sem vergonha alguma, porem ela nao se mostra mais tao interessada nisso, e nunca mais falamos disso, oq eu faço???

vc eh danadinha ein miga me senti num pornô lendo essa ask qria ter umas amigas assim kkkkkkkkk ué se vc tá afim toma a iniciativa vc e veja a reação dela e goze d amor uai se vc tá afim q mal tem

eloamabel asked:

Já sofreu por amor? Se sim me diz oq a gnt faz qnd o sentimento está te acabando está te matando aos poucos ,e a gnt n consegue tira- lo nem amenizar a saudade ,oq a gnt faz qnd nosso coração se quebra em mil pedaços ?

Por amor n… Nunca gostei de ninguem
E so vc n se apegar…. N deixe sua felicidade depender de ninguem, so vc.

anonymous asked:

me conta uma coisinha senpai, pq tu fala que o yoongi é tua versão masculina? oq vcs tem em comum, amr?

Porque gifs explicam mais que palavras:

Quando a minha família começa a me comparar com a minha prima, porque ela tem muitos amigos e não passa o dia inteiro dentro de casa:

Quando me obrigam a ir à algum lugar que eu não estou interessada:

Minha reação com fogos de artifícios e qualquer outra coisa que me assuste:

Eu na vida:

E isso é só alguns exemplos. Só que não chega a ser 100% parecido, eu tenho pontos em comum com outros membros, daí é uma mistura…  Mas Yoongi sou eu quase sempre kkkkkkk. Minha amiga mesmo já me disse isso.


voguevamp asked:

I love Reversal of Fortune! I am NOT an Evil Charming shipper, but there is something about this story that I just love! And Robin could not be any more perfect than in this fic! Do you plan on continuing? Maybe writing the birth of the baby?

Thank you so much!  You know, Reversal of Fortune is actually an OQ story with heavy sides of Snowing and Snow Queen, the focus being on how all of these relationships are tested because of David and Regina’s grief-prompted indiscretion. Yes–I’ll be continuing this story, and yes, I will write the birth of the baby. :)  I’m honestly tempted just to do with this as I did with This One:  just dive in and finish it all at once so I don’t have another WIP, lol!  

Thanks again for reading. I hope you continue to enjoy this rather messy saga. 

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