After Midnight {OQ}

Once again he checked his watch. 12:10.

His shoulders sank as his chest grew tight. The back of his eyes burned but he managed to blink away his tears. Well… that’s it, he thought to himself. If she hadn’t shown up that meant she wasn’t choosing him.

Taking a deep breath he stood from the park bench and prepared to head home. Years later he’d thank god, he heard that sound of crunching gravel rapidly sneaking up on him.

He turned to see her red-faced and still breathless from rushing. There was a stunned, wild look in her eyes as she stared at him with a hopeful smile.

“Sorry I’m late.”


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2) Give me an AU setting.
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I find it beyond frustrating to see people comparing Regina’s actions with Emma’s in regards to Robin/Hook. The two are not the same.

Regina’s had to face losing Robin pretty much their entire relationship. And every time it came to that point, she always let him go. It’s never been an issue of her not being able to do the right thing and let go when she should in their relationship…on the contrary. She’s actually on the opposite end of the scale now. She moves on to the detriment of her own emotional state because she’s so afraid of holding on to her pain and grief at risk of losing control of herself. She won’t let herself grieve or deal with anything because she doubts her ability to do so healthily. She views grief as an unhealthy state of being rather than a necessary phase of loss. And yes, certain members of her family have encouraged that way of thinking.

Now her going after a fake version of Robin was an unhealthy choice. Absolutely. But not because she couldn’t let him go. She let him go. She did so TWICE this episode alone. What was unhealthy was her going after him with the intent of proving to herself that she deserves the pain and grief she’s trying to bury. She wants to believe that she deserves to suffer, to be hated as much as she is, to hate herself as much as she does. She doesn’t see any worth in her life or her place in the family, and she’s gotten to the point in her self-loathing where it’s not enough to just believe that, she has to remind herself of it everyday.

That is unhealthy. It’s heartbreaking as hell and, God, do I ever understand her and where that’s coming from (it’s so much easier to believe you deserve the suffering you can’t escape than to fight against it to no avail), but it is unhealthy and written intentionally so.

Her getting Robin back at the end wasn’t a mistake on the writers part. She chose to have faith in fate granting her some semblance of happiness and Robin not making it back with them would have just hammered home the psychologically damaged belief that she shouldn’t have hope at all because she doesn’t deserve the good it can bring.

The mistake made by the writing is that they did have him return, and they had him return as a reward for Regina choosing hope… yet we know he’s not real and that she’ll lose him again.

Now that in contrast with the messaging in Emma’s story. Emma who wouldn’t let Hook go no matter how many times fate (and Hook himself) told her she needed to, no matter how unhealthy and damaging it was, and no matter who it hurt or destroyed in the process. In the end she was rewarded for that. She was rewarded with a very real and very alive boyfriend coming back to her.

Regina does not get that same treatment. When she lets go and lets herself believe that’s the right thing to do, she suffers. When she chooses to have faith in happiness and hold on, she suffers. When she believes she doesn’t deserve happiness and should just suffer, she suffers.

So no, the two are not even remotely close to the same.

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OQ Fix It Week - Prompt Prompts

In case anyone needs a bit of extra inspiration, a few people sent in some Prompts within the Prompts. You can use any of these or change them up if you wish. It’s not mandatory to use them, but please feel free! 

Robin never died day (Monday 23rd October) 

  • Zelena dies instead of Robin
  • Robin names the baby
  • Robin realizes life is short and he proposes to Regina
  • Due to the soulmate connection Robin didn’t really die
  • After dying, Robin finds himself back in the tavern and realizes it’s the moment young Regina comes in. He turns around and chases after her, convincing her to give them a chance
  • Robin is in Storybrooke for the first curse
  • Robin is not dead but trapped in the adventures of Robin Hood book.
  • Regina, Robin & Zelena manage to defeat Hades.
  • Regina kisses Robin and TLK brings him back to life.
  • Regina splits her heart and puts half into Robin.
  • A new beginning - putting everything in their past behind them.
  • Regina splits herself for another reason (she accidentally hurt one of the kids?) Robin puts her back together.

Fix the Zelena baby situation day (Tuesday 24th October)

  • After the problems with Hades, Zelena takes the baby and runs off back to OZ
  • Robin cannot forgive Zelena
  • Roland has trouble accepting his sister
  • Robin comforts Regina because she can never have children
  • Roland is secretly Regina’s
  • Peanut dies (Regina comforts Robin)
  • Marian is the real Marian (pregnant or no)
  • Regina disguises herself and comes to NYC from time to time to check up on Robin. He has a feeling it’s her
  • Henry goes to New York and brings Robin back
  • When Robin has gone to NYC Regina’s heart is literally broken (they have to get him back to get her back)
  • Marian is not Zelena but Cora
  • Robin goes dark and wants to kill Zelena
  • Regina kills Zelena
  • The baby was never biologically Robin’s.
  • Zelena goes to prison and Robin & Regina raise the baby
  • The baby was secretly Regina’s all along.
  • Robin never deletes Regina from his phone, calls her and tells her he wants to come home.

Quest to get Robin back day (Wednesday 25th October)

  • Adult Henry brings Robin back however Regina has found love with someone else
  • Regina goes back in time to unmake Hades killing Robin
  • Bandit!OQ becomes real, Regina survives.
  • Henry fixes Robin fate with the author’s powers
  • Regina dies, they are reunited in the afterlife in “a place for heroes”
  • The Evil Queen is able to bring Robin back from the dead with dark magic
  • Robin is not dead but trapped in the adventures of robin hood book
  • Roland has a special gift, he can communicate with the dead.  He talks to his father, and they find a way to bring him back.
  • They go to the underworld and bring him back.
  • On his way back to the living, Hook runs into Robin’s soul and trades his life for his.
  • Cora & Henry help Robin get back to Regina.
  • Regina, Mal and Zelena use their combined powers to resurrect Robin.
  • Tinkerbell says that the Pixie Dust she previously used to find Robin is still activated so Robin must be alive somehow.
  • Queenie uses peanut (who doesn’t have to die since Neal didn’t die) to enact Zelena’s time travel and go back in time to save the Robin

The events after 4A never happened day (Thursday 26th October)

  • Roland tells Regina he wants a sibling
  • Regina realizes she is pregnant from the first time Robin and she slept together in the vault
  • Anything that explores the soulmate connection
  • Robin is tired of Regina trying to protect him
  • Marian was never Zelena. Robin and Marian breakup
  • Queens of Darkness story with Robin (maybe Robin seeing Regina’s dark side & reflecting on his)
  • Marian is never Zelena.  She sees Regina in a new light and forgives her.
  • Regina and Robin discover that they met and fell in love in the EF before.. til Cora found them, separated them, and put a memory curse on them,
  • Robin is in StoryBrooke for the first curse
  • Marian (real or fake) goes into the world without magic  without Robin.  
  • Cruella, Mal & Ursula help Regina stop Zelena.
  • Robin never gives up finding a way back to Regina (can enlist Rumples help)
  • Roland is secretly Regina’s

Off-screen day (Friday 27th October) 

  • Robin fully reads Regina’s story
  • Robin and Regina talk about the baby situation
  • What happened after the first kiss?
  • How did Regina get all unbuttoned before she left the Vault that morning?
  • Any off screen conversation they had in the vault after their morning of fun
  • Regina and Robin fall in love in the missing year
  • Any off-screen conversation between season 4 and 5 where they agree to be together.
  • First I Love You
  • Regina gets to say goodbye to Roland and he tells her that he wants to stay with her (can lead to her agreeing and changing the course of S6)
  • The ride back to Storybrooke from New York
  • Fade to black after their picnic.
  • Taking Roland for icecream.
  • Going on a date.
  • Walk in the moonlight.
  • Bonding in Camelot.
  • Regina spends time with the baby.
  • Dark!OQ wedding.
  • Dark!OQ meet the Merry Men.

Roni day (Saturday 28th October)

  • Roni gives a homeless person (aka Robin) a job in her bar
  • Complicate the family tree: Lucy is  Marian’s (another version of her) & Henry’s daughter
  • Roni and Robin break the curse with true love’s kiss
  • Robin’s soul is trapped in another man’s body in seattle.  He sees Regina (as Roni) and tries to get her to remember him.
  • Robin is a rival bar owner in seattle that clashes with Roni
  • Henry/Lucy set Roni up on a blind date with Robin’s Seattle counterpart.
  • Robin breaks the Seattle curse.
  • Robin is the landlord of Roni’s.
  • Robin is Roni’s chef.
  • Roni has a huge crush on her bookish regular (Robin) but despite her hard exterior is too scared to do anything about it.
  • Roni and Robin hate each other.
  • Roni and her son (Roland’s Seattle counterpart) meet Robin (or his Seattle counterpart).
  • Robin returns from the dead and ends up in Seattle but he’s blind and disoriented… until he hears Roni’s voice.
  • Roland comes to Seattle and tells Robin that he’s his father and Robin Hood.

Dark!OQ day (Sunday 29th October)     

  • Dark!Robin dies and Queenie and their baby come to live with Regina
  • DarkOQ have a baby
  • DarkOQ find Roland
  • DarkOQ go back in time to fix page 23
  • DarkOQ fuck Regina
  • Dark!OQ adopt Roland
  • Dark!OQ meet Regina & a resurrected Robin.
  • Robin thanks Dark!OQ for taking care of Roland.
  • Dark!OQ meet the QoD
  • Dark!OQ bring Robin back and take him to Regina.
  • Dark!OQ wedding.
  • Dark!OQ meet the Merry Men.
  • Dark!OQ come to Storybrooke to introduce their baby( & return Roland to) Regina and a resurrected Robin (bonus points if it makes Robin want more kids).
  • Dark!OQ merges with real OQ

“You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak You were my eyes when I couldn’t see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, you gave me faith ‘coz you believed. I’m everything I am because you loved me…” - Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me

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