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“I think then that the first thing that a poet should do as he comes out of his cavern is to put on the strength of his particular calling as a poet, to address himself to what Rilke called the mighty burden of poetry and to have the courage to say that, in his sense of things, the significance of poetry is second to none. We can never have great poetry unless we believe that poetry serves great ends. We must recognize this from the beginning so that it will affect everything that we do. Our belief in the greatness of poetry is a vital part of its greatness, an implicit part of the belief of others in its greatness. Now […] as I look back on the little that I have done and as I turn the pages of my own poems […] I have no choice except to paraphrase the old verse that says that it is not what I am, but what I aspired to be that comforts me. It is not what I have written but what I should like to have written that constitutes my true poems, the uncollected poems which I have not had the strength to realize.”

Wallace Stevens, from “On Receiving the National Book Award for Poetry (1955),” Opus Posthumous: Poems, Plays, Prose (Vintage, 1989)

cruelsunnyday said: u could put ur tuesjade fills in a collection? and in ur author’s note for the vriska fic just warn that prior knowledge of tlc is probably needed
cruelsunnyday said: its prob good to put them on ao3 just for organizational / archiving purposes!

As an archivist in training I see your point. Tumblr is not a stable place to store or organize anything. (In fact, I was recently contemplating a reading saying much of the 90s might already be gone due to digital obsolescence and file decay and went on some ramble about ‘man, no one else is going to want to see tlc or my other stuff in thirty years but I might, but the best way to preserve it is printing it off and that’s a bitch’ to which Gill was like ‘Kat plz I can’t even think thirty days ahead without getting stressed out’

(*shows up at a microfilming facility with my entire creative opus like hey*)

psiidmon said: Tuesjade on ao3 plzzzz

I guess if I have time later maybe I’ll mess with it, for the ones I like better at least. Some are very lackluster and perhaps do not deserve an extended lifespan. Though then my character set would be incomplete…

renegadeshroom said: post every log from tlc without context or explanation and without changing any formatting

I’m going to post that 7000 word Dirk and Dave conversation just on its own. Brilliant. Revolutionary